In the fmarvel AU, I’ve been trying to decide who’s Black Widow for weeks now, but I’m still having trouble. I’m not sure if Olivier, Izumi, or maybe even Lust would fit best

Stranger; Part II

Two bodies sit across from one another on premium leather couches, the shorter of the two unable to keep himself from looking around at the immense home, while the other man looks at him with an expression that Baekhyun can’t decipher.

He had invited him inside and they’ve said nothing to each other so far. Baekhyun doesn’t even know what it is that he wanted to say in the first place– more so the reason why he traveled all the way back to Seoul. Wasn’t it because he wanted his life back? His reason for the happiness that has been ripped away from him? Wasn’t that his intention? He shakes his head inwardly at himself. He’s five years too late.

This man that is drowned in luxury and poise, he is not the man that had stolen his heart in the past. But maybe that’s why they call it the past, because everything that has happened has all “passed.” And now he must suffer the after effects of his choices.

“Are you not going to say anything?” Chanyeol asks and breaks Baekhyun out of his reverie, making his wandering eyes land on him and his icy features. The mere sound of his sharp voice causes the hair on his arm to stand without his consent.

He looks down after the split second of looking at him. “I…I’m sorry.”

The apology hits a wall that is gradually shoving itself in between them as Chanyeol’s gaze doesn’t soften not even for a moment. “Sorry for what? Leaving and making me think that you died? Or for the heart wrenching agony I faced when I had to carry your coffin and bury you with my own hands?”

His words sting him like pins mercilessly piercing through his flesh. That won’t feel as bad as this, though.

“All of it, I-I couldn’t…” He tries, but as he looks up, the anguish inside Chanyeol’s frozen pits shove a rock down his dry throat. “I couldn’t let you see me… not like this.”

Chanyeol grits his teeth at that, his fingers curling in the same action. He doesn’t say anything though, he holds it all back and let’s it simmer in the monstrous boiling pot. He ends up releasing a long breath.

“I’m not going to say anything, it doesn’t matter now.” His words completely and utterly disagree with his grave facial expression, and that is when something cracks and breaks within Baekhyun’s frail body. Chanyeol is lying to him.

“You don’t have to act like–”

“I’m not acting like anything, Baekhyun. I’m over it.” It is brief, right to the point, and curt. His declaration of separation is like the breeze of the wind– floating by so normally, yet sending shivers down his spine. Chanyeol has moved on, he as started a new and absolutely improved life without him, he is doing just fine while Baekhyun is sitting in the same spot he had been years ago, unable to walk away from any of it– both literally and metaphorically speaking.

Right then, the grand door opens and a petite woman in a pea coat walks inside. Baekhyun watches her chestnut hair flow from behind her as she approaches them. When her almond shelled eyes settle on him, her steps falter but she continues in a slower manner. She comes behind Chanyeol’s side of the couch and touches his shoulders. “Hey, who is this?” She asks, smiling at him politely. Baekhyun doesn’t return the gesture.

“This is Baekhyun… an old friend. He’s visiting from out of town.” Chanyeol says, and shoots a bullet through whatever is left of Baekhyun. ‘Old friend.’ They’re not even up to that level anymore.

The woman rounds her lips as she sticks her hand out for a handshake. Baekhyun doesn’t take her hand until Chanyeol introduces her. “And this is Hyera.” He pauses for a second or two before continuing. “My wife.”

And Baekhyun officially declares himself dead.

He shockingly grabs a hold of his crutches and stands up abruptly, the tremors catching up to him as he tries to make up an excuse for his stupidity.

“I-I have t-to go.” He stammers pathetically, stumbling back and moving himself quickly, cursing his legs for not working like they should. Chanyeol stands up and strides right behind him, catching him by his arm before he can fumble with the door knob.

“Wait, you don't–”

This time it is him who cuts Chanyeol off. “Yes I-I do. I w-was stupid for coming.” He pulls his arm away from Chanyeol’s hold and opens the door, leaving the man rooted to his place as he watches him leave once again.


Two weeks flash by with Baekhyun spending his days and nights in a bathhouse. He took a bus to Hongdae for the need of more separation than he’s already created, so now his distance is as far away from Chanyeol as he can make it. He already spent most of his savings on the plane ticket to Seoul, now he has no choice but to settle for the cheapest option that he can find.

He hasn’t been doing more than sleeping and laying limp in the bath, which usually lasts for hours. He sits in the midst of the water and thinks back to warm cuddles and long kisses. He conjures up sweet old conversations and takes himself to a peaceful and simple time.

It is all pleasant reminisces until a hard knock on the door knocks him out of the air bubble and back to the cold reality. The man on the other side is shouting at him for staying in there too long– apparently, three hours have already passed.

The manager of the bathhouse gives him unpromising glances when he returns from the bath, so he decides to go outside and sit on the side walk or something until day turns to night.

On the other side of the side walk is a tall fellow who notices Baekhyun’s shockingly familiar features. At first he is greatly skeptical about the possibility because there is no way that he is who he thinks he is. However, as he comes closer to get a clearer look, he bites his own words. And even though his jaw has dropped and his eyes along with them, he still finds it within himself to fish out his cell phone from his pockets and dial in a number almost automatically.

Baekhyun’s legs becomes stif from sitting down on hard concrete for so long, so he grabs his crunches and tries to walk around in the cold night. He only has his cardigan on for any source of warmth, but it doesn’t do much.

As he limps around, a black sleek Mercedes Benz comes through a corner and stops right besides him on the street. Baekhyun doesn’t pay mind to it until the window roll down and a deep voice calls out to him.

He has his brows furrowed when he cranes his head towards the luxurious car, and he grows tenser when the face he thought he would never see again looks back at him.

“Get in.” He says, but Baekhyun doesn’t plan on cooperating.

“What are you doing here, Chanyeol?”

“Does that matter? Just get in.”


Chanyeol grows impatient with Baekhyun’s stubbornness– he has forgotten about that trait of his. “God damn it.” He curses and gets out of the car to walk towards him. He opens the door and stands with his hip jutted out in a waiting position.

“I’m not going to stand here all day.” It seems that Baekhyun has forgotten how stubborn Chanyeol is himself. Sighing internally, he moves and walks into the car, Chanyeol taking his crutches for him and placing them on the back seats when he sits down.

The car is silent as they ride down the rode. Baekhyun wants to ask him where they are going, or how he even knew where to find him, but he doesn’t have the power within himself.

Thirteen minutes later and they arrive at a hotel. “What are we doing here, Chanyeol?” Baekhyun asks tiredly, and the tone doesn’t go unnoticed.

He looks at him with a different gaze, one more softer and calmer than those that he threw at him two weeks ago. “Do you remember Jongdae?”

Baekhyun nods, but doesn’t understand what one has to do with the other.

“He saw you and called me right away, he said something about a ghost. So I knew he was talking about you.”

“So what? You came to get me out of pity? I don’t need that.” He spits back despite himself, moving to get out of the door, but forgetting that he can’t make a move without his wretched walking sticks. He curses.

“I’m just helping a friend, is that wrong?” He asks innocent, and Baekhyun almost rolls his eyes.

“We’re not friends.”

“Well whatever it is that we are. Now come on, it’s only going to get colder.”

He is so relaxed about this whole thing, all the while Baekhyun is weary and exhausted. All energy drained out of him, he does nothing but comply as Chanyeol hands him the crutches and they walk into the hotel.

Chanyeol asks for the room key and they head upstairs, where Baekhyun learns that they will be sharing the same room.

Out of all the people that could have passed by him, why did it have to be Jongdae? Why did he come back? Most importantly, why did Chanyeol come back for him? Why does he continue to fall victim to his agonizing heart? Why?


Author’s Note:

Alright, Stranger is finally continued! You can find the first part down in my feed somewhere, thanks for reading, I hope you guys liked it and are anticipating for more~

BREAKING: El Cajon Police Release Video of Fatal Shooting

The authorities in El Cajon, Calif., on Friday released video footage of an officer fatally shooting an unarmed black man, as part of an effort to quell what has been growing unrest in the community since the episode on Tuesday.

The footage shed little new light on what happened to the man, Alfred Olango, 38.

The video came from two perspectives — one from a civilian’s cellphone and the other from a surveillance camera at a drive-through window at a taco shop. In both videos, the faces and heads of the officers and Mr. Olango were blurred to appear as gray dots. Also, both videos were taken from a distance.

The 19-second surveillance video shows the scene before the shooting and as a patrol car arrived. The second video shows Mr. Olango walking toward an officer and then walking away backward and sideways as the officer approaches.

The officer and Mr. Olango, facing each other, then move side to side in tandem six times before a second officer appears. Multiple shots are fired, and a woman can then be heard screaming.

The angle and distance of the videos made it difficult to see clearly what happened because one of the officers was standing in front of Mr. Olango when the shooting happened.

The police previously said they responded to a report of a person acting “erratically.” Mr. Olango refused “multiple instructions” by the first officer to remove his hand from his pocket, the police said in a news release on Tuesday. The officer drew his weapon and pointed it at Mr. Olango while continuing to direct him to take his hand out of his pocket.

A second officer arrived and prepared to use an electronic control device. As Mr. Olango paced and the officers tried to talk to him, he “rapidly drew an object from his front pants pocket, placed both hands together and extended them rapidly toward the officer taking up what appeared to be a shooting stance,” the police said.

The object he pointed was a silvery vape smoking device with a three-inch-long cylinder, the police said.

At that point, the officer with the electronic control device discharged his weapon, the police said. Simultaneously, the officer with the firearm discharged his weapon several times, striking Mr. Olango. No gun was found.

Mr. Olango’s mother said during an emotional news conference on Thursday that her son was having a mental breakdown when he was confronted by the police at the taco shop, Reuters reported.

The shooting has touched off days of growing unrest and violence in El Cajon, a suburb of San Diego.

On Thursday night, about 75 protesters gathered near the scene of the shooting and threw rocks, bricks and bottles at officers, broke windows and jumped on cars, the El Cajon police chief, Jeff Davis, said at the news conference.

A San Diego police officer was struck on the head with a brick, the chief said. The officer was not seriously hurt. Four demonstrators were charged with unlawful assembly and one was charged with assault with a deadly weapon for the episode with the officer.

The chief was joined at the news conference by religious and civic leaders who said they wanted the community to move forward in peace.

Bonnie Dumanis, the San Diego County district attorney, said that the shooting was under investigation and that “no decision has been made” about filing charges.

Chief Davis said the department released the footage in the interest of public safety because protests had shifted from peaceful to more violent over the past days.

“This is a difficult situation as any law enforcement officer will encounter and not one we seek,” the chief said.


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The Ark

read it on the AO3 at

by Kaykay3730

The Ark was made up of 13 stations, each station worked together to maintain a sustainable environment for the thousands of inhabitants on the ship. Some argued that the Ark would have been fine without the addition of Polaris, the last station to attach themselves. Some even go so far to say that Polaris should be removed, that the workers from Polaris are unnecessary and they are weighing down the rest of the Ark. Tensions are high, especially between Alpha station and Polaris station.

What happens when two young girls, one from Alpha and one from Polaris, meet at a Unity Day dance? A dance that sparks the beginning of a civil war.

Words: 1628, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at
The Ark

by Kaykay3730

The Ark was made up of 13 stations, each station worked together to maintain a sustainable environment for the thousands of inhabitants on the ship. Some argued that the Ark would have been fine without the addition of Polaris, the last station to attach themselves. Some even go so far to say that Polaris should be removed, that the workers from Polaris are unnecessary and they are weighing down the rest of the Ark. Tensions are high, especially between Alpha station and Polaris station.

What happens when two young girls, one from Alpha and one from Polaris, meet at a Unity Day dance? A dance that sparks the beginning of a civil war.

Words: 1628, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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