• Kuro:Wait a minute. We don’t go TOWARDS the weird scary sound..
  • Mahiru:Yeah, we do. We always do!
  • Kuro:
  • Kuro:I really hate that about us.

emeraldanalytics  asked:

[ equip THORTON'S ANALYZING DEVICE ] ( hey violet :) )


> Throw it on the ground (PERSONAL ENJOYMENT +1, RELATIONSHIP -99)

> Ask Thorton what it does (PERSONAL ENJOYMENT -5, SLEEP +99)

> Equip

[[Out of curiosity, you put on THORTON’S ANALYZING DEVICE. The machine presents you with all sorts of STATS and WEIRD EQUATIONS that you don’t understand (ENGINEERING MASTERY REQUIRED). Seriously, this is what he’s been working on? Lame.

You stroll into the LIVING ROOM with THORTON’S ANALYZING DEVICE, and you inform THORTON that you can see him NAKED, which drops his Defense by 40. However, a laughing THORTON counterattacks by telling you that you have his ANALYZING DEVICE on upside-down. Damn him, your own Defense drops by 50. However, he is no match for a patented POWER NOOGIE (after you put down the ANALYZING DEVICE of course. Carefully.)

That’ll show him!]]

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Title of playlist : Broken hearted Bitch


your type // carly rae jepsen 

the fool // ryn weaver

sandcastles // beyonce 

happy // the maine

spring break up // tacocat 

black // pearl jam (the live version! from live on two legs!!)

lonely hearts club // marina and the diamonds

wishing he was dead // the like

no one like you // best coast

spring break up // tacocat

last goodbye // kesha

i tried to not do ALL girl bands/artists which proved to be difficult.. but wow after this i am sad over the bf i never even had 

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The last couple years have been very difficult, desperately difficult and experienced with a heavy and anxious heart. Two months ago I met someone who changed everything so quickly. He has made my heart so light and at peace. He untangled the mess and has made it so easy. I've never experienced this, all other experiences dim in comparison to the light he's brought into my life. For the first true time, my heart is at rest and safe.

I am happy you feel safe like this and I am happy you found a light like this

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y’all so today was pj day at my school to raise funds for somethin and since im like a two year old at heart, i paid two bucks to wear mine. and like. i have team sports in fourth period so i had to jog and play volleyball while wearing my bunny pjs pants…. kms