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I completely understand if you're over answering Rinn questions. I do love your blog. Just wondered if you'd thought about what could've happened if Rae agreed to Finn wanting to sit and chat. Did he mean it? Was it just a ploy to get Rae to leave so he could get Katie out? Would he have dumped her? It almost feels like a swipe from the writers. Like "we know you're dying for a proper heart to heart. Nah. Here's a two by four to the heart instead. Hi Katie!"

Thank you!!!

You know, I’m grateful there wasn’t a talk. They would have ruined them even more. To me is very obvious Finn didn’t like Katie, that’s the only reason she comes back to convince Rae it had ended, since her first objective didn’t work out. 

I’m pretty bummed about the way they ended this pretty epic love. They had flaws like every couple but why not showing working out their issues? Why girls like Rae can’t be provided of successful relationships on tv instead of being cheated on and disrespected? Oh s3 you were stupid!

maesgirl said: This is perfection. I love the side by side comparisons and agree, the tiebreaker was “the hug.” No contest after that. Thank you for showing what a great wealth of Caryl we have already.

It was interesting picking the scenes and putting them side by side. Really gave me a chance to look at how far they’ve come, and how many parallels exist in the story with them. And you know it’s funny because whenever I do an overview post like that, I’m overwhelmed by just the sheer amount of scenes we have between those two. And that there was only 2 seasons worth., and there is so much more too.. we do have a lot of amazing  Caryl moments over the years.

Talk about history huh? It’s quite amazing really :)

onedayyoujustchange said: I have to admit season two Caryl gets the biggest heart eyes because I love watching the bond form…. but nothing beats that hug!

Yeah that’s what made that so hard you know? Because I love the bond now and when I go back and watch the earlier stuff I realized how much I loved watching the turmoil that built it up and helped form it. Daryl and Carol had to walk through a lot of fire, literally and figuratively to get where they are now. You just realized just how much history they have and appreciate all the difficult steps it’s taken to get there.  And I do think it helps to understand why it’s taking as long as it does too. 

But like I said it took the hug to break that tie for me because it’s the hug you know, It’s Daryl running and hugging her, which is something he’s never done ever and it puts it over the top for me, but I’m telling that choice between those 2 seasons was damn close.

And thank you to the anon, whoever you are, it was a great ask :)

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But you are attractive!

Am I though? Someone who sees me from a distance, and views only a shell. But inside, my mind and my heart, two different organs, working together and against each other, for what is right and wrong. Deciding whether to be truthful or to lie because the truth can hurt so so much, to decide what these feelings mean or to ignore them because from experience you know what’ll happen again. Deciding whether to admit your wrongs or not, deciding whether to push that one last step or collapse back to the bottom. You may see me as attractive, but believe me it’s the one thing I will probably never see myself as.


Different… and yet, so alike. It’s like two sides of the same coin. [insp]


Hi there everyone!! A friend of mine helped me extract the tumblr video, so I’m finally able to put my Two of Hearts cover on youtube!! It would mean an extra whole lot to me if you could share this video if you like it, I’d really like it to reach an audience outside of tumblr! Thanks so much for the support. :)