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   -   1x12: Dominoes.
        Do the math all you want, but there’s a boy breathing underwater, still alive.
            That’s a miracle in my book.


Tink, seen here proving that two hearts means providing exponential amounts of love, even to a child from her distant future that she just met. Element of Love, anyone?

(thanks for the amazing patience, you all are amazing! I know I say that often, but I don’t want that to make those words any less meaningful!)

Repercussions, Pt 3

Parts one and two!

Varric’s heart feels tight.

“She has nothing to do with this and you know that.”

“Finish your story, Varric.” The woman bounces Ilsa in her arms. “We want the story, don’t we, Ilsa?”

The girl looks more worried than he has ever seen her. It hurts. “Papa, the loud lady’s scaring me.”

“I’m right here, sweetheart.” He manages a smile, for her. “Right here. We’re all just… going to finish the story. Okay?”

She pulls a face, but nods, reaching for his hand. He wraps around her fingers, squeezing gently. “Papa, is Mama coming?”

He does not want to lie. He does not want to lie to his sweet daughter. His eyes meet the woman’s.

“Yeah.” Maker, prove me right. Deliver me my wife. “She’s coming.”

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As of now, the babies are due September 27th! It’s still a ways away, but we’re both very excited. The last check-up we went to, they were both growing fine and we could hear their little heart-beats! It’s a very…surreal feeling when you finally come to realize that there are these two hearts beating inside you next to your own–! Because the due date is closer, I’ve had to go on Maternity leave so it’s a bit dull around the house, but at least Arthur is always hear to keep me company <3

And thank you! I had a wonderful rest of the day with my friends and family…Now to divi out all those gifts!

"Without Boundaries"

I see not lines
Nor boundaries that confine
Don’t look for limits
Choose to…celebrate differences
We have two arms…one heart
Hey…why don’t we start
Wrapping our arms around
Say…let’s embrace
Face the fact that love will always remain
Love wins the war against hate
Everytime…in the end
Love will prevail…once again
It’s our differences that make us the same
There’s no sunshine
Without rain
Perhaps we need to refrain
Stop separating
Making excuses for hating
And see love is love is love
Without limitations
Without boundaries

Copyright 2015 Chris Bartlett/FollowCB

King of Hearts

The Maker moves above the surface of the world like storm clouds rolling over heat-scorched plains. 

Above him, the stars are a dull white roar. Their voices a brilliant burning backdrop colliding in a crackling cacophony of boundless heat and light. Each flickering point sending its song spiraling as strains of shimmering sunlight into the endless skies. They sing even as they burn with ferocious abandon. The fires of their existence calling out bright and proud even as their heat runs down and the unabashed radiance of their being fades into the cold density of celestial death.

Yet even in death they remain. For the beauty of his design is that no matter may ever be truly destroyed. The stars, even in death, give up only their physical forms. And their remnants race out  across the universe like ripples across the surface of a great dark pond.

It is his mandate and so it shall be until his ultimate ending no matter how many times the crown is knocked from his bruised and battered head.

So why this screaming pit? This hollow racket scrabbling against his bones? There is a hole in his heart where even the relentless radiation of the stars cannot reach. A blackened craggy pit that hearkens to another. This one a distorted scar stretching its malignant purples and blacks across the pale white canvass of his most beloved creation. A stain upon the skin of his most perfect design. 

It calls to him, one broken heart to another. A jarring discordant note of silence striking out at him from the tumultuous symphony of his stars. 

Do you remember, his blood sigh-ripples against his ribs. Do you remember the ecstasy and the pain? The supernova crash of your pulse against the determined grip of your fingers when you split your heart in two? The way his still form warmed against your hands when you wrapped him around it and your starfire blood filled his veins? 

He has long ago given up his tears to the atmospheres of innumerable planets. Sowing his grief into skies full of clouds that his regret may bring only the bloom of new life. He cannot weep. All he can do is close his eyes and breathe in the hymns the stars may bring him.

Yet among these countless cherished voices, there is only one he wishes to hear. And from this voice he receives only a cold and bloodless silence.

[[On the way home from work the other day, I suddenly became obsessed with the idea that when the Maker made The Mad King, he used half of his heart to create him. And while Ryan feels the constant physical pain of having lost his heart to the Beast, the Maker is the one who suffered the loss on spiritual, metaphorical level.]]
The Broken Tablets
Exploring the contemporary meaning of the first tragedy that occurred on the 17th of Tammuz, the breaking of the tablets at Mt Sinai.

The Broken Hearted

The bereaved, and especially those that have suffered painful loss, often live their life with two compartments within one heart – the whole and the broken, side by side. To be a good friend is to know this and to be respectful of the brokenness that always remains.

To be a good friend one needs to accept and be sensitive to this new reality even if this means accepting this painful truth. A friend never asks, “Are you over things yet?” or never says, “It would be best for you to move on.” Instead a sensitive friend says, “What do you need most today?” or says, “I will always be with you.” The most important thing we can do as friends, as family, and as a community is to surround the bereaved with warmth and love, not pity. We need to show that we care – not only in the weeks and months following the loss, but continuously, even years later.

We can help mend fractured hearts when we stay sensitive to those that need our empathy and support. This is how we help bring about ‘shleimut’, wholeness, to a world with so many broken shards.

The Chassidic Rebbe, Reb Menachem Mendel of Kotzk said. “There is nothing more whole than a broken heart.” What does this enigmatic statement mean?

The heart can be patched after one confronts his brokenness and acknowledges his vulnerability. With great strength and resilience those who are broken still find the strength to lead more fulfilling and meaningful lives. 

Many people have admirably found the faith and willpower from within, and with the support of those around them to accomplish and create great things. They have ennobled their lives and have rebuilt their lives even after suffering the deep pain of loss. This is a testament to the valiant spirit that is endowed in the soul of man. 

The desire on the part of the bereaved to keep the memory of loved ones alive and to eternalize their spirit in ways both big and small often inspires the bereaved to live with heroic determination and courage.

God cradles the broken tablets side by side with the whole ones in the holiest place in our tradition. The symbol of the broken tablets serves as a poignant reminder of our sacred responsibility to be ever sensitive to those who suffer and to reach out and be understanding and embracing of those who live with ‘broken tablets’ in their hearts.

Moses picks up each precious piece of the tablets, he collects every shard, and he lovingly places every piece in the holy Ark, conveying a message that guides the Jewish heart for all time.

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Thank you, David

In a way you will always be the Doctor because even though you may not be on the new episodes you are still present with your two hearts full of love. When I had heard you say that you got to love your childhood dream of becoming the Doctor I realized that fulfilling your dreams is something that is very possible and attainable, and I have you and Doctor Who to thank for that. Thank you for being you and for giving us the 10th Doctor :)

-Ana (cardinaleyes on tumblr)
United States

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