two lights of my life tbh

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I love the Welsh bit so much. “Un gway f'adenydd I dapestri bywyd” (weave my wings into life’s tapestry) would be lovely as a tattoo. ♥

yesss, i love them! 

tbh that album is v important to me - it came out right when i had midterms to grade a year (or two?) ago and i listened to it for like a week straight. it saved my sanity.

Borgia Book List

@lucrizias as requested here goes my list, the ones I haven’t read yet are bolded:                                            


  • Madonna of the Seven Hills – by Jean Plaidy
  • Light on Lucrezia Borgia – by Jean Plaidy (these two books are a series and it’s honestly my least favorite but you know give it a shot)
  • Blood and Beauty – Sarah Dunant (It’s disappointing how Lucrezia is portrayed here and her relationship with Cesare tbh but overall a good book)
  • Either Caesar or Nothing – Jutta Laroche( it’s a novel about Cesare and it’s my favorite novel about the Borgias. Unfortunately it’s only available on kindle)
  • Sins of the House of Borgia – Sarah Bower (so good <333 highly recommend!)
  • The Family – by Mario Puzo


  • Cesare Borgia: His Life and Times – by Sarah Bradford
  • Lucrezia Borgia: Life, Love and Death in Renaissance Italy – by Sarah Bradford    
  • The Borgias – by Ivan Cloulas                                            
  • The Fall of the House of Borgia – by E.R Chamberlin
  • The Borgias – by Clemente Fusero
  • The Borgias and Their Enemies: 1431-1519 – by Christopher Hibbert
  • The Prince – by Niccolò Machiavelli
  • La familia Borja – by Miguel Batllori
  • El Príncipe del Renacimiento: Vida y Leyenda de César Borgia – by José Catalán Deus

Of course there are many others books on the Borgia family lol but I think those are a good start! and you can find them on Amazon U.S or U.K (there are used copies that are cheap) you can also download some of these here: 

I hope you like it! any questions just ask me :D

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When i started watching it, which was only two months ago, it was right during my uni exam sessions and i kept having panic attacks (i suffer from anxiety) and i needed something light and funny and something not too much emotionally draining to watch at night to keep me from having breakdowns. Tbh I never thought i'd get so invested in it, it has taken over my life and it took me only 2 weeks to watch all seasons and get obsessed with. What a ride

Thanks for sharing this <3 I also started watching this show because I needed something light too - I was definitely not expecting s12 to be the emotional roller coaster that it was?! I also wasn’t expecting to get so invested in it yet here we are today lmao

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first of all, thank you for asking!!

8: i think the last time i cried was when i heard city lights - blanche for the first time idk i just cried a little

9: MÅNS ZELMERLÖW. and 5 Seconds of Summer

36: well i’m proud of them two too as they’re basically my favorite artists lol

63: Her by Karpe Diem is like the first one that gets onto my mind, i usually never really listen to super deep songs and this one isn’t quite as well but the lyrics still have something tbh.. and that just reminded me on life ah idk 😂

Alcor is for ‘crazy cat person’

I wrote this after inspiration hit me like a sledgehammer with this prompt, and now I have two new OCs??? 

Anyways, meet Cath and Miaury.


The number of kittens in their household had increased again.

Cath looked blankly at the black and grey little bundle currently fighting the ginger little kitten they’d been contemplating on calling ‘Hank’, all skin and bones in a way the rest of the litter was definitively not, and looked up at Miaury.

“Do you have something to say for yourself?” they asked drily, but Miaury just blinked, purring ever constant as the now litter of eight sucked her dry.

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I’ve had Percival as a muse in my head since the very beginning of my roleplay days ( going on two years now ) but I never seemed to get around to writing him for a number of reasons.

But I’ve now had Percy for a month now and have found myself annoyed I did not make him sooner.

This is my way of saying my thanks to all who have been here for the short journey. May there be more months to come!


@apurekindness | @kingcenred | @seafaringkingx | @totakeafall

The actual light of my life tbh. Never has there been someone more there for me in the past year or so than you. I lean on you too much I know but you are my dearest friend and I know you’ll do great and amazing things in the future. Ily wife <33

KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE. - those I’ve been worthy enough of interacting with or knowing from another blog. Ty for making my journey with percival perfect so far!

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