10 Shuffled Songs Askmeme

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Rules: put your music on shuffle and post the first 10 songs! Then tag 10 people to pass it on.

1) _Drip_Drop_N_E_R_V_after_hours__CBR_192k (some vaporwave song I downloaded off YouTube lol)

2) Two Door Cinema Club: What You Know (Cassian Remix)

3) Virus Battle from Rockman.exe 4.5

4) Two Door Cinema Club: Costume Party

5) Boktai 2: Darkness Tree

6) Washed Out: Polish Girl

7) Megaman 6: Vs. Wily

8) Policenauts: Southearted

9) The Polish Ambassador: 360 Degree View Of The Phantasmal Farm

10) Foster The People: Are You What You Want To Be?

Most of my music listening these days is from 8 Tracks so this isn’t indicative of my listening habits haha

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still-street asked:

hey!! c:

Opening Credits: Next Year / Two Door Cinema Club
Waking Up: Wolves / To Kill A King (that’s a pretty good song for that actually)
First Day At School: Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You / The 1975 (oh noooooo)
Falling In Love: Photograph / Ed Sheeran
Fight Song: Tiptoe / Imagine Dragons
Breaking Up: United States of Eurasia / Muse
Life’s OK: Drive By / Train
Getting Back Together: Black Widow / Iggy Igz and Rita Ora (don’t ask why this is on my phone omfg)
Wedding: Dancing In The Moonlight / Toploader (aWWWWW that’s adorable)
Birth of Child: Costume Party / Two Door Cinema Club
Final Battle: Oh My Love / To Kill A King
Death Scene: Let Me Go / Gary Barlow i’m cryinG
Funeral Song: Love / American Authors
End Credits: Fire / Kasabian (INTENSE INTENSE) 


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1) how you die: costume party // two door cinema club

2) love life: 1901 (phoenix cover) // birdy

3) song that plays at your wedding: habits of my heart (surfjan stevens remix) // jaymes young

4) add ‘in my pants’: clocks “in my pants” // coldplay

5) song that plays at your funeral: houdini // foster the people

6) theme song: all i want // kodaline

7) song that plays when you think of someone you love: life in technicolor ii // coldplay

8) add ‘with a shovel and screwdriver’: the love club “with a shovel and screwdriver” // lorde

9) your week: black and gold // sam sparro

10) song that plays when you miss someone: tightrope // walk the moon

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shuffle your music

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put your music on shuffle, list the first 10 tracks, then tag some people (or not)

1. “demons” by imagine dragons
2. “crystallized (rory phillips remix)” by the xx
3. “let you go” by the pierces
4. costume party" by two door cinema club
5. “oh glory” by panic! at the disco
6. “she’s been high” by data romance
7. “tigerlily” by la roux
8. “have you seen me lately” by counting crows
9. “where the lines overlap” by paramore
10. “magic” by ladyhawke

imma tag YOU, whoever is reading this. you know who you are

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Put a [music note] in my askbox
and i’ll put my ipod on shuffle and tell you our life soundtrack

[[im sorry if mobile jacks this up]]

Opening Credits: The District Sleeps Alone - The Postal Service

Waking Up: I Lived - One Republic

First Day At School: Ask Yourself - Foster the People

Falling In Love: The Way I Am - Ingrid Michaelson[?]

Fight Song: Do You Want It All - Two Door Cinema Club

Breaking Up: Habits - Chainsmokers Remix

Life’s OK: Good Day - Tally Hall

Getting Back Together: Marry You - Bruno Mars

Wedding: Costume Party - Two Door Cinema Club

Birth of Child: Flaws - Bastille

Final Battle: Glory and Gore - Lorde

Death Scene: Fix You - Coldplay/ Collin McLoughlin remix

Funeral Song: Dead City - Em Harriss

End Credits: Sail - Awol Nation.