two worlds (finale)

World Enough and Time sounds absolutely spectacular!

- The TARDIS becomes a four-person crew: the Doctor, Bill, Nardole… and Missy.

- The set-up is that the Doctor and the Master, in their childhood, decided that they’d go and see all the stars in the universe together. The Master, of course, ended up infatuated with dominating the cosmos instead. So this episode is the Doctor finally getting to take his oldest friend out to see the stars.

- Things go wrong as they end up trapped on a massive spaceship that’s caught in the event horizon of a black hole.

- There’s a time dilation effect on the ship - time runs differently on one end of the ship to the other.

- Two days have passed at the front of the spaceship, thousands of years at the back.

- “[The Doctor] witnesses the death of someone he is pledged to protect” and “friendship drives the Doctor into the rashest decision of his life”.

Barber’s Point, Washington: When Bad Things Happen to Good People

Summer – 1996

“Fox!  You fucker I haven’t seen you around for a minute!”  Angelo’s accent faded by the day.  

Not his attitude though.

Mulder smiled mildly.  “Hey Angelo, I know.”

Angelo worried right away in that way his father worried about him, when his grades were terrible or when there were air raids falling.  In Italy, with his father, it was all the same amount of gravity.

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I’m in the chapter where Gladio leaves the group. Prompto won’t stop asking how Gladio is and what’s he doing. At one point, Noctis answered it with ‘probably meeting girls’. I actually couldn’t stop laughing when Prompto replied with a ‘son of a bitch’. 😂😂😂😂

I know he’s pissed because he’s not the one meeting with the other girls but it sounds like he’s pissed because it seems like Gladio is cheating on him.

Taking on the World; A Calum Hood Imagine

Hey everyone!! I felt real inspired to write about Calum, and depending on how everyone feels about this one, I may or may not have a second part in mind! ;-) I hope you enjoy this one!❤️


It had been a whopping 3 months since you’ve seen Calum. With the band out and touring the world, it’s really thrown a wrench in your relationship. The two of you try to make the best out of the situation with countless FaceTime’s, phone calls, and text messages. It’s taken real strength and a lot of trust to maintain what you have with him, but there’s no one else you would rather spend your time on.

The day has finally come for him to return home for the American leg of the tour and your body is buzzing with excitement. You are at the apartment that he rents for you, even though you begged him not to, and you’re running around trying to get everything in order. You’re blaring music, trying to drown out your own excitement in hopes that maybe it will make the time go by faster. He called before he got on the flight with the rest of the boys and promised to call when he landed.

It’s around 9pm and you haven’t heard anything from him. You have cleaned the apartment ten times over, to the point where everything is sparkling, you’ve drunk two glasses of wine, and relentlessly checked your phone. He was supposed to call you when he landed. Finally you get the nerve to check twitter and see that he has in fact arrived. He was photographed leaving the LAX airport over an hour ago. You try not to worry, you’re sure that he will be there soon.

10 turned to 11, 11 to 12, and still no Calum. You have called him a few times, really not wanting to smother him. Maybe he is out with the boys. You’re sure that he will be here when you wake up in the morning.

When you wake up the next morning, you’re alone in bed. You sit up and pull Calum’s worn out sweatshirt over your bare body and check your phone. You see that Calum had finally called you back once around 3am, but failed to leave a voicemail. Falling back into bed, you pull the covers up over your head and you let the tears roll down your cheeks.

You must have fallen asleep, because you are jolted awake by the sound of a pot clattering to the ground in the kitchen, followed by a loud, “Shit!!”. Your stomach drops when you realize that he’s finally home. You jump out of bed and make your way down the hallway as fast as possible.

You’re greeting by his bare back, a sight you have most definitely missed. You stare at him in awe, wondering how you got so lucky to have him choose you out of millions of girls. All of the feelings of anger you had pent up melt away the moment he turns around and you two make eye contact.

“Baby,” you choke out, the feeling becoming too much to handle. He reaches out for you to crash into his body, the same way the waves crash upon the sand. You craved his touch more than you could have ever imagined, and you never want to let him go. The two of you don’t speak for a while. Instead you hold each other close, your lips never leaving his skin.

Finally Calum picks you up and places you on the counter so that you are eye level with him. He places his hands on your thighs, it feels as though electricity is flowing through his fingers and into your body.

“Where were you last night, Cal?” He doesn’t say anything, and avoids all eye contact. Suddenly the air shifted. Something happened last night, you feel it in your gut.

“Well, we got back late, and I rode home with Luke,” he trails off, and you can already tell where this is going. He pulls away from you and leans against the island in the middle of the kitchen.

“When he walked inside his apartment, I heard screams. It was a bunch of ‘What the fuck’s?’ and 'Are you kidding me right now(s)?!’” Calum explains that Luke walked in his house to find his girlfriend in his bed with another guy. Your heart sank. Luke has always been the one who never really had a serious girlfriend up until recently, and even though the fans hated her, he loved her.

“God, he can’t catch a break, can he?” You question aloud, which causes Calum to crack a smile.

“Babe! It’s not funny! I’m sure he’s distraught!” You swat at Calum’s toned forearm that reached out to play with your hair.

“Distraught doesn’t even begin to cover it,” he crosses his arms across his body and looks out into the living room, “He was breaking anything he could, texting her and calling her every name in the book, and taking shot after shot.” Calum rubs his eyes, giving it away that he’s exhausted.

“Here, let’s go lay down in bed,” you suggest. You hop down off the counter and take his hand, pulling him behind you. You fall right into bed as Calum slips out of his sweatpants. When he joins you, he wastes no time to get you close.

“I thought you were never coming home.” you whisper.

“Baby, no mater how difficult long distance may be, i’ll always come home to you.” he reassures you. You run your finger tips over his cheek and bring his lips to yours. The kiss was soft and gentle and everything you’ve missed.

“I hated sleeping alone,” he says when you break the kiss.

“Hotel beds are just not the same when you don’t have your girl there with you,” he jokes, which causes you to giggle.

“Yeah, I’m sure being able to stretch out in those king size beds really sucked.” You grin at him and kiss his nose.

“You are the wildest sleeper I know Calum Hood.” He looks shocked at your words, his mouth dropping wide open.

“How dare you say that! I am not a wild sleeper!” He defends himself to the best of his abilities until you both come to a truce. This is what you missed about Calum. The playful banter, the midnight kisses, the romantic moments.. and of course missing him caused a lot of heartaches too.

The room grew quiet for a while, so much so that you were sure he was asleep.

“So I was thinking,” his voice projects into the room causing you to jump.

“I can’t do long distance anymore.” Your heart stopped. You’re sure your stomach dropped out of your ass. And your ears just have to be deceiving you.

“What..?” He can hear the panic in your voice and backtracks fast.

“I mean like, I want you to come with me on tour. I want you to be in those king size beds, I want to look out into the crowd and see you. I just want you with me all the time.” His voice is so soft and comforting and it’s causing you to tear up. The moment feels so raw and real.

“ Are you sure? That’s a big step.” You sit up a little and look down at him laying in the bed.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been more sure of anything in my entire life.” Your heart went from frozen to beating 90 to nothing.

“Oh my god! Okay. Alright, well, then let’s do this.” The excitement is coursing through the air, and you feel like this is all a dream.

“Let’s tour the world baby,” Calum says as he pulls you down to meet his lips.

“Alright, then. Let’s fucking tour the world.” He laughs as you melt into him, finally two worlds becoming one.

BITE: Chapter 9

percy jackson / teen wolf crossover
i’m so sorry about the ridiculous wait!! i participated in the stydia big bang and that sort of took all of my fic writing energy for a bit. that fic is called colorblind, if you’d like to read it!! thank you for being so patient, and i hope you enjoy the update.

9/? - Stiles

“You couldn’t have this meeting outside?” Melissa said sadly, looking at the wet patches on her couch.

Everyone had gotten to their feet when she’d arrived, Scott and Stiles moving forward to greet her and everyone else hovering awkwardly in the lounge, trying to wring the excess water out of their hair with the towels still draped over their shoulders.

“I’m really sorry, Mom,” Scott said, almost pleading.

Stiles quickly came to his defence, gesturing to the bottom of the doorframe. “We couldn’t talk outside, we needed to be inside the mountain ash barrier.”

Melissa didn’t look comforted. Her gaze flickered over the group, lingering on the demigods - demigods! Actual, real live, half-gods standing in Scott’s house, Stiles could hardly believe it - before settling back on Scott. “What’s happened now? And who are your new friends?”

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