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Type Of Boyfriend: Yoo Seonho

who?: Cube Ent / Pd101S2’s Yoo Seonho
genre: 🌸
type: bullet point

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• how Yoo Seonho would be your boyfriend
• with added Christmas spirit

ahhh thank you for requesting @isaluciavevo this, it’s so long overdue I’m sorry Seonho is so freaking cute my heart can’t take this

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• hmm Yoo Seonho
• ½ of my Cube chicks
• y’all know this boy is wild
• in the cutest way possible
• Seonho goes to the same high school as you do, Cube International Academy
• and he’s the vice-captain of the basketball team
• captain - Lai Guanlin
• Seonho is generally a bright and cheery person who doesn’t have trouble making friends
• or keeping them
• he practically knows the whole school
THAT Sophomore who is always hanging out with Seniors and Juniors
• it’s also kind of pressing how a Sophomore is already the basketball captain
• how shady
• but that’s because Seonho enrolled into Cube because of his basketball skills
• he was scouted when he was in middle school
• and look where he is now
• playing for one of the best high schools
• talent
• simply pure talent
can’t relate
• but anyway
• you’re new to Cube
• you transferred over from C9 Academy
bye bye Jinyoung
• and your transfer time was at a very odd time of the term
• they decided to shove you in right when the last term started
• which is around September and exams start in October
• It isn’t the first time you’ve transferred schools but you didn’t exactly expect the principal to take ‘as soon as possible’ seriously
• it was like they tossed you into the Lion’s Den with no prior warning
• who gives prior warnings anyway….
• bad analogy but moving on
• Cube is kind of intimidating no lie
• there’s good looking and popular people everywhere
• you feel out of place :(
• luckily, Eunbin, the girl who is assigned to take care of you, is very sweet and introduces you to her friends too
• even Wooseok, who sits next to her in class, welcomes you with open arms
• you end up spending a lot of your first week with them
• one day, you’re walking towards the cafeteria with Eunbin and Wooseok when a loud voice yells from behind
• awkwardly, you stand to one side as a boy embraces his friends
• it’s that weird thing when you’re with your friends
• and they bump into their other clique
• like
‘uh hi idk if she’s been two-timing us’
‘who is the actual best friend.’
• ‘does she spend more time with me or you’
• except you can’t compare because you’ve only known people for two weeks
• ahah
• rip
• take an L
• sadly
‘oh! Seonho, this is Y/N, they just transferred over from C9.’ Eunbin introduce, grinning from ear to ear
• you smile shyly and wave
• socialising 101
• Seonho brushes his fringe out of his eyes, beams brightly and waves back
• his eyes just sparkle with happiness and they aren’t hidden by his huge spectacles
• they’re too prominent
‘hey! Seonho, let’s go!’ A group of guys holding basketballs and dressed in their sports uniform shout
• Seonho nods
‘okay! I’ll see you around then guys. Welcome to Cube!’
• he skips away to join his friends
• you’re left with your mind in a mess
• honestly, he’s one of the cuter guys in your grade
• actually, correction
• the cutest guy you’ve ever seen
• there’s no doubt about his physical handsomeness
• not one
• he’s good-looking, well-proportioned, has a sensible haircut
• hair makes a HUGE difference
‘oh!’ Eunbin clicks her tongue on the roof of her mouth. ‘you think he’s cute don’t you?’
• Wooseok ruffles your hair. ‘of course you do! you do! who can’t find him adorable?’
‘well, in THAT way but-‘
‘so you agree? you think he’s really cute?’ he teases more
• You open and close your mouth several times, looking like a goldfish
‘shut up.’
• Wooseok and Eunbin burst into laughter, playfully poking at you
• you just wanted to eat lunch in peace, now look what happened :(
• and they’re serving pizza today!
• in the queue, Wooseok suddenly says, ‘how many times do you think Seonho or Guanlin queued up for pizza?’
• puzzled, you speak up. ‘aren’t we only entitled to one serving?’
• Wooseok just chuckles. ‘idk what goes on at C9 but this is Cube. no one will really pay attention if you take more than one plate, trust me, and I wouldn’t worry about Guan or Seonho, they’re pretty much Cube royalty’
• and that’s how you figured how popular and significant Seonho was
• extremely
• the next day, you found a sweet post-it stuck onto your locker
‘y/n, hope you have a great day! talk to me if anything!’
• and there was also a bar of candy taped onto your door
• your heart fluttered
• madly, actually
• you felt so special, like you owned the world
• then, the boy next to you opened his locker and out came a similar looking note and a bar of chocolate
‘awww! Seonho, he’s the sweetest.’
o h
• the boy collected his books and left with a bright smile on his face, ripping open the chocolate candy bar and tucking the post-it into his wallet
• oh wow
• your face flushed red and you crushed the post-it and shoved it to the very bottom of your backpack
• you wish you could stuff your feelings back to wherever they came from
• it was embarrassing to feel so special and close to someone you had barely made eye contact with
• Seonho was just that guy who liked to present his friends with acts of his love and kindness
• while he was incredibly popular, he was still humble and true to himself
• cute
• so so SO cute
• N O
• love at first sight :”)
• you kind of dread today knowing that Seonho doesn’t share any classes with you  
• sigh
• in science, Wooseok suddenly turns to you and asks, ‘hey, do you mind helping me return some books to the school library today? I would but Mr Kim called me up for math remedial and then I have basketball practice right after…’
• being the nice and kind friend you are, you agree to help him
‘ah shit,’ he curses, realising he left the books in his locker. ‘can…you drop by the gymnasium later, I’ll pass them to you.’
• shrugging, you reply, ‘yeah sure, I need to talk to some of my club seniors anyway,’
• ‘thanks! you’re the best!’
• you don’t think anything of it until lunch, after consulting your squad - who screams
‘wOOsEOk asKED yOu tO waTCH hIS PRActIce!’
‘….no I’m just getting stuff from him aiya what the heck…’
‘no way, Wooseok isn’t like this. Did Eunbin not introduce Seonho to you yesterday?’
• and that’s how everyone started shipping you two
• pls be rational, logical friends
• you realise slyWooseok isn’t one of those people when you arrive at the gym
• and he dumps a whole pile of books in your arms
• you know your arms are bound to break
• and the library is on the 4th floor, not in the same block
‘THANK YOU’ he yells, running back to join his team
• even though they’re getting a 10 minute break
• sighing, you sluggishly stumble out of the gym
• ‘let me help you.’
• he won’t take your refusals and talks to you along the way
• in the end, he smiles at you before bidding you goodbye
• that’s how it started
• you found yourself texting Seonho a lot
• like
• a lot
• he was super sweet person to talk to
• and often used cute emojis to talk
• then if he got mad about something, he would leave you on ‘read’ until 10 minutes later
I’m gonna try and do that ^
• it was such a casual thing when you guys started dating
• literally
• but your heart was pounding, even hours after he had asked you out
• it was right after your final paper
• btw, Seonho stayed and studied with you until the library closed when you were cramming
• and he also helped you with notes and whatnot
• Eunbin and Wooseok even made a bet to see how long it would take for you two to start dating
• the cutest tbh
• and once he asked you
• you said
• and then you got to know a lot more people in your grade, older and younger students
• how cool
• Seonho always gave you his basketball team jacket to wear at games
• he was so shy the first time he asked you
• it was right after his practice and you were waiting for him near the school gate
• he came out of the locker room, trembling hands holding onto his jacket
• subtly
• ‘h-hey b-babe,’ he stammers
• listen
• this boy RARELY stutters, he always can find a good excuse or make up something on the spot
• you know he’s serious about something
‘can…c-can you w-wear my jacket to my game this Saturday? if…i-if y-you’re planning to g-go of course!’ he adds quickly, while a blush fills his face
• there was no way you were going to pass up the opportunity
• and that’s when your relationship was announced to the general public
• but who was shocked?
• everyone saw it coming
• you guys are too cute as a couple to go unnoticed
• Seonho is a lowkey sucker for PDA
• like the boy will make his relationship KNOWN
• it’s the little things that matters
• a small peck on the cheek
• the way your hand fits in his
• sometimes you really want to kiss his forehead but this boy is like a 6’0 giraffe and unless you’re at least 5’11.5 that’s a bit of a struggle
• rip me I’m 5’4.5
I think
• he just giggles and bends down so you can kiss him comfortably
• or you’re 6’5 and height has never really been a problem
• oh, I envy
• he will hug you out of nowhere
• back hugs
• side hugs
• front hugs
• hugs you and spins you around
• collapses into your arms hugs
• yes, expect clinginess and extensive skinship
• but you love it
• you guys don’t argue much unless it’s something roughly related to life or death
• you can see the fury in Seonho’s eyes but he just locks himself in a room for a good hour to get the rationality back
• maybe that’s the secrets to a good relationship
• he doesn’t hold back on the ‘L word’ either
• you first said it a good year into the relationship
• he said it in a good month
• it was the weekend right after his team won a major championship and you took him out for pizza
• he said I love you after you promised to pay for the pizza he wanted
• but he really means it
• dates with him could be quite adventurous and spontaneous
‘yo, let’s go on a date today.’
• ‘ok. just let me cancel this thing first.’

• it’s either you guys go to the amusement park the time it opens to nightfall
• or you go there, take one ride and leave
• Seonho could also be the guy who likes cafe dates
• not cafe hopping but
• you guys could pinpoint a particular place
• go there for a couple of dates to try everything you like on the menu
• before moving on to another place
• on 1 December, Seonho burst into your house and woke you up by singing to Christmas carols
• enthusiasts about the holiday
• buys matching ugly Christmas sweaters
• he tried to DIY ones with you but they weren’t the best
• you wear them to sleep though, because don’t waste comfy sweaters
• present wise, if you send him a list of things you want/need, he might get all of them just for you
• compliments you all the time
• but if that shirt is ugly, that shirt is ugly
• Seonho tries to teach you how to play ‘Jingle Bells’ on the piano
• it involved a lot more hand-holding than you thought
• his passion for music is admirable
• just watching him immerse himself in the piano can make anyone cry
• and the fact that he wants to involve you in something he holds so close to his heart
• when it snows, it’s either you two snuggle by the fireplace
• or engage in a deathly snowball fight outside
• Guanlin and Wooseok joined you guys once
• Guanlin nearly had to go to the ER after
• Seonho likes to build snowmen with you
• only with you
• even though it didn’t look like a picture perfect Olaf, he was so proud of it and took a dozen polaroids
• all in all, Seonho is a super supportive boyfriend, loves skinship
• he can get annoyingly clingy and sometimes sensitive
• but you guys always work it out
• because love is love
• you learn more about Seonho everyday
• he will warm up and open up to you, don’t worry
• you love him
• like c’mon, he helped you decorate a whole ass Christmas tree then let you put the star on top
• this is marriage
• happy holidays!

The pre-Thanksgiving rush of college, where anything and everything is due, is obviously over. Phew. I don’t have much of anything I need to do over this break. Besides a bit of capstone. But I spent the last couple days at home, doing pretty much nothing. Chillin with my dad. I didn’t even go on my laptop. It was a nice break.

Trying to avoid social media even more now has been good. Sometimes I still find myself picking up my phone, swiping across my app screens, for no apparent reason other than to fill time with it. To hope there’s something to check. But going through that little ritual in 20 seconds is better than wasting 2 hours, and too much focus, to Social Media™.

Because let’s be real; social media is mostly a waste of time. It can be entertaining. You can talk to people you care about (or fight internet trolls, your choice). Sometimes you genuinely want to spend time there rather than using it as a distraction. A break, not an addiction. But I think most of us can agree that a lot of social media time is wasted time.

More information, more exposure, more stimuli… More is not always better.

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