Make Your Own Sunday

It’s time for another Make Your Own Sunday! It’s up to you to vote for the Doctor’s ‘Most Heroic’ episodes and bbcamerica will marathon them on September 20th, the day after the premiere of Doctor Who’s new season. 

‘Most Heroic’ can mean whatever you want it to mean: a time the Doctor showed his two hearts… a time he made a tremendous sacrifice for a greater good… a time he exposed his true feelings… just to name a few possible interpretations. 

So, put in the effort now and enjoy a lazy Sunday on us… We know you might be a bit tired after the Season 9 premiere.

To cast your vote, head on over to the BBC America website or, for a short cut, click here

No distance is too far, for two longing hearts. After all, the kiss of sunlight still grows fields of flowers. And in this moment, thinking of you, my heart is in full bloom.
—  Colten White

okay i’ve been thinking a lot and i wanted to make a list of my mw pairings just because i figured why not sO if any of these sound good to you i’m currently trying to take on some new roles and i’m pretty much down for any plot!!

bold is the one i’d like to play - if they’re both bolded, i have no preference

  • holland roden x tyler hoechlin
  • holland roden x shelley hennig
  • vanessa hudgens x tyler posey
  • amber heard x michael b jordan
  • marie avgeropoulos x tyler hoechlin
  • vanessa hudgens x dave franco
  • holland roden x dave franco

also this is just a random list of pairings i’ve been thinking about recently - i’m down for any fc pairing you might want! i just have always wanted to use these faces together <3 i’m also down for m/m and more f/f’s even though they’re not represented/as much here! i’m honestly v chill and open to anything i just thought i’d put these out there in case anyone is interested in these in particular :)

USA: Make Your Own Doctor Who Sunday With BBC America 

BBC America are asking their viewers to help them celebrate the launch of season 9 of Doctor Who by choosing the schedule for a Doctor Who Marathon on Sunday 20th September. Vote for the Doctor’s Most Heroic episodes and the top results will be shown in an all day on-air marathon starring David Tennant, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi.

BBC America say:‘Most Heroic’ can mean whatever you want it to mean: a time the Doctor showed his two hearts… a time he made a tremendous sacrifice for a greater good… a time he exposed his true feelings… just to name a few possible interpretations. 

Click here to cast your vote. The polls will stay open until 12pm ET on Friday 11th September, then come back on the 20th to see which episodes made the cut!

Doctor Who Season 9 premieres on US TV exclusively on BBC America on Saturday 19th September.
Fix My Broken Heart, Chapter 15 by CarolPeletier [M]

Sometimes things unravel before you can even figure out why.  But then the world changes, and all you can do is pick up the pieces of the life you leave behind and try to survive.  What happens when two broken hearts who have already lost so much face a harsh new reality when the dead begin to walk the earth?  AU/ZA

Read it at Nine Lives:
Two Broken Hearts Part 2 (Jelena one shot)

Today was the day.He had to go to Ellen to promote his new single.He loved to go to Ellen but the memories were haunting him there because he remembered the times when he talked about her there

“His new single “what do you mean ?” Is already top 1.He came back stronger than ever please welcome my amazing friend Justin Bieber everybody”
The whole audience started to clap and scream as he walked to Ellen to give her a hug Than he sat down
“It’s great to see you here Justin”
“Thank you for having me”
“Congratulations on What do you mean ? It’s such a great song”
“Thank you.Thank you so much”-He smiled
“So what was inspiration for this single ?”
His heart began to beat faster.Selena was,is and always will be his muse but he couldn’t say that because the media will just explode if he does.He was getting used to hide truth at the end of the day that’s what he’s doing for the past 6 years
“You Know just girls in general they are so confusing like  you never really know what they really mean you know ?”
“Right”-Ellen said laughing
“So Justin:New music,new car,new album Is there anything in you’re life that you’re missing right now”
Now this is the part when he has to say no.When he has to say that everything in his life is perfect and he is in a good place.But that was far from the truth because half of his heart was missing.
“Yes I’m missing someone.I Miss that one person who never failed to make me smile.I Miss the person who made me feel better when I Was at my worse.I Miss the person who’s smile could light up my world.I Miss the love of my life.That person is Selena”
Everyone was shocked in the audience.No one could say a word not even Ellen and Justin…well he just couldn’t take it anymore he had to get it out

“Justin are you crazy Now when everything is perfectly fine you screw it up”-Scooter yelled at him
“I Don’t care ok ?! You have no idea for how long I’ve been holding this inside No one understands”-He said and walked in his hotel room locking the door behind him
“Go away”-He shouted once he heard a knock on the door
“Justin someone wants to see you”-Alfredo replied
“I Don’t care”
“I Am sure you care about this person”
He sighed as he got up from the bed.He was sure that his mom is standing there so he walked to the door but once he opened it his heart almost jumped out of his shirt
He didn’t saw her in 6 years.Often he imagined she was there with him so he thought maybe It’s just his his imagination again
“Yeah right”-He let out a dry laugh
He stroked her cheeks thinking that she will disappear again just like always But when he could actually feel her skin again his eyes widened in shock
“You’re really here”-He whispered never moving his hand from her cheeks
“I’m here Jay”
Without any hesitation he pulled her in his arms hugging her tight.Selena closed the door before she returned the hug.They were so caught up in the moment they didn’t even realized Fredo is gone.Their hearts were beating like crazy.They didn’t felt this feeling in 6 months at this point Tears were scrolling down from Selena’s eyes
“I’ve missed You so much”-He whispered
“I Missed you too”
After a while they finally pulled away from the hug and now they are both sitting on the bed
“What are you doing here ?”
“I Saw the interview with Ellen and I Felt that I Need to talk to you”
Justin just starred at her face.God she was so beautiful to him She looked exactly like 6 years ago
“Look Selena I’m sorry if it made you feel uncomfortable But I Just needed to get it out I Know It’s been 6 years but not a day goes by without in my mind since than and I Understand if…”
“I Love you too”-She said suddenly
He was speaking so fast he couldn’t even process what She just said
“What ?!’-He asked surprised
“I’m done running from my feeling Justin.I’m done hiding the truth.Because the biggest truth in the world is that I Love you”
Justin smiled and leaned in to kiss her lips.In the moment their lips connected every pain was forgotten and their broken Hearts Just came together to form one perfect heart

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I hate when women say oh I was pregnant I gained 60lbs because I was making new a new life. The women I've heard gaining that much are the ones who ate like cait and kail. And yes I've been pregnant and while cravings are a bitch you can just be an adult and not over eat?

You need to be healthy for two! Not eat to your heart’s content

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Using only song names from 1 artist/band, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people/however many people you want. Try not to repeat a song title, it’s a lot harder than you think!

Artist: The Birthday Massacre
Gender: Unfamiliar 
Describe yourself: Beyond
How do you feel: Left Behind
Describe where you currently live: Nothing and Nowhere
If you could go anywhere, where would you go: The Other Side 

Your best friend is: In This Moment

You and your best friend are: Destroyer 
Favorite time of day: Midnight 
If your life was a TV show, what would the title be: Looking Glass
What life is to you: The Long Way Home 
Your relationship: Two Hearts

Okay this sounds much darker than intended omg

I tag: orange-and-black-cat pr1nsen conidospuntosve the-backspin-alchemist avenging-hobbits inalphonsesarmor fullmemetalalchemist eefulmetalalchemist aaaaand anyone else who wants to do this! (but ofc you dont have to 0-:)