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May we get winged!baby!Obi-Wan in the créche? It could be related to any winged!Obi you already have, if you want. (fluff or angst or both, whatever)

There’s a soft flutter that catches the creche master’s attention first, a tiny flap and then silence before a soft squawking noise fills the air. Its enough to make the old wookie get to her feet and slowly move towards the mostly silenced room of sleeping Initiates.

Except for the soft squawks.

She knows who it is before she sees the wings and gently picks up the startled boy, blue wings giving a powerful flap of surprise that should have unbalanced her had she not been a wookie, heavier then the strength of a four year olds wings.

Shushing him quietly, she takes him from the room, the dim light showing her the pale almost white wings that she knows with age will steadily turn bluer and bluer until they match a deep ocean.

Until they match Qui-Gon Jinn’s.

But for now they are soft downy things in the palest of baby powder blue.

Tiny fists rubbed at green eyes before sleepily tucking into the creche master’s fur, the wings setting against the little ones back.

/Awake again little one?/ She cooed at him, feeling a soft nod to her chest as she settled back down in the squishy chair she had been settled in for most of the night to keep watch just for little stragglers like the ones in her arms.

Most Initiate slept well, occasionally some of them woke because of visions.

The older ones didn’t need her.

And then there were little ones just like the one in her arms. /Same reasons as last?/ Another soft nod and then she started to gently groom the downy wings. /Oh little Obi-Wan. Its alright./ She hummed. /Your wings will be just as wide and large one day and they will carry you into the sky. Just you wait and see. Bruck’s words are only hurtful if you let them be hurtful./ Honestly, she’d have to have a word with some of the other creche masters.

Bruck’s words were starting to become a theme and they didn’t need to raise bullies.

“…He tugged out some of my feathers today.” Obi-Wan whispered into her chest, hiding in the fur and letting his mingle with her slightly silvering browns.

/Little one, did you tell the creche master on duty?/

“He was busy.” Obi-Wan sniffled even as he sleepily relaxed into her warmth as she continued to groom the little off colored wings he had. “Its still sore.”

Yes she was certainly going to need a word with the other creche masters about Bruck Chun. Gently she searched out the sore spot in the meantime and ran healing Force over it, soothing the pain and soreness.

In her arms, Obi-Wan started to settle even more and she could hear his breath slowly evening out as she rested her hands against his back and tucked him to her chest.

It will be fine, the Force is calm and it does not feel like anyone else will wake.

She can sit with this little gem of an Initiate with his soft wings that one day will let him soar high in the sky and allow him to break the laws of gravity all on his own.

This little bird can fly far one day.

But not today, sleeping against the wookie creche master’s chest with his thumb in his mouth.

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I'm getting the hang of spliting my replies so half of my thoughts are prompts. In the Qui and Obi Wings, does anyone take little Obi to see Qui-Gon and be all "see you wing will be big enough to carry you one day, just like his" will Qui-Gon give a demonstration of his flight? Will Buck be repremanded, his whole existance annoys me, Jedi raiseing a bully and punishing his victim has always driven me nuts!!!

Holding onto the creche master’s hand tightly, Obi-Wan followed her with wide eyes, wondering where she was taking him.

The old wookie just wuffed happily at him and squeezed the tiny hand in hers gently as she lead the little initiate through the grand halls of the temple, knowing she was leading him to places Obi-Wan had never been before.

“Master Palma…I don’t think I’m suppose to be here.” Obi-Wan offered nervously, wings rustling and fluttering a bit as he clung to her hand tightly.

-Not without a Master with you, no little one. But you are with a master.- She wuffed happily.

“Oh…” Obi-Wan blinked and looked about curiously. “But this is the biiiiig sparring rooms.”

-This is the arena.- She stopped and turned, lifting the winged boy up into her arms. -And I have permission to show you something little one.-

Obi-Wan blinked at her, hands clenching into the others fur as he went quiet, wondering where in Force name she was taking him and what she wanted to show him.

But in the meantime he could peek around at all the master’s and knights he could see.

There was even a padawan here and there!

Hopefully, Obi-Wan studied their braids, imaging having one like it himself one day and caught up in his own fantasy as he was, he gave a surprised eep when Master Palma gently gave his left wing a little tug. “Uh?”

-Look up little one.-

Obi-Wan blinked but did as told, his eyes growing wide and his wings rustling in surprise.

Up near the ceiling of the arena room, a man was doing loops in the air, large deep blue wings spread wide. Force they were so big, one of them were bigger then Obi-Wan’s entire body by two lengths and the man gracefully glided through the air, seemingly unaware of being watched.

-That is Qui-Gon Jinn, and he has wings just like you.- Palma chuckled softly. -One day your wings will be like that too, large and able to carry you through the sky. Whatever anyone else says, remember this moment and remember that all you have left is to grow up little one.-

Obi-Wan blinked, mouth a little open as he stared at the wide wings that carried the man through the air with such ease.

Then he shifted in the wookie’s arms and spread his pale wings slowly, looking at them first then back up. “…I can fly like that one day? Not just…glide?”

-One day little Obi-Wan, when your proper feathers come instead of downy ones. Now, lets go find you some snacks hmm?-

She turned to leave only to turn back when she heard a soft thump not far behind them and heard Obi-Wan squeak, hiding his face in her chest.

“Master Palma, I was not aware the Initiates were up here.” Qui-Gon greeted warmly then blinked at her chest. “Oh…I see. Hello there little one.” Qui-Gon chuckled quietly.

-This is Obi-Wan Kenobi Master Jinn. He’s been unsure about his own wings for a while and I figured showing him you would help him.- Palma chuckled quietly.

Obi-Wan peeked up shyly, blushing. “H-Hi Master.”

Qui-Gon reluctantly felt his lips twitch softly, taking in the soft pale wings and downy feathers. ‘So young…’ He bowed lightly. “Well, if you continue to eat well and train, one day your wings will be as large as mine.” He chuckled warmly then chuckled a bit louder when Obi-Wan hid back in the creche master’s chest.

-He’s shy.- Palm hummed and stroked his hair gently. -And its snack time for him and the others. Thank you for speaking with him though Master Jinn.-

“Any time.” Qui-Gon chuckled, watching the two leave.

Over the wookie’s shoulder, Obi-Wan gave a shy little wave.

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Winged!Qui-Gon enjoys some quality time with his smol winged padawan Obi-Wan.

“I’m not sure these will holds Master, wouldn’t it be better to go to the Halls and have a hea-” Qui-Gon rolled his eyes and pulled his padawan into his lap, cuddling the teen lightly, making sure not to squash the others wings.

“I am sure you’re bandaging skills are quite fine Obi-Wan. Its just fractured and needs to be kept still.” Qui-Gon assured, keeping his left wing utterly still as he continued to hold the young man against him.

Obi-Wan’s pale blue wings gave a little flap as he fidgeted on Qui-Gon’s lap then settled when the man shifted him to face the wall, large hands moving to groom the feathers of his soft wings. Some of Obi-Wan’s wings were downy still, soft and fresh by his youth compared to Qui-Gon’s own massive darker blue ones.

“Little blue bird, little duck, little imp.” He murmured, his tone soft and fond.

He could feel Obi-Wan’s mixed reactions to the nicknames, pleasure and embarrassment in equal measure, wings rippling lightly under Qui-Gon’s touch.

“Master…” He murmured, voice contrite.

“Little duck, trust me. I know my own wings.” Qui-Gon chuckled quietly, removing a few molted feathers, stroking the soft downy ones with his fingertips. “I’m far older then you and I’ve fought with them before. You are only just learning.”

Obi-Wan shuffled a bit on his lap then settled again. “I worry about you master. Our wings are important, I may be young but you taught me the importance of being sure they are well tended.”

Giving a low hum, Qui-Gon tickled the back of Obi-Wan’s neck with one of the boys own feathers. “And that is very true Obi-Wan, but the bandage you wrapped is tight and nice and my natural healing abilities are already starting to put it all together.”

Giving a little giggle, Obi-Wan covered his neck with his hands to protect it against the feather, peeking over his shoulder at the older man.

‘Force, what a little ball of sunshine.’ Qui-Gon grinned back at him. “So, are you going to trust in me little duck?”

“I prefer it when you drop the little and call me imp I think master.” The redhead pouted.

“I’m sure you do but I think I like calling you little duck when in private.” Qui-Gon chuckled and tickled at the boys cheek.

That got a eyeroll out of him before Obi-Wan shifted on his lap to face him, peeking at Qui-Gon. “You’ll go to the healers if the bandages don’t hold though, right master?” He made his eyes larger on purpose, staring at him.

Feeling himself crumble at the pleading look on the others face, Qui-Gon gave a little grumble as his wings rustled a bit, his left restrained by the bandages. “Yes, yes fine Obi-Wan but only if you make me a pot of tea.”

The boy perked up.

“And a plate of cream puffs?” He questioned hopefully.

“And a plate of cream puffs.” Qui-Gon agreed with a quiet chuckle, watching the boy bounce to his feet with his wings fluttering excitedly as he raced to the kitchen. “No running in the quarters little duck.”

“Sorry master!”

Covering his mouth to hide the amused chuckle at the squeak, Qui-Gon shook his head, smiling into his hand. ‘Oh padawan, what would I do without you.’

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I was reading tiny!obiwan verse and now i want grandpa dooku meeting his grandsons child or being overprotective of obiwan. (Any verse- author choice)

Brushing the dust of his cloak, Yan sighed as he made his way through the hanger. He had a report to deliver, a shower to take, a meal to consume and a bed to flop into though perhaps not those things in that order and no one was going to stop him.


Okay, someone was going to but had it been anyone else…

Yan stopped and turned, sighing a bit. “Qui-Gon, I only just came ba-” Yan blinked, looking down by the others side where a teen stood, looking up at him with wide, curious eyes.

“I figured you’d like to meet my new padawan.” Qui-Gon offered, something worn and just done in his eyes but also the spark of something happy that Yan had missed in the younger man since Xanatos. He shifted a blue wing around the boy and pushed him forward. “This is Obi-Wan Kenobi. Obi-Wan, Yan Dooku.”

The boy quickly bowed, blushing a bit. “Master Dooku.”

And oh, he was older then most new padawans but Yan felt himself soften as he took in the pale wings on the boys back, downy feathers still mixed in with the big boy feathers. Still so young, not able to fly as much as glide yet.

“Greetings young one.” He bowed lightly back, smiling when the boys eyes lit up in awe. “I do hope you’re going to give Qui-Gon just as much trouble as he gave me.” He teased gently.

“Oh don’t worry about it Yan, I’m sure he’ll give me gray hair soon enough.” Qui-Gon rested his hand on the boys shoulder, glancing fondly down at him as Obi-Wan’s wings bristled a bit, the boy visibly unsure if he should giggle at Yan’s little joke or vehemently deny giving Qui-Gon trouble.

Tactfully, Yan choose not to mention Qui-Gon’s promise to never take another padawan as the two winged humanoids fell into step with him, Obi-Wan walking beside Qui-Gon since the man had a hand on his shoulder still.

“I will admit that I am exhausted Qui-Gon, I only just returned from Outer Rims.” Yan murmured, glancing down at the boy. Force he reminded him of Qui-Gon with those soft downy feathers.

“If you want to shower first, Obi-Wan and I can throw together a meal, Serenno stuffed dumplings, curry rice and steamed vegetables.”

“I make good tea Master.” Obi-Wan added, his wings fluttering nervously even as his face was just an open little smile.

“He makes lovely tea.” Qui-Gon tacked on, chuckling faintly while ruffling the others hair gently once again.

“Well, a shower and then I’ll show up at your door.” Yan agreed, smirking a bit. “After all, if you make my favorite, you do want to lure me to dinner.”

“Just a little bit.” Qui-Gon chuckled, only parting from Yan once he had to, taking Obi-Wan with him.

‘A nice long shower, clean clothes and then food.’


“He is very soft.” Yan offered quietly, stroking the wings gently with his fingertips. “Reminds me a lot of you when I took you on.” He noted as Obi-Wan snuggled more against Yan’s chest, the boy clearly exhausted.

Qui-Gon shrugged. “He’s a bit older then I was back then but you’re right, the downy feathers are soft.”

Still caressing the soft feathers gently, Yan gave a low hum. “Are you going to tell me what happened now?” He questioned carefully.

By the time Qui-Gon was done, Yan had the boy in his lap, arms wrapped around the trusting form. “…I see… Qui-Gon… I am so sorry.”

“Don’t, Xanatos sealed his own fate.” Qui-Gon sighed then smiled at the way Yan held around the boy. “Beside. I have Obi-Wan.”

“That you do.”

Ah so one of the requests I had was gone when I went to reply but it was basically wanting more fatherly Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan and it was for either Sithandchild (which is done people lol so no more) or twobluebirds. So here it is!

There were ten things you needed to know to understand Qui-Gon Jinn.

One, he was a man trained by both Yoda and Yan Dooku, the latter with the Force ability and the former with saber techniques.

Two, he was a man of his words but that didn’t mean he could be as slippery as an eel with how he gave them.

Three, he lived for the Living Force and did not rely on visions, he lived in the moment.

Four, he had adored having wings, breaking the laws of gravity with ease as his wings beat powerfully to bring him into the air.

Five, he had just as much adored being a teacher, first to Feemor and then to Xanatos, nourishing bright sparks and turning them into people who could think and fight and negotiate all on their own and see what kind of person they became.

Six, Xanatos fall had crushed him, had turned a once trusting and open soul into a reclusive and closed off man who only opened his heart to those who already had a place in it. Others got distant politeness.

Seven, Qui-Gon loved Tahl more then he loved himself and would always do so.

Eight, he had sworn never to take a padawan again despite how much Yoda and the council nagged and thought it would somehow heal him.

Nine, he loved to surprise people with how agile he was, his chosen form the ataru which lead a spring to his large frame and made him an even wilder wild card then they even expected.

Ten, he took a third padawan because the boy proved without doubt that he would never be like Xanatos, because the boy wormed his way into his heart and past every wall Qui-Gon had set up to keep others out.

Obi-Wan had looked at him with soft blue wings and wide eyes and slowly but surely he had chipped away until he was part of Qui-Gon.

And that was why he was curled up in Qui-Gon’s arms, soft blue wings tucked against his body as Qui-Gon’s were wrapped around the young boy as large hands gently groomed the wings that were still growing and still turning deeper blue.

That was why his cheek was resting on Qui-Gon’s chest, listening to the steady rhythm of Qui-Gon’s heart as he drowsed ever so slightly under the careful touch of the older man.

“Things are going to be alright Obi-Wan, I promise.” The man rumbled quietly, Xanatos Fallen crazed eyes fresh in mind as he tightened his wings around the boy. “You’ll see, I’ll make sure things will be alright.” He whispered.

“I know Master. You got me.” Obi-Wan yawned quietly and smiled when the other pressed a soft kiss to the top of his head.

“I got you.” Qui-Gon agreed.