The only thing Kylo is coded as is a villain. Privileged white boy who uses force against others to get what he thinks he’s owned. You want a character that was actually abused and shows signs of being mentally ill? Finn. You want a q-coded character? Poe. Stop projecting into the fascist white dude because you don’t want to relate to two characters of color.

Fandom: I love how the ToG series is so progressive!! Celaena can have multiple relationships and not end up with the first guy!!!


-Installs the idea that if you have healthy relationships with other people, you don’t love your romantic partner enough.

-Promotes abusive relationships, particularly controlling and dominating.

-Incredibly racist.

-Seriously, only two characters of color in a cast of thousands and they were both killed to make white people feel bad (not like it lasted).

-Filled with misogyny.

-Main character slut-shames all other girls (minus the occasional ally/friend).

-Implied LGBT characters but hardly shown their relationships (and the one time they did, Celaena behaved rather homophobic).

-Hero is a bully who doesn’t care about her people as long as she has power.

-Constantly screws over her people due to pettiness.


I actually really didn’t want to do this but since my new job seems to be screwing me over I’ll have to get by without a paycheck for longer than I expected… I just really need any extra money I can get right now.

So I’m opening up emergency commissions!

• up to two characters
• basic color + shades
• payment via PayPal
• digital only
• no backgrounds
10 6 slots open
• I’m really slow, so it may take up to a week for me to finish an artwork

I’ll draw pretty much anything (except for furries) just send me a message and we’ll talk though the details ♥

200+ Followers ART RAFFLE
(yay,my first art raffle)

-must be following me
-Likes don’t count

-must reblog with the word “Daydream” so I can see that you join

-If you just follow me for the art raffle and unfollow me after it is over, you’ll never join an art raffle from me ever again

-You can only reblog for one time. But if you have more than one blog, YIU can also reblog with your other blog. Your chances to win will be bigger!

1st place:
-One character, full body and full colored
-two characters,not full body but full colored

2nd place:
-full colored icon, one or two characters

3rd place:
-one character,not full body, black and white pic

4th place:
-Only sketch
-two characters,not full body
-one character,full body

I won’t draw:

The rest is allowed~

Deadline:July 28th


350+ Follower Art Raffle

its time

since this was a goal of mine for a while, im going to be holding an art raffle ! 


  • must be following me (i’ll check ://)
  • Reblogs count as an entry, likes do not
  • can reblog as much as u want, so long as u arent spamming. 
  • Ends March 20th


first place (one winner); character ref sheet w two full bodies + extra expression OR a full body image w shading + a background of choice, in primary art style

second place (one winner); shaded character bust, in primary art style

third place (two winners); full body w flat colors, in secondary art style

fourth place (two winners); flat color character bust, in secondary art style

examples of my art

primary art style 

ex 1 
ex 2
ex 3
ex 4
ex 5

secondary art style
ex 1
ex 2
ex 3
ex 4
ex 5

further examples can be found in my art tag here

winners will be selected at random via random number generator !

thnk u for 350+ followers, and i hope this goes well this time !


YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING, THANK YOU!  (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚100 is pretty small, but I’m proud and wanted to do something special for everyone who’s supported me so far here :’)


1st: Fully colored drawing with two characters (examples: x | x | x)

2nd: Sketch w/ B&W tones or minimal washes of color with two characters (examples: x | x )

3rd: Sketch w/ B&W tones or minimal washes of color, one character (examples: x | x | x )

All winners will have the choice of full/half body, portrait, etc and it doesn’t have to be YoI! I’ll draw your OC’s, I’ll draw for another fandom, whatever you’d like. I won’t draw: furries (hybrids ok, but I don’t yet have the skill set), mpreg, noncon,  or hardcore violence and sex. NSFW can be negotiated if you are willing to prove to me your age.


1. You must be following me, of course, and new followers will qualify, too!

2. Reblog this post. Only one reblog will be counted–I will put everyone’s URL into a jar once and draw randomly. 

(Feel free to reblog more than once, though, to help boost the giveaway ;D that would be appreciated!)

Winners will be picked on Sunday, August 6th, 5pm central! Good luck! :D


Have commissions open, drop me a message, or send me an email at if interested!

Sketch($2) - Lines($5): Have two characters for free every additional character after two is $1.

Flat Color($10) - ($15)Full Color: Have two characters for free. Any character after two will pay an additional $2.

Greyscale($8): Also include two free characters, every additional character is $1. You can choose to have a single color or not.

Colored quick doodles ($5): Only one character per quick doodle.

Multiple uncolored quick doodles ($5): Only one character per quick doodles.

Difference between quick doodle(s) full sketches/pictures:

Quick doodles are art I produce quickly and don’t take much time on. While full drawings and sketches are ones I take time on. e.i. A quick doodle can take me under an hour to do. While a full drawing will take a few hours or days.

Additional information:

  • Traditional Art costs the same price, but I’ll mail you the finished product if you’re ok with giving me your address.
  • Things I will not draw: not safe for work.

Contact me if you’re interested!

☆30 Days Hairstyles Challenge☆

Day 01: Short Haired Female
Day 02: Medium Length Haired Female
Day 03: Long Haired Female
Day 04: Long Haired Male 
Day 05: Black Haired Character
Day 06: White Haired Character
Day 07: Gray Haired Character
Day 08: Green Haired Character
Day 09: Red Haired Character
Day 10: Dark Brown Haired Character
Day 11: Light Brown Haired Character
Day 12: Yellow Haired Character
Day 13: Orange Haired Character
Day 14: Pink Haired Character
Day 15: Dark Blue Haired Character
Day 16: Light Blue Haired Character
Day 17: Purple  Haired Character
Day 18: Two Colors Haired Character
Day 19: No Hair Character
Day 20: Sided Hair
Day 21: Pointy Hair
Day 22: Male With Ponytail
Day 23: Girl With Ponytail
Day 24: Side Ponytail
Day 25: Pigtails 
Day 26: Braided Hair 
Day 27: Hairclips 
Day 28: Bowl Cut 
Day 29: Asymmetric
Day 30: Something else of your choice


Calling all shadowhunters! @takemystrengthtoo& @malecislovely need some help!

Original post found here and here and you can donate to this person with this link:

An awesome fan is having some issues and I would like to help. I don’t have money but I can offer my other services. We only need to raise $130 for this lovely persons medical expenses so I am offering art and fic for people who can help them out. 


Every five dollars gets a 500 word fic (so $10 gets 1k, $15 gets 1.5k, etc.). Any pairing goes (or gen too), but i’ll have to limit rating to T and below. Examples of my writing found on my ao3: ComputerGecko

Art :

Donate five dollars I’ll draw you up to two characters lineart.

Donate ten dollars ill draw you up to two characters with color 
or one portrait of one characters, waist or bust
or three characters lineart

Donations larger than that for drawings we can discuss this, i’m open to things.

art examples:

Graphics for tumblr layouts: 

This is a new thing I started trying out, and so far have only made for my Raphael side blog. I made the background and sidebar edits. If anyone wants stuff like that I can try to make you background for your tumblr for $5


They are also offering to make icons!! And they are super lovely ones too!

Just send a screenshot with your donation to me and what you want and I will get started!

If you are unable to donate, Reblogs are super appreciated so we can get the word out!! Thank you to all!!


Updated!! woo finally put more recent art 

Extra info:

  • I only take payment through paypal!!
  • I will draw anything as long as it is safe for work 
  • Every additional character added is 40% off then the original price (ex. waist up flat color two characters is 10x 0.4= (4) - 10= (6)+10= $16)
  • simple backgrounds are $2 detailed are $5
  • If you’re interested in commissioning me please dm me
  • for anyone who spends more then $12 will get a small chibi color doodle of a character 

#pokespe# A strange headcanon about RSE’s two bosses. Redblue pairings yeeeeeees!

↑Original work and original caption by 谷地猫迎

Authorized translation by me

*Redblue parings simply means pairings with the two characters’ main color schemes being red and blue.

*The Chinese characters “铠流” is pronounced “kai liu” (KY lee-yo, connect “lee” and “yo” as fast as you can), which not only literally means “Armor-Stream” but also sounds very close to the English “Guile”


Hey! I’m doing commissions and I’ve switched my prices and content up a bit!

[email me at: or message me on here if you’re interested!] 

  Here we go: 

  • Sketch [$20]: a greyscale or lined full body sketch, the price drops if you want only waist up or a bust
  • Rendered Portrait [$40]: a fully rendered portrait! Let me draw those beautiful faces!
  • Character Sketch Page [$40]: a page with 5 sketches, two of them colored!
  • Character Sketch/Ref Page [$60]: a more detailed page, with a full body and some extra character details! 
  • Waist Up Render / Simple BG [$60]: a rendered drawing from the waste up with a simple background - just what it says on the tin! 
  • Full Body / Simple BG + details [$80]: a full body render with more details included - with a simple background
  • A Very Detailed Painting [$120]: a Very Detailed Painting, including lot of detail, and more complicated background options
  • Add a Speedpaint For [$15]!!!: I’ll send you a video of the process! (sped up or even at regular speed, if that’s what you’re into)

Anything else can be discussed! If you want something done that’s not on this list, let me know. Extra characters are a bit more, relative to which commission type you have picked. Some extra details are more if they are complicated, typically $5 extra.

Thanks for looking!!!

(I will do most things except some NSFW -at my discretion - and hateful requests. Anything else I judge case to case!)