I did this in like 10 mins the other day but a small height chart of the residents of Tamarind!! Here is some basic asf info for them!! also do not rb this pls n thank!

  • sol, 5′2″, a fragment of sun trying to live as a human!! also the mayor of tamarind, her memories are wonky because she burns through her bodies really quickly so trying to lug everything through the years.. is hard
  • june, 6′1″, a weather manipulator, also not quite human herself but who knows. she’s got somethin’ to deal with sols backstory, but also she’s heart eyes @ mim
  • mim!!! 5′3″ ! she’s just a human !! she’s a patisserie chef @ her tiny home in Tamarind and she always makes time during the lunch rush to bring some fresh bread to brewster because he loves it!!! very fluffy!!! 
Court of Nightmares Scene

So I was listening to an old favorite song of mine today after re-reading acomaf last night (I read the whole thing in a day. You feel me, right?) and this song just really reminded me of two specific scenes. One from acotar and one from acomaf. 

The first, from acotar, is one of my least favorite scenes. That night on Calanmai when Tamlin the Tool finds Feyre in the hallway and bites her. The lyrics and the ultimate vibe of the song really match that disgusting scene.

 "But oooh your love’s so cruel // You make wanna go, go, go, go, go oooh // Oooh all the things you do // You make me wanna go, go, go, go, go, go oooh"

I’m pretty sure I actually listened to that song while reading that scene last April when I’d first read acotar and thinking ewww of course (I never really liked Tamlin as you could see) yet still enjoying the song and how it paired with the scene. 

 Fast forward to yesterday afternoon when I was reading the Court of Nightmares scene (one of my favorites, am I right?) and this song comes onto my playlist. And, well fuck, it was so goddamn good. The vibe in this scene is extremely sexual, as you all know, and the vibe in the song is equally so. I suggest you listen to it. Seriously. It’ll blow you away. 

Okay but I’d like to talk about some of the implications in the final scenes of YoI?
Specifically the fact that YUURI CAN POLE DANCE

Like, first off, let’s address the fact that someone took the time to set up a pole in that ballroom. Why was that there? Was it there the whole time? If so is it jsut permanently installed there? Did someone stop everything to set that up? Does Chris just keep one handy at all times just in case??? I HAVE QUESTIONS

But aside from that. Again. Yuuri can pole dance. And I mean, he didn’t just get drunk and wobble around a pole. This. Boy. Has. Taken. Classes.


Cause this?

What Yuuri is doing here is called flag pole. (Chris looks like he’s doing a cross knee/cross ankle, except his legs are too far apart so… he’s not really doing any real pole move I’m aware of. Ignore him)
Anyway, flag pole require that you grip the pol with our hands, and between on biceps and your side, and hold your body parallel to the floor (using your lower arm as a bit of a shelf for support) Aaaaaand that’s it. Aside form the slight support from that lower arm, everything else is pure upper body and core strength.

Then there’s this.


Is called Superman.

“That doesn’t look nearly as hard as the first one!” you might say. And strength-wise, you’re right. It’s not.
But you know what it is?

Painful. (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

Lemme tell you friends, that skin right between your sweet sweet thighs is very soft and delicate and sensitive and is NOT USED TO HAVING TO GRIP TIGHT TO A METAL POLE.
You ever slid down something metal or plastic and your skin stuck to it and got rubbed raw from the friction? Yeah, it’s like that. On your delicate inner thighs. Pole dancers literally have to condition and their skin for this kind of stuff. You practice and practice till your muscles are strong enough to take on most of the support and your skin toughens up.

That’s not even counting the advanced to semi-advanced moves you have to know to get into either position while on the pole. These aren’t beginner moves.

I’ve been taking pole for almost two years, I’m in lv 2, and I’m STILL working on these moves.


some more los muertos symmetra to go with my other post bc everyone liked that so much!! (and also bc i love it too..) 

they totally stole hard light tech from vishkar and developed a prosthetic that can use it for satya together 

dozing off.

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I'm sorry if your not doing these at the moment but can you please do B1 with Mooching Hobo

this level of cuteness should be illegal

Hobo belongs to @loverofpiggies


Did you know? If you catch a falling maple leaf, you’ll fall in love with the person you’re walking with.