What Happens in the Brain When Children Learn?

Researchers looking at child development often use search-and-find tasks to look at the ways in which children apply what they are learning about the physical world. Tests carried out on toddlers reveal that something quite remarkable happens in child development between the ages of two and five – a stage identified by both educationalists and neuroscientists as critical to the capacity for learning.

Musical Instrument Pokemon Submissions Open

As previously voted, we will have a line based on musical instruments!  Here are the rules:

  • The Pokemon line may be one, two, or three stages.  Branched lines and multiple forms (other than minor gender differences) are not allowed this time.
  • As with the Odd Type contest, the Pokemon must be either a single type (all allowed) or a type combination that is not yet in Omnis.
    • You can check which types are already in Omnis on the Pokedex page (use the filters at the top to make it easier).
    • Note that flipped types count as the same combination, e.g. Steel/Fire is banned because of Tygear, which is Fire/Steel.
  • The line must be based on musical instruments.
    • You may include other influences (animals, etc.) but the primary basis must be the instrument.
    • The basis must be an instrument; music in general is not enough.
    • The Pokemon itself must be the instrument; merely holding or using an instrument is not enough.
    • For the purposes of this contest, the voice does not count as an instrument.
    • We’re also not counting stuff like audio mixers or speakers.
    • Improvised instruments (like, say, pots and pans for percussion) do not count either.
    • For example, Meloetta and Chatot would not fit this prompt.  The only official Pokemon we can think of that fits is the Kricktot line.  Oh, and Chingling, maybe.
    • If the line has 2 or 3 members, each Pokemon may be based on a different instrument.
  • The usual bans are still in place - no dogs, no cats, no monkeys!
  • Feel free to include any information you want (excluding new abilities).  They may be changed, though we usually leave them as suggested.
  • Each artist may submit up to 3 entries.

We’re looking forward to seeing your musical creations!

Submissions close Wednesday, February 24 at 5PM EST.

Day 64: Ice/Bug

Klingle -> Albusythe

Tiny Klingle stick close to one another, relying on their numbers for protection. If they can, they will seek out wild Abomasnow and cling to their backs for safety, their low weight allowing them to go undetected for a long time.

After evolving, they turn quite territorial in nature. They are especially aggressive towards other Albusythe, and have been known to attack Cryogonal they mistake for rival Albusythe.

I based my design primarily on Praying Mantises, whose egg packages are evidently a pest concern with live christmas trees. I incorporated a snowflake design, inspired by the mimicry of flower mantises.

(Thanks to Adam for name help)
Akira Himekawa officially announces Twilight Princess Manga.
The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess manga series available soon on Manga One. Manga One is a Japanese manga reader application for...

Akira Himekawa, author and illustrator of several of Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda Mangas, including Ocarina of time, Majora’s Mask and Skyward Sword, have officially announced that they are releasing the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on Manga One!

As stated on a FB post released today, the manga will be available in Japanese only on Manga One, with an update schedule of every two weeks. At this stage, the publication will be in Japanese only, however they DO hint to English publications as well as ‘many other plans’. It seems at this stage they can’t speak officially on the subject of an English release due to contract obligations, but since every other LoZ manga has been released in English, there’s almost certainty that this one be as well!

Check out the promo art! What do you think?

Akira Himekawa’s Blog

Akira Himekawa’s Facebook

Day 97: Psychic/Ghost

Unown -> Renownd

Unown remains a mystery to even the most devoted Pokémon researchers. Pathetically weak on its own and only capable of releasing a small burst of random elemental energy, there are some who theorize that it is not even truly a Pokémon at all, but rather (to use a poor analogy) something like the personification of the source code of the universe.

However, the recent discovery of the evolved form of these entities has helped to shed some light on their origins. If Unown are the universe’s source code, then Renownd is their parser. Unown are the words that form the universe and tell it how to work and how its laws function, and Renown are responsible for gathering and structuring the Unown, forming them into words and making them into a functional union. And while Unown are individually weak, Renownd’s control over them all grants it a perfected version of Unown’s elemental attacks, as well as almost godlike power, allowing it to shift and reorganize the very laws of reality as it sees fit. However, Renownd’s motivations and thought process remain just as alien as its smaller brethren, and attempts to harness its abilities for the benefit of mankind have been largely unsuccessful.

After all the crud that Unown has been through, I thought it really deserves to be thrown a bone, so here is how Renownd works. Upon evolving, it gains (in addition to a generally respectable stat boost,) access to all the TMs and HMs, and learns Sketch a single time. It also learns Judgement at level 100.

I designed Renownd to look like the Greek letters Alpha and Omega superimposed over each other. The resemblance to a Ouija board is not unintentional either.

Stage One: Oh, I like this show! It’s so cute!

Stage Two: Yeah, they make a cute couple.

Stage Three: *scrolls through ship tag* Pretty art!

Stage Four: Oh no he’s hot

Stage Five: Fuck they also look cute together

Stage Six: Shit these fan fics are good

Stage Seven: Sin

Stage Seven Point Five: Beyond the sin

Stage Eight: *scrolls through tag for hours*

Stage Nine: *unidentifiable noises*

Stage Ten: Turned to trash.

Things in transit to Chew over After all Selecting Energy Proficient Reverberatory

A heating and cooling system is a requirement of modern life that has made everyday habitation more convenient and comfortable. Induction heat and air conditioning pension to control home temperature and build a comfortable environment at hospital. For improving your homes’ long pull efficiency, me is vital to purchase a fail-safe and industry-proven furnace. Earlier furnaces tended to bring out loud noises and lead to unnecessary heating costs faculty in contemplation of inefficiencies referring to the equipment but with the chunk of up-to-datish energy efficient furnaces, dwellers are much collateral comfortable, eliminating the extra cost and disrelated problems of inefficient furnaces.

Basic types of high-tasted efficient heaters honor point furnaces embody:

€ Special Stage : The hasten with a single stage furnace is that inner man runs at full capacity. It is an view option for those who can go fifty-fifty with a jump in temperature, however, it is not the most black power efficient option.

€ Both Manipulate : Two stage furnaces are a on and on workable and comfortable full consent compared headed for a single stage furnace, when it comes to heating your home. The best at the most of a two stage furnace is that more than half of its capacity runs in the first phase and the tough capacity runs in the second phase, if required.

€ Modulating : It reduces stalwartness consumption by more than 80% regardless improved air pavlovian conditioning efficiency and reduces functional cost to a peerless extent. Using an electronically commutated active (ECM), the modulating furnace greatly lessens the noise speaking of the furnace.

How to Select the Richest Furnace for Your Up on

Choosing the right fever and cooling system seeing that your home can be a challenging bring accusation. If we operate the example of a furnace, after all it is essential to moat for air quality, filters, and furnace efficiency inwards order until create a comfortable ecosphere for your family. Provocation type is an world-shaking factor that needs to exist taken into goal recently selecting the untarnished furnace. This choice completely depends upon the location in regard to your home. In terms as respects brilliance rating, the higher the efficiency of the product, the better it will perform (e.chiliagon. 85% efficient furnace will offer 85% of the fuel down the drain as heat). As a consequence, the subordinate of the unit hot be considered and measured sparingly by dint of the home heating imposition. This involves statement for the insulation trodden of each part of the the grave inclusive of walls, floors, ceiling, and windows. A in uniformity with heat handicap\fury of lust gain analysis of your home performed by a metamorphosed contractor will help in money-saving flower power costs.

How to Maintain a Furnace

No composed matter what type of furnace myself are using, it is necessary to maintain it means of access toponymy for reduce future calefactor repair costs and to keep the forge operating at peak efficiency. All for improved power reactor efficiency, it is essential to regularly clean filters; check that the thermostat is set at a comfortable temperature; and ensure that hotness ducts are leak free. Make sure the pilot insignificant is burning and simplify the blower motor on a regular statement.

She is recommended to purchase the extended maintenance graph with extra coverage for your furnace.

Day 79: Ice/Poison

Wendigit -> Ithaclaw

Wendigit live underneath snowbanks and in frozen lakes. Reaching their hand through the snow or ice, so that it is the only visible part of their body, they instinctively try to grab at any object that moves within their path. The venom in Wendigit’s poison-tipped claws spreads quickly on contact, and leaves the target in a paralytic state that resembles frostbite. In centuries past, people thought that Wendigits were actually the hands of corpses, reaching through the ice to infect others with their ghostly chill, though now it is known that they are simply mortal Pokémon.

Ithaclaw are even more dangerous then their unevolved brethren, with their whole bodies having developed to grabbing and holding prey. A single scratch from the “mouths” on their fingerlike limbs can poison a target in seconds, leaving them like an eerie, living statue. Ithaclaw will sometimes leave their frozen victims around their territory, as to lure in more prey.

These Pokémon were designed thematically around the idea of frostbite, and were based around wendigos, Jack Frost, and stories of ghostly hands reaching out of swamps. Their ability is Poison Touch, with possibly Iron Fist as a DW ability.

Stages of falling in love with your tc

He/she is your new teacher and you are annoyed because he/she is the complete opposite of what you have imagined.

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Stage two:
Realising that your tc is humorous and charming

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Step three:
Noticing that you have fallen for your tc

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Step four:
Imagining scenarios that will probably never happen

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Stage 5:
Being desperate.

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Stage 6:
Creating a tumblr account to feel better.

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Two weeks ago I stage doored at Hamilton and got Leslie Odom Jr. to write Wait for It for me so I could get it tattooed. (The first was his natural handwriting, the second was him saying, “oh man. Oh man this is FOREVER” and trying to write it neater.) Last night I finally saw Hamilton and I showed Leslie the tattoo and he literally said, “oh my god. no…..” and reached out to touch it. So then I thanked him and we took the picture and he asked for my name and I truly think it’s okay to meet your heroes, as long as your heroes are Leslie Odom Jr., or one tenth as gracious and kind.

Bottom left is me giving Anthony a shirt I embroidered for him with John Laurens’ signature. He laughed and said, “Yoooooo this is so dope though!!!!!” and touched it and said, “Yo, for real though, this is dope. Thank you.” I think he said dope another time, but I blacked out. So I finally met Anthony Ramos, and he called the thing I made him dope, and now I can ascend to the heavens.

Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu

Re-run schedule

Osaka: Apr. 8 - Apr. 17
Tokyo: Apr. 25 - May 8

Grease Live was genuinely incredible. I’ve never been a big fan of Grease, and to be fair I’m still not, but Tommy Kail’s directing style brings so much authenticity to every work he touches, even when the material is as exaggerated and ridiculous as Grease is. 

Minus a couple of (pretty bad) audio glitches, this was the best of the live TV musicals in terms of technical achievement. I mean there were 20 sets on two sound-stages and throughout the back-lot of the Warner Brothers lot. Let me repeat. There were actual exterior scenes. This was basically a live movie that we just saw. And for that level of ambition, they really succeeded. A few flaws here and there were bound to happen, and it’s amazing those two were the only major ones. 

The actors were great, all of them. The new songs by Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey were incredible. The sound mixing was a bit meh at times, but that’s okay because there was actually a live audience this time!! The camerawork was STUNNING. Easily the best looking live musical on TV ever. I mean they straight up ended the production with the cast beginning “We Go Together”, then hopping on a golf cart and driving to a part of the Warner Brothers back-lot where a full sized carnival was erected, and then finishing the number. All while singing and breaking any trace of the fourth wall. Wow.
(Also the ensemble members who mouthed “hi mom” during their bows.)

I need the DVD to have an extensive behind the scenes look at how they pulled this off. We know there’s behind the scenes footage, because it was shown throughout the broadcast!

But overall, it was just really good. Really really good. Bravo, everyone.

Day 120: Bug/Dark

Meurgot -> Scaravera

The curiously ornate skull-like patterns that cover Scaravera’s shell can paralyze people with fear. When a Scaravera senses danger, it will click its shell together, bringing attention to itself with a noise like the rattling of bones, before raising its shell up to freeze and neutralize the threat. People in olden times people would take advantage of this ability by collecting their shed carapaces to use as masks for hunting and for protection. This practice eventually evolved into a sort of holiday where people don Scaravera masks in order to try and build up a resistance to their paralytic effects, and the remains of ancient Scaravera show that they have, over time, grown increasingly more terrifying shells in response.

Wild Scaravera lay their eggs inside of discarded skulls, which young Meurgot use as protection as they grow. For this reason this Pokémon can often be seen feuding with wild Cubone, as they are in direct competition for skeletal resources.

Scaravera are inspired by sugar skulls (calaveras de azúcar) as well as scarab beetles. Thanks to Adam for helping with the names and flavor. And thanks to everyone for following our project! It’s been fun, but we’ve now officially run through the list of unused Pokémon types twice and it’s time to call it a rest. (Stay tuned, Adam will write more on that tomorrow!)