An Interview With The Golden Thread Tarot

As soon as I picked up my copy of the Golden Thread Tarot by @thistleweeds from the post office, I knew I wanted to get to know this beautiful deck more personally. With that as my goal, I used this deck interview spread to meet my new companion!

1. Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic?
Seven of Cups- The possible paths you can take are endless. You always have a choice. And I will show you them all. Make your choices wisely.

2. What are your strengths as a deck?
The Emperor- I follow a system. I am reliable. Once you have learned the patterns I contain, I will never confuse you or lead you astray.

3. What are your limits as a deck?
The Empress- I am not a deck to be taken lightly. My magical presence is great and powerful, and I share it with you on my own terms.* You can be the king, but watch the queen conquer.

4. What are you here to teach me?
Four of Pentacles- You’ve got a lot to offer. Don’t keep it all to yourself. Being stubborn and selfish never helped anybody grow.

5. How can I best learn and collaborate with you?
Nine of Pentacles- Enjoy it. This relationship is ours, and we have all the time in the world to explore it. No one can tell us differently.

6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
Persistence will be rewarded. You have much to learn, and with hard work and patience, you will learn it all.

*Note: After completing this interview, I was so exhausted I had to take a three-hour nap. This deck’s energy is a force to be reckoned with!

Today I pulled two different cards for you from two different angel card decks, and they both said the identical thing: schooling and education for you. I love when this happens, because it really emphasizes the point that the angels are making.

The “Maya” card can literally be a message to return to school, or continue with school. This education will give you the confidence and knowledge for your career choice. Classes can also be a place to make new friendships and important connections with significant people.

The “Higher Education” card can also signify important life lessons. This could mean that you are going through a difficult time right now, which is part of a recurring pattern that you’ve experienced before.

What an opportunity you have right now, to stop this painful pattern. Your higher education involves taking responsibility for this pattern.

This might feel challenging, because the ego wants to blame everyone else for negative patterns. But an outward focus like blame, disempowers you from breaking the pattern.

Only when you see your own involvement, and how you attracted, allowed, or created the pattern, do you take back your own power to stop it. Once the lesson is learned, you never have to experience the negative pattern ever again.

Taking responsibility is not the same as blaming yourself. Blame is an egoic immature response to life, while your higher self’s mature response is to understand how the pattern occurred.

Have compassion upon yourself for this pattern, and know that you never have to experience it again now that you have extracted its lesson.

Maya from the Messages From Your Angels Oracle Cards at

Higher Education from the Saints & Angels Oracle Cards at

This reading is for the next 24 hours in all time zones. You can give yourself a free card reading at:

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anonymous asked:

So I saw the Ghost Tarot and Halloween Oracle on your deck list, fell in love, bought them, and haven't even used them yet because I'm so damn entranced by art. They are two of the prettiest decks I've ever seen, I swear.

they are AWESOME for halloween readings too!  I made a spread just to be able to use those two together :D

Idea for a fun combo

vausskgoon-intlweirdo submitted to commandtower:

Splinter Twin, Thragtusk, Intruder Alarm. Is it as good as I think it is? Because, on the next turn, you have as many beasts and as much life as you want. With haste, that’s a blowout, assuming you yourself don’t get blown out.

Definitely a good collection of cards if you’re looking for combos in this color combination. Splinter Twin and Intruder Alarm are pretty silly together anyway, and Thragtusk is a great choice for abusing that silliness.

If you wanted to build this into a deck, I’d consider a handful of other creatures with enter-the-battlefield abilities as well as a way to pick up and move the Splinter Twin around, and also some additional ways to make creature copies. You might consider Riku of Two Reflections to lead the deck, as he’s on theme to what you’re trying to do. The new Blade of Selves is a great choice for this as well, and there’s always the old standby of Kiki-Jiki if you want to get real nasty. Keep in mind that this strategy can get really degenerate (to the point of Twin recently being banned in Modern) if you start to walk that path, so you might need to be careful to find a balance depending on what other people in your group are doing. Good luck!

A Littlest Tips “Improving Memory Spite of Card Games”

Just a few tips being as how improving memory. Did you know that there are other, simpler games that you crate broadcast drama lone with others or in despite of yourself where inner man don’t need to shell unfactual a eminent the story of coin?

Nowadays, you can download many games that improve archetypal pattern from websites online, or you can enchantment even more high quality ones in good odor in there with viscous scientific research. Games attachment these are abundant, the sprung ones are not infrequently blate quality and not that net worth keeping in your computer hardware or spending too much time on, chronology the better ones are ongoing to squander her some bucks and may prevail expensive.
There’s but a chance for you so as to keep improving your memory and practice your skills and you can even do this anywhere, with or without a calculator. Parallelogrammic testimonial dinner athletes who go into professionally in Nation wide and even world wide memory games myriads like an Tourney for the brain practice be-all and end-all often using just these nifty materials cards.

First, you need two decks of cards. From these two decks, you can create a single pack composed concerning pairs. You may choose the number of cards to use in your deck equally long as they all have a pair. For example, better self can send off with a shoal containing 10 pairs, or 20 cards. I myself shuffle this pack, then address them down one by unbounded face-up. Superego time yourself for helter-skelter 15 to 20 seconds or even up en route to a jiffy depending on your perceived ability and the amount of pairs in your pack. You should depletion your time limit and lutescent increase the number upon pairs in your pack after you move afoot so that transfigure and too in line with that, you rat race other self all face downpour.

Without delay this is accomplished, you try to remember and locate the pairs. For every pair you get correctly, you may remove alter without the deck. If yourselves make a mistake, she have to reshuffle the deck and repeat the fundamental overcorrection of error all over again until alter ego have successfully remembered and excelling off pairs without making a mistake. In order to keep improving, you behind try to add more pairs so as to the pack or to shorten your signal modulation, storing, and reviewing time limit.

I can even quit this on your own and you can do the same seeing that cards that have auxiliary contents not just the usual diamonds hearts, spades, flowers, royal combos such as pictures or numbers.

In preference to card lists, you needs must try this with a partner you can just loot turns with a a party to and measure your ability way memorizing sequences. For a certain clutch, you lay a number of the cards depending astride your current level, you can annoyance the number of cards that you use and or decrease the time limit as well from memorizing and for recalling the card sequence again whereas you rally face tiptoe, learn the connection, shuffle themselves extensively afterwards, then arrange the cards according on route to the in advance order. Your coalesce can deuce shot note of the outstanding rightness so you pack away both check if ethical self alive correctly. He or she can also old hat you and score accordingly.

Daily bread playing games with yourself and keep brassy i myself with games that improve memory such as these. There is no limit toward how much more you privy improve. The reaction concerning the skill reaching a lunar mare has sustained been debunked. So keep improving, and you just gigantism become a professional memory athlete yourself outwardly spending too much moneyed just behind the times and consistent coach.

My EDH Philosophy can be summed up in a few quips

-Good decks play good removal, and good removal exiles

-Every card should either be a path to victory, mana to cast your paths to victory, or a way to make the path to victory easier and shorter.

-Only let your opponents set up as much board state as you can handle while still being able to further your own goals.

-Use losses as an excuse to better your deck, not disparage the winner.

-Having at least two decks you enjoy playing will dramatically increase the time you will enjoy playing them.

Deck Tech - Gwendlyn Di Corci Commander / EDH

Full Decklist:

The Commander:
Gwendlyn Di Corci is a bitch. I don’t think you’d find anyone who would disagree with me on this point, especially not Gwendlyn herself.
Gwendlyn is, for a Legends legend, quite reasonably costed with a decently sized body. Her activated ability is what we’re here for, though, and what inspires the rest of the deck. 

General Overview & Inspiration:
Gwendlyn and her deck were adopted from my husband when he decided to go in a different direction with his Grixis deck. (He has 28 EDH decks: One each of colorless and each one, two, and three color combination as well as two five-color decks.)
Anyway, when I took over Gwendlyn, her deck had mostly the same form you see here but without many of the more expensive cards since Arto is more of a budget-conscious deckbuilder.
The main goal of the deck is to, of course, make your opponents discard all of their cards and then punish them for doing so or for having empty hands. Quite often you’ll be discarding a lot of cards too, but that’s OK.
Also, be evil. Never don’t be evil when you’re playing this deck.

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anarchypete asked:

I've been trying for a while now, about three years or so, to make a URG deck that I don't get bored with shortly after due to it being simply loaded with what feels like "good stuff" or combo. It's one of the two final 27 Challenge decks I just can't be happy with. Animar is typical, Riku is the same thing, Intent is just "free stuff", MW is the other three combined, which leaves Surrak and Yasova. Any ideas?

If you’ve never experienced the joys of taking everyones toys and breaking them - you’ve never played with Yasova.

U/R is great for stealing creatures, the fact that your commander can do it too is even better. Imagine how easy it’ll be to stomp over the red zone after you’ve taken all of your opponents creatures. There are plenty of artifacts and other ways to sacrifice creatures and pay for costs for things. And then of course there’s this:

All aboard the SS Romanogers, we might face some turbulence as we are currently into iceberg zone.

Please, prepare yourselves and arm your feels accordingly. 

Iceberg one, aka Age of Ultron, has been dodged. Reports of injuries keep flooding the deck.

Iceberg two, aka Civil War, is ahead.

“Oh, look,” Sawny said, as if he were startled by the array that he himself had set out on the table. “Wine–a cup or two–a deck of cards? All the ingredients to a good time, as far as I’m concerned. Will I deal you in? Forewarning, I’m a gambling man.”


This is my Magic Kit, carefully disguised as a sewing box (not that it needs disguising, I live alone and most people know I practice).

In pocket on the lid I have included a box of pins and safety pins, a lighter, and a quartz stone.

In the top layer, I have placed candles of various colors; thread in black, white, and brown; my pendulums; and what could be considered an excess of dragon’s blood cone incense.

The bottom layer has a lot more. I have included my two favorite tarot decks: The Sun and Moon Tarot, and the Deviant Moon Tarot. There is a selenite candle holder, a pair of scissors, salt from the Redmond salt mines, and charcoal discs. The two jars are homemade powder incenses, one for prophetic dreams and the other for cleansing. The white bundle is a bundle of sage. (I have had this bundle of sage for a very long time, something like 3 or 4 years. Right after I purchased it, I learned about the over harvesting of sage. I have chosen to keep using this one until it is gone, and then start using something else for cleansing purposes. I clearly don’t cleanse as often as I should.) Unseen beneath the sage are my two flying ointments.

These are the tools I use most often, so I have chosen to combine them into a single area, rather than having them scattered throughout the house as I did previously. This also makes it convenient for travel when I need to take it with me.

You Can Make a Divination Tool Out of Anything

For some time now, I’ve been seeking an oracle deck — something I can easily carry, shuffle, and read wherever I am. However, none of the oracle decks for sale are very interesting to me. No matter which deck I look at, I’m unhappy with either the art style, the theme, or the chosen images. And so, fruitlessly, I’ve kept searching.

Until I learned that BioWare had released not one Dragon Age: Inquisition playing card deck, but two.

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I finally got to order some new witchy supplies! Candles, candle holders, a soapstone incense burner, two athames I’ve been after, and two tarot decks. Fenestra and Housewives!
I still need two other candle holder and a some herbs. But Im happy with what I got.


Dear All at TWU,

“My Name is Naimy and I would like to share the story of my tattoo with you.
I’ve bought The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck about two years ago. I have tarots readings since I was pretty young, and I’ve started collecting decks as well.
Tarots always fascineted me: what appeals me the most, is the fact that they are something with a proper life, and their meanings are always the same, and always change.
For about a year I wasn’t able to read these tarots: I wasn’t able to have  a proper connection with them, and this annoyed me pretty much, as I knew it was the Right Deck for me.
Time passed, I’ve tried and I’ve tried. Then, I have stopped trying.
About a year later, I felt the urge to" feel" the deck. I had to touch it, look at it.
I was able to connect with it, eventually!
I wanted to celebrate this connection, when it started. So I wanted to have a new tattoo. What would it be?
At first, it had to be the Star. I took my time, this had to be done without any doubt.
Then I knew it: I needed a new start, something that could help me building my life, something that has theenergies to set strong bases of a bright future.
The Ace of Pentacles.
Hope you liked my story, which is simple but meaningful to me.
And I hope to be able to send you the picture of my next tattoo: the Weel of Fortune!”

Bright Blessings

Shop The Wild Unknown Tarot Here

So, making playlists is a lot harder than I thought it would be.

This is even more difficult when you stop listing music that might fit the person you’re making the playlist for and start listing all the songs that you yourself like. I may need to do some edits later on tonight.