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You know what would be kinda cool? If Eren is infiltrating Marley and is successful, afterward Mikasa jokingly flicks his hair and tells him to cut it otherwise it might get stuck in the 3D-MG. LOL sorry this is a dumb headcanon but I had the need to share

I’d give my life to see something light-hearted like this going on between those two tbh

The Four Times Spider-Man Wore His Mask, and the One Time He Didn’t // Part 4/4

Part One / Part Two / Part Three 

Summary: After saving your life in a chance encounter, you start to see the Spider-Man everywhere. Fluff. Spider-Man x Reader fic. 

A/N: The final part is hereee and I really hope you like it… ALSO I think I might start taking requests for fics so like.. send me them. I’m not sure what I would/wouldn’t do yet so send me anything Marvel related (mostly Spider-Man stuff tbh) and I’ll do my best!

Warnings: Light swearing

Like every time before when Spider-Man had web-slinged himself into your life, as soon as he left, everything went back to normal. Which, to be honest, sucked.

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Request: Hi!! Idk if you’ve done this yet bc you don’t have a masterlist so I apologize in advance if I’m requesting something that is done but can you please write a “bts vocal line as your boyfriend” and/or a “svt performance unit as your boyfriend”? Thank you so much! I just found your blog and I love it to pieces! Have a nice day :)
Members: Hoshi, Jun, The8, Dino
Genre: Fluff
A/N: China line did you mean my children my sons the lights of my life my pride and joys that I raised with my own two hands,,, This took longer to do than I expected tbh but I rewarded myself for finishing with a new game LOL rip my wallet

Hip hop unit here: x


  • A sweet small little bumblebee man 
  • Hoshi likes to care loudly
  • Like he sees you and is just immediately excited and he’s very vocal about his love and excitement 
  • He has his quiet and tender moments of course but he’s just a very energy filled person pretty much all the time always so his affection is full of energy too?????
  • A morning person 
  • If you aren’t well then sucks to be you lol 
  • Because although Soonyoung with have his moments where he watches you with a really soft expression in the morning he doesn’t have enough Chill™ in him to do that for very long
  • He starts off waking you up gently, with soft little kisses and a couple shakes, but if that doesn’t work it takes him less than five minutes to start jumping on you and tickling you and hitting you with a pillow and blasting “Mansae” on his phone
  • Will 100% push you in a grocery cart through the store BUT YOU GOTTA PROMISE YOU’LL PUSH HIM TOO
  • You are both banished for one year from said store after you accidentally plow Soonie into a large display case of bread that had been arranged to look like an emoji
  • The employee who had just finished said arrangement was NOT happy btw
  • Go laser tagging with Hoshi and the rest of the performance unit I d a r e y o u 
  • You and Hoshi vs Jun and Minghao and Chan 
  • You guys are the perfect team and CRUSH them and as payback they have to buy y’all all the nachos you want no complaints 
  • The minute Christmas comes around he’s like “hey got us matching ugly sweaters hope u like them!!!”
  • “Where did you even find a Christmas sweater with a llama on it,,”
  • “The department store lol”
  • Tries really hard to be a good cook and make you nice things AND HE DOES REALLY GOOD SOMETIMES (like he was super helpful on ofd!!!) but sometimes he doesn’t do so well
  • Really appreciates it when you choke down the burnt waffles anyways and promises he’ll do better next time
  • He just tries really really hard??? He wants to be the best that he can be
  • That means him telling him he loves you a lot, and it never really seems insincere because he’s always just so earnest about it???
  • If you are laying on the couch and relaxing Hoshi is gonna climb on top of you and stretch out so you can’t move
  • Short or tall he doesn’t care you’re comfortable and your chest is a nice place to rest his head 
  • Likes to go do things on dates with you!! They don’t have to be super active, just something like walking to a nearby ice cream stand together is fine with him
  • He always tells you that being on dates like this with you is when he’s at his happiest most of the time,, and that he loves Seventeen because they’re his family but it’s just not the same kind of love,, they don’t make his heart flutter like you do
  • And you laugh and go “I sure hope not damn it’d be real weird if it was the same” but you squeeze his hand and give him a vanilla ice cream flavored smooch to let him know that although you’re teasing him, yes, he conveyed his message just fine and you love him just as much 
  • Just a happy boyfriend who really wants to do his best to make you feel loved and want to keep him around hopefully forever and ever


  • You’re dating a literal g r e a s e b a l l 
  • Like he’s handsome and sweet and a good boyfriend but he’s greasy as all hell 
  • You now have a boyfriend who’s gonna send you the corniest pickup lines in existence like every single day congrats
  • Jun, via text: good morning sunshine
  • Jun, via text: What do you and the weather have in common? You’re both hot
  • You, via text: Jun it’s fucking December it’s snowing outside 
  • Plays with your hair a lot, doesn’t matter if it’s short or long or somewhere in between it’s just fun for him 
  • Plus it’s like a little idle action for him to do if you’re watching a movie together or you’re chatting on the phone with a friend of yours or somethin 
  • If you’re not paying enough attention to him he’ll throw like a ball of paper or a pillow at you seriously jun are you five years old,,,
  • Kind of a pill sometimes but you know he does it just to be playful so you can’t be annoyed,,,
  • Plus at the end of the day he’s still pretty major boyfriend goals??
  • Massages your shoulders when you have a hard day, draws a hot bath for the two of you when you’re so tired you feel like you can’t move and need him to wash your hair, carries your bags for you, always pays for meals
  • Flirts with you in Chinese, doesn’t care if you know it or not he’s doing it anyways 
  • The8 always makes a face at some of the cheesy ass things Jun says in Chinese in front of him and the other members
  • Likes to go on shopping dates with you, full of visiting all your favorite stores and getting crappy food court food and trying out the massage chairs in the courtyard
  • The kind of boyfriend that takes a napkin and wipes food from the corner of your mouth whenever you go out to eat 
  • And says “Ah, what would you do without me??” and grins at you when you make a face before telling you that you’re cute 
  • Playful arguments that end with him kissing you senseless because literally how dare you say Batman is better than Iron Man it’s time for you to stop talking now,,
  • Just wants to be there for you tbh
  • He’s a flirt but he’s not super great at expressing things in a more poetic sense
  • Like you literally mean so much to him but it’s embarrassing to say those sort of deeper thoughts out loud and he’s never sure how to word it well enough to truly express how he feels
  • But you get a grip of it when you wake up to him gently stroking your hair and watching you with a completely captivated expression and he just gently kisses you 
  • And he wants to say so much more but he settles for a simple “I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you”
  • Your heart just m e l t s as you return the sentiment and you guys spend the rest of the day cuddling with your legs tangled up aw
  • Sweet boy at heart even if he is a bag of grease


  • Sends a lot of “Have you eaten yet?” texts
  • Sends you a good morning texts everyday with a cute little emoji
  • Sends you selcas of him sending you hearts (with Jun photobombing like half of them)
  • Sends play-by-plays of whatever stupid things his members are doing
  • Sends you texts asking what you guys should have for dinner
  • King of texting. Invented texting. 
  • If you get distracted by something he will grab the back of your hoodie before you can run into that damn lamp pole
  • Scolds you but then grabs your cheeks and kisses your forehead because he likes the fact that he can be there for you with this kind of stuff 
  • Remember one fine day when he and seungkwan went to a haunted house??? Yeah he was hella chill 
  • So if you’re gonna go to one with any member of seventeen make it ya boi Minghao
  • He’ll hold your hand and laugh at all the jumpscares to make things less scary for you 
  • Likes to take photos with you so afterwards he takes of photo of him smiling all happy and flashing peace signs and you’re as white as a sheet like that was terrible we’re never doing it again 
  • Buys you snacks and drinks every time you guys go out and about 
  • You: Minghao it’s fine we’re literally just walking around I don’t need a drink
  • Minghao: but it was hot today!!
  • You: yeah but now it’s like 8 pm and 60 degrees and we’re walking hella slow boi pls,,
  • He doesn’t really tend to upload them anywhere tho because they’re most for him to enjoy
  • He likes to just watch them and remind himself of memories that you guys have had 
  • Plus it helps him come up with new things for you guys can do!! 
  • Soft for you all the time always like??? He just likes you by his side where he can  be close to you and love on you 
  • Always has a soft look on his face and literally anyone can see how deeply in love with you he is, it just shows 
  • He doesn’t need to smile or even say anything, it’s just the look in his eyes,,, he doesn’t look at anyone else the way he looks at you
  • Marry him maybe idk just a suggestion???????????


  • He’s such a youngin I stg 
  • He’s pretty new to relationships cause he’s so young but??? His hyungs have given him lots of advice so he likes to think he’s got it down 
  • It makes him pleased to know that you’re close and he’s got a firm grip on you so nothing bad can happen to you 
  • When it’s just the two of you he likes to hold your face whenever you cuddle
  • Sometimes one hand sometimes two hands 
  • And just like,,, stares into your eyes until you get flustered and then he grins and smooches you
  • Cheats on board games lol
  • It’s so INFURIATING because you can’t catch him doing it BUT YOU KNOW HE DOES 
  • Monopoly is the worst
  • Dino: Idk what you’re talking about ://
  • Always gives you his hoodies like no shame 
  • “Wear it you look cute it in” SO FORWARD WHAT A MAN
  • He does try to act manly sometimes tho because he knows he’s a bit on the younger sides and wants you to see him as someone who’s Mature and can take care of you 
  • But you assure him that yes you know he’s very mature and you love him very much and you like it when he acts cute 
  • Goes to your house after practice for a few hours if he has the time because when he’s tired he just wants to relax with you and whine about Jeonghan’s latest antics 
  • But honestly the fact that Seventeen loves you and thinks you’re a perfect girlfriend to him means a lot to him because even if he whines about them sometimes, they’re his family
  • Will marathon TV shows with you at the drop of a hat 
  • Will absolutely playfully fight you over which character is the best
  • Isn’t the best at working out serious problems tho,,, he doesn’t really know how to express how he’s feeling and why sometimes
  • So when he gets upset with you he goes and cools off and asks from advice from Coups and Woozi and they help him work out what he wants to say so that he can solve things with you before they escalate
  • So any fights or disagreements between the two of you are very short lived and you both know how to work things out pretty fast???
  • Basically doesn’t tend to act like a dumbass when it comes to fighting lmfao
  • Likes to play video games with you, but he doesn’t compete with you oh no
  • He t r a i n s you because literally he just wants to team up with you against Woozi who keeps beating him and it’s sO FRUSTRATING 
  • Likes to sit behind you and rest his head against you to relax because you’re close and just so warm and comforting
  • Please treat this little baby well he deserves nice things 

Requests are open!!

she likes to be kissed softly during romance movies. if you nibble down her neck and across her collar bones, she’ll melt into you. she will stop to pet every single dog, and would adopt every kitten if she could. she likes ice cream in most flavors and will eat it out of the bin if you let her - and you should let her. she likes it when you point out nice plants and give her pretty things like pebbles and grass rings. she gets sleepy somewhere around noon. she likes looking at the sky. i think she is in love with the moon.

she used to be in love with me, too.

when you kiss her forehead, tell her that her hair smells nice. tell her that the fleck in her eye is beautiful. tell her that her freckles and scars are treasure maps, tell her that her tummy is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. tell her your secrets, she’ll handle them perfectly. tell her that she’s a lighthouse, a garden full of daisies, a secret hiding place where time stops and things make sense, an ocean deep. tell her that she’s worth your whole being. tell her for me.

hold onto her the way i couldn’t. trust me, i know what i lost. give her the life she was waiting for, the one i couldn’t hand her. give her romance and fairy lights and laughter and curling up and quiet, give her art and music and wild, give her home. trust me, hold onto her.

i feel the ache of her absence as if she removed my soul.

—  so hold on for me // r.i.d

“People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that’s what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life. A true soul mate is probably the most important person you’ll ever meet, because they tear down your walls and smack you awake. But to live with a soul mate forever? Nah. Too painful. Soul mates, they come into your life just to reveal another layer of yourself to you, and then leave. A soul mates purpose is to shake you up, tear apart your ego a little bit, show you your obstacles and addictions, break your heart open so new light can get in, make you so desperate and out of control that you have to transform your life, then introduce you to your spiritual master…”  ― Elizabeth Gilbert


How does one respond in this situation!? I am at a loss! Man… what do do, what to do…? Legit in almost-tears. I’m not sure if it’s from my laughter or genuine pain, tbh. 😅

So here’s how it went down.

Me (being hella subtle) “so Mom, what do you think of Kylo Ren?”

Mom *quietly chopping zucchini* “uhhhmm. who?”

Me *launches into painfully short explanation, not wanting to tip her off to my loyalties*

Mom *eyes light up in fiery Mom-wrath understanding* *sets down knife* “OH ~him~… HE’S RIDICULOUS!”

Me *life currently flashing before my eyes* *absolute horror cutting me to the core*

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Mom *goes on with her cheerful savagery* *has many two-cents to give* “HE IS NOTHING BUT A SPOILED BRAT! A SPOILED LITTLE RICH BRAT. TOO YOUNG! NOT SCARY! A MURDERER!”

Me *bleeding out all over the floor* *attempts to stammer out Tragic Backstory™ * *fails stupendously*

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Mom *at this point basking in her own Hamilton-esque musical spotlight* “I DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY WERE THINKING! HE’S NOTHING LIKE ~DARTH VADER~!!!”

Me *rent in two with second-hand pain for my space trash son*


Mom *elects not to hear*  "HE’S NOTHING BUT - A MENÉNDEZ BROTHER!“

(Backstory: Two brothers in the 1980s, diagnosed with sociopathic behavior and believed to be pathological liars, famous in the US for murdering both of their parents and then in the following 7 months spending over 1 million dollars in extravagant sprees with their parents money and assets. 😖)

Me: *spirit slowly leaves body* "MoOooom!”

Mom: “What, you asked.” *goes back to primly chopping zucchini* 

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This is a quick thing: I NEED to follow more Sam-fan blogs or anything not Steve-Bucky heavy and anybody-else because I need me more Sam and Rhodes and T'Challa in my life than the two Marvel white favs™. HALP ME. Do you got any recs???!!

Got chu!

@sweet-coffee-jelly @transcaptainamerica @lunaaltare @sarsaparillaswords @neuromagpie @awesomesnafu @samwichwilson @weallhaveouruniqueobsessions @zamnwilson @softsams @spooky-redwing @permashift @backtozain @soft-tchalla @nerdbbks @buckywthbarnes @protectbuckybarnesatallcosts @samallcapswilson @buckywilsonbarnes @miztification @vinterfalcons @i-will-not-be-caged @yawpkatsi and tbh that should give you a pretty good start!!

Chasing Cars // L.R.H.

a/n: look I know I have a lot of things for luke already but I’m also working on something with ashton so just hold on anyways this is kind of short it was inspired by this video (my email isn’t working and I went through so much damn trouble to get that link from my phone to the laptop be grateful) and I hope you enjoy it !!

“Luke, get out of the street!”

He looked back at you and winked as he took one step further onto the road.

“Come on, I’m serious!” you yelled, stifling a laugh.

“If you’re so serious, why are you laughing?”

“Shut up, come on, we’re almost to the train station.”

“Loosen up! No one’s even driving at this time of night.”

You could hear him humming a song, although you couldn’t tell what it was. But when wasn’t he humming honestly, whether it was a song he was working on in the studio, or an inkling of a new one, or just a song he heard on the radio.

“Come on.”

Luke didn’t say anything, just kept humming as he strolled back to you with a sly smile on his face. He took your hand and started pulling you into the street as well.

“Luke…” you said, almost a whine.

As he started humming louder, you almost recognized the song.

“If I lay here…”

You let out a light laugh.

“If i just lay here…”

Luke was always a cheesy romantic; always acting as though he was in a movie.

“Would you lie with me and just forget the world…”

He pulled you into him and put his arms around your waist as he continues to hum. The two of you sway back and forth, your head on his chest and his chin on your head, completely at peace. You could feel the vibrations of Luke’s voice in his chest. You closed your eyes, focusing on the sound of his voice and the feeling of his arms around your waist.

“Forget what we’re told…”

You became completely lost in him. He had relaxed into you as you had into him. The rhythm of his sways almost lulled you asleep, while the smell of his cologne that he’d used since high school kept you awake.

“Before we get too old…”

As his voice got softer, you could feel his eyes on you. You lifted your head off of his chest, already missing the sound of his beating heart. You found yourself to be right, as you looked into his eyes that seemed to shine despite it being completely dark out.

“Show me a garden that’s bursting into life…”

It must’ve looked odd, just two people dancing in the street to music too soft to be heard, almost invisible if it hadn’t been for the glow of the street lights around you. But you couldn’t care less. It was as if only the two of you existed. Only you, and Luke, and his arms around you, and his feet moving the both of you, and his heart beating in your ear.

“Let’s waste time…

Chasing cars…

Around our heads…”

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if It hasnt been done yet: fire emblem awakening. if its been done then BNHA

FE Awakening hasn’t been done so I’ll do that!

  • Favorite character: ROBIN!!!!!! THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE!!! MY SPOUSE!!! MY HONEY BUN!!!
  • Second favorite character: Chrom, Lucina, Morgan, Henry, Owain, Cherche, Lissa , Panne, are all some of my favourites and I can’t choose
  • Least favorite character: Tharja and Cordelia lol
  • The character I’m most like: I think I have to say Chrom. I’m just as awkward, emotionally driven, and reckless. I think I’m smarter than him tho tljfdls
  • Favorite pairing: God tbh it’s Chrom/Robin. They’re just so genuine and real, and the “two halves of the same whole” thing gets me. I’m also super fond of Henry/Lissa, Sumia/Robin, Panne/Lon’qu, and Lissa/Maribelle.
  • Least favorite pairing: Tharja/Robin, Cordelia/Chrom, also blocking you into another timeline if you ship any of the kids with their parents or Aversa/Robin
  • Favorite moment: Welcome back, it’s over now. LFDJAS I SCREAMED
  • Rating out of 10: 8/10 not enough dragons

C:\User\Noctis\setx C:\Program Files\Letter.exe   \    @armigier

Dear Noct, light of my life, star in my sky, king bro of all bros,

I’m way too impatient for this letter writing shit stuff. I write you a thing, two weeks later I get a thing back. That’s not any way to live. I go a little crazy with impatience when I’m waiting on a letter, and, tbh, it’s one of the only things I look forward to these days. Texting would be WAY BETTER, right? Well, too bad—the emperor says that royals write letters to each other. I don’t even think he HAS a phone. (Probably another way to swerve me, LOL. Gotta avoid contact with his son at all costs!!) Anyway. Shit’s Stuff’s boring here. Wish I was there. Tell me something cool that happened in your next letter so I can pretend it happened to me.


p.s. Sent a pic of the view from my room, which is where I spend 90% of my time these days. It’s in the envelope.

p.p.s. Tell Ig and Gladio I said hi, pls

Well, friends and family. We did it. We’ve made it to 420(+!!!!!) followers. Whether it was my gratuitous shitposting, my mediocre writing, or my selfies attracting amateur porn blogs, I’d like to take a moment to thank some very special people in my life:


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I’ve had Percival as a muse in my head since the very beginning of my roleplay days ( going on two years now ) but I never seemed to get around to writing him for a number of reasons.

But I’ve now had Percy for a month now and have found myself annoyed I did not make him sooner.

This is my way of saying my thanks to all who have been here for the short journey. May there be more months to come!


@apurekindness | @kingcenred | @seafaringkingx | @totakeafall

The actual light of my life tbh. Never has there been someone more there for me in the past year or so than you. I lean on you too much I know but you are my dearest friend and I know you’ll do great and amazing things in the future. Ily wife <33

KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE. - those I’ve been worthy enough of interacting with or knowing from another blog. Ty for making my journey with percival perfect so far!

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KNIGHTS OF CAMELOT. - those I’ve been stalking & have yet to scream at to roleplay ;)

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Dating Mikey Would Include



-him sending you shitty memes at three a.m

-food fights for some fucking reason

-“i am not cleaning that up, y/n!”

-“you’re the one who threw the syrup!”

-kisses on the nose/cheek/forehead

-playfully biting him

-putting makeup on him when he sleeps in too late

-eating each other’s food when the other looks away

-“tell me how sexy i am.”

-trying to make food together but then everything’s burnt and you’re waiting for the firefighters to arrive

-him accidentally eating your leftovers that happen to be your favorite food

-“baby i am so sorry, i didn’t know they were your leftovers.”

-“we live alone, michael!“

-playfully kink shaming each other

-actually trying out those kinks and liking them a hellluva lot

-”luke said that if we’re going to have sex, just have it not be where he sleeps. so you know what that means… “

-doin the do in luke’s room just to spite him

-trying to come up with the shittiest pick up line and whoever loses does whatever the other person wants

-”you lost, so i want you to snort hot cheeto dust.”

-”no, are you stupid or something?”

-ridiculing porn made from popular cartoons

-really ugly nicknames like ‘squash’

-probably going to a lot of concerts and spending too much money on merch

-cute pet names occasionally

-him trying to find your tumblr and never ceasing his search, even when he finds specific things that scar him for life

-sex all over the house

-wrapping yourself up in xmas lights while the two of you are cleaning up the decorations

-”michael, let me be the light of your life.” *flicks on the light switch so the xmas lights will twinkle*

-”you’re cute.”



i am feeling michael lately.… . i honestly feel michael more than i feel myself tbh. if my cousin didn’t drag me downstairs a couple minutes before midnight yesterday i would’ve spent my new years watching jbh and trying not to sob bc of michael. i am trying to be cool n trendy so idk what this is exactly.