okay, so I got this food magazine in the mail yesterday and my mom was shocked by the cover and back art.

I said, “oh? what’s wrong with it?” her response was “those two boys are kissing!” and I said, “are you assigning genders to two pieces of FOOD right now?! you know that’s a burrito and a slice of pizza right? last time I checked, they don’t have genders, so if they want to kiss, let them!” her only response was “well their faces look male”.

and since when has homophobia crossed the barrier into food based love? love is love!

Gosh! I don’t really know what else to say, other than goodness gracious…

But more than that — much more than that: Even for the kids who don’t feel comfortable taking it out of the library or buying it in the bookstore yet, they know it’s there. They know they are represented. If you see that book in your library or in your bookstore or at your friend’s house you know that there is part of you that belongs there, and is accepted. There is such power in that. I know there’s worry about kids who might be ashamed of being seen with an “out” book with an “out” cover — but that is far outweighed by the kids who take pride in it, or find some sort of meaning through it.
—  Researching David Levithan in school rn and he hit the nail on the head about bold LGBT representation