two lights of my life tbh

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ok i know u get shit about just to be quiet all the time but man does it make me happy that it's named after a lights song like sometimes i just sit there like. the best fic is named from a gr8 song :') my two faves in one thing :'') and it restores my faith in life goodnight

Anonymous said:and also that one time u used oil and water as an epigraph?? it watered my crops it cleared my skin it cured my depression bye


Anonymous said:(sorry for three messages at once have a nice night, love, lights anon)

lmao the 4 over my inbox scared the fuck out of me i was ready to leave the country but this is so sweet <333 thank you so much! i love that it’s named that too. pls dw i never ever get tired of getting messages about my writing. it makes my day every time! 

and it was muscle memory! it’s honestly more of a just to be quiet song than quiet is lmao 

When I am alone, I
See you in the dark, I
Talk into the empty
Like you were with me
Started on a cold night
Felt you in the low light
Noticing the reflex
Taking over me

I see you and I reach
Muscle memory
I feel you when I sleep
Muscle memory

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jack morrison

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with:  Reaper >:3c

friendship them with:  BFF friendship w Ana tbh……..these two were best buds….

general opinions: I loveh im more than i love myself????? like??? where is my perfection meme of him???????? he’s so good and i love his stupid white bread ass for some reason and just????? my sunshine and light of ym life??????

Alcor is for ‘crazy cat person’

I wrote this after inspiration hit me like a sledgehammer with this prompt, and now I have two new OCs??? 

Anyways, meet Cath and Miaury.


The number of kittens in their household had increased again.

Cath looked blankly at the black and grey little bundle currently fighting the ginger little kitten they’d been contemplating on calling ‘Hank’, all skin and bones in a way the rest of the litter was definitively not, and looked up at Miaury.

“Do you have something to say for yourself?” they asked drily, but Miaury just blinked, purring ever constant as the now litter of eight sucked her dry.

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