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Just about finished with my new Ivysaur wig! This is the first of a batch of new Pokemon wigs I’m making, and I’m pretty pleased with the foamwork - usually I’m too impatient to use watered down tacky glue, but it always has the cleanest and most stable outcome in my opinion. For the “vines” the key here is to make sure they’re held in place as the glue dries, usually with pins or clips.

It only needs some bang trimming and it’ll be ready to shoot!  Expect a walkthrough on Patreon in the next day or two too!


Today is the first day of Pride festivities in a lot of cities around the USA, including where I live, so I wanted to make some CC in honor of it! These are two wigs – wait, wigs?

Yes, wigs. Each of these only has one swatch – so the mohawk’s base color is black and the long hair’s base color is platinum. I thought calling them wigs made more sense!

Both of these guys are just recolors of base game meshes, and they have custom thumbnails. I hope you guys enjoy!

download: sfs (1 mb zipped)

Wig Tutorial: Creating a Double-Thick Wig

Wefting and De-wefting Techniques

Double-thick wigs are useful for all sorts of situations - they’re especially great for spiking because extra fiber creates an extra-thick spike, but they are also useful for characters who simply have a ton of wild hair, such as Jasper or Jiraiya. Even wig brands renown for their thick hair can’t hold a candle to a double-thick wig, especially when you double up on a wig style that was thick to start with.

Supply List

  • Two wigs
  • A wighead and stand
  • Pins
  • A seam-ripper or small pair of scissors
  • Duckbill or alligator clips
  • Tacky glue or a needle & thread

Keep reading below to learn how to make your own super thick wig!

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Blac Chyna in Dusty Rose duo from @daretobevintage

All sewn elements are DONE. Finally.
Only two things left: stylize wig and attach goggles (finished earlier) to its base.
I’m proud and so… so tired.
I didn’t have time for this cosplay, that’s why i was fighting with it since august last year!

(In all this layers I feel like warrior in armor…)
 Better photo [LINK]

MLB Steampunk design by @hubedihubbe

classy guises 

10/04/17 NEWS

1st Anniversary of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events | Teaser Trailer.

Louis Hynes said that he was wearing a wig today on set. Are they filming The Carnivorous Carnival?

[Screenshot by asouealbert on Twitter] Link.