I just landed a voice acting gig for an indie game that’s still in development and my anxiety’s trying to whisper shit into my ear like “you could fuck this entire thing up & embarrass yourself~” and “they might hate you & replace you~” and “it’s still in development what if the entire project falls through~” but my INTENSE EXCITEMENT is drowning it all out lmao 

  • Evil Queen:Surprise Archie, it's me!
  • Archie:Oh my god your majesty it has literally been my dream to psychoanalyze you, let me get out my tapes, hold on, we have a lot of ground to cover...
  • Evil Queen:I wanna talk about Emma.
  • Archie:we'll get to there but let's start with your mother, I have some theories...
  • Evil Queen:I need you to tell me all of Emma's deepest darkest secrets. for science.
  • Archie:....that seems a little odd.
  • Evil Queen:I need to know everything Emma Swan thinks or says.
  • Archie:oh god you two are dating aren't you

Dogma (1999)

Director - Kevin Smith

“Do you know what makes a human being decent? Fear. And therein lies the problem. None of you has anything left to fear anymore. You rest comfortably in seats of inscrutable power, hiding behind your false idol, far from judgment, lives shrouded in secrecy even from one another. But not from God.” Loki

Two fallen angels, Loki and Bartleby are on a mission to take advantage of a loophole in Catholic dogma that would allow them to return to heaven after being cast out by God.
missions with 707
  • saeyoung:from now on, we will be using codenames. you will address me as "eagle one"
  • saeyoung:yoosung. codename "been there, done that"
  • yoosung:oh god
  • saeyoung:mc is "currently doing that"
  • saeyoung:zen is "it happened once in a dream"
  • zen:im flattered
  • saeyoung:jumin, codename "if i had to pick a guy
  • jumin:no
  • saeyoung:and jaehee is.... "eagle two"
  • jaehee:oh thank god

A bit more info fm Billboard on the new Prince releases:

Even more tantalizing is the remastered Purple Rain deluxe edition, slated for release early next year. While details are incomplete, the set will include “a second album of previously unreleased material,” according to the press release, which also notes that plans for the set “were agreed with Prince before he passed away.” As for what that second album might include, multiple unreleased contemporaneous tracks – such as “Electric Intercourse,” “G-Spot,” “Father’s Song,” “Wednesday,” “All Day, All Night” and “Possessed” – have appeared on bootlegs or were re-recorded with different Prince-related acts. Also, several full concerts from the Purple Rain era were professionally recorded, including a March 1985 show that was released on the now out-of-print home video Prince and the Revolution: Live; B-sides from the era such as “17 Days” and two versions of “God” either appeared in the film or are commonly associated with the album. Both albums will be released by Prince’s NPG Records with Warner Bros., the label to which he was signed for the first half of his professional career. All of the songs on Prince4Ever date from his Warner Bros. era, which spanned from his signing in 1977 until 1996.

Also they clarified some things w/ Londell McMillan about the unreleased music:

He stressed to Billboard on Thursday (Oct. 20) that the proposals the advisers are considering are for licensing purposes only: The music is not for sale. He declined to comment beyond saying: "The vault is sacred ground: There is no sale. However, many do look forward to hearing the amazing music that Prince created in all of its forms.”

(Photo via HuffPost)

Betrayal, heartbreak and revenge

Sebastian’s jaw had dropped as Molly caught him up in all the latest, he hadn’t missed the broadcast, of course, how could he? Jim made sure that he was on every screen in the god damn country, the world? The newly marked X over his initials on Molly’s hip was just the beginning of the rage, of the acute sense of betrayal, but mostly of his need for revenge. He had walked out of Molly’s place without a word, fire in his eyes as he drove to where Emilia was, she wasn’t the only who could keep tabs on people.

Two god damn years and neither of them said a word to Sebastian, but why? He was Jim’s right-hand man, he was… well he didn’t even know at this point, really. His head pounded as he parked his gun already on his hand before he reached the door. With one kick the door swung open under his boot as he looked around for the traitor. 


look smoe has no downsides. smithers is happy. moe is happy. these two honest to god good men who just keep getting screwed over by the world get some stability and happiness… i see no downside