Olympus, the paradise reserved only for the greatest beings, was at that night the stage of two of the most beloved gods among the mortals: Apollo and Eros. They barely talked to each other, due to their arrogance, but whenever two gods find one thing that keeps their interest and this thing is unlucky enough to be unique, the great mountain reverberates with the greed of the Olympians and they fight, until the winner claims his prize. The thing, in this case, was a mortal. 

“She sacrifices flowers and animals in my name, prays for me. She has been chosen as my favorite and you, a lesser god, can’t take this right from me” Apollo punched a pillar, dissolving it into golden light and ashes. “Especially you! Your tricks are never fair, you bewitch the souls of mortals taking away their free will. Zeus should have banished you long ago.”

Eros smirked, his emerald eyes reflected the wildness of the fire pit near them. “Your are right, my lord” He took off an arrow from his quiver and played with its blade. “My methods aren’t fair and I am a lesser god, but this isn’t my fault. My lord, you were born with the grace of the sun, and I was born with the heart of my mother. And she’s even greater and older than you, because the Love was born before the Sun and the Passion killed more mortals than any of your plagues. Which leaves the mortals dependent on me as much as they are on you. They can’t live without love. And our favorite, may I say so, is full of it. You can see it, lord Apollo, her heart. It’s full of the most pure feeling of the mortals and that’s what so incredible about here, even for us.”

The Sun God sighed. Eros wasn’t any kind of satyr, but he surely knew how to speak like one. In the matters of love, Apollo doubt he could beat him. He felt the need to do something that would spare him from his devious tricks. Something greater than the power of the old Aphrodite. Something even the mortals couldn’t fight against.


He called for Dike, her name echoing through the mount. The goddess of justice would be the witness of their oath. She appeared in front of them in silver smoke, well aware of the reason why she was invoked there. “Lord Apollo, Lord Eros.” She bowed. 

“Oh? So you’re going to make it official, huh? Let me guess, we can’t use our divine powers in this game with the mortal?” Eros put the arrow back in his quiver. “Fine. Put it on words. Hello, Dike.”

“Dike, I want you to be witness of the deal I will make with Eros.”

“You two must say the words.”

Eros took a step forward, his eyes meeting Apollo’s. “I, Eros, god of Love, son of Aphrodite, son of Ares, swear for the river Styx, in front of the Goddess Dike, that I won’t use my divine powers, gift of the immortals, to claim the mortal Alicia as mine, or to make her love me.” He raised an eyebrow, daring the sun god to do the same. That was actually what Apollo wanted. With Eros’ words, the whole Olympus felt an earthquake, as if Hades himself has made the river Styx accept the deal.

“I, Apollo, god of the Sun, son of Zeus, son of Leto, one of the Twelve Olympians, swear for the river Styx, in front of the Goddess Dike, that I won’t use my divine powers, gift of the immortals, to claim the mortal Alicia as mine, or to make her love me.” The same happened with his words and, he dare to thought, it was a little bit stronger than Eros’.

“Let the Wrath of Zeus come to the one who breaks the vow, his soul will be dragged to the Kingdom of Hades, underground, serving the god of the death until it’s no longer needed. The winner of the mortal’s heart will be the one she chooses with no interference of the sun or the love god whatsoever.” Dike’s words were vanishing with her in the same silver smoke that she came. “Good luck.”

The game has begun for the gods.

The mortal body was heavy to him. Apollo didn’t want to take that form, but this was the only way to get near his favorite. He knew where she would be at that time in the morning. A little bit far from the village, picking up flowers and herbs. He would take the disguise of a traveler that came from the North. He knew she liked the idea of traveling and exploring the world. Oh, he would take her there with him, in his sun chariot. She was the most fascinating mortal in that era and she would love him back.

He saw her. Near the woods. Gods, she was really beautiful. He had a leather bag with him and a cow (of his personal collection, of course) and a good amount of mortal coins. He would use the excuse he was going to the village to sell the cow for a house. Maybe some poor peasant would accept the offer. How could they not? It’s Apollo’s cow for gods’ sake! 

He took a deep breath before speaking to her. He didn’t want to startle the poor mortal.

“Hello, young lady, I’m looking for a village nearby. Could you tell me if I’m in the right direction?”


favorite comic character meme: [2/2] colors.
“ i’m my own woman. first, last and always.

Day 64: Ice/Bug

Klingle -> Albusythe

Tiny Klingle stick close to one another, relying on their numbers for protection. If they can, they will seek out wild Abomasnow and cling to their backs for safety, their low weight allowing them to go undetected for a long time.

After evolving, they turn quite territorial in nature. They are especially aggressive towards other Albusythe, and have been known to attack Cryogonal they mistake for rival Albusythe.

I based my design primarily on Praying Mantises, whose egg packages are evidently a pest concern with live christmas trees. I incorporated a snowflake design, inspired by the mimicry of flower mantises.

(Thanks to Adam for name help)

When you realize your boyfriend is singing and you can do nothing but marvel at his beautiful voice...

…so you fkn lipbite at him.

(can we just take a moment to appreciate the jawline that belongs to one Choi Seungcheol because hot damnnnnn I could probably use it as a ruler)


the stages of splitting: as told by spongebob

  • stage one: they don’t LOVE ME and HERE’S WHY NOW IT ALL MAKES SENSE

  • stage two: don’t block them don’t block them don’t block them d

  • stage three: ok i split on them and now i’m fucking dying because i rely on this person for validation but i just split on them

  • stage four (directed towards self): why the FUCK did you SPLIT you fucking CLUELESS BASTARD

Day 97: Psychic/Ghost

Unown -> Renownd

Unown remains a mystery to even the most devoted Pokémon researchers. Pathetically weak on its own and only capable of releasing a small burst of random elemental energy, there are some who theorize that it is not even truly a Pokémon at all, but rather (to use a poor analogy) something like the personification of the source code of the universe.

However, the recent discovery of the evolved form of these entities has helped to shed some light on their origins. If Unown are the universe’s source code, then Renownd is their parser. Unown are the words that form the universe and tell it how to work and how its laws function, and Renown are responsible for gathering and structuring the Unown, forming them into words and making them into a functional union. And while Unown are individually weak, Renownd’s control over them all grants it a perfected version of Unown’s elemental attacks, as well as almost godlike power, allowing it to shift and reorganize the very laws of reality as it sees fit. However, Renownd’s motivations and thought process remain just as alien as its smaller brethren, and attempts to harness its abilities for the benefit of mankind have been largely unsuccessful.

After all the crud that Unown has been through, I thought it really deserves to be thrown a bone, so here is how Renownd works. Upon evolving, it gains (in addition to a generally respectable stat boost,) access to all the TMs and HMs, and learns Sketch a single time. It also learns Judgement at level 100.

I designed Renownd to look like the Greek letters Alpha and Omega superimposed over each other. The resemblance to a Ouija board is not unintentional either.

Ya’ll Maya just said that her and Josh are two years apart (for 6 weeks) during ski lodge, meaning they’re only two years apart in GM Ski Lodge Part 2

meaning, Maya is canonically 15, and Josh is only 17


(the only real problem is that joshaya are at two different stages in life)

Day 79: Ice/Poison

Wendigit -> Ithaclaw

Wendigit live underneath snowbanks and in frozen lakes. Reaching their hand through the snow or ice, so that it is the only visible part of their body, they instinctively try to grab at any object that moves within their path. The venom in Wendigit’s poison-tipped claws spreads quickly on contact, and leaves the target in a paralytic state that resembles frostbite. In centuries past, people thought that Wendigits were actually the hands of corpses, reaching through the ice to infect others with their ghostly chill, though now it is known that they are simply mortal Pokémon.

Ithaclaw are even more dangerous then their unevolved brethren, with their whole bodies having developed to grabbing and holding prey. A single scratch from the “mouths” on their fingerlike limbs can poison a target in seconds, leaving them like an eerie, living statue. Ithaclaw will sometimes leave their frozen victims around their territory, as to lure in more prey.

These Pokémon were designed thematically around the idea of frostbite, and were based around wendigos, Jack Frost, and stories of ghostly hands reaching out of swamps. Their ability is Poison Touch, with possibly Iron Fist as a DW ability.


Choquequirao is a 15th and 16th century settlement associated with the Incan Empire, or more correctly Tawantinsuyu. The site had two major growth stages. This could be explained if Pachacuti founded Choquequirao and his son, Tupaq Inka Yupanki, remodeled and extended it after becoming the Sapa Inka. Choquequirao is located in the area considered to be Pachacuti’s estate; which includes the areas around the rivers Amaybamba, Urabamba, Vilcabamba, Victos and Apurímac. Other sites in this area are Saywite, Machu Picchu, Chachapampa (Chachabamba), Chuqisuyuy(Choquesuysuy) and Wamanmarka (Guamanmarca); all of which share similar architectural styles with Choquequirao. The architectural style of several important features appears to be of Chachapoya design, suggesting that Chachapoya workers were probably involved in the construction. This suggests that Tupaq Inka probably ordered the construction. Colonial documents also suggest that Tupaq Inka ruled Choquequirao since his great grandson, Tupa Sayri, claimed ownership of the site and neighboring lands during Spanish colonization.

It was one of the last bastions of resistance and refuge of the Son of the Sun (the “Inca”), Manco Inca Yupanqui, who fled Cusco after his siege of the city failed in 1535.

According to the Peruvian Tourism Office, “Choquequirao was probably one of the entrance check points to the Vilcabamba, and also an administrative hub serving political, social and economic functions. Its urban design has followed the symbolic patterns of the imperial capital, with ritual places dedicated to Inti (the Incan sun god) and the ancestors, to the earth, water and other divinities, with mansions for administrators and houses for artisans, warehouses, large dormitories or kallankas and farming terraces belonging to the Inca or the local people. Spreading over 700 meters, the ceremonial area drops as much as 65 meters from the elevated areas to the main square." The city also played an important role as a link between theAmazon Jungle and the city of Cusco.

                     @educatier introduces… The Studyblr Games!

      So ahem I am very close to 5k (y’all making me crY pfft //teArs of disbelief) But I’m going on sorta hiatus soon (details to come) So I decided on this event to settle the problem! 

      The Game will be in three stages. You can opt out at any stage. But the awards will be stacked high and higher at the completion of each stage! Please block #educatiersgames if you don’t want to see this!

STAGE I: Blog Rates!


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* If you are under 1k  > in your br ask if you are over 5k please include a < in your ask! This will help me when I do Stage 2!

My best friend ( @dead-yarrow​ ) is going to be managing this. (She’s not a studyblr) That means no bias ratings of any kind!! I’m gonna keep the scale simple (for her sake). This lasts until 8/29. She is only gonna answer 4 asks a day. PLEASE PUT SOMETHING MENTIONING BR IN YOU ASK.


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FOLLOWING? | yes! | no but *hands you pizza* pls forgive me | She is now! | 

Stage Two will commence in 1 ½ month!

The 10 Stages of a Depressed ENFP

Disclaimer: This was found on a typology forum, but no one seemed to know the original source.

Stage One: ENFP will start feeling a bit lonely and disconnected. They will think it’s just a stage that will pass, and will try to ignore it.

Stage Two: The ENFP will start feeling even more lonely, this can usually be brought about by having a hard time with family or feeling like they are insecure in their relationships in general. Stage One increases, and the ENFP will start feeling anxious.

Stage Three: The ENFP’s feeling of anxiousness will become overbearing, and they may feel extremely insecure when talking to other people. They lose the quick wit and charm they used to have. The smile will because more nervous and the laugh will become less natural. They will still be trying to convince themselves it;s just a stage that they are going through and that nothing is wrong.

Stage Four: ENFP will most likely hit shut down mode. They will not talk to other people about their feelings or what is going on unless asked specific, prying questions. They will have a really hard time talking to people and feeling like they can relate. They will start coming across as an introvert.

Stage Five: The ENFP will be extremely stressed, lonely, and emotional. May start bursting out randomly and be extremely moody. Will experience periods of highs and lows. The ENFP may start crying over something seemingly insignificant. They will do this because there is so much bottled feelings up inside and that may have been the last thing to set them off edge.

Stage Six: The ENFP will start lashing out at other people like above, but more extremely. Will most likely show complete and utter disregard for authority. They will also start hurting the people they care about, to make them back off and go away. All the while the ENFP, through the stages, will try to convince themselves that nothing is wrong and that they will get better, and thus the problem worsens.

Stage Seven: They will finally admit to themselves that there is a problem but try consciously to contradict it. They will try to force themselves to relax and be wonderful again. They will try to establish the facts- what the problems is, how it went wrong, and what to do.

Stage Eight: If it gets worse at this point, the ENFP will not be acting like themselves at all. They will not be thinking clearly, and will most likely suffer from being illogical, irrational, and as well may suffer from extreme headaches. They will give up on caring and will not pay attention to the world around them, instead focusing all of their energy into their inner world of what they feel and dwell on it. They will no longer have any motivation to care or do the things they love.

Stage Nine: Your ENFP will start enjoying dark humor ad freaking other people out for the hell of it, especially the people they care about. However, at this stage they will not do this too extremely to the people they care about because their is that small piece of the ENFP that wants to hold the relationship in tact. They will push you away and drag you back in, and become and emotional roller coaster for anyone and everyone around them. If you ask what is wrong, the ENFP will completely shoot you down unless it is in a structured environment and they think that you are somebody that they can trust. However at this point the ENFP will become extremely untrusting, so talking to them about anything is much like walking on fragile glass about to fall apart and break forever. The ENFP will hold grudges.

Stage Ten: Complete personality turnaround, the ENFP will have lost it, or will have appeared to. Complete emotional instability and recklessness. They will be completely and utterly impulsive to the point of stupidity. They will not care about their well being or anybody else’s. At this piont, the ENFP will be so far in their heads it will be nearly impossible to get through to them unless you sink to his or her own level of insanity and instability. They will have given up on life altogether, and will most likely have forgotten what it was like to really feel alive and well again.





The staff posted these character visuals on the stage play website today! The first two photos are Oogai Aya and Shiotsu Gen, by the way. Fushimi Niki’s actor will be revealed on the day of the premiere.

They’ve also posted more details about the play today. Apparently, the first 2 hours will be the K - Lost Small World stage play. Then, after a 10 minute intermission, the whole cast will spend the next 30 minutes participating in “BLACK DOG LIVE ~ from Idol K”.

If you haven’t already heard, the characters will be doing a live performance in their idol costumes in “BLACK DOG LIVE ~ from Idol K”. As the title suggests, the performance will revolve around Kuro. Matsuda Ryo, who played Isana Yashiro in the first two K stage plays, will also be making a video appearance.