two lights of my life tbh

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Also the fact that you and your gf are still together makes me so happy like you two are relationship goals tbh

Aw, you’re so sweet!! Kyra’s the light of my life, she’s my better half.  I’m very, very lucky to have her.

Alcor is for ‘crazy cat person’

I wrote this after inspiration hit me like a sledgehammer with this prompt, and now I have two new OCs??? 

Anyways, meet Cath and Miaury.


The number of kittens in their household had increased again.

Cath looked blankly at the black and grey little bundle currently fighting the ginger little kitten they’d been contemplating on calling ‘Hank’, all skin and bones in a way the rest of the litter was definitively not, and looked up at Miaury.

“Do you have something to say for yourself?” they asked drily, but Miaury just blinked, purring ever constant as the now litter of eight sucked her dry.

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“Neon City” by Jessica Lynn McRory, Fall 2015

This past summer I spent two months in Seoul, South Korea, and I absorbed the brilliance and life and energy of the city in such an influential way that I decided to focus my independent study for my fall 2015 semester on my trip. Each image was made up of my own pictures and experiences paired with my personal art and imagination. I explored various aspects of my experiences this summer, from the busy crowded streets of Hongdae, rainy nights in Gangnam, and the flashing neon lights of Sinchon. I am incredibly happy with the coherence of this series I have made and I hope that viewers will feel the same nostalgia and magic that I feel when I look back on these images.

I’ve had Percival as a muse in my head since the very beginning of my roleplay days ( going on two years now ) but I never seemed to get around to writing him for a number of reasons.

But I’ve now had Percy for a month now and have found myself annoyed I did not make him sooner.

This is my way of saying my thanks to all who have been here for the short journey. May there be more months to come!


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The actual light of my life tbh. Never has there been someone more there for me in the past year or so than you. I lean on you too much I know but you are my dearest friend and I know you’ll do great and amazing things in the future. Ily wife <33

KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE. - those I’ve been worthy enough of interacting with or knowing from another blog. Ty for making my journey with percival perfect so far!

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