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“Just like on M*A*S*H.”


Had a fun park date with breakthecitysky (so fun we didn’t touch our phones!) and now dealing with post park meltdown toddler. Hoping the other two go to bed a bit more easily.

Our six boys get on so well it’s insane. Which just means we need to hang out way more. Cheers to more hangs this weekend! And forever of course. Because boy moms need to stick together and I got lucky enough to live wicked close to an awesome Tumblr one!

I just finished watching Terminator: Genisys and girl, let me tell ya! Matt Smith is the baddest bitch in town. He almost doesn’t appear, but when he does, he DOES. He was amazing and I can’t wait to see him more in the next two movies. You go, babe! Four for you, babe! Anyway, if you haven’t seen it yet, go and watch it!

Here are some screencaps from the movie, the quality is terrible, but it’s better than nothing.

Me: It’s so lonely without her here.

Mother Nature: Lonely, are you?

Me: No, I don’t mean….

Mother Nature: I know I was supposed to wait two more days, but, what the heck. Here you go!

*uterus explodes with pain*

*undies look like Quentin Tarantino is filming his magnum opus in them*

Me: Noooooooooo!

Mother Nature: Hmph. Some people just can’t be pleased, can they?

Today I reached 1000 followers! Thank you so much to each and every one of you, I really appreciate your support and love being part of the simblr community!
I have loads more custom content coming and I’m even about to start up a story that I hope you guys will love.
Right now I’m working on a couple of projects including the one pictured above - a collection of beautiful, modern wedding dresses. I’m probably going to add one or two more and hope to publish them over the weekend. I hope you like them as much as I do :)

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I have to tip my hat to Harry. He is able to push himself and become so successful even though he is 2nd born. His Brother will be King, has it easier with the Media attacks, has a Wife, has children, went to college. I couldn't live with a brother like that, I'd be so jealous but Harry is so supportive and loving. I'm already jealous of my sister who is 1st born. 25, has a son, a boyfriend, a bachelors degree + a teaching elementary school. Nothing is working for me, it's hard to not be jealous

The thing is, everyone has their problems. Even if things look perfect on the outside, it’s not.

Sure, William is married and has two children, but Harry has the freedom to more or less go wherever he wants to go and do what he wants to do. William is fairly limited in opportunities. He probably envies that of Harry. (Not that William limited because of his family, but because he’s going to be King and his options are less open.)

You have to look at what you have and take the positive from it and build on that. I know it’s easier said than done, but really…there are so many other things besides having children and settling down. Enjoy your youth and your freedom and all the other possibilities that exist out there :)

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So I'm like one of the most happy person right now cause us dick and babs been one of those couples I will always love and the fact that their married and have a kid in another universe is just AMAZING! I feel like a proud mom wow that's weird xD. Do you think babs might find out he is not dead? Cause I'm expecting Tim to find out.

We’ve been pretty lucky recently! The wedding, the multiverse (them being canon and having children in two universes, nice). More is always welcome!

I think that she’s going to find out soon - and might be one of the first people to know. Be sure to read the Batgirl Annual #3 later this month :) And check our sidebar for more updates of what’s to come!

It was a miracle that we met in a corner of this endless world
I won’t forget, not now, not ever... (x)

Nalu Week (2015) Day 2: Gratitude