two lights of my life tbh

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flower crown, fairy lights, pantone and oil paints!

thanks for the asks!

flower crown - when did you last sing to yourself?
last night in the car

fairy lights - if a crystal ball could tell you the truth about anything what would you want to know?
ooh, that’s a tough one… I probably wouldn’t ask it about myself or my decisions tbh. maybe how my friends are going / will be going while they live overseas, since one’s moved and one is moving this year.

pantone - describe a person close to your life in detail
she always has a hair elastic on her wrist but otherwise is the least organised person known to man yet somehow she has two jobs, study and a horse and honestly she baffles me in so many ways but she’s taught me to be a braver (and more stubborn) person and I’m lucky to have her even if she is a terrible partner for group projects

oil paints - what would you title the autobiography of your life so far?
It’s About to Get Good I Swear


ask me stuff: aesthetic asks

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ooh tennis thats cool!! I rlly like soccer >.< do you have any pets?? also who's your exo bias??

That’s awesome! I’m not coordinated enough to play soccer lol.

I actually have four pets; a cat and three dogs! my cat acts really cold and doesn’t seem to like any of us, but he does like some occasional affection. two of my dogs are weimaraners, the youngest is a male about a year and a half and LOVES to bother my older weimaraner; a total sweetheart. my third dog is a Italian greyhound who is completely spoiled. Do you have pets? ( I can spend all day talking about animals tbh)

and if you couldn’t tell by my millions of posts, my EXO bias (and ult bias) is KYUNGSOO!! aka the light of my life

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The Four Times Spider-Man Wore His Mask, and the One Time He Didn’t // Part 4/4

Part One / Part Two / Part Three 

Summary: After saving your life in a chance encounter, you start to see the Spider-Man everywhere. Fluff. Spider-Man x Reader fic. 

A/N: The final part is hereee and I really hope you like it… ALSO I think I might start taking requests for fics so like.. send me them. I’m not sure what I would/wouldn’t do yet so send me anything Marvel related (mostly Spider-Man stuff tbh) and I’ll do my best!

Warnings: Light swearing

Like every time before when Spider-Man had web-slinged himself into your life, as soon as he left, everything went back to normal. Which, to be honest, sucked.

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Book Of Life Scene - Falling In Love [Ocs Animatic Remake]
A video for celebrate 4000+ followers on my tumblr blog! Thank you all so much for making this happen, aa!!! I hope y'all like this! FAQs: Who are these guys...

I was listing to this song/watching the video and cried, because on May 12th I was gonna do this for my ex, tbh I was learning this song on the guitar.

The plan I had was, I was gonna light candles all the way up the steps, put rose petals all the way up the door, then before we went home I was gonna take him out to the movies then to dinner, just us two. Then at  8 or 9 go back to my house (Wait tell my sister texted me saying the candles where all lit of course) Then once we got to my house, walk him up the stares to the door, where the door would have had balloons, party streamers and inside would await red roses, and some gifts and a cake.  After a while of hanging with my family, I was gonna take him to me room to where there was gonna be a painting (I forgot to finish it) of the sun, moon and earth it was something I made in little space, a nice made bed, horror movies to make fun of, popcorn and candy, then I was gonna have candles light in my room for when my mom was off to bed for cheesy-ass-romance 

But sadly only a few things got on the list because of the lack of money I had.

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I'm 5'4 with long dark brown hair that fades into a light brown/blonde. I'm super sarcastic but massively introverted. I'm such a sore loser and massively competitive lol. But my family is my entire world. I'm a huge animal lover and hoping to actually be a keeper or a biology researcher one day. As for teams I actually have a long list but my top two are CBJ, and the Bruins.,

I think Tuukka Rask tbh. We don’t know much about his personal life cause he’s a very quiet dude, and he’s the biggest sore loser in the game, so y'all would be perfect for each other 😉

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I think one of the reasons Light and Shadow isn't quite as popular as you'd like is because it's still incomplete tbh

Mmm I think its probably because its the third part of a trilogy tbh and the two parts before it are really long. Believe me, I have the entire story planned out until the end at this point, it would just be a matter of getting back into it enough to actually write it out. And since UF has pretty much consumed my life at this point (and the fact that UF is much more popular and well loved)… idk when that will be (not saying it will never happen, I’m just not sure when)


How does one respond in this situation!? I am at a loss! Man… what do do, what to do…? Legit in almost-tears. I’m not sure if it’s from my laughter or genuine pain, tbh. 😅

So here’s how it went down.

Me (being hella subtle) “so Mom, what do you think of Kylo Ren?”

Mom *quietly chopping zucchini* “uhhhmm. who?”

Me *launches into painfully short explanation, not wanting to tip her off to my loyalties*

Mom *eyes light up in fiery Mom-wrath understanding* *sets down knife* “OH ~him~… HE’S RIDICULOUS!”

Me *life currently flashing before my eyes* *absolute horror cutting me to the core*

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Mom *goes on with her cheerful savagery* *has many two-cents to give* “HE IS NOTHING BUT A SPOILED BRAT! A SPOILED LITTLE RICH BRAT. TOO YOUNG! NOT SCARY! A MURDERER!”

Me *bleeding out all over the floor* *attempts to stammer out Tragic Backstory™ * *fails stupendously*

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Mom *at this point basking in her own Hamilton-esque musical spotlight* “I DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY WERE THINKING! HE’S NOTHING LIKE ~DARTH VADER~!!!”

Me *rent in two with second-hand pain for my space trash son*


Mom *elects not to hear*  "HE’S NOTHING BUT - A MENÉNDEZ BROTHER!“

(Backstory: Two brothers in the 1980s, diagnosed with sociopathic behavior and believed to be pathological liars, famous in the US for murdering both of their parents and then in the following 7 months spending over 1 million dollars in extravagant sprees with their parents money and assets. 😖)

Me: *spirit slowly leaves body* "MoOooom!”

Mom: “What, you asked.” *goes back to primly chopping zucchini* 

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This is a quick thing: I NEED to follow more Sam-fan blogs or anything not Steve-Bucky heavy and anybody-else because I need me more Sam and Rhodes and T'Challa in my life than the two Marvel white favs™. HALP ME. Do you got any recs???!!

Got chu!

@sweet-coffee-jelly @transcaptainamerica @lunaaltare @sarsaparillaswords @neuromagpie @awesomesnafu @samwichwilson @weallhaveouruniqueobsessions @zamnwilson @softsams @spooky-redwing @permashift @backtozain @soft-tchalla @nerdbbks @buckywthbarnes @protectbuckybarnesatallcosts @samallcapswilson @buckywilsonbarnes @miztification @vinterfalcons @i-will-not-be-caged @yawpkatsi and tbh that should give you a pretty good start!!

“People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that’s what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life. A true soul mate is probably the most important person you’ll ever meet, because they tear down your walls and smack you awake. But to live with a soul mate forever? Nah. Too painful. Soul mates, they come into your life just to reveal another layer of yourself to you, and then leave. A soul mates purpose is to shake you up, tear apart your ego a little bit, show you your obstacles and addictions, break your heart open so new light can get in, make you so desperate and out of control that you have to transform your life, then introduce you to your spiritual master…”  ― Elizabeth Gilbert

Chasing Cars // L.R.H.

a/n: look I know I have a lot of things for luke already but I’m also working on something with ashton so just hold on anyways this is kind of short it was inspired by this video (my email isn’t working and I went through so much damn trouble to get that link from my phone to the laptop be grateful) and I hope you enjoy it !!

“Luke, get out of the street!”

He looked back at you and winked as he took one step further onto the road.

“Come on, I’m serious!” you yelled, stifling a laugh.

“If you’re so serious, why are you laughing?”

“Shut up, come on, we’re almost to the train station.”

“Loosen up! No one’s even driving at this time of night.”

You could hear him humming a song, although you couldn’t tell what it was. But when wasn’t he humming honestly, whether it was a song he was working on in the studio, or an inkling of a new one, or just a song he heard on the radio.

“Come on.”

Luke didn’t say anything, just kept humming as he strolled back to you with a sly smile on his face. He took your hand and started pulling you into the street as well.

“Luke…” you said, almost a whine.

As he started humming louder, you almost recognized the song.

“If I lay here…”

You let out a light laugh.

“If i just lay here…”

Luke was always a cheesy romantic; always acting as though he was in a movie.

“Would you lie with me and just forget the world…”

He pulled you into him and put his arms around your waist as he continues to hum. The two of you sway back and forth, your head on his chest and his chin on your head, completely at peace. You could feel the vibrations of Luke’s voice in his chest. You closed your eyes, focusing on the sound of his voice and the feeling of his arms around your waist.

“Forget what we’re told…”

You became completely lost in him. He had relaxed into you as you had into him. The rhythm of his sways almost lulled you asleep, while the smell of his cologne that he’d used since high school kept you awake.

“Before we get too old…”

As his voice got softer, you could feel his eyes on you. You lifted your head off of his chest, already missing the sound of his beating heart. You found yourself to be right, as you looked into his eyes that seemed to shine despite it being completely dark out.

“Show me a garden that’s bursting into life…”

It must’ve looked odd, just two people dancing in the street to music too soft to be heard, almost invisible if it hadn’t been for the glow of the street lights around you. But you couldn’t care less. It was as if only the two of you existed. Only you, and Luke, and his arms around you, and his feet moving the both of you, and his heart beating in your ear.

“Let’s waste time…

Chasing cars…

Around our heads…”

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Rodella, do you think ichihime might go canon? If so, are you going to accept the ending?

Do I think there’s a possibility?



Especially after the rush of the ending, most bleach fans are considering ichi/hime a possibility, even if it is only because it’s the “easy” route to take–

But I’d disagree with that.

Orihime and Ichigo have not had nearly the amount of mutual development required for canonity. Not even close.

Ichi/Hime, according to me, the majority of the bleach fandom, and the canon of the damn series,  is the epitome of unrequitedness, and if Kubo thinks that the tag-team was enough “development” for this pairing to be endgame–and throw all the Ichi->Ruki and Ishi->Hime development out the window in the process– all I gotta say is that it takes two to tango and let me tell you, Ichigo hasn’t even put his goddamn dancing shoes on.


As for accepting the ending…I just want to clarify that I love bleach. I love Kubo’s poetry and his art and his beautiful, beautiful characters–Rukia Kuchiki and Ishida Uryuu…the lights of my life tbh– and he’s sold his story to me, you know? Soul Society had me hook, line, and sinker, and I guess I’m here till the end…


A HUGE reason why I love this series is because of the chemistry between Ichigo/Rukia. I love the sheer inevitability of their fates colliding. The way they literally make the universe click around them. The way they just…the way they’re just good for each other. The fact that they saved each other in the ways they needed to be saved in–

If IchiRuki doesn’t go canon, I’m gonna be ignoring the ending lmao y’all better expect like 50000 au’s from the hellchat giving those two the soft epilogue they deserve–


Please just punch me in the face I love these idiots so much.

Well, friends and family. We did it. We’ve made it to 420(+!!!!!) followers. Whether it was my gratuitous shitposting, my mediocre writing, or my selfies attracting amateur porn blogs, I’d like to take a moment to thank some very special people in my life:


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Dating Mikey Would Include



-him sending you shitty memes at three a.m

-food fights for some fucking reason

-“i am not cleaning that up, y/n!”

-“you’re the one who threw the syrup!”

-kisses on the nose/cheek/forehead

-playfully biting him

-putting makeup on him when he sleeps in too late

-eating each other’s food when the other looks away

-“tell me how sexy i am.”

-trying to make food together but then everything’s burnt and you’re waiting for the firefighters to arrive

-him accidentally eating your leftovers that happen to be your favorite food

-“baby i am so sorry, i didn’t know they were your leftovers.”

-“we live alone, michael!“

-playfully kink shaming each other

-actually trying out those kinks and liking them a hellluva lot

-”luke said that if we’re going to have sex, just have it not be where he sleeps. so you know what that means… “

-doin the do in luke’s room just to spite him

-trying to come up with the shittiest pick up line and whoever loses does whatever the other person wants

-”you lost, so i want you to snort hot cheeto dust.”

-”no, are you stupid or something?”

-ridiculing porn made from popular cartoons

-really ugly nicknames like ‘squash’

-probably going to a lot of concerts and spending too much money on merch

-cute pet names occasionally

-him trying to find your tumblr and never ceasing his search, even when he finds specific things that scar him for life

-sex all over the house

-wrapping yourself up in xmas lights while the two of you are cleaning up the decorations

-”michael, let me be the light of your life.” *flicks on the light switch so the xmas lights will twinkle*

-”you’re cute.”



i am feeling michael lately.… . i honestly feel michael more than i feel myself tbh. if my cousin didn’t drag me downstairs a couple minutes before midnight yesterday i would’ve spent my new years watching jbh and trying not to sob bc of michael. i am trying to be cool n trendy so idk what this is exactly.

I’ve had Percival as a muse in my head since the very beginning of my roleplay days ( going on two years now ) but I never seemed to get around to writing him for a number of reasons.

But I’ve now had Percy for a month now and have found myself annoyed I did not make him sooner.

This is my way of saying my thanks to all who have been here for the short journey. May there be more months to come!


@apurekindness | @kingcenred | @seafaringkingx | @totakeafall

The actual light of my life tbh. Never has there been someone more there for me in the past year or so than you. I lean on you too much I know but you are my dearest friend and I know you’ll do great and amazing things in the future. Ily wife <33

KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE. - those I’ve been worthy enough of interacting with or knowing from another blog. Ty for making my journey with percival perfect so far!

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she likes to be kissed softly during romance movies. if you nibble down her neck and across her collar bones, she’ll melt into you. she will stop to pet every single dog, and would adopt every kitten if she could. she likes ice cream in most flavors and will eat it out of the bin if you let her - and you should let her. she likes it when you point out nice plants and give her pretty things like pebbles and grass rings. she gets sleepy somewhere around noon. she likes looking at the sky. i think she is in love with the moon.

she used to be in love with me, too.

when you kiss her forehead, tell her that her hair smells nice. tell her that the fleck in her eye is beautiful. tell her that her freckles and scars are treasure maps, tell her that her tummy is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. tell her your secrets, she’ll handle them perfectly. tell her that she’s a lighthouse, a garden full of daisies, a secret hiding place where time stops and things make sense, an ocean deep. tell her that she’s worth your whole being. tell her for me.

hold onto her the way i couldn’t. trust me, i know what i lost. give her the life she was waiting for, the one i couldn’t hand her. give her romance and fairy lights and laughter and curling up and quiet, give her art and music and wild, give her home. trust me, hold onto her.

i feel the ache of her absence as if she removed my soul.

—  so hold on for me // r.i.d