snowmarus said: sketch request for mutsu/matako ?

anonymous said: HELLO I love your art so much….( including on your original arts blog, your colors are amazing aaaAA) could I possibly suggest a mutsumata sketch..?? mutsu and matako maybe showing off their guns or something?


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Hi Emily, Recently on Instagram you captioned a photo saying that you used to be a "thicker milkshake" (a term I LOVE). I'm in my early 20s, and a bit of a thick milkshake myself, but the thing is that I'm struggling to love my body and even more than that, I'm struggling to feel motivated to care for it because I don't like the shape it's in. Bummer cycle. Do you have any firsthand advice?

Hi love. I’ve absolutely been there, I have hated my body, been ashamed of it, ignored it, and actively wanted to punish it.

Here’s what motivated me to care for it: it’s not just a thing that either looks good or bad. It holds my brain and my heart, two things I did have respect for, and my body can’t carry those things around without me caring for it. That’s reason number one to care for it- it houses things you like. Listen to it, pay attention to it, care for it as you would care for a pet or a friend.

Moreover, I was motivated to care when I realized that my body is finely tuned machine that does my bidding and can walk and punch and dance and sure, also look bad in bandage dresses. Culture/society/magazines/whatever taught me that the only value my body had was in how good or bad it looked, but that’s wrong. It’s more than that. Explore how different forms of exercise feel. Do yardwork or other actual labor, and marvel at your body’s ability to move things around, to make changes. Don’t reduce your body to how many rolls it has or how tan it is- it’s a fucking machine, and badass one at that. Get to know the physical power of your body and, hopefully, you will learn to appreciate it for more than just its appearance. 


Why do you protect me?

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So the ep came out two days and jet black heart came out as well so 6 or 7 were released, we had a day to listen to it multiple times and relax and then today michael decides to dye his hair blonde and shave the little scruff he had and i think they rehearsed fly away and jet black heart for the next show and ashton decides to make a deep tweet and also one about donald duck and its just so much for me but i've gotten used to it

And that’s what you missed on glee

Life Unexpected 2/?

Summary:After a tragic car accident took the lives of Liam and Elsa Jones, Killian found himself the heir to their family home, their business and their only child. Despite two large holes in his heart, he thinks he finally has things under control after a year of struggle and grief. In walks Emma Swan gradually filling both holes in the most unexpected way.(Rated M)

a/n: OMG the response to this fic was insane and so much more than I expected. Thank you all so much for liking and reblogging. And a special thanks to ravenclawpianist​ for being my awesome beta. 

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Motto Reflected

She sees him the following Friday in the same store, with the same little girl.

She sees him and she fights the way her stomach tumbles at first glance. She won’t allow herself to realize the only reason her knees aren’t quaking like their last encounter is because he’s not actually looking at her in return.

He’s staring at these jugs of milk. His niece, Ellie, is sitting in the cart, sneaking a bag of powdered donuts behind his back and she can’t fight the grin taking over her lips when she continues to look their way.

It had been seven days. Only seven, but still already seven and you’d think he’d be off her mind. They didn’t spend seven minutes together and yet for these seven days she hasn’t been thinking of much else.

Day one was the usual. It was Friday and she was prepping for a weekend of Ben and Jerry’s, rom-com movies and few reasons to leave the comforts of her bed. He finds his way into every damn movie.

(He plays the lead very well in her mind)

Day two and three were spent the same way. Day four rolled around and she found a way to keep him out of her thoughts long enough to work. When work was done he was right back there, and she was back at square one—daydreaming of a guy she barely knows.


Not even ‘barely’ describes the amount of knowledge she lacks on Killian Jones. He’s gorgeous, but that’s the visibly evident, and he has a niece named Ellie, and his name is Killian Jones.

Then there’s his accent.

(No, she is not going to think about his accent)

Everything else she thinks she knows about Killian Jones is a mixture of romantic comedy clichés and things she’d thought up during day five and six.

But its day seven and they are right back where they started. He is strolling his niece around with him as he grocery shops and she feels his lips on her knuckles like it has only been minutes since their first encounter.

Suffice to say, he’s under her skin. There are two ways to deal with it, find a flaw to use to get over him, or get as far away as she can.

She would do the second option, honest, but his cart is parked on the way to frozen foods and walking around a busy grocery store just to avoid a good-looking guy seems dumb, right?

Besides, he’s not even looking. He’s still got his nose stuck in a milk cooler, juggling about three gallons.

Emma walks by. It’s a slow, yet purposeful stride. She doesn’t want to scurry past like some frightened chihuahua just in case he does notice her. Of course, he doesn’t notice her until Ellie calls out her name.


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“Lil” giveaway of my fav goodies

SO i would list all of the items here but there are over 100 and i don’t want to take up too much of your dash, with that said… here are majority of the items in this giveaway.  (hint, the gold tools minus the slingshot, a couple of silver axes, some princess/mush items, most of the food dlc’s, some cute graciegrace dresses/pants etc.) 

What’s missing from the list but included:
two bubble wands, two throwing beans, 17 lucky clovers, a chocolate heart, two sparkling ciders, two lollipops, two party-poppers, a mystery bag, a book, a lemon double scoop, vanilla soft serve, vanilla ice cream, strawberry ice cream, matcha soft serve, mint double scoop, a white wet suit, a pink wet suit, yellow glow wand, pink glow wand, blue glow wand, the green glow wand, kk etude- music box, steep hill- music box, kk tango- music box, and of course Bones’s pic hehe oh oh oh and an infinite bundle of bamboo, sometimes i will fill up my pocket of full bundles and sell them at retail if i need quick money. 

*there will be one winner*

Don’t be a giveaway blog.
Reblog this post 
Respond within 8 hours of my message (i will write the time in the message) 
Be comfortable with duped items. 

Ends September 04th, and i will randomly draw the winner around 1pm PST. 

mayorsweetie thank you so much for helping make this possible, ily!