two you's


Ambush the Dads to show affection. They clearly love it

I saw ‘Team Dads’ and ‘sons,’ and the only thing that came to mind was ‘Huge uncomfortable group Hug’


This is 

quite possibly 

the funniest thing they have ever done.

I can’t get over it.

This is what I live for.

Wait it got better.

I was right. I wasn’t supposed to live through this chapter.

It’s too much for me to deal with.

again, like i said a few months back:

call me, send me a message via carrier pigeon, text me, slide in my dms, send a telegraph, email me, flood my inbox when tythan shippers wish death and RAPE on the female friends or future girlfriends of tyler/ethan

THEN we can say tythan is the new septiplier

until then?? don’t disrespect the community with an inaccurate comparison like that just because some underage teenage girls are fawning over a gay ship that mark, ethan, and tyler all three collectively fuel content for though jokes and innuendos

anonymous asked:

Remember when Steve Trevor was flying that plane full of toxic gas bombs, LITERALLY having the last laugh, and then his laugh faded and his eyes already looked like a dead man's but he was still smiling as he fucking blew up that plane. Remember those soldiers at the end, from both sides of the barracks, after all the fighting and explosions and death, getting up just smiled and hugged each other and be glad that they were still alive.

Wooowwwwww anon

[i have ascended to a whole new level of disbelief and gratitude jgueaihnj

thank you so much!! I’m just. stunned. There’ll be a special event soon- I’ll get it set up as soon as I can so stick around and idk. just. thank you all <3]