🎶Like an apple on a tree
                                        Hiding out behind the leaves
                                            I was difficult to reach
                                               But you picked me
                                          Like a shell upon a beach
                                           Just another pretty piece
                                               I was difficult to see
                                                But you picked me
                                              Yeah you picked me


[[ I had to draw my adorable self insert OTP being cute and I adore this drawing so much! I think I’m gonna call this ship ‘Marshmallows’ because Jon and Reicheru are both fluffy/chubby and are cute af. She doesn’t really like to show off her singing a lot, but she loves to play with his fluffy hair and jut kinda starts singing idly. :3c ]]

thegaycousin said: My two cents: I self identify as queer for several reasons, and growing up, the only negative association with queer was playing smear the queer with neighborhood boys (which I actually didn’t realize was a homophobic thing until way later?) I only ever knew the word queer to be negative when it meant the literal meaning of weird. Gay, lesbian, and F*g were all super common to have yelled at you where I live though.

real quick: self-identifying as queer is always fine! no matter ur history w it i support that (as long as its urs to reclaim ofc). personally i never heard it used to mean ‘weird’ unless i was reading a Really Old book u know. but ye that makes sense

0xalis said: f*ggot seems to be the favourite around here, even directed at lesbians

yeah f*g was the most common one i got growing up. on a larger cultural scale its p obvious its more targeted at men but it was always used at women in my experience which was odd

mihaelkai said: Northeast USA here. I’ve only ever heard it used as a slur in movies. IRL here it’s used as a community label and self label. If someone’s gonna toss a homophobic slur IRL here it’s either f*g or just homo.

littlebluewing said: im in NZ and i think its similar to australia (maybe?) in that i p much only hear it as a positive self identifier + as a community label (like the lgbt groups at uni use it instead of lgbt) and it def has more positive than negative associations but ive still had it yelled at me on the street so *shrugs* definitely hear other homophobic slurs more in negative contexts but it is used occasionally

ye what i mean rly is that even when its not the most common slur (bc it def wasnt where i live either) its just… strange to me for ppl whove legit Never Heard it that way? not even in movies? esp if theyre my age or older. but ye i agree theres def often other words used more often/more derogatorily, it always depends on environment


      They may be words you heard me say before

                               but this time I hope they mean more

                                                                                   in a song.

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Just for fun: The bidders’ kids

a.k.a. the 2nd Generation Bidders

a/n: This is purely meant for self-indulgent purposes ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ I’ve done headcanons related to their children before, but I’ve never actually planned out their characters until now haha. @miyukushina, I really loved your Headcanon Bidders’ Child(ren) post so much, I was inspired to do one of my own ( ᐛ )و ! I hope you don’t mind ( ゚▽゚)/


  • Kazuma (19)

          Kazuma is Eisuke’s son and Naoko’s older twin brother. Just like his father, he appears self-assured, though he may sometimes come off as bit overbearing. He’s the type of person who keeps checklists for everything. He plans meticulously for just about anything, important or not. Being the oldest in the group, he’s also considered the de facto leader. He tries to act as the big brother figure for the rest of the group, but most of them see him as the resident Mom Friend™ because of his anal-retentive personality.

           Despite being the oldest, he has a childish competitive side, and is surprisingly easily provoked. He would do stupid things just to prove a point, much to his friends’ amusement.

           He gets along really well with Tatsuya because they complement each other perfectly; he’s  the responsible, cunning one, while Tatsuya is the reckless, naïve one. Kazuma would have a hard time hitting it off with someone too similar to him.

          Though he may come off as confident and haughty, he is actually deeply insecure about himself (not that he would ever say it aloud).  Secretly, he is overwhelmed by the pressure of being the heir to the Ichinomiya Group, so he tries to cover up his self-doubt with overconfidence. He honestly believes the only way for people to appreciate him is through achievements or prestige. Deep down, he doesn’t actually want to inherit the Tres Spades; he’s only doing it so Naoko wouldn’t have to carry the burden.

          He genuinely respects Eisuke as a businessman, but he somewhat resents the fact that Eisuke isn’t the best father and husband. While Naoko is somewhat fearful of their father, Kazuma is not, and he often butts heads with Eisuke. Kazuma reminds Eisuke of his younger self—rebellious to authority and protective of the people he cares about.

           He and his sister have their sibling squabbles often, but if anyone ever hurts her, there would be hell to pay. He has actually done some legally questionable things to people who have wronged her (but he would never let her find out, ever). Despite being overprotective, he treats her like an equal and respects her talent in diplomacy, as tact was never his strong suit.

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Irene Adler & Mary Morstan

In my previous meta, I found several common characteristics between Casmir (Irene’s perfume) and the perfumes named in Sherlock’s deduction as he recognizes Claire-de-la-Lune.

I find this connection between Irene and Mary quite meaningful. On the surface, these two characters share some characteristics, but they are in fact two formidable opposites.

Irene & Mary: two similar characters

To this day, Irene and Mary are the only women who managed to avoid Sherlock’s powers of deduction. Actually, in both cases, Sherlock realizes he’s facing a disguise, but fails to fully understand the person in front of him. Sherlock recognizes both characters as clever.

Irene and Mary both beat Sherlock, following the same steps: 1) fool his powers of deduction, 2) shooting him (Irene drugs him, Mary fires a gun at him). After hurting Sherlock, the two women are self-satisfied and gloat

Irene is a very sensual and seductive woman, sure of herself, her intelligence and assets. She is a woman of power, she likes to be free and doing exactly what she wants. She doesn’t actively choose/defend a side: she follows people she’s interested in (Moriarty, then Sherlock).

Mary possesses most of these characteristics. She is a woman of power, using her job (assassin) and seduction/playfulness to dominate people. She sure likes having an ascendant on people (we see it through her relationship with John and Sherlock throughout series 3). She shows herself as being very self-confident too, borderline (!) arrogant, like Irene. She is very sure of her skills, especially when she shows Sherlock (and John, oops) her gun-aiming skills.

It is also interesting to note how Mary’s character is associated with mischief, playfulness and wickedness. Similarly, Irene says it herself: she likes to misbehave.

Irene associated with Moriarty to play a nice trick to the Holmes brothers. However, she commited herself far too much into the play and ended up falling in love with Sherlock.

Mary is clearly associated with Moriarty in the show, even if we don’t know explicitly about their relationship or where she stands now. Most likely, Moriarty’s plan was to put Mary on John’s path after a traumatic event and make him fall in love with her (like he put Irene on Sherlock’s path after a traumatic event - the pool - to make him fall in love with her). However, I believe Mary definitively fell in love with John (in a selfish way) and it screws up Jim’s plan.

Irene looks a lot like Sherlock and shares his best assets and weapons/tricks (brilliant mind, faking her death, riding crop). Like him, she uses her powerful brain to do something that she likes (dominating people vs him helping people).

Mary looks a bit like John and shares his best assets/weapons/tricks (witty, feeling responsible of other human beings, medical knowledge, gun skills, posing as an inoffensive person while being a dangerous alpha). However, she uses her skills in a wicked/”dark” way (she is destructive while John tries to help people and do good).

On the surface, Irene and Mary seem to be very similar characters.

Irene and Mary: a study in opposition

It is interesting to note that, when we look at their character’s arcs, Irene and Mary follow two very different paths.

  • Irene’s arc

Indeed, at first, Irene appears as a threat, a dangerous force working against Sherlock. She drugs him, hits him with a riding crop, taunts him, is sexually aggressive… If we’re attentive, we can see subtle clues of her real intentions behind the cold mask.

However, as time passes, her character takes a softer tone and she becomes an allyHer presence helps Johnlock, and she actively tries to make both boys realize their feelings for each other and stop them from hiding their sexual orientation and impulses.

Irene protects Sherlock and his secret (his sexuality and love for John) and, in the end, isn’t shown as a bad character. Sherlock obviously likes and respect her, as a person. He recognizes Irene is on his side and has helped him tremendously. He is ready to help her if needed in return.

  • Mary’s arc

Interestingly, Mary takes the exact opposite path.

She is introduced as an ally (of John, Sherlock and their relationship), a person willing to help Sherlock. Sherlock respects her as a person, he respects her relationship with John. If we look close enough though, we can see clues of her real intentions.

However, we end up discovering Mary’s true nature: a dangerous force working against Sherlock. She hurts him with words and uses violence against him. In the end, the show clearly associates her with words like wicked and bad (from one of the most disgusting characters, aka Magnussen!).

I don’t think John likes Mary very much after discovering she shot Sherlock, and he clearly disrespects the fact that she is an assassin. He also knows Mary isn’t good for him and actively threatens Sherlock; he most likely is planning to destroy her as soon as he sees the opportunity.

Mary and Irene have opposite roles regarding the reationship between John & Sherlock.

While appearing as an obstacle, Irene greatly helps John and Sherlock’s relationship, whereas Mary, while playing cool and posing as the link between the two forces them apart.

I see another symbolic opposition between Mary and Irene. Irene is a brunette who likes to misbehave, she is very free in her sexuality. She technically makes people pay to have sexual favors from her. Mary is the image of the luminous blond bride with child. We could see Mary as a twisted representation of a Madonna (/Virgin Mary) (and there is a direct reference to “Madonna” in TSOT, the episode where Mary marries and Sherlock discovers her pregnancy ; plus, Mary’s a dark mirror for John and John wears the bristol with “Madonna” written by Sherlock) and Irene as a twisted representation of a whore.

The Madonna and the whore is the classic dichotomy between two schematic representations of women. We can thus see a great symbolic opposition between Mary and Irene.

Also, funnily enough, the Madonna-whore complex is namely the inability to maintain sexual arousal within a committed, loving relationship. OH MY GOD, JOHN! Tbh, it really looks like an accurate description of Mary and John’s marriage to me, but I could be wrong (or not).

Speculation related to this opposition: Mary’s end

In the end, Irene almost gets killed but is saved by Sherlock. After that, she leaves and hides (most likely in the US?). However, we’ve seen Irene and Mary are shown as two opposites, both from a symbolic point of view and from Johnlock’s narrative arc.

Therefore, I believe Mary’s end will happen the exact opposite from Irene’s almost-death.

See, Irene was on her knees threatened by a man standing behind her (btw, the man behind her was Sherlock, a traitor to the group). She chooses to send a message to Sherlock before accepting her fate… But: big twist! We hear Sherlock’s characteristic ringtone and Irene is saved at the last minute.

Knowing Mary, the opposite works quite well. It is easy to picture Mary standing in front of a kneeling man, threatening him (as we discovered her assassin identity as she was threatening a kneeling Magnussen at gunpoint).

Most likely, by the well-known laws of opposition, the threatened man would be Sherlock (another possibility is John, but less likely). Mary, the standing woman, is a traitor. Two possibilities: the kneeling man or Mary send a message to their beloved (John). Following the message: big twist! We hear a ringtone. The kneeling man is saved at the last minute and the recipient of the message kills the people threatening them.

To me, it makes more sense to have Sherlock as the kneeling man. Indeed, if Mary is to be killed, it must be John’s choice, and it’s his turn to take a dramatic action to save Sherlock.

Hence => Mary threatening a kneeling Sherlock at gunpoint (most likely gloating), one of them sends a message to John Watson. As Mary is ready to kill Sherlock, we hear the ringtone. BIG REVEAL, John was there the whole time (like Sherlock was there for the whole “I’m not gay/Well I am, look at us both” discussion between John & Irene). Sherlock opens in eyes and realizes John (the man he loves) is here. Then,we have a shot of John’s face as he speaks shortly to one of them (likely Sherlock? … But the two work: Sherlock speaks to a woman he doesn’t love but who loves him before killing the threatening people; so John could speak to the woman who loves him but whom he doesn’t love, aka Mary) before killing (most likely shooting) Mary.

A dramatic end for an amazing opponent.

Added remarks

  • I can’t wait to see Janine’s arc, as she seems to be another strong woman working with Moriarty most likely to hurt Sherlock.
  • This opposition between Mary and Irene strenghtens my belief that we’ll see Irene come back in the show.

anonymous asked:

But imagine if Rhys takes the entire Inner circle + Feyre's sisters to Ryta's before Nessian's mating bond snaps into place and before them actually confessing that they can't live without each other, and some Night Court lady starts flirting with our beloved bat. Nesta is not happy with the situation at all, like that's simply not acceptable, nobody can touch his chest or whatever, so she finds the most sinful dress ever (with some help from Mor of course) and steals all the spotlight :D


ii think nesta would be so conflicted: on one hand oly seeing another woman touching him makes her see red and on the other her damned pride telling her that it isn’t her bussiness and she shouldn’t care, even if she does, she does all sorts of caring.

I think, that since the thing between them aren’t out in the open yet and they’d be drowning in unresolved sexual tension cassian would take the opportunity to be a little shit and flirt(harmless flirt because his brain is like NESTANESTANESTA) with everything that has a pulse because he wants a freaking reaction from nesta (the reaction is that when a woman touches his chest and he grins the glass in nesta’s hand shatters and everyone is like “r u ok” “I AM FINE I AM MORE THAN FINE WHY SHOULDN’T I BE FINE”) but she’s fuming. But we’re talking about evil mastermind nesta archeron and two can play this game.



But nesta goes at Rita’s with her chin high and her shoulders straight like she owns the fucking place and the world itself and it doen’t take much before heads start to turn in her direction and she smirks but the first person who touches her without her consent is going to get thrown out from the window.

Cassian, who thought he had the upper hand in this little game is speechless and a little breathless and  can’t take his eyes off of her(like half the males in the room) and doesn’t know what to do with himself and mor is like “cassian you’re not breathing” BUT HE’S BUSY WACTHING HER AND ALL THE MALES THAT ARE GIVING HER TOO INTERESTED GLANCES AND SHE HAS THAT FUCKING INFURIATING SMIRK AND HE’S GOING TO COMBUST he’s brain is an utter mess “what do i do? do i bring her a drink? I DON’T WANT TO BRING HER A DRINK i want to bring her home with me so bad oh my gods that dress i need to calm down before i start to scream BUT THAT DRESS AND HER IN GENERAL BUT HER IN THAT DRESS IN PARTICULAR”.

This is basically torture for him because HE HAS FEELINGS FOR THAT WOMAN like big and heart crashing feelings and he wants her in basically everyway possible so things dont go on too long because cassian is an impulsive bat motherfucker and he goes to her and he is willing his blood to go in the direction of his brain and not in other parts and he’s like MMH SO NICE DRESS and he’s trying so hard not to burst or to take her up in his arms and run off but she’s calm as you please, sipping her drink “oh thank you, you’re not the first to tell me that” AND HE’S SO INCREDIBLY RILED UP BY THAT he takes deep breaths and counts to 3 something like 100 times while nesta’s mind is I WON I WON I WON but cassian can read nesta archeron like it’s no biggie so he takes a step back “are you trying to make me jelaous, nesta?” she nearly chokes on her drink “what i don’t speak your language” AND SHE WANTS TO TURN AND HIDE WHY CAN’T SHE LIE TO HIM WHY WHY WHY but he’s near her in a second and grazes his hand on her back and all up her spine an her back is exposed thanks to the dress and her body, who is in her opinion a big massive traitor when it comes to him, leanes into the touch AND HE’S SO PLEASED BUT IT’S TIME FOR HIM TO KEEP HIS COOL BECAUSE HE FEELS LIKE THIS IS MAKE OR BREAK so he gets closer and says with a very low sex infused voice “if you’re trying or not, i am, i am jelaous, nesta” and it’s all breathy and she’s near and there’s her scent and he’s hard and he doesn’t want to play games, not with her so he says the truth to her, like he always do. And he knows she’s thinking about the ups and downs of EVERYTHING an he can feels his own heart beating furiously. “good” she says, “good”. 

He gives her his hand to take, giving her a choice to go with him, which he hopes with every inch of his being, or to stay here.

She takes his hand.