Stage two of exhibition organisation:
Writing invitations for the'Opening party’ or ‘Vernissage’.
Here is my favourite exhibition invitation card. I love the colours and the contrasting textures. I also have made a bookmark, figuring five paintings and an event reminder. However, I was so busy writing out the invitations that I hadn’t thought to take a photo …
So now all you have to do is wait for the postman to see which version arrives! #excitingtimesahead #kilkennyartsfestival2015

“Evie attacked with one kilometre to go, and the other teams were immediately on her,” said Guarnier, as is shown in the short clip below. “Then as the sprint was setting up she attacked into the final corner and strung things out. As the sprint opened up, I followed until I felt ready to drive to the line.”

“It was a bit of plan and a bit of instinct,” Guarnier noted. “We felt the race. And we raced accordingly.” 

Storybook season continues for Megan Guarnier with Giro Rosa stage two win and maglia rosa | Ella

Day 51: Normal/Fighting

Girafarig -> Amharbrahma

And as a bonus: Normal/Psychic

Girafarig -> Liocamacoil

Girafarig is an odd Pokémon. Though its secondary head initially only possesses a small brain, it gradually grows in intelligence as the Pokémon grows older, and the two inevitably begin to fight for dominance over the body.

Though the second head’s psychic abilities grant it a natural advantage in this battle, it is possible for the first head to gain control through sheer brute force and effort, triggering the evolution into Amharbrahma. With the first head in charge again, the secondary brain begins to shrink in size, and becomes encased in an incredibly dense skull, which Amharbrahma is able to swing about like a mace. Amharbrahma, while not malicious in nature, are very aggressive Pokémon, and are easily provoked by anything they see as a potential threat.

Now, Amharbrahma seemed a bit left out by himself, so I made a split evolutionary line where Girafarig retains its original typing. When Girafarig’s second head gains dominance over the body, it will begin psychically feeding off of the first head, leading to the Pokémon’s evolution into Liocamacoil.

Though physically frail compared to its fighting-type counterpart, what is left of Liocamacoil’s first brain will merge with the second brain, leading to a powerful gestalt mind that is capable of projecting thoughts and influences at great distances.

Amharbrahma and Liocamacoil are natural rivals, and frequently engage in territorial disputes. The more solitary Amharbrahma will attack any Liocamacoil on sight, despite being aware of the type disadvantage. Meanwhile, Liocamacoil are natural manipulators, and will psychically influence a nearby herd of Girafarig to aid and protect it.

Though obviously both are based on modern giraffes, Amharbrahma is also based upon the Bramatherium, an extinct species of giraffe with particularly imposing antlers, while Liocamacoil is inspired by the mythological catoblepas.


TG: yeah fine but i doubt that i
TG: oh fuck there i am hiding behind that column

TG: ok so whats the plan 

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It was a miracle that we met in a corner of this endless world
I won’t forget, not now, not ever... (x)

Nalu Week (2015) Day 2: Gratitude

Day 43: Rock/Ghost

Gasharcc -> Uzumoloch

Now, I love me some fossil Pokémon, but one thing that has always sorta bugged me about them is that often they just seem to be ordinary prehistoric animals with a few bells and whistles tacked on. And the thing about Pokémon is…well, Pokémon are really weird. You have things like psychic embryos encased in protoplasm, semi-sentient haunted exoskeletons, and stone pillars that disguise themselves as organic life.

All right, let’s see what I can do.

Gasharcc are naturally occurring sources of dimensional instability, with bits of them constantly warping in and out of existence. Though their natural habitat seems to have been the ocean, the fossil record indicates that they could survive just as easily on land, or even phased inside of solid objects. Gasharcc were sources of great confusion to paleontologists, as they would occasionally teleport themselves and small chunks of their habitat into distant locations, creating seeming errors in the fossil record in the process.

Sections of Uzumoloch’s body are composed of ultradense matter, giving it the ability to generate micro-black holes. Uzumoloch use their natural gravitational field in order to draw in prey, creating massive whirlpools in the process when at sea. Uzumoloch fossils are fairly easy to find, as their bodies create dramatic impact on the surrounding landscape. This is useful, as small shards of ultradense matter collected from their remains were used as a fuel source for early Poké Balls.

Gasharcc and Uzumoloch are based on the prehistoric, spiral-jawed shark known as Helicoprion, as well as the works of possibly deranged manga artist Junji Ito.

Their ability is Storm Drain. I haven’t really decided whether to give them a hidden ability or not.

The boys have never been ANYTHING but supportive of rainbow direction and yet their fans love to project their own homophobia onto them. I’m tired of people being like “it makes the boys uncomfortable!” No, if you’re going to complain about it, at least tell the truth. YOURE uncomfortable with it. I understand that some people do make it about shipping, but at its core, it’s about representation and a safe space.

And if the boys are uncomfortable about a fucking RAINBOW (while they literally have two rainbow bears on stage every night) what are we all even doing here?


Louis & Liam chatting on stage -  6/19