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listen wynonna earp is good, i’m not disputing that at all, but i don’t want wynonna earp. i want a continuation of season 1 of supergirl. just because you have a show about 2 sisters, with one being queer, doesn’t mean that they’re the same thing. that’s like looking at two photos and saying that it’s of the same person just because they’re both wearing the same blue shirt.

wynonna earp is incredibly gory, for starters, and you know what both me and small young girls can’t really watch that for this reason tbh. and i want space fam and the superfriends, kara working at catco and dealing with being the last survivor of a dying planet, figuring out how to live in a world where her culture and language and entire family is dead and still learning to be the sunlight in her loved one’s lives

But she’s all of sunlight, illuminating and soft warmth and life bringing, helping other people to grow, but also burning and unrelenting and sometimes even painful–but ultimately it’s a show full of hope, of optimism. It’s a show about how to continue on and filling the hole in your heart and fighting like hell against the worst demon you can possibly imagine: your own self. Of losing every single thing and building your life back up and fighting tooth and nail to do good.

Of finding your own family, of juggling the balance with work and life and navigating how to be a person again, figuring out how to come back from losing literally everything and not let it eat you alive.

a man who has lived for hundreds of years and lost his entire planet to genocide finding a new family and a girl who’s actual world exploded in front of her struggling to figure out what parts of herself can be deemed “acceptably” human, figuring out how to live life as the very last of her culture while also doing good not because she has to but because she wants to, finding a new family again and continuing on, and the woman who is technically weaker but would still jump in front of a bullet for them because she do anything to protect them because they are hers and she loves them so much and she knows how much pain they’ve gone through and like hell are they going to go through anymore.

Wynonna Earp is great and it’s not a criticism to say it’s not supergirl–it’s not a criticism to say that i like italian but i love sushi but now every single piece of fish is poison, and you can only eat italian.

there isn’t anything wrong with wynonna earp, but it is still a drastically different show and i don’t want wynonna earp. i want supergirl again.


Voltron + favorite character

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└ Masaki x cute animals: cuteness to infinity~~~~ 

Cr: Softymo Natu savon CM + CM Making of

I just watched the trailer for about the 50th time and had a bit of a heart attack!

Is this who I think it is?

Just look at the piece of armor on his shoulders.

Ubbe seems pretty pissed, so maybe Ivar is not the reason that Ubbe leaves.

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I wonder what would happen if you fused a fleshy person and pixels. Don’t think that would feel too good.



≫NCT 127 group chat where Taeyong adds a random number instead of Yuta👀≪


If you ever pick something up at a store then set it back down in the wrong place when you are literally one foot away from where it is supposed to go, we can’t be friends

calling adult characters “my baby” and “my child” is all fun and games until someone starts treating them as such

Since @montyclifts wants to play dirty, here’s 10 of my favorite Harry looks to remind her that you can’t get away from him. 😏😏😏

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Hey @white people making films about the second world war: Talk about the countless Indians forced to fight for the British, you cowards. Include historically accurate POCs in your reenactments, you cowards.


If you haven’t heard about it already (kinda rare at this point), there’s some shit going down between Bry** & Oh*.

My only opinion in this?

Stay the fuck away from it, let them handle it themselves like mature adults instead of being biased because you seem to love them so much and spreading more hate which will result in a snowball effect of negativity that you shouldn’t be personally involved with in the first place.

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