So, after watching episode 9 of despair and seeing Imposter and what he really looked like I almost jumped out of my seat. I stared at him and thought “holy shit he’s beautiful” and quickly after thought “wait…he looks just like me!”

So I quickly went to test my theory, I straighten my very fluffy hair (which took a while…) and took off my glasses. A few pictures taken later and I realised, I look exactly like the imposter.

There’s an amazing feeling when you realize you look exactly like your favourite danganronpa character of all time.


Another reason why Imposter-kun is so great.

He made Tsumiki feel appreciated and without her having to resort to taking crude measures to ensure her self-worth.

What’s more, he gave her his trust over his deepest secret.

Tsumiki’s so overwhelmed at the moment about someone having faith in her that I wonder if she’s even aware of how big a deal this is for ‘Mitarai’, whose talent has to operate on secrecy. But I’m sure she knows and just seeing these two classmates being able to believe in each other just brings tears to my eyes.

I love this episode because you just see how much Nucky is floundering

Between telling Chalky he doesn’t know the number (“Eddie knows it”) to his moments when Chalky asks if Eddie has any family and Nucky doesn’t know

like goddamn. especially in the scope of the entire show. you can really see how even though the focus is nucky, they don’t pull punches when it comes to “look at this man, look how he fails" 

Boardwalk Empire: Episode 3.11 "Two Imposters"

So wow, that was quite an intense episode. 

I was really impressed with how Nucky handled the situation in tonight’s episode. He held quite a command over that shotgun. And he finally treated Eddie with the respect and care that he deserves. It showed Nucky’s true colors, he actually DOES care about other people. Again, I’m impressed. 

Eddie’s utter devotion to Nucky is touching. He actually seemed more pained that Nucky had to drive than from the bullet in his gut. And him reciting the poem, which we now know as If by Rudyard Kipling… Even in his dire state Eddie wanted to give Nucky moral support, let him know that if he stays strong, everything will be alright. So incredibly sweet. I loved Eddie before this episode, now he’s just a saint in my eyes.

On a side note, someone really needs to make sure that dog is okay. 

Either way, Gyp Rosetti. His ballsy-ness is incredible. He just strolls into the Artemis Club and sets up shop, even bringing in Nucky’s desk from the Ritz. Calling Gillian Red and Strawberry. Ugh, disgusting. Then he shows up at Chalky’s looking for Nucky. That was quite an intense scene! Chalky handled himself very well.

Speaking of Chalky, he really came through for Nucky. And Eddie. I just wish he hadn’t mixed up Samuel in this mess. I hope Nucky remembers what Chalky did for him and gives him the club! I’d love to see what Chalky could do for the remnants of Babette’s. 

Gillian this episode. I was actually shocked by her blatant cruelty towards Richard. She’s a lonely bitter woman, but she really lashed out at him this time. It was difficult to watch. Richard is my favorite character in this series and it’s painful to see him mistreated so. I can’t believe she decided to kick him out of the Artemis Club! He’s the only thing standing between her and Gyp’s ruthless thugs. But we all know what’s coming up next from the promos. I can’t wait to see the old Richard back, wielding a shotgun and kicking ass. Ahh I’m so excited!

And that ending, where it all came together for Nucky, yet again. He’s always managed to come out on top in every conflict. Al Capone’s army will surely help him regain his rightful place on the throne of Atlantic City. And good for Eli. He’s really proving his usefulness lately. 

Can’t wait for next Sunday’s episode. This is going to be quite a thrilling season finale.