Two Bees Cashmere | Atlanta, Georgia

Rebranding + social engagement + list building campaign launched November 2013.

Project scope:
- Conceive messaging and company brand image to relate to a more age diverse and geographically diverse audience 
- Launch and build communities on multiple social platforms (Facebook - existing, Twitter - new, Instagram - new)
-  Creative direction for visual content used in social, email, and web
- Digital launch of new seasonal line(s) (March 2014) to include wholesale Lookbook, retail catalog, media relationships, full creative digital direction
- New company website (launching March 2014)
- Launch philanthropic partnership and integrate into brand image [new site March 2014) | #sweaterup

Marketing inquiries to Erika, contact via

Facebook TwoBeesCashmere
Twitter Coming Soon, #sweaterup
Instagram Coming Soon, #sweaterup

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i will rest here, awhile. his face. his face. <3

we did it. yea. :) i’m so proud. kahit short time lang ang practice, nagawa pa rin. alam niyo ang secret namin? cooperation lang and dapat nag-eenjoy. :) kaya in the end, masaya kami. o diba? weee. gusto niyo makita ang video namin? wag na. baka mainlove kayo sa amin. HAHAHAHA. JOKE. again, J.O.K.E.

i love you bees. :)

gorillaz creepypast twobees go and take out erryones eye and stick it up in his eye soccers bc he want fresh eye and he desides that h e dont like no one no more so he go kill and it shows noodle but with bluud!!!!!!! and her eyes are black and HGUE like 3ds and she dead now. and then 2d lke ‘i will sing the song of satan; and he starts singing feel good ink but its BACKWARDS and DEMONIC like the zalGO?!?!??!!??!!? and it show mudoc but with hYper realISTIC BLOOD!! and his guts are like all over the place and its all nasty and gross like usual and 2d like ‘ill spare russel bc he cool’ and the murder d and russ go out to chilis and have a relatively great time together buT NOW 2D IS AFTER YUO AND HE WANTS UR BLOuD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 watch out


what a day. @.@ nakakapagod pero enjoy. :)) diretso ligid2x sa bed pagdating sa  house. haha. tapos i found the camera on my bed na dapat sana dinala ko kanina para sa newscasting namin. haha. so i took pictures of myself na lang, yan ang drama ko for tonight. K. :P

oops. nga pala, hi there twobees. :) i’m so proud of us. we’re the best. HAHAHA. i love you :)

it’s summer time. :)


actually last week pa nagsimula eh, pero since taong bahay ako hindi ko nafeel ang simula ng summer. pero kanina we had an outing with my TwoBee family. neeeh. :) fun and syempre makapagod. so summer na summer na nga.

pero bukas, balik sa pagiging taong bahay ulit ako. it makes me sick. @@. haha. hindi na nga fun, wala pang pera. @____@