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“But remember one thing–as long as there is light, there will be darkness.”

frat laws

like I know it’s cute that grumman is all ‘HURHUR marry my granddaughter’ but the fact is that fraternisation laws are in the military FOR A REASON so the idea that abolishing the laws (or grumman making an exception for mustang and hawkeye only is quite LITERALLY the reason why these sorts of laws exist) is really super lame, bc basically frat laws protect people from people overstepping their bounds.

like even friendships have to comply with frat laws and it makes sure to try and protect younger/lower-ranking people from being put into a position where higher ups can abuse them bc they hold more rank.

on a lesser note, the frat laws also protect information from being spread willy-nilly across ranks, and in terms of Amestris (where the govt is literally the military) this would make sense to keep these laws intact when they’re dealing with skirmishes with Drachma and the likes.

so like I get that it’s super romantic that the frat laws be abolished but it would honestly create more problems than it’s worth. the only way I could see mustang and hawkeye remaining in the military WHILE being in a known relationship would be if they were equal rank and in completely different departments but we all know that’d never happen.

get to know me/bias tag

Thank you @bambamismywife for tagging me *fancy heart*

Bias Tag: List 10 of your favorite biases (one per group)

▪️ GOT7 - BamBam
▪️ BTS - Yoongi
▪️ EXID - Hani
▪️ Winner - Taehyun
▪️ Twice - Momo
▪️ NCT - Ten
▪️ Block B - Taeil
▪️ VIXX - Leo
▪️ day6 - Brian
▪️ 15& - Jimin

Get to know me tag: tag 9 random people you want to get to know better

▪️ Relationship Status - Single
▪️ Wake up time - 6:50 am (on average) on weekdays and 12 to 1 p.m on weekends
▪️ Favorite Color - Don’t really care usually but if I had to choose….mm..marbled gray (any shade)
▪️ Cats or Dogs - Don’t mind either except for my roommate’s dog…(that mf peed in my room today and I won’t forgive her anytime soon) 
▪️ Coke or Pepsi - BOTH; I FREAKING LOVE COKE AND PEPSI (leaning a little bit more towards Coke tho) 
▪️ Call or Text - Text. If I have to call someone, I literally have to write down what I plan on saying prior to the call otherwise I’d lose my train of thought mid-sentence and end up embarassing everyone involved.
▪️ Chapstick or Lipstick - I guess chapstick but I really only use it during winter.
▪️ Last song you listened to - Chemistry of a Car Crash - Shiny Toy Guns

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