“So, I have the idea of werewolves. I was really into werewolves and of course, I also had this separate idea of an African fantasy. And I thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool if I found a way to mix these two together?” I think I was drunk one night and I thought what if I just mix these two together… African werewolves. It’s really stupid. That’s a really dumb idea. How am I gonna make that work?”



Day 4 - Date Night

This one is unashamedly mushy, but I still had to put something amusing in it… I figured that Steven and Amethyst just can’t resist following them on a date, and teasing them to the point of embarrassment! Into the trash they go, haha!

Also, since Ronaldo is a watch-the-skies type and Peridot is from outer space (and has been seen stargazing with Garnet!) I figured nerding out under a starry sky on a clear night is probably what these two would get up to on a date. One is looking for UFOs and the other Gem-controlled planets! :D

I forgot to mention before; I was a bit lazy with Peri’s CG design, but now I figure that she’d probably copy Steven anyway! Maybe even Greg would notice and give her a Mr Universe tshirt that follows her colour scheme!

Edit: swapped the images cause they looked kinda shit as one mini-comic. The text is now in the captions.

elite4champion asked:

So, I've just found out about Candi and read it all in a weekend and I loved it! You're amazing! Not to pick favourites, but I love Linda and Becca's looks. One thing I found amusing was how technology evolves waaay faster in the Candi world; one year a CD isn't enought for a printing file, the next there's study hookup apps on smartphones :D Anyway, (1) is there a release schedule? (2) ever thought about having a Disqus section for each strip, like GGaR webcomic has? And again, you're amazing!

Hahaha that’s what happens when less than two years time is happening over 11 years of comics…. >_> 

The schedule is supposed to be MTTF… but with being generally busy, depression/anxiety, and not wanting it to get worse by only staring at screens day and night, it’s been more like twice a week. 

There isn’t a comment section, BUT there is an active forum where fans discuss each strip: :D 

Thanks for the nice words! 


read it on the AO3 at

by NotQuiteHumanAnymore

It’s not Cisco’s fault, despite what Cait keeps trying to tell Barry. It’s not.
It’s Barry’s fault for not wanting to wait to go after Captain Cold until after Cisco had time to actually repair the tears that Grodd had left in the suit. But no, Cisco, he’s planning something, and after what happened with his father, I don’t trust him not to break his promise again. Blah, blah, something about the Force and the Jedi, or maybe Barry just had too much faith in Leonard Snart, Cisco couldn’t really remember and Barry just had to be there before the break-in or something.
And you know what? It’s Cait’s fault too, for remembering the superglue Cisco had developed to hold his fully functional Iron-Man cosplay together the night before a con two years ago.
Back when superheroes were just comic book fodder, and before one of his best friends actually was one. The glue worked, which was great, but it had an unfortunate side effect that he tried to explain but that no one listened to (Barry).
But he’d patched up the suit with the modified super-glue, and Barry had taken off running and Cisco had really hoped that time had warped his memory and the side effect wasn’t as bad as the thought it would be.

Words: 2582, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

Full Casting Announced For Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company’s New Comedy The Painkiller

It is announced that Claudie Blakley, Marcus Fraser, Mark Hadfield and Alex Macqueen will join previously confirmed cast members Kenneth Branagh and Rob Brydon in the Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company’s new comedy The Painkiller. The fifth production in the Plays at the Garrick season will play from 5 March until 30 April with press night on 17 March.

Full Casting Announced For Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company’s New Comedy The Painkiller
Two men. Two lonely hotel rooms. An adjoining door…

One of them is a killer… one of them wants to die… What could possibly go wrong?

Sean Foley directs his darkly hilarious adaptation of Francis Veberʼs classic French farce as Kenneth Branagh and Rob Brydon reprise the roles they played to great acclaim at the Belfast’s Lyric Theatre inaugural season in this comic tour-de-force.

Sean Foley said: “The Painkiller proved to be a very funny evening in the theatre in its first incarnation at the Lyric Theatre, Belfast. I’m delighted to have the chance to further develop this comedy with the remarkable double act of Kenneth Branagh and Rob Brydon, who, together with the brilliant Mark Hadfield, were a joy to direct in the first production. I know that they are excited as I am to also be welcoming to our cast the extraordinary talents of Claudie Blakley, Marcus Fraser and Alex Macqueen, and we will all be working as hard as possible to bring this darkly hilarious farce to explosive life for London audiences.”

Claudie Blakley plays Michelle. Previous theatre credits include Rules for Living (National Theatre), Chimerica (Almeida / West End), Macbeth (Sheffield Crucible), Di and Viv and Rose (Hampstead Theatre), Comedy of Errors (RNT), The Cherry Orchard (National Theatre), Attempts on Her Life (National Theatre), Love and Money (Royal Exchange / Young Vic), King Lear (Sheffield Crucible), All’s Well That Ends Well (RSC), Kosher Harry (Royal Court), The Lady from the Sea (Almeida), Billy & the Crab Lady (Soho Theatre Company) and The Good Samaritan (Hampstead Theatre). In addition to her work on stage, Claudie has appeared on film in Joe Wright’s Pride and Prejudice, Gosford Park and Bright Star. Claudie’s television credits include Midsomer Murders, Call the Midwife, Silent Witness, The Driver, What Remains, The Night Watch, New Tricks, Nativity, Blue Geranium, Larkrise to Candleford, Cranford Chronicles, Fallen Angel, Fear of Fanny, Vital Signs, Dirty Filthy Love and Inspector Linley Mysteries.

Marcus Fraser plays the Policeman. Marcus recently graduated from Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. The Painkiller marks Marcus’ professional debut.

Mark Hadfield plays Vincent. He has previously appeared on stage in Matchbox Theatre (Hampstead Theatre), Made in Dagenham (Adelphi), Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect Nonsense (Duke of York’s), Singing in the Rain (Palace), Uncle Vanya (Vaudeville), The Tempest (Bath Theatre Royal), The Painkiller (Lyric Theatre, Belfast), Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell (Bath Theatre Royal), The Two Gentlemen of Verona, The Talk of the City, The Seagull, Love’s Labour’s Lost, Hamlet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Twelfth Night (all Royal Shakespeare Company). In addition to his stage credits, Mark has appeared on television in From Cradle to the Grave, Trollied, Wallander, People Like Us, Doc Martin and Foyle’s War. His film credits include A Royal Night Out, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, In the Bleak Midwinter, Felicia’s Journey, A Cock and Bull Story and Hamlet.

Alex Macqueen plays Dent. Alex’s previous stage credits include Two Bears – A Response to Two Kings (Bush Theatre) and The Laws of War (Royal Court). He has previously appeared on screen in television in productions including Peaky Blinders, Together, Trying Again, Plebs, Black Mirror, This is England 88, Rock and Chips, Lewis, Come Fly With Me, Miranda, The Inbetweeners, The IT Crowd, The Thick of It, Lead Balloon, Pulling and Peep Show. In addition to his roles on television, Alex has also appeared on film in Slow West, Youth, Cinderella, The Inbetweeners 2, One Chance, Dare to be Wild, Fear of Water, I Give It A Year, Gambit, Jack The Giant Slayer, Keeping Mum, The Inbetweeners, Anuvahood, Chalet Girl, Four Lions and In The Loop.

The Winter’s Tale, Harlequinade / All On Her Own, Red Velvet, The Painkiller, Romeo and Juliet and The Entertainer make up the inaugural seven-play season of work for the Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company.

The Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company, in partnership with Picturehouse Entertainment, will broadcast three productions of its year-long Plays at the Garrick season live to cinemas worldwide. Romeo and Juliet will be broadcast live on 7 July and a date for The Entertainer will be confirmed soon.



Welcome to my weekly comic review. *Dances in my seat*

So this week features two X-men comics. I didn’t expect that. 

1. Worst X-Man Ever (2016) #3 

The premise of this comic is what happens when a mutant’s powers are lets say one-note? What happens to him/her? It’s a great tongue-in-cheek look behind the scenes of the X-verse.

2. Uncanny X-Men (2016) #2

This was kinda heart-breaking and I like pain. So that’s why this in on here. 

3. Harley Quinn (2013) #24

The series is gearing up to a big show down between Harley and The Joker and this book set the stage perfectly. 

otakupandasworld asked:

Hello! I saw that you are doing ships and I was wondering if you can do mine with exo k and m! If you don’t mind! :) I can’t mask my feelings well and people can read me easily. I’m usually described as a shy and demure individual but once you get to know me i am bright, intelligent, 4D(quirky), joyful, & fun. My hobbies include drawing, listening to music, reading manga (japanese comics), watch anime, swimming, and driving around. I am also a very open minded individual as well

For EXO-K I Ship You With…Chanyeol!

Your sweet personality would match nicely with his happy virus. He would honestly be so proud to call you his girlfriend and always be 110% supportive of what you do.

One of his favourite things about you would just being able to talk to you about your interests and have nights where its just you two (And probably Baek joining in) watching anime together while discussing whether Haru should marry Rin or Makoto.

For EXO-M I Ship You With…Lay!

His innocence would match your kind nature making you two the “Most Adorable Couple Ever” Eomma Suho would say. 

Your brightness in education would attract Yixing and would constantly compliment your intelligence which may lead to him boasting about you to the other members unintentionally.

Its not secret that he is a lover of Japanese dramas. I think you two would really bond over shojo’s and you will probably end up giving each other recommendations.

Vanity Smurf Appreciation

I was quite amused at the attention you guys gave that old Smurfs post of mine last night, so I quickly gathered a few moments about my beloved Vanity that I’ve been meaning to look for anyway. Enjoy them if you wish.

These first bits are from the episode “No Reflection on Vanity”, one of the very last of the entire series.

This is what Vanity does when Papa Smurf looks him in the eyes and tells him not to doom the entire antarctic expedition by stealing his magic teleportation crystals.

“Can’t you get along awhile until we find you a new mirror?”

“Oh, all right, Papa Smurf.”

Please remember that directly before this scene, Vanity stole Baby Smurf’s rattle because he thought he could see his reflection in it and Smurfette gave him a furious scolding.

After he steals the crystal, he immediately stumbles upon a cave of reflective ice and throws the infinitely valuable crystal required to get them home that everyone’s been relying on for the past dozen or so episodes to the side. Why?

Because “What could be better than a million MEs?”

So saying, he prances up to a low crystal and remarks, “Some Smurf out there loves me…”

Two of us.

Two of us.

Excuse me, I did not come to this show to start wondering if Vanity thinks literally no one loves him except himself. No, I’m not getting super emotional about this.

And ya gotta love what his natural response is when he gets scolded:

“I don’t know how I could have made such a dreadful error, Papa Smurf.”

Okay, that’s enough about this episode. Can we please all remember that time Vanity single-handedly saved the entire Smurf race from Hogatha in “The Golden Smurf Award”?

But while she’s rubbing Vanity against her cheek, Hogatha makes the comment that soon her “dry skin will be good as new”.

Vanity doesn’t even hesitate.

The instant he makes the connection of “Smurf on face = skin stops being dry”, he asks her if she’s really using such an “old formula” that went out of fashion “ages ago”.  He tells her to bathe in mud instead.

Then he and the other Smurfs cart her up a mountain and push her off the other side.

Why is this show so perfect?

This is Vanity participating in the Mr. Smurf contest to win Smurfette’s affections:

(Do we want to talk about the fact that Smurfs understand the concept of a ball? Or that Smurfette’s response was, “Poor Vanity. I wouldn’t want him to get wet”?)

Of course, we must always remember that time in “A Maze of Mirrors” when Vanity protested Papa Smurf’s order of breaking all the haunted mirrors in the mansion because it might bring him bad luck.

You know, despite the fact that he would cease to exist if he didn’t.

And then he still almost didn’t go through with it because he didn’t want his reflections to have to be sad.

Maybe Papa Smurf should have drilled the “Don’t go into the mansion of mirrors” warning into Vanity a bit more.

Speaking of reflections, this will bring us to the last but most definitely not least episode today, one of my personal favorites, “The Hundredth Smurf”.

When I think of Vanity, this following scene is the first thing to come to mind. As a child, I always thought it was so horribly heartbreaking that Hundredth trips down the stairs to break the sync between himself and Vanity, and Vanity just locks him out of the house. 

And, when Hundredth starts pounding on the door and crying, Vanity yells at him, “Get lost!” Your own reflection, man! Hasn’t he had a hard enough day of everyone snapping at him? 

 … But then I always remember how excited Vanity was to find him again, especially when he realizes that the lightning had turned Hundredth into a normal Smurf. Like, “Look, Papa Smurf! Look at what I made!”

If anyone’s curious, it’s my personal headcanon that Hundredth becomes Pushover Smurf from “The Smurf Who Couldn’t Say No”. After all, a living reflection couldn’t help but feel obligated to follow orders, right? 

It just makes the scene where he stands up to Vanity taste so much sweeter.

Anyway, I find Vanity adorable in comic form too:

(Source for translation)

I’m sure there are many other instances in which I could point out why I love Vanity so much, but these are the ones I remembered off the top of my head. He’s my little ball of peacock fluff. Thank you, sweet Vanity, for never failing to make me laugh.

Sneak Peek at Legends of Tomorrow “White Knights” Sees Rip Face Off Against His Team

Sneak Peek at Legends of Tomorrow “White Knights” Sees Rip Face Off Against His Team

By Matt Key

External image

~Matt Key



Last night’s episode of CW’s newest DC Comics show, Legends of Tomorrow, was our first one beyond the two-part pilot, giving us our first real look at what we can expect of the…

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Dreamed this conversation in my dream last night
  • <p><b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b></b> [I had pasted a fanart of Blue and Boxship on a greeting card to a friend and was lamenting to my sister how I messed up and should've put my favorite ship instead. My mom was nearby and was like, "oh, shipping!"]<p/><b>Me:</b> You know what shipping is???<p/><b>Mom:</b> Yeah. It's not just Little Mermaid anymore. [I probably dreamed this because of that comic of baby's first OTP.]<p/><b>Me:</b> ...<p/><b>Mom:</b> It's when you pair two people up with each other.<p/><b>Me:</b> *boggled* Wow, okay...<p/><b>Me:</b> *points to the picture* So one of those ships I don't really care for...<p/><b>Mom:</b> Oh, but that type of ship is really popular these days... *points out Moku and Seto*<p/><b>Me:</b> ... Uh... no... they are brothers.<p/><b>Mom:</b> Oh, oops. Nevermind.<p/><b>Me:</b> Yeah. It's this guy *points to Seto* and someone else. [Wow even in my dream I'm a closet yaoi shipper...]<p/><b></b> [Then at that point of the dream my dad arrived to say something about how the shower was broken.]<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
My life had turned into a closing down sale. It didn't matter how hard I ran I just found myself losing ground.  The night that I got my media pass to the Adelaide Festival I took Hellique to a One Man Show called Five steps to being German.' Which wasn't very funny but he put a lot of energy in to his shtick and I know what that takes. After the show I'd arranged to interview the Comic. I was two questions in when Helllique bosomed in on the interview and made a joke about Germans not having a sense of humour. Which offended him greatly. So she said it again. In fact she said it three times like a not very funny dumb bitch. . Which totally ruined the vibe and killed my interview. You'd think she'd have learned some diplomacy working as an accountant in the Premiers Department?  I don’t know what it is about me that has become such a magnet for sabateurs but it seemed to me that no good deed ever goes unpunished. This leave home with a hen and come home with no eggs routine was getting very boring but it had been going on for so long it had become my reality.