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Dating Scott McCall would include:

  • the first time Scott sees you he is overwhelmed by your beauty and stops whatever he is doing 
  • Stiles notices this and nudges him, smirking and raising his eyebrows
  • the two of you spent months flirting but did not acknowledge your feelings
  • until the pack sits Scott down and tells him you love him and the two of you should stop dancing around one another 
  • so the next day he’s a fumbling awkward mess that has a bouquet of flowers in his hand and is trying to find the words to ask you out 
  • you find his nerves endearing and of course say yes
  • Scott’s puppy eyes being your weakness and of course he knows this 
  • you and Melissa scolding him 
  • and when you’re alone Scott getting all whiny and cuddly complaining that his girlfriend and mom are ganging up on him
  • she honestly just loves you 
  • like she will find you and Scott asleep in his bed cuddling and will take some cute photos of you guys
  • being close with Stiles
  • helping Stiles with research for the pack
  • you and Scott being that cute couple that everyone adores and secretly wants someone to love them like you love each other 
  • but behind doors you and Scott can be kinky little shits
  • Scott loves bending you over his knee and spanking you 
  • dirty talk 
  • teasing you in the middle of class by running his hand up your thigh and putting pressure on your clothed clit which leaves you aroused (which he can smell) and squirming for the rest of the lesson or day 
  • if you had time Scott will drag you into the closest room and fuck you over a desk 
  • Scott’s alpha eyes turn you the fuck on 
  • and once he learns this he will always flash them in the bedroom and command you, “yes Alpha”
  • finding comfort in your scent 
  • Scott can get crazy protective/possessive, especially if you’re being touched or hit on big time by some douche that won’t leave you alone
  • forcing Scott to watch some of your favourite tv shows
  • “oh come on, I’m way more attractive than him” 
  • “of course you are darling”
  • the tendency to tickle one another 
  • piggy back rides from time to time
  • Scott loves seeing you in his lacrosse jersey and after a win (and loss too probably) he will take you home and fuck you in nothing but his jersey 
  • slow sex where you just memorise every detail of each other’s bodies 
  • lots of eye rolling at your boyfriend
  • Scott getting really excited at the smallest of thing and you love the way his eyes light up and he gives you that adorable grin when he does 
  • hickies on his jaw
  • rides on his motorbike 
  • yes that includes motorbike sex
  • Stiles walking in you on 
  • “oh my god! Put a sock on the door or something! My eyes, I think I need to go pour some bleach into my eyes now, bye”
  • Stiles third-wheeling
  • never forgetting you (IM SORRY I HAD TO)
Royal Guard! Mark

found this au to be really interesting and decided to make it for got7! i have different jobs for the boys and tried to make it into one post but mark’s alone is so long T^T let me know what you think and enjoy!~ ^^

(i can’t add a read more bc i’m on mobile and not home so i’ll do it later T^T)

Mark | JB | Jackson | Junior | Youngjae | BamBam |Yugyeom

Royal Guard! Mark

• you were part of the royal family and he was one of the maid’s son but you both didn’t care about the statuses of your families as long as you both got to see each other
• when you two were younger, you both used to play together
• from pulling pranks on the royal guards to running around in the palace, you both were inseparable
• however, that all changed when you both were teenagers
• one day while you two were playing hide and seek, you hid in your usual spot up in the tree near the garden
• usually Mark would’ve found you by now because you had been waiting for a while
• as you climbed down the tree, you heard yelling coming from the garden
• you ran and found that Mark was being held back by two of the royal guards as he tried to kick and free himself from their grasp
• you tried to run to him, only for another guard to block you and pick you up
• you demanded to know why he was being taken away and the guard had answered that Mark had to fulfill his duties as a guard
• Mark was yelling your name and you were yelling his as you both were being taken away from each other
• back to the present, you were training to become the next ruler of your country
• you had finished your daily classes and decided to walk to the garden where you usually went to when you were stressed
• you walked for what seemed like hours until you reached the familiar spot of the tree you and Mark used to play around
• you hadn’t heard from him in years but you still missed him
• you decided to climb the tree to see if you could still see if the sign was still there
• when you both were younger, you had found this tree and claimed it as yours and Mark’s by putting both of your initials on it
• as you struggled to reach the top, you didn’t see the figure watching you from the distance
• after many failed attempts and possible bruises forming on your body, you had finally reached the spot and found what you were looking for
• however, you also noticed that under your initials was another carving, one that you don’t remember making
• it said “No matter how far apart we are, I will always protect you.”
• you had found it odd because the only people that knew about this tree was you and Mark and the carving looked like it was done recently
• as you tried climbing back down, one of the branches gave way, causing you to fall
• you closed your eyes and embraced for the fall only to find that you landed on something softer than the ground
• “Still the same clumsy person I see?”
• your eyes flew open because you’d recognize that voice anywhere, albeit a bit deeper than you remembered
• you saw Mark looking down at you with his signature smile
• he was laughing at sight of you, your mouth agape and frozen form causing him to laugh even harder
• he said that he’d been watching from a far and knew that you’d get into trouble 
• despite the years apart, Mark missed you as much as you missed him
• before he could explain any further, you had tackled him into a hug causing the both of you to fall
• you both laughed and talked for the rest of the day
• he had informed you on how your family had required for all the men in the town, including teenagers, to train and become royal guards
• he told you how he’d been training from dusk til dawn and was forbidden to talk to anyone he knew about his training, especially you
• he said that there were days that were so tiring that he felt like giving up
• the only reason why he didn’t give up was because of you but you didn’t know that (that was the one thing he left out when you two were catching up because he’s had a major crush on you since forever)
• despite Mark looking older and more buff, he was still the same old, dorky Mark you knew (and loved since you were kids)
• since everyone knew that you two were always together, your elders had appointed him to be your official guard and no one else’s
• most of the royal guards wore a dark blue uniform, with silver accents, but since Mark’s position was different, he wore a deep red uniform with gold accents
• his role meant that he had to follow you wherever you went and protect you with his life if there was any danger present
• even if it was to the local town market, he’d be right behind you despite your protests (but you secretly liked it)
• one day you tried to sneak off without him knowing because you felt bad that he had to travel with you everywhere
• you thought it’d be faster to go by yourself and then come back
• however, you quickly regretted your decision when a drunk man had stumbled onto you and tried to rob you
• you tried your best to be polite and leave but he was getting more irritated by the second and flicked out a knife from his back pocket
• before anything could happen, the man was off of you in a flash and Mark was in front of you in a protective stance
• the man tried to attack Mark but Mark was quicker, flipping in the air and kicking the man in the stomach
• “Never lay a hand on them or anyone ever again. Do you understand?”
• the man must’ve realized his mistake and nodded quickly before fleeing
• before Mark could even lecture you, you tackled him into a hug (again) with Mark wrapping his arms around you and his chin resting on the top of your head
• you asked him how he found you and his answer made your stomach erupt with butterflies 
• “No matter how far apart we are, I will always protect you.”

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This girl and I been talking for a month straight getting to know each other and just enjoying each other's company now like she's giving me the cold shoulder like she won't answer me for hours and recently didn't message me for two days and now when we talk it's one word answer from her what should I do?

Generally give it a couple of weeks and if things don’t improve or get worse you have the options of either asking her if there’s a reason for that, maybe she’s just really busy at the moment for example, or you accept that she maybe isn’t interested in you anymore and you stop trying to engage her in a conversation too and you let it just fade out between the two of you. 

These things happen sometimes; it really sucks when you like someone and wanted them to be a part of your life, in whatever capacity, and they don’t feel the same but it’s something you just have to accept, feel sad about, and then move on from. 

Feathers of crystal by Bernardo Cesare on   

Polarized light photomicrograph of a radiating aggregate of crystallized alcoholic solution (close-up) I had no idea of what would appear under the microscope after the crystallization of a droplet of a famous italian alcoholic drink. And I had almost lost my hope because after two months nothing had appeared. At last, one day the drop was crystallized, and a wonderful flower of radiating crystals had formed. Here’s their colorful appearance when passed through by polarized light.                                                        


No two days are the same at Wildlife aid.
We arrived one morning to find a mysterious box that had been left at our gates. When we opened it we found a young wagtail inside! Needless to say, we were all rather confused, but luckily the bird seemed to be uninjured. After a thorough examination it was moved into one of our cages and now seems to be doing very well. It has even started doing the famous wagtail tail bobbing!
It will stay in our care until it is big enough to be released once again.

I was just looking at San Jose on Google Maps for fic writing purposes and apparently there’s a pizza place there called Pizza My Heart (apparently Pizza My Heart is all around the Bay Area) and oh boy

During the summer Farmer works as a waitress/counter staff at a Pizza My Heart in San Jose and Chowder absolutely LOVES making jokes about it like Farmer has lost count of how many times he’s walked in and proclaimed, “Farmer, you’re a Pizza My Heart” like the dork he is before ordering food

He actually ends up just calling her “Pizza My Heart”

One day before Farmer has two days off he walks in like ten minutes before her shift ends because he was going to pick her up anyway and he goes, “Cait, Caitlin, Farmer, Pizza My Heart, we’re going on a road trip” before he orders them some slices and buffalo wings and waits for her shift to end and he doesn’t tell her where they’re going because he loves surprising her

They eat and then they stop at Ricky’s Mini Mart to get drinks and snacks right before they get on the freeway and they drive out to Manresa State Beach in Chowder’s old hand-me-down Jeep Wrangler with the top and doors off and they blast Blink-182 (California) and Weezer (White Album) the whole way there

Chowder (like my friend) keeps a tent and blankets and pillows and extra clothes for both himself and Farmer in his car at all times “for emergency camping situations” and Farmer knows this so when they check into a campground the only thing she’s surprised about is the fact that he actually reserved and paid for a campsite and so they spend Farmer’s weekend on the beach and Chowder makes campfires at night and they’re just young and happy and in love

Our Last Days (Jaehyun of NCT)

Part One | Part Two | Part Three


A/N: I wanted to end everything in part three BUT I’M GONNA HAVE TO MAKE A PART FOUR I’M SORRY

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I tried to hold back the tears that were threatening to fall. It killed me to see Jaehyun, unconscious, with so many different tubes hooked onto him. I placed my hand on the piece of glass that separated us.

Why couldn’t it be me? Why couldn’t I be in his place? I wouldn’t hesitate to take his pain for him if I received the chance to.

Leaning my forehead onto the glass window, I cried. I wanted Jaehyun to wake up. I wanted to see his smiling face. I wanted him to hug me. I wanted to hear his voice assuring me that everything was fine; that he was no longer in any sort of pain.

I wanted him to go home with me.

//A few days earlier//

I held onto Jaehyun’s hand tightly as we walked through the mall center. It was going to be our third year anniversary soon, so Jaehyun decided to bring me dress shopping. For what? I seriously did not know.

I asked Jaehyun for the umpteenth time where he was going to take me and what he was planning to do. I may have been a bit too annoying for I was suddenly silenced when Jaehyun’s lips landed upon mines.

I gave him a questioning look after he broke the kiss. “If you keep asking me where we’re going to and what I’m planning to do, this is going to be my response,“ he threatened me playfully. I pouted and sighed in defeat…though I didn’t mind the thought of purposely making Jaehyun kiss me.

After a good hour and a half, I finally found The Dress. I rushed out of the fitting room to show Jaehyun how I looked like in the dress, but stopped before I could open the curtains. Deciding to surprise him instead, I took the dress off and went to the cashier.

“Which dress did you choose?” Jaehyun curiously peeked into the paper bag. I snatched it away before he could see anything. “It’s a surprise,” I winked.

He gave me a weird look, raising one of his eyebrows up. “Since when did you like to surprise people?” I gave him a light push on his head, “You idiot. Let’s go!”

Jaehyun chuckled and took hold of my hand before leading me out of the mall center.


I sat and waited patiently for Jaehyun to come home from work. Tonight is the night where I’d finally find out what my secretive boyfriend had been up to for the past week. I was beyond excited!

I got up and made my way to the body-length mirror. I observed my reflection one more time to look for anything that seemed off. The dress was a perfect fit, my hair was tucked away nicely in a bun, and my makeup was…okay. It was fine though, Jaehyun knew that I wasn’t a perfectionist when it came to makeup anyways.

My phone rang, startling me. Noticing that it was Jaehyun, I hurriedly picked up the call.

“Jaehyun!” I practically yelled through the phone. I heard his deep chuckle, “Well, hello to you too, _____.” I bit my lips and apologized for being so excited.

“Where are you?” I asked curiously. “A few blocks away. Are you ready yet? Cause once I get home, I won’t do anymore waiting for you. I’ve done enough waiting today just to see you,” he explained. I rolled my eyes, but couldn’t stop the blush from creeping into my cheeks. This guy. He definitely knows how to talk around me.

I agreed and we both hung up with a short ‘I love you. Bye.’ I had never been so excited to see Jaehyun before.

A few minutes went by, and I suddenly felt a churning sensation in my stomach. Something didn’t feel right.

A loud screech followed by a couple of loud crashes suddenly echoed from down the street. My heart dropped. No, it couldn’t be.

Jaehyun was the only thing on my mind as I rushed out of our house. Running down the streets, I saw what looked like Jaehyun’s car. It had struck a streetlight. Another car stood a few feet from Jaehyun’s. It’s head all wrecked from hitting Jaehyun’s car.

I ran as fast as I could and screamed out my boyfriend’s name when I saw him. He was unconscious. There was blood all over his head and blood rushing down his face.

Breaking into the driver’s side of the car, I placed my hands on Jaehyun’s cheeksand turned his face towards me. I gave him a few pats on his cheek in attempt to wake him up. Undoing his seat belt, I dragged his injured body out of the wrecked car.

I cradled him close to my chest and pressed my tear-stained cheek onto his bloody head. I cried out violent sobs as I called out his name and demanded him to wake up. I held onto him as tight as I could, hoping, praying for a miracle to happen.

Stitches- Hank x Reader

Request: maybe one where reader and hank both really like each other but are both two afraid to admit it but after a battle one day hank gets a cut near his ribcage and reader (the school doctor) has to stitch it up but it means hank has to take his shirt off and they’re both blushing messes?

A/N: Lots of cheesy Hank goodness, enjoy! :)

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You were busy with your work when you heard the knock. You assumed it as Hank almost right away. Things had been slow lately, no major injuries from anyone in the house so Hank had been visiting you, keeping you company during the lulls. Sometimes you’d just talk, about the other mutants, about Hanks research, and about life before joining Charles’s school, and what it would be like if you left. Other times, you’d play games that you’d come up with, like trying to shoot crumpled pieces of paper into the trash can and seeing who could make it in from the farthest. Hank almost always beat you trying to explain it was just about trajectory and angles, but you’d just laugh, only Hank would make such a simple game into a complicated process.

So, when He arrived at your door today, you were right, it was Hank, but he wasn’t alone, Peter was with him, his arm wrapped around Hank’s waist holding him up. You could see a thin line of blood beginning to stain Hank’s shirt.

“Oh my God.” You practically jumped out of your chair, running over to them. “What happened is he-?”

“He took a beating, that’s for sure.” Peter said nodding. 

“I’m fine.” Hank added lifting his head, trying to give you a smile, but it looked pained and forced. You could barely speak, seeing Hank like this was horrifying. You walked around to his other side and helped Peter slowly move him across the room to the small cushioned table you used to asses injuries and heal anyone who was hurt. You helped lay Hank down carefully, but he still winced in great pain. Once he was down you nodded to Peter gratefully, who returned a closed mouth smile before speeding from the room. You then turned your attention back to Hank. “How bad is it Doc? How long do I have?” He looked up at you dramatically and you rolled your eyes with a smile.

“If you were able to make it all the way back to the mansion, I think you’ll be okay.” Without thinking you reached out your hand, running your palm against the top of his head, smoothing back his hair. He blushed a little and you shook yourself out of the moment, clearing your throat. “Well, I’ll need to asses the cut and see how deep it is. Since it’s on your abdomen we need to um…” Your eyes shifted to his shirt.

“Oh of course.” He nodded in agreement trying to look serious, but his face seemed a little red, you felt your’s warm as well. Hank began to tug at his shirt, trying to pull it up, but from his position laying down you could tell he was struggling.

“Here.” You reached out trying to help him, carefully lifting the shirt over the gash across his stomach and then pulling it over his head. Except the moment wasn’t as smooth as you would of liked. The collar of his shirt got caught on his ears and you had to wrestle it off. After that laboring work you sat back in your chair, still holding Hank’s T-shirt. You stared at your shoes for a moment, your face still warm, then Hank laughed. It was short because you knew it must of hurt, but it was the normal Hank laugh never the less. 

“What?” You said looking up at him. He turned his head to the side towards you.

“Nothing,” he smiled a bit, “this is just not the moment I imagined when I pictured you taking off my shirt.” Your eyes popped at his words and you bit your lip to hide the large embarrassed smile that was so desperately trying to make its way across your face. Hank looked a little stunned too as if even he couldn’t believe what he just said. You noticed his ears go bright pink. Then, you laughed too, and pushed your way out of the chair to stand over him. You thought about being confident saying a remark that matched his, but you couldn’t. You were too embarrassed, but also extremely happy, and you knew if you looked at his big eyes again, or if he used that adorable grin on you, nothing intelligent would come out of your mouth. 

So, instead you dropped your gaze to the cut on his side, it wasn’t that bad really, but it would need a few stitches. 

“I think I’m going to have too stitch you up.” Your eyes shifted briefly to meet his and your cheeks flushed all over again

“Y-ya, of course.” He replied trying to sound reasonable, practical, like the Hank you knew, but you couldn’t stop replaying his words in your head, and you couldn’t get the smile off your face. 

I love how doubleheaders are this like revered part of baseball and everyone gets so excited for them… but they’re actually terrible??? Sure, it’s the chance to win two games in one day, but it’s also a chance to lose two games in one day, and either way it’s six goddamn hours of baseball. And like, RIP bullpen, and how ‘bout that spot start that’s going to happen on Saturday because the starting rotation is all screwed up. Nice. NICE. Thanks, doubleheader.

You don’t know WHO edited that ask – it may have well been IHers trying to garner sympathy (probably why no one defended you for a whole what? TWO FUCKING DAYS?) –

and darling you didn’t see any apology because – YOU DON’T DESERVE ONE, and you clearly weren’t looking. That 15 year old you followed around and bullied everywhere? She is one of the people that did, but – for once you aren’t stalking her I guess so you didnt see it :)

I will no longer be doing ships.

I’m so sorry you guys, but I will no longer be doing ships. I’ve been getting so many, which is wonderful, but I don’t get requests for anything else anymore. I miss writing and I miss making imagines. 

And with me moving and then going to college next month, I just have so much on my plate. Every time I post a ship or two, the next day, I have seven new ones in my box. 

I’m so glad you guys have been enjoying them, though and it has been fun. Unfortunately, I just don’t have the time and I’d really like to spend the time I do have writing or doing other things :(

I will be finishing the requests already in my box, but it will take some time seeing as I have a lot. I hope you all can understand. Thanks so much for your patience with me.


It was still quiet a week later, anyone barely spoke besides morning greetings and evening goodnights or shifts in boys’ room since when one of them started crying it was positive that the two other will follow soon after.

That one day Max took Crystal by hand and sat on livingroom’s sofa.

- How are you feeling today my love?  - he asked stroking her hand gently, she smiled blankly at him.

Nothing’s changed if that’s what you’re asking.  - she still felt hurt, she was the first on to see Elllie and she screamed really loud back then. Even louder than all triplets together. He just stood there for a minute, when Cole knelt beside her and stroke her hair while trying not to look at his mother. Boern just shot a hurt look in Max’s direction and disappeared in his room, he’s been silent ever since. It was Max who was able to take care of… everything.

- I thought that we may watch something. Would you mind?  - Max suggested shifting on the sofa to hug her, she didn’t respond however she bowed her head before snuggling in his arms, everything was good to shut down her thoughts.

Max…  - she whispered softly after some time -  promise me you’ll never be the first one to go.

I’m not even done editing my LISBON vlogs but I’m planning to do bequia vlogs for you guys to see that wonderful wonderful island.
May have to do like one vlog for every two days though because it’s not like we’ll be doing much :“) You don’t go to Bequia to do stuff.
You eat, read, swim, and sleep. Literally. That’s it.

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So I've seen around different social media sites and stuff that people build their alters to Gods. I wanna know if you can have multiple gods you build and alter to, or if there's just two specific ones? (Have a nice day.)

Hello! Thanks for messaging me.

I may not be the best person to ask about this though, because I’m not currently worshiping. However, considering what I’ve read and heard from people that are, I think it should be fine. Honestly the safest bet is to ask the deities that you’re thinking about paying homage to what they’re comfortable with if you’re still not sure.
But that’s just what I think.

Followers who actively worship, any opinions/experiences with this?