April 9-15: Imposters

“…If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
and treat those two imposters just the same…”

The above quote is from the classic poem If by Rudyard Kipling. I was hit by both of them this week.

And believe me, they are BOTH imposters.

Sunday is usually my rest day, but the weather was so good I couldn’t pass up the chance to bicycle to the city of Maize and back. Monday was a Rest Day, and then Tuesday I ran to my bank and back, abot .5 miles each way.

Wednesday I had to cut my planned bike ride short because I had a chance to spend some quality time with my lovely granddaughters. Then Thursday I got it all together with a bike ride to the bank, followed by a ride to the YMCA, a weight session, and a two-mile run on the track where I set a couple of PR’s!

I was riding high on a week of Triumphs… and wouldn’t you know, Friday was the day Disaster decided to rear its ugly head.

After work on Friday I ran to the bank to get change for my office. I did the run in 58:17, pretty near a PR for this journey (although I will confess I was helped a bit by a stiff southerly wind). By then I figured I’ve got this running to and from the bank in my pocket, right? Well, I start back home my preferred was, and after a mile or so I realize I’m running out of steam. I try to stick it out, but it’s clear my running for the day is over and done with. So I walked the remaining two and a half miles home.

I suppose if it had been a life-or-death situation I could have stuck it out and completed the run. But I am trying to be in touch with my body, to push it but not to overdo it. I was pretty tired at work Saturday and so decided it would be smarter to take a rest day and start back up next week after letting my body recuperate.

I don’t suppose I have to tell anyone that Disaster is an imposter. Failure is never final unless a person makes it permanent, and there’s no way I’m gonna start moaning, “That’s it, game over” on the strength of one disappointing run.

On the other hand, in a bit over sixty years of living I can testify that Triumph is one hell of an imposter, too. At least twice in my life I have successfully lost weight and gained a measure of fitness. Both times I took the attitude of, “That’s it, the war is over and I am the Victor!!” And both times I wound up slacking off, losing the fitness I’d worked for and gaining back even more weight than I’d lost.

Not this time. Neither Disaster nor Triumph is going to derail my journey this go ‘round.

arasulahn  asked:

Can you do one where the reader has an IQ to match Reids and they butt heads alot and are very competitive and everyone thinks they hate eachother but it ends with fluff when the reader gets hurt and Reid gets mad at the reader for being so "stupid"x


Contains: Angst and Fluff

Warning: Mentions of bullying and hazing.


“Okay Spence, here’s one.’ JJ looked at her friend before looking back down at her tablet, reading off the sentence. “Tomatoes and cucumbers belong to the same family. Is this wholly verifiable or grossly erroneous?” She laughed at the way the question was posed. You but your lip and tried working on your paperwork, ignoring them.

“Grossly erroneous, or just to say simply, wrong. Tomatoes are in the nightshade family-Solanaceae- while cucumbers are in the squash family- Cucurbitaceae. Very different actually once you take the time to study plants.” He shrugged and you sighed.

“Well, most people are out living their lives on a Friday night and not stuck at home reading ‘Backyard Harvest’.” You pointed out. Spencer folded his arms, turning his chair to look at you, JJ’s gaze followed.  

“Why would I want to spend my Friday night on a date with a man that only has ten IQ points, can only remember his name, the fruity little cocktail drink he buys all the women to flirt with, and how to do push ups?” Spencer snapped back, you rolled eyes.

“At least I know how to have fun, not wasting my time playing True or False when I could be filling out the paperwork on the Cotulish case.” At that he silenced, turning back to JJ. You shook your head, turning the majority of your attention back to your paperwork.  

“Alright, how about one more before I let you get back to work?” JJ asked him, and you supposed he nodded because she started to ask another one. “True or false? The answer to this question is false. ” You imagined she raised her brow in that cocky way due to her tone. The team was always trying to stump Spencer with difficult questions. They would probably try to have fun with you too but you seemed to butt heads with Spencer so often that you’ve offended his little wolf pack. It’s just as well, you were used to silence from others anyway.

“Neither answer would work.’ You mumbled.  Catching the attention of the pair once more. “The question creates a paradox because neither answer would be correct. If the statement were true, that would be implying that the answer would be marked as false. This would then state that the statement is false, but since the statement says the answer is false, answering false would make the statement true.” You looked up watching JJ’s wide eyes and Spencer stare at you, slightly impressed.

“Sorry.” You shrugged, standing up, heading to the break room. “Maybe you should shoot for more difficult questions next time.”


You hated flying. Despised it, loathed it, any other word that meant ‘to detest’. It wasn’t just the fact that if something went wrong with the engine or if turbulence was too fierce the whole thing could come down, it was also that you were basically the outcast of the team.  

“Looks like pretty boy thinks he’s the master of pranks.” Morgan, JJ, Lewis, and Rossi laughed, even Hotch smiled a bit. You were more towards the back of the plane, on the couch by the bathroom, while everyone was in their seats, close together. You sighed and looked out the window, hands fumbling with the other.

You closed your eyes, trying to block their voices out. This was just like school all over again, the cliques.  

“Look at her, she’s such a freak.” You could hear the older girls from high school. It was bad enough that being 15 came with zits, braces, and awkward growing pains, but you were the smartest in your school. Instead of taking the route like Reid, being 14 or something and in CalTech, you had decided to take college classes online while attending high school. You were already weird in your own age group, nevertheless with people studying their asses off in their 20’s.

It wasn’t fair, you were just as smart as Spencer, you had matched just about everything he had done to a T. So why was he surrounded by friends, and why were you ignored?

The absolute worst part was that you actually liked Spencer, yes you were jealous of him, but you admired that the two of you had the same intellectual intelligence, always able to keep up in a conversation with him when solving a case and not picking on him. It didn’t also hurt that he was very easy on the eyes. But you were appalled at yourself for having these feelings, for all your love interests always ended up hurting you, no matter how smart.  

You felt the couch dip and you opened your eyes, meeting the brown ones you had seen so much of lately. You wiped your eyes hoping to make it seem like you were tired.

“You could always come join us you know.” Spencer said and you shook your head, pointing at the rest of the team who was trying ‘so hard’ to not stare at you two. “I don’t think your gal-pals like me so much. Listen, you don’t have to pity-invite me to hang out with your friends, I get that I’m like this, big joke to all of you.”

“I’m not-”

“Why don’t you go back to making out with Morgan or JJ while you discuss how chess was first invented.” You blocked him out, retreating into your ice-cold turtle shell when he left in defeat.


“Okay, we need to settle this once and for all.” Garcia announced when she entered her tech room. You and Spencer settled down in two chairs, both wondering what the heck you were doing here. “You two bicker non-stop and so I’ve come up with 4 questions, and one tie-breaker if we must, but whoever gets the correct answer first gets the question. Whoever gets the most, wins, so that can determine the fact that one of you is the smartest, and hopefully can make you two stop acting like middle-schoolers, and I say that with all my love my sweethearts.”

“I don’t know if we should.” Spencer objected and you scoffed.

“Scared you’re going to be beaten by another girl?” You pointed out, referring to Prentiss correcting his facts.  

“Actually I meant that I didn’t want to humiliate you, but if you want, we’ll go ahead and do this.” Spencer folded his arms.  

“Alright, How many miles long is the canal which links the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans?”

“50 Miles.” Spencer answered before you even got the chance to open your mouth. You straightened up in your seat, realizing you needed to start taking this more seriously. You were ready for the next one.

“According to Rudyard Kipling what were the "two imposters” to meet and treat the same day?“ Garcia shot off another one.

"Triumph and Disaster.” You rambled, hands slapping the armrests of your chair. You blushed, feeling slightly embarrassed that this was important to you.  

“Good, that’s one point for each of you. When was the Scrabble World championship first held?”

“1991!” The two of you said at the same time. Garcia’s brows raised and she sighed. “Alright, two points for each of you, this is the new tie-breaker. To prevent the same thing from happening again, Y/n you take my 'That was easy’ button, Spencer, you take this.” She handed him a mini stuffed turtle. He looked at the toy like it was a three-headed cat, and you couldn’t help but laugh.

“It squeaks.” She explained, and he squeezed it awkwardly hearing the sound.  

“Alright, this question, for all the beans-” She was interrupted by Morgan knocking on the door. “Will have to be post-poned.”  

“C’'mon Genius’s, Hotch wants us.”


Siren’s echoed throughout the town. You and the team were headed for a man who thought that with each girl he killed, he saved. Thanks to Garcia the team was on their way to an abandon 3rd floor of a chemistry building at a college under renovation.  

When you’re saving someone, your thoughts race and suddenly you’re ending up right in front of the killer, which is what exactly happened to you.  

“Adam Thomas, put the gun down and step away from her.” You instructed, your gun trying to find a good angle to get rid of him. He shook his head, the barrel digging deeper into the victim’s skull.  

“Don’t you see, I’m trying to save her? Girls in her dorm have been hazing her, she doesn’t belong here, she needs to go to heaven where she belongs and can be treated right.” He was clearly delusional. You had to get her away from him. Now.

“Can you save me?” You blurted out, and your thoughts started sewing together a story you could use. Reid, Morgan and Rossi were still trying to figure out how to get in a clear shot since you were blocking the door, intentionally of course. You turned to the side, mouthing 'Fire escape’ to Hotch, who nodded and started heading that way.

“What do you mean?” Good, you had his attention, now you had to distract him until you saw a member of your team on the fire escape through the window.  

“I need your help more than she does. She’s been hazed? Oh yeah, she’s a damsel in distress alright. My dorm-mates slipped something in my drink one night, and I was completely out of it, so they took me back to my room, stripped me, and spread pictures of myself like that to the whole school. I was expelled.” You faked crying, watching as he started letting the girl out of his grip while you put your gun away so you were completely vulnerable.

“Now, everyone on my team knows, they found out, and made fun of me. This was my last job before I resigned but now…if you decide to take pity on me, it will be my last case before I’m free.” You saw Lewis on the fire escape nod toward you and you put the final part of your plan in action. “Please….save me.” He shoved the victim aside and you jumped aside as Tara shot him.  

After the victim was met with her parents, and the M.E. took the unsub- who was dead, the team came up to you.  

“Why would you do that y/n? You left yourself completely at his choice!” Spencer yelled at you and your eyes widened. He didn’t usually act like this. “Was that even your own story?”

“No, I had to make something up so I referred to an old case. But I didn’t get hurt! I got him! I saved her!” You pointed out.  

He stared at you, jaws clenched. “For a genius Y/n, you’re really stupid.” He stormed off and you stood there dumbstruck.  


After an hour of fuming on the ride back, you practically  ripped open the door, running into the bullpen, where you met Spencer’s face.

“Where the hell do you think *you* have the authority to tell me off like that?” You seethed to him. “You don’t get to treat me like a child!”  

“Well then don’t act like one!”

“Why are you doing this to me?” You asked, more like shouted.  

“Because I don’t want you to get hurt! Don’t you understand, I’m concerned for your well-being because I like you!” You stared up at him, and he wrapped his arms around you. “Please don’t put yourself into harms way again. I know you’re lonely but I’m here for you. Please don’t shut me out.”  

“You could’ve just asked me out instead of yelling at me in front of the team.” Your voice muffled into his sweater vest, his chest now moving from his laughter.

The team watched from the doors, Rossi holding his hand out and snickering as Morgan slapped a 20 into his hand.

(I have no idea how this turned out .-. )

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Imagine accidentally getting high on mushrooms in the forest on the way to Erebor and then bumping into Fili and Kili on your way back to camp.

It was a lovely day out and you had spent much of it basking in the sunshine as it streamed through the branches above. The forest was serene as you walked the paths with your travel book in hand recording all the sights you had taken in. Within were your scribbled descriptions of birds and all the different plants you could recall from the reader your mother had given you as a girl.

You stopped as you spotted another of the familiar caps and bent to feel the rubbery mushroom with your fingertip. If your memory served you well, it was one of the few edible fungi in the forest of Erebor though you could not recall much else. It was said to be quite sweet though you could not decide if it was used for desserts or as poultice. You pinched the stem lightly and plucked it from the ground, smelling it delicately as you confirmed your identification. Whatever it was used for, you knew at least that it would not kill you.

You popped it in your mouth and began to chew; it tasted fine enough but you had never been fond of the texture of mushrooms. You had eaten a few berries which had been quite bitter and this was sure to cleanse your palette of that mistake. You swallowed as you stood and began to scribble once more in your small journal. You looked up from the pages to the sky as the orange sun seemed to waver and you told yourself it was not wise to stare directly at it.

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Five Missing Philinda Scenes from 2x04

(Oops my hand slipped. Spoilers for Agents of SHIELD 2x04. The second and fifth drabbles happened in the same continuity.)


May had been praying for something to interrupt Phil from confronting her about the plan to end his life, but she sure as hell didn’t pray for General Talbot.

“Phil,” she said in a tight voice. “Kiss me.”

His eyebrows shot upward. “I’m sorry?”

“Public displays of affection make people uncomfortable.”

“I know, but—”

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theopensea  asked:

also 88

when in rome, do as romans do

For Iris’s first sojourn to another earth, it’s not going very well. 

And if she’s being entirely honest, Iris…can’t really tell the difference, actually, between this new Earth (they gotta start numbering these things) and the one she’s from, Earth Prime, as Barry and Cisco refer to it as. Barry keeps insisting you can tell through the vibrations in the air and the feel of it, but Iris just takes his word for it. It’s got Starbucks and WiFi, she’s good to go.

“Do we get service on another earth?” she asks him, because this is a legitimate concern that just occurred to her. Barry scrunches up his face in consideration. 

“I? Honestly don’t know,” he admits. “I didn’t exactly have my cell phone with me the last time I earth hopped.”

“How do I let you go anywhere without me,” Iris sighs. 

“You know, the suit really is quite unforgiving,” Barry replies with some mild indignation. “No pockets or convenient pouches or anything.”

Iris is deeply unimpressed and unsympathetic. “Try practically every article of women’s clothing ever.”

“I fully acknowledge and admit to my pocket privilege,” Barry concedes, as they navigate the crowds of the–not-Central City. “But don’t try calling anyone, just to be safe.”

Iris pats her jacket pocket, just to be sure that it’s there, not that it’s really going to do her much good. “So what happens if we meet our Earth…whatever this one is selves here? Are we going to create a paradox? Or a rip in the time-space continuum? What if we step on a butterfly and change the whole universe?”

“Okay, take a breath,” Barry advises, automatically letting her arm slip through his. “And that didn’t happen the last time I went to another Earth, or either time, actually.”

“You oughtta start charging admission,” Iris says, stepping a little closer to him. “Like Disneyland, but with more time and space.”

“I could make millions,” Barry says mock thoughtfully. “Pay off my student loans.” 

Iris snorts out a laugh, because this? All of this is crazy, just straight up nuts. But she’s with Barry and they’re navigating a new world together and things might be fine. They will be fine.

“Where did you go, the last time you ended up on another Earth?” she asks.

“When I was on Earth-2, I went to S.T.A.R. Labs and then the station,” Barry says. “I tried to find the places that are familiar to me.”

“So let’s go,” Iris suggests.


Turns out the biggest difference on this Earth is the fact they get recognized when they walk into the S.T.A.R. Labs. 

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I love this episode because you just see how much Nucky is floundering

Between telling Chalky he doesn’t know the number (“Eddie knows it”) to his moments when Chalky asks if Eddie has any family and Nucky doesn’t know

like goddamn. especially in the scope of the entire show. you can really see how even though the focus is nucky, they don’t pull punches when it comes to “look at this man, look how he fails"