two years of friendship hell yeah

The Bet

“Oi, good morning Shebly’s.” You sang as you opened the door of the betting house early in the morning, ready for work.

“Morning Y/N.” They all said unanimously as you hung up your coat and walked into the hustle and bustle of everything. You’ve been friends with the Shelby’s as long as you can remember, they were basically a second family to you ever since your father died. Aunt Poll was like your mother, and you trusted her advice very much, and all the Shelby brothers were just that to you, or so it felt. And then there was John…who held a special place in your heart whether he knew it or not.

As you ready your cash box for the money sure to be brought in by the betters, you notice for the first time John sat over the books, scratching his head. You furrow your brows as you realize he didn’t say hi to you this morning and he wasn’t his usual charming self.

You walked over to him, planting yourself on the table, forcing him to look up from the books. He was taken aback to see you, and his face slowly grew red as he smiled.

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anonymous asked:

padma and parvati - what are your thoughts? what is their relationship like? does padma get along with lavender? do the twins have other siblings? what's their home life like? who are padma's closest friends?

This is a fantastic ask, thank you <3 

Padma has always thought herself superior to her silly, frivolous sister. She wasn’t surprised to be sorted into Ravenclaw like their older brother Ezra, but she was surprised to see Parvati sorted into Gryffindor instead of Hufflepuff. Intellectually, she was just fine with the separation, hugging Parvati goodbye at the bottom of the stairs their first night, before following her Prefect upstairs to her own dorm. 

There was something visceral inside of her, though, that just…missed Parvati. They hadn’t slept apart since….well, since conception, really. Padma, a true Ravenclaw, lies awake her first night at Hogwarts trying to examine the feeling and analyze it, isolate missing her sister from homesickness and her generalized anxiety. Her mother had taught her in the last couple of years how to use her emotions to her advantage, use them to understand herself and her surroundings. She’d been better at it than Parvati, but only because she was more attached the outcome of self-knowledge. 

Over the years, though, the twins figure out how to love each other from a distance, how to spend time together, how to reconcile that i n s u f f e r a b l e Lavender Brown with Padma’s own best friends, Mandy Brocklehurst, who was the best wizard chess player in the school, bar none (suck it, Ron Weasley) and Lisa Turpin, a flighty artist who brought out the best in Padma. It took some trial and error, and some nights on sofas in each other’s Common Rooms, but they got there.  

Their fifth year, though, under Umbridge, was when Padma’s respect for her sister suddenly skyrocketed. She’d never seen Parvati work as hard at anything as she worked at Defense Spells. Parvati’s best quality was her willingness to be wrong, the bravery it took to take her wand to every single spell Harry Potter named off at the beginning of their meetings together. 

It was a hard realization for Padma - Parvati had never been stupid. She’d just been following her own interests, which happened to be different from those of her identical twin.How had she missed this? Padma prided herself on being in touch with feelings - her own and other people’s. She had ignored Parvati’s feelings entirely, calling them juvenile and naive.

After this realization, the two were much closer than the had ever been before, and spent the entire of their seventh year under the Carrows passing “intel” back and forth between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw and helping the DA they way they were meant to. 


Sterek shippers seriously make being in this fandom intolerable. Literally intolerable. They’re so quick to bash and judge every other ship. They’re so quick to write out essays. Literally, pages and pages of complete bullshit as to why any other Stiles(or Derek) related pairing is morally wrong and illogical. The fact that you’re trying to attempt to categorize Stydia and Stalia in the same realm of existence, let alone define them as the same level of insanity, baffles me. I can’t even fathom it. You’re actually saying there’s barely any character development between Stiles and Lydia? Come on, I know y’all have your heads so far up your delusions ship’s asses that you hate to admit to any potential character growth when you see it but now I’m generally concerned for your wellbeing. Stiles and Lydia have had more build, more development, more REAL progress as a unit then any damn pair in this entire show.

I just love how this person(god bless their heart) is steadily preaching on how Lydia needs to remain single, and Stiles needs to heal and “take a break from romance plots and deal with the shirt storms of a life.” Only to finish up with “how about actually giving us what the majority of us fans want aka Derek!!” Wow, okay. So, let me get this straight. When Lydia is linked to Stiles, she’s seen as a “pointless romance”, and forced but when it’s Derek, hell yeah, all board the tunnel of love! Simply because majority of you so called “fans” want it? Are you kidding. Three years of slowly molding, shaping and building a new form found friendship is considered “suddenly, out of the blue” but wanting a emotional compromised man ( who’s not shown a single trace of having any other preference besides women ) to just magically fall in love with a highschool student (who, a season earlier, couldn’t give two fucks if that man lived or died) is justifiable? Tell me how any of this makes sense!

“Let’s mash together two mentally unstable teenagers and tell us it’s romantic, because that just screams healthy.”

So you honestly, truly think, the man who watched his family die in a fire, the boy who murder his first love at the age of 15, the man who’s basically completely fucked up in the head is more mentally stable than Lydia or Malia? Really.

You seriously have the audacity to talk so boldly about an unhealthy relationship, when you’re shipping a 20+ year old man with a 17 year old boy…? Let’s just take out the huge, gag inducing age gap for a moment shall we. You’re so stuck on saying that these two characters together would be romanticizing insanity but for two and a half seasons, weren’t you shippers the ones who kept romanticizing a giant pounding the shit out of a defenseless boy? Mistaking, abuse and freight for “undying sexual chemistry.”?
And to this day. Derek still talks about Stiles likes he’s a incoherent child. Like he’s weak and useless. If anyone’s health or stability should be questioned it’s your’s.

“How about not shoving a new ship down our throats”

I’m genuinely laughing my little tushee off over this statement. Gather around y’all. This is extraordinary. What we have here is a STEREK shipper, complaining that a ship is being shoved down THEIR throats. No! I’m not lying, go look if you don’t believe me!

This is coming from the same side of the fandom that sent porn edits and fanbooks to Dylan and Tyler. This is coming from the side that calls themselves the “alphas” and “light of beacon hills.” From the side that literally over analyzes and twists every single scene or thing in to sterek. This is coming from the people that legitimately destroyed the teenwolf tag with their AUs, metas, smutt and fanfics. Because you know, having 700 tags isn’t enough, they had to take over the main tags too. This is coming from the side of the fandom who literally trolls on a innocent, fun poll, THAT DOESNT EVEN INVOLVE THEIR SHIP, and gets pleasure off of belittling and completely demolishing ships while trying to promote theirs.

Are you literally insane or are you just trying to make every other shipper detest you. I don’t know what it is. Maybe you’ve all just become so good at lying and living in your fantasy world that you’re starting to believe its really true. Maybe you actually think you’re trying to look out for Stiles. What ever it is. Whatever you’re trying to do, just step back for a moment and realize, that just because you don’t like a certain ship, doesn’t make them any more wrong or worse then your own and if you want to be completely honest, Sterek is in no way, shape or form even close to fitting any vague definition of a stable relationship, let alone a healthy one. So you can take your hypocritical nonsense and butt hurt opinions and bounce.

(P.s I didn’t like this post personally I got it off of a twitter account that thought what this shmuck was saying actually counted as relevant. Ha)