the invisible goddess gathers up her train of dusty followers;
their mouths agape,
eyes cloudy.
their hands are cold,
like ice,
like death.

the invisible goddess
with her two-toned hands
claws her path wide open
breaks through clumps of blackened dirt
she takes a rattling breath of stale
cemetery air
and behind her, they copy.

the invisible goddess walks through the graves.

it’s midnight.

do you wonder why dogs bark at
empty air in the stillness of a normal night?
we used to know, but we’ve forgotten.

the invisible goddess
with her dread trail of corpses;
restless spirit stacked upon wandering shade,
for miles and miles behind her.
the invisible goddess, with a decaying finger
pressed against her two toned lips—
she is milky white, and she is rotting dark,
and she is walking between life and death
at the same time.
she is dragging death behind her
in an endless line

the invisible goddess is walking past your house.

your dog begins to howl.

—  ode to Melinoe // a.t.
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Korean model Hoyeon Jung is the redheaded modeling sensation who took fashion month by storm, hopping from Marc Jacobs in New York, to Fendi in Milan and scoring a coveted Louis Vuitton exclusive in Paris. In the video above, watch the rising runway star break down her beauty secrets—from a de-puffing pressure point massage to two-tone concealer and lips— and read more: here.



We know Anna Sui has fashion eyewear but did you know the brand brought out colored contact lenses stamped with their signature rose pattern?


I believe these are targeted specifically at the Asian market and they initially brought out bi-weekly disposables in Japan before launching these daily disposables across other Asian countries.

In Singapore they are available exclusively at Spectacle Hut for S$25 per box of 10 daily disposables - a bit more expensive than regular colored lenses, but then these are novelty lenses after all; I would keep them for special occasions personally.

There are 4 shades available here; Purple, Brown, Grey and Black, and yes - these do come in different degrees (0-800) for us myopic gals as well so that’s fantastic.

I tried the Purples cos this is Anna Sui’s signature color after all, and I would definitely say the color is quite subtle compared to typical colored lenses. They aren’t made to look very dramatic color-wise; they are proper circle lenses that create a bigger, rounder bambi-eyed effect with a subtle dusty violet color tone. Extremely sweet and dreamy looking; very Japanese in aesthetic.

The Grey and Black designs would be way too subtle in my opinion. The Purples already go on slightly grey looking on the eyes so it doesn’t make sense to get Blacks at all. (Just a thought.)

If you’re looking for obvious dramatic color these might not be for you; I would go with regular colored lenses instead. But if you want that doe-eyed fantasy “Anna Sui ad” look, these are gorgeous.

PROMO! Customers who mention my post and show the code “SH_AnnaSui_12“ in Spectacle Hut stores when purchasing multiple boxes of Anna Sui lenses are eligible for a free Anna Sui gift. Do check with the team in-store for exact details, as there seems to be some inconsistencies between stores!

Extra tips to bring out the color of the lenses?

  • Wear a soft smoky black liner (run black shadow over black pencil) and soft wispy falsies to bring up the contrast without making your eye look too hard and fierce.
  • Dab a tiny bit of soft lilac sparkle in the center of the lids to help bring out the soft purple-silver tones in the lenses.
  • Avoid eye makeup colors more vibrant and bright than the lenses you are wearing.

Other makeup worn: 

MAC Well Dressed blush, LANEIGE Two Tone Lip Bar No 8 (colors blended together)

ive seen stuff similar to this post but enjoy!! 

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