so i drew miyuki last week so here’s eijun

tbh fanon eijun is just too much of a tsundere and misawa should have a healthly, happy relationship

like, normally you’d expect eijun to jump up and blush when miyuki ruffles his hair but here he just acts if it were normal, cos y’know, maybe it’s because here, they’re in an effing relationship

edit: lol eijun’s left hand if anyone noticed my mistake

I almost feel like the difference between Gryffindor and Slytherin is like the difference between the Chaotic Good and Chaotic Neutral alignments. People are so much more complex than that (just as they are more complex than their house sortings), but both of those alignments are ready and willing to break the rules if that’s what’s necessary to protect what matters to them. 

The things that matter most to them are usually where they diverge. Chaotic Good (Gryffindor) is more interested in doing what’s right and best for the greater good, while Chaotic Neutral (Slytherin) is interested in doing what’s right and best for themselves (which may or may not line up with the greater good). 

I just think a lot of people forget that doing what’s best for themselves doesn’t mean abandoning people they care about; it means protecting them as ferociously as possible and breaking every rule in the goddamn book if that’s what it takes to keep them safe. That is Slytherin, full stop. 

Whereas, a Gryffindor might more readily understand that sometimes to protect the many, you have to sacrifice what you love the most. They’re not happy about it and they’ll do whatever they can to change it and in failing to do so they’ll be riddled with guilt, but in the end they can’t bring themselves to let the world burn for the sake of the few.

(A Slytherin, on the other hand, will strike the match herself if she has to.) 

You know this? You know this right here? Sure you do. This is a scene in the 2nd ending of the anime and appears in the beginning and in the ending along with the walnut.

This just boggles my mind. A lot. But I have finally managed to form a theory out of it, and this one isn’t random.

From what we can see on this “mural”, it appears to be two differentng groups of people confronting one another, with some kind of object in the middle of it. Let’s just talk about this “object” for a little bit. It looks like a crosshair-cursor-square-pinpoint (not a native English speaker btw) type of thing but you know what it really is? Something to pin the COORDINATES on say, a world map. That’s what this is. That thing is The Coordinate.

From what we can assume, I’d say these two “nations” are either at peace with the Coordinate being what keeps them in balance. Or the more likely version, they’re fighting over who should possess it. I mean who wouldn’t want the power to control people, titans and memories right?

Let’s go back to the part where Pixis and Eren are on top of the wall right before Pixis’ Righteous Speech of Gloria. He mentions something about the world before the Titans and how people were constantly at war for ideals and religion. There are countless theories on this, as you may already know but Pixis also says: Then someone said that if humanity was at peace, the way would be for them to unite against a stronger foe.

But I’m sure you all know this by now. I believe this someone to be the First King. Rod Reiss mentioned that he believed true peace would be if humanity was ruled by the Titans.

Back to the mural. The two civillizations on both sides could be anyone. However, one of them I believe is Ymir’s People and the other are the Warrior Titans. They all fought for the Coordinate, but then the First King took it and created the walls. Most of the humans that were inside were from Ymir’s People. The Warriors were the minority which was isolated inside the walls. Those were asian families and Ackermans.

Before I continue, let us remember who the Top 10 in the 104th are.

1. Mikasa Ackerman
2. Reiner Braun
3. Bertolt Hoover
4. Annie Leonhardt

We know all of those are warriors bent on destroying humanity and obtaining the Coordinate. Of course, save for Mikasa. She’s not a human capable of turning into a skinless giant hellbent on the absolute annihilation of innocent people. She’s not a “Warrior” right? Oh yes she is. She’s not a vengeance machine or a pawn of whoever is behind all of this, but she is definitely a Warrior. She calls herself one during her speech to her comrades in Episode 7. During Kenny’s talk with Grandpa Ackerman, he also mentions that the Ackermans were once warriors. And Mikasa is of two warrior bloodlines. I think there’s no doubting it.. as off and little evidence as this may be.

But enough about the both sides of Mikasa’s family, let’s go back to the mural once again. We see a plant/vine running through the Coordinate. This could represent the Titans, as we have a lot of evidence that they originate from plants. First King? Titans need to rule humanity? Connections. Connections everywhere.

And then, about 100 years later, the Warriors decide to take back what is theirs…

Tl;dr - Ymir’s People VS. Warriors. Fight for the Coordinate. First King comes between them and creates the walls. The people trapped inside are all Ymir’s People except for Asians and Ackermans, who are Warriors.

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Princes/Butlers found MC rapping to Eminem with Lord Nobel Michel. And they're like really good.

Keith: He never expected her to like rapping, nor did he expect her to rap herself, and neither did he expect her to do this with Lord Michel. So he just stands there in the doorway, jaw to the floor, while the two of them don’t pay him any attention and just continue their quality rapping.

Roberto: He gets kind of excited when he hears the rapping, he wants to join. But when he realizes it is MC and Lord Michel, he’s a little surprised for a moment. But his surprise doesn’t last long as he quickly joins the fun.

Wilfred: It’s kind of a shock for him to find two people of whom he least expected it, to be rapping. He doesn’t know how to respond, and quickly leaves before they spot him. 

Glenn: He’s never really been into rap or rapping, so when he sees MC doing exactly that with Lord Michel just confuses him. He can’t really tell whether they are any good or not, but he does see they are having a lot of fun.

Joshua: He knows what rapping is, heard some rap songs before, but it never really stuck with him. He also never took MC for the type to like it, but there she is, with Lord Michel on top of that. He finds it a little intriguing, and decides to quietly observe. 

Edward: It’s not a music genre he is quite fond of, and it never occurred to him someone else might have a different opinion. Seeing MC and Lord Michel being so into it, makes him think he might have to give rap music another try. 

Luke: He’s more shocked to see Lord Michel rapping, rather than MC. He’s seen weirder sides of him so he doesn’t really bat an eye. It does cross his mind though, that she’s actually quite good.

Louis: He’s barely even heard of rap music, so first he thinks they’re trying to recite words as fast as they can to some kind of beat. Then he notices they are actually lyrics, and he just gets even more confused than he already was. 

Claude: He frowns as he watches the two of them. Lord Michel shouldn’t be disgracing himself like that, and MC shouldn’t be encouraging important royals to participate in something downgrading as rapping.

Jan: He kind of wants to join, but also kind of wants to record the whole thing so he can laugh about it again later. He chooses to record it, and while in the middle of it, he finds himself being surprised by MC’s talent. 

Yu: He’s excited, he used to sing with her in the past, so he just walks up to them and asks if he can join. It ends up in a rap battle between the three of them. Lord Michel ends up winning. 

Alberto: He’s kind of annoyed that they’re wasting their time like that, but he doesn’t have the time to lecture them about it. He needs to find Roberto and make him go back to work.

Zain: He’s always known Lord Michel has his weird streaks, so this doesn’t come as much as a surprise. He leaves the scene before they spot him and force him to join. 

Speculation ~ Will Richard and Catherine or Calzona Marry in 11x24

This side sounds very much like cast members wedding.

PASTOR - [Patient room, night] The Pastor stands between Annie and Marcus, who are in side by side patient beds, holding each other’s hand. There are doctors in lab coats standing around. Pastor says it’s not an impulsive, reckless love that brings them here today. These two people have known that kind of love, they have made families and have known all the joys and pains a family can bring you. They have known love and lost it. This has tempered their hearts, refined them, and strengthened them so that they are ready for something truer and stronger. Annie asks if they can cut to the good part. Pastor asks Marcus if he takes Annie to be his wife for as long as they both shall live. Marcus and Annie are already leaning over their bed rails, kissing.

With Richard’s recent epiphanies to April during 11x20, and the harsh realitiy of Derek’s death, will he ask Catherine to marry him again.


Will Calzona realize that they are meant for each other in light of seeing Meredith’s loss.

My long shot contenders are Jolex, after all Alex announced, “I’m going to marry that girl.