I just realised the only anon hate I ever got was from two people I knew.
The first one was a person that I really admired and she did a mean thing to her fans and I called her out for it politely.
She basically called me a sick pervert for nothing.
I mean I might be, but I don’t ever hurt anyone.
The second one is a person I follow for a long time already.
I only just realised it must have been her, because she doesn’t answer to anything I write off anon.
Apparently my main blog is too scary for her and she told me I have to be mentally sick and should get councelling.
Some part of me still hopes it wasn’t her, but I don’t think so.
I mean if it was just random hate I would laugh my ass of and think of the funniest way to answer.
But I don’t get why people I like have to hate me just because of other things I like.
Again it’s not like I’m hurting anyone I think.
But they’re hurting me pretty effectively.

Living in a relationship with two really ambitious people is not always easy. I admire your work ethic and miss you desperately. I can’t wait for the day when our schedules align again.

Sometimes all you have is little moments once every few days, and today I’m trying to be fine with that.