two whole walls were covered in books

Realization (Ed Edd n Eddy Fanfic)

****Based off Ed Edd N Eddy theory****

Double D sat silently in his room. He’d been staring at his wall for a good few hours now and there wasn’t any reasoning for him to stop. How many weeks has it been? One? Two? Ten? What did it matter anyway? There was no time where he was. There wasn’t anything worth giving attention to where he was. In fact, he couldn’t tell a single soul where he was either.

Maps of continents and posters of anatomies were covered in coffee stained crumbled paper sloppily pasted or taped to the wall. Towers of books stacked as high as his hanging models of whole solar systems. Jim the cactus and its neighbor the ant farm forgotten, dying and withering. That’s how they were supposed to be at least. But it’s okay. As many times as he’s chopped up Jim and smashed each ant into a pulpy mess, they’ll be in their respectful places come tomorrow morning. It’ll be the twentieth time after all.

Muffled laughter could be heard outside his tightly shut window. With slow cautious steps, Double D made his way over and peeked through the blinds. Everyone was outside playing and doing what they were supposed to do. Eddy and Ed were even playing with everyone. It was as if Double D’s presence added to Eddy’s scheming ways and Ed’s lack of intelligence. Ed was even playing with Sarah and Jimmy.  Double D, Eddward, didn’t exist to anyone anymore. He never did. That was, until he decided to leave his room, anyway.

Everything would go back to normal, wouldn’t it? he thought, eyes glistening over with tears. Double D glanced at his buzzing television.  All because of a video…

It started off as a very normal day. Eddy and Ed wouldn’t probably show up at his door until well into the afternoon, so that left him free to do his chores as usual. As he ran around his room making sure everything was in their rightful places, the lights flickered…

Bubbling substances and smoking test tubes. The smell of familiar chemicals. Excitement coursing his veins and seeping from his very pores. A gap toothed grin spread across his face, stretching his cheeks so much it stung at the corners of his lips. Small hands scribbling down numbers, notes, reactions, thoughts, equations, doodles…

The small hand reached for the micro burner, ready to see what extraordinary findings would come from the experiment. Lives changed forever?  Winning the Noble Prize? Or maybe it’ll be a complete fluke. He’d soon find out. A small twist of his wrist…then nothing.

Double D reeled back, stumbling until he tumbled onto his bed. Breathes escaping him in pants, he peered around his room for what felt like forever. Imageries of scattered splintered and burning wood stuck in neighboring houses. Singed limbs lying in someone’s grass or living room. They were all seared into his brain.

He inhaled shakily and placed his hand on his chest. “Good heavens, what was that?” he whispered to himself.

Of course there wasn’t an answer, but found himself waiting for one anyway. That was the first of many sleepless nights and torturous headaches. Even the kids in the cul-de-sack began noticing his odd behavior. His inventions for the Eds weren’t actually masterpieces to begin with, but when he began losing interest all together, Eddy had A LOT to say about it.

“What is wrong with you, sockhead? Get your head in the game!” Eddy nearly screamed. As he went on to say more, Double D did something he’d never thought he’d do in a long time; toned him out.  

From Double D’s memory, that happened only a month after the visions started. Even as he walked away from them, Ed’s cries for his attention didn’t faze him one bit. That was the last time he’d seen them.

He left notes for his parents explaining that he may need to go to a doctor, but surprisingly the only response he received was a reassuring yet short note and stronger pain killers. Double D stared at the note in his eerily quiet kitchen and all at once the usually bright atmosphere tasted stale, looked gray and buzzed in his ears. Numbly, he grabbed a glass cup from the cabinet.

While sipping on his water, he read the note over again.

  Don’t worry, sweetheart. You may be stressing. Try to get more sleep and if the headaches persist, here are painkillers to help.

We love you.

      Mom & Dad

Double D read it over and over again. Another unusual emotion overcame him. Only now while thinking about it did he know that it was anger. Pure unfiltered anger. Before he could stop himself, the glass was flung at the refrigerator. Water and tiny pieces of glass flew everywhere. A shard swiped his cheek and it brought him out of the red haze.

There was no telling what was happening to him. Going as if everything was normal wasn’t possible and as much as he’d like to lose himself in one of Eddy’s ridiculous scams, go about relabeling everything in the house or studying God knows what, the visions wouldn’t stop. The details of them gave him nightmares and had him crying throughout the day. He stared at the note again, a dribble of blood crawling down his cheek and dripping off his jawline.

We love you…

His eyes stung, but he quickly wiped at them and then tore the notes to shreds…


Three months. Double D didn’t leave his house for three months. There were no more notes from his parents. No one came knocking on his door to see how he was doing. It was just him and his thoughts alone in his suddenly too big of a home.

It’s always been this way, hasn’t it? When did I ever have friends? Double D found himself thinking one day.

It was very strange. He’d always had Ed and Eddy by his side ever since he was a small child. At least that’s what he thought. Double D couldn’t even remember anything at that age. The memory of a lonely kid in a childless neighborhood kept coming back to him. No Ed. No Eddy. No Kevin. No Sarah and Jimmy. No anyone. In fact, the more he was left with his thoughts, the more he started to really think of his parents. There was a smidge of disdain toward them that he’d never thought he’d feel. In many ways, whenever the thought of them popped in his head, their faces were blank slates. It was almost as though they never existed.

How could he possibly come to that conclusion? Disillusioned, Alzheimer’s, and just plain insanity could’ve been a few results as to what he was going through, but a small voice at the back of his mind said otherwise. It just didn’t make sense. To say his parents didn’t exist wasn’t far from the truth, but he did remember the way they spoke. The way they carried themselves. Double D even remembered what they expected of him and that was a lot. They figured he’d have his PHD before his twentieth birthday. Was there even college outside the neighborhood? Those thoughts led Double D to his breaking point. So, the following morning, he left the cul-de-sac.

From his calculations, Double D walked for a tiring five hours with only a few breaks in between. The next corner he turned? It was the cul-de-sac. He walked in a complete circle. No, that wasn’t right. He’d walked in a straight line. There were grassy plains and unfamiliar houses. Graffiti laced buildings and trash filled alleys. He felt like a kid in a candy store, happy to be away from the familiarity of suburban life. So happy that he gained a burst of energy and ran his last mile. When Eddy’s house came into view, there was no doubt in his mind that something was amiss.

So, the cycle repeated.  Double D took the same route as the day before, but went a completely different direction when he made it to the alleyways. By the end, he stared at Ed’s house. The next day, he tried again. Jimmy’s house. Repeat. Kevin’s house. Repeat. Naz. Repeat. Roth’s. Repeat. His house!

Double D didn’t know if he had it in him to continue on, but he knew if he didn’t try again, what he was going through would never go away and who knew if it would even help. But as a scientist (sort of), curiosity wouldn’t be fed unless he solved the problem. That night, he rushed to the attic and grabbed his dad’s camcorder, made sure it had enough juice and another set of batteries, before he was off again the next morning. Double D made sure he walked for an extra two hours and then dragged his tired limbs home after he ended up standing in front of Johnny’s house.

Double D sat in front of his television and observed every rock, crack, and dent the camcorder caught. Nothing. There was absolutely nothing unusual. Then he turned a familiar corner…

Four towering white walls with only one window higher than anyone can reach. The window radiated such an energy that made the Double D in the video let out a shuddering breath. It spoke of happiness, clarity…freedom.

He found himself scooting his chair closer to the television, brows furrowing and teeth digging into his bottom lip.  The camcorder started to shake the longer he stood there. Maybe from fear or excitement, he couldn’t tell which. The Double D in the video began breathing heavily, and between breaths, one word was uttered.


The camcorder shook as Double D began running for the wall with the high window. All at once, shadows zipped to and fro in the small space. Everything came to a halt and the blurred camcorder came into focus.  Three creatures floated above him. They grinned with bright jagged teeth while the numerous eyeballs covering their hairy faces blinked one at a time. Their fur seemed to stand on end as if an electric shock ran through them.  Double D, slowly slipping from his chair, heard his breath hitch in the video and as if on cue, the beasts lunged themselves at him. The camcorder flew to the side as loud shrill screams echoed throughout the space. The creatures laughed the whole time, demonic voices creating multiple otherworldly sounds.

Double D gasped, finally thumping to the ground, hand over his mouth. He could barely see what was going on, but the sound of something hitting flesh could be heard and with each slap or punch, he flinched. Red splashed and dripped from the wall and camcorder lens. He trembled, tears overflowing. Then everything was silent. Double D didn’t dare breath.

Suddenly, the camcorder was lifted from the ground while whispered giggling was heard in the background.  Double D gasped for a second time as the camcorder showed himself being held up by the neck by the ragged dark blue haired beast. His hand subconsciously ventured to his neck and he swallowed thickly.

The blue one spoke. “NO. ESCAPE.

The voice pattern sounded familiar. Double D couldn’t quite place it, but he could’ve sworn it sounded like Marie Kanker. The video became fuzzy, white noise bouncing off his walls loudly. Then, as though nothing happened, he was walking and pointing the camcorder towards Johnny’s house. The only thing to leave his mouth was a broken sob. He sat there for the rest of the night.

Since that night, Double D was unable to leave his home. He refused to freak out about it. It was obvious why. He’d learned too much. In fact, he didn’t mind. This false reality wasn’t something he could go through normally anymore. So, without hesitation, Double D went to work watching the video over and over again. His home was covered in notes and scattered books. They were all about souls, purgatory, and how possible otherworldly plains could exist. The conclusion was possible and dead obvious from when he’d deducted that his parents weren’t there.

Double D, Eddward, was dead.

Many thoughts went through his head. Did he do something to deserve this? Double D was an excellent student and followed his ‘parents’ rules without a fuss. Although he had trouble believing in a higher being, did his trying mean nothing in the end? Or was it that he couldn’t move on? Was it possible that something was holding on to him there? Those answers weren’t going to come to him anytime soon. And it most likely never will, because he’d been wondering around his home for weeks and was slowly driving himself insane. The last time he’d watched the video, he remembered what he said.



It clicked then…Double D knew that place. He knew all along. And the cycle kept repeating in a never ending loop. He’d have a vision, become curious enough to investigate, find the window, and then he’ll be destroyed by the three demons and finally locked in solitary confinement…until what?

Present Double D contemplated as he watched everyone play outside his window. His eyes were dry and his lips were chapped. Memories seeped back into his mind’s eyes at a slow crawl. Every incident that involved him remembering came to the surface. Each incident ended with him standing at his door, tears streaming down his face and eyes wide in desperation.

“I accept! Please, I accept and want to forget! Please let me out! Let me forget!”

The door would unlock and the memories of his past investigations were wiped away. He became the innocent Double D he’d been when he first entered this hellish place. He was scared. Alone. Wishing for his friends again. Those same feelings were coming back to him. It must have been around the time he’d usually cave. Double D scoffed, eyes narrowing. This time was different though. As he recalled, his past experiences didn’t learn from the mistakes he’d committed. He didn’t learn to concur his weakness.

I won’t let myself forget so easily this time, he thought.

No, this time he knew he’d have to say those same words. They were like a trigger for the demons; the Kanker Sisters. He didn’t want to beg them. He wanted to END them. How long had he and his friends been there? When and how did everyone die? Were they children when they died or people who’d lived full lives? The questions just kept coming and the more he stared out that window, the more he knew he couldn’t continue this way. There was a reason he kept remembering. Maybe this next time, it’ll be different.

A knife sat on his bed, smeared in blood. Arm stinging as he flexed his fingers, his eyes lingered on the kids in the cul-de-sac for another minute, before he walked out of his room. He stood on top of the stairs, forcing the tears to come to his eyes. If the Kanker Sisters were as dumb as he thought they were, then this should work without any complications.

With a deep breath, Double D rushed down the stairs and slammed into the door.

“I can’t take it anymore! Please, I’m begging you, let me out!” His fists banged against the door, tears flowing and voice cracking to add to the act. “Please! I accept! Let me forget! I want to forget!”

The door clicked. It worked. Double D stumbled away from the door, breathing heavily. It was really happening. Once he opened that door, he would forget everything. He’d have his friends back. The kids in the neighborhood would have a love/hate relationship with him. Double D would be back to the same carefree parent-loving genius he always been. Or was it written out for him to be?

His arm gave a sharp stab. Double D resisted grabbing it. All he could hope was that those words he so lovingly carved into his arm would stay. The cycle would end with these simple words…


It sounded as if he would give up each time, but no. They was so that the next time would be in remembrance of this past experience.  He’d remember and find a better way to escape. There had to be a better way…

Hesitantly he reached for the doorknob. The books and the notes faded away one by one as he inched the door open. Each memory that was seared into his brain dissolved and right before his eyes, the playing kids outside stopped what they were doing, recognition dawning in their features. Oddly, only one of them stared at him expectantly. Kevin. It was as if he knew this would happen.  

Double D didn’t have time to figure out. A wavering smile spread across his face and all he wanted to do was see about his friends. Nothing else matter. He closed the door behind him and was outside and with the Eds once more. From the corner of his eye, he could see Kevin still watching him.

I wonder what’s that about? he thought before shrugging. Double D grinned as he listened to Eddy plan his next scam, oblivious and content.