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How Misha Quit Figure Skating - Part Three

Part one, part two

Whistling to himself as he went, Misha wandered around the school grounds. He had at least another hour to kill before his Papa would be able to pick him up, and all his friends had already gone home. There wasn’t much else to do, aside from walk around and do nothing in particular.

“Heads!” A voice shrieked.

Misha barely ducked in time as a medium sized hard ball was flung in his direction. Due to his sudden jerking, he stumbled, and landed on his butt.

“I’m so sorry!” A boy Misha didn’t recognise sprinted over. “I did warn you!”

He blinked slowly, staring up into warm brown eyes that reminded him a little of the hot chocolate his Tosan made, and accepted the hand that was being thrust into his face. “It’s okay.”  

The boy flushed slightly, hauling Misha to his feet. “Are you sure? You fell pretty hard.”

Misha pulled out his best smile. “Don’t worry, I’ve had a lot worse! Last month I fell off my bike and had to get stitches, see!” He let go of his hand and pointed to the scar on his arm.

The brown eyes grew wider. “That looks so cool! Kind of like lightning or something!”

Misha grinned. “I know, right? I have loads and loads like that. It’s really cool too because the nurses know my name now without even asking. They stopped giving me the free lollipops though so that’s kind of bad.”

The boy giggled. “You must be clumsy.”

“A little, I guess.” Suddenly, Misha remembered he was being rude, and bowed lightly. “I’m Misha Katsuki-Nikiforov.”

The other boy’s face scrunched up in thought. “Katsuki-Nikiforov? Like the ice skaters?”

Misha’s face fell. He was getting sick of everyone asking about his dads, especially now that he’d stopped skating. It made him feel even more self-conscious, like he was the greatest disappointment of all.


He shrugged. “That’s cool. My name’s Dmitri, Dmitri Dolmotov,” he said slowly. “But you can call me Dima if you want! You seem nice enough. My family just moved here.”

Misha perked up again. “Okay, Dima, nice to meet you.” He peered around at the astro-court that Dmitri had run out from. “What were you just playing?”

Dmitri’s head whipped around. “Oh! I was just practising my hockey goals. We can play properly though, if you want!”

Shuffling slightly, Misha looked down. “I don’t know how…”

This was waved off completely. “C’mon, I bet there’s a spare stick around here. I’ll teach you!”

Though he didn’t really know what he was doing at first, Dmitri was patient with him, explaining the rules as they went. As the minutes passed, the stick began to feel increasingly more natural in his hands. Even when Misha slipped past him and managed to score a goal, there was nothing but praise on the other boy’s face. Misha happily decided he liked Dmitri a lot.  


Now, once you’ve got hold of your broom, I want you to mount it. Grip it tight. You don’t wanna be sliding off the end. When I blow my whistle, I want you to kick off from the ground, hard. Keep your broom steady, hover for a moment then lean forward slightly and touch back down. On my whistle. Three, two…

Sparring. A Rowaelin Oneshot.

  Hiya Guys! This whole story is a lot more angsty and long than I had intended, but ya know…. This was my first fic that I’ve ever had someone submit me a prompt. That wonderful person was @targaryenqueenofvelaris.

Prompt: Aelin is hurt while sparring and has to calm down Rowan.

Aelin grinned a bit as she watched Connall slap Fenrys upside the head, the dark twin snarling as Fenrys laughed. It was refreshing to see them kid with each other in spite of the last month’s events. She shook her head and braced a hand on her hip. She still couldn’t believe she was standing there; in the sunlight, breathing, feeling, living.
  She had survived Maeve and Erawan, and now she stood in her Castle, watching her friends— her family train.
A laugh escaped her lips, and Rowan, who had been leaning against a tree a few feet away from her, cocked a brow.
She shook her head, “Nothing, nothing.”
 Rowan shoved of the tree, his eyes bright as he walked towards her. She took him in as he walked closer, his powerful body at a sort of ease she had rarely ever seen.
“You know, Princess, you should be out there training.”
She rolled her eyes, “First of all; I’m a Queen. Second of all; I was going to ask you if you wanted to spar, but since you’re being a pain in my ass, I’ll ask one of the twins.”
 He stepped closer, close enough that they shared breath, “Really?”
Aelin hummed and slid a hand up his chest, over his shoulder. “Really.”
His eyes danced, the green dark in the shade of the tree, and pang of love went through her. She laughed again and stood on her tiptoes, kissing the bow of his lips softly.
 “You know I can kick your ass,” she whispered against his skin.
Rowan huffed a laugh, “Why do you think I love you so much?”
  With another laugh, she slanted her mouth against his, her other hand coming up to tangle in his hair. Rowan slipped a broad hand around her waist, his fingers making idle strokes along her back.
Behind Rowan, there was a sharp wolf-whistle. Two guesses from whom it came.

  “Break it up, love-birds, we’re out here to train, not fornicate!”
Without breaking the kiss, she showed Fenrys her favorite finger, but Rowan too soon pulled away.
 “We did come out here to train,” he murmured against her. With a deep, dramatic sigh, she nodded, but gave him a quick peck on the lips before skipping over to where Connall and Fenrys stood, smirking.
“Do I have to be extra careful with the Queen today, don’t want her injured before Coronation?” Fenrys purred as she approached, that maddening smirk spreading across his face.
 “No, actually, I was hoping to go up against your brother,” she said as she drew the sword strapped against her back.
 Connall, the wise man, paled and scratched at his wrist. “Are you sure, Your Majesty? I—,” Aelin raised a hand to stop him.
 “I’ve been getting tired of playing with these ones, need some new blood in the monotony.”
Rowan slid behind her, and she knew he knew what she was doing.
 Even since after she’d been liberated from Maeve and after Connall, Fenrys, and Vaughn had been freed from their bloodoaths, Connall had been…Distant.
 The male was kind, gentle for a warrior, and Aelin genuinely liked him. And he and Elide got on like wildfire, but he always seemed like he didn’t know whether or not he was wanted in her court.
“Well, come on then,” she jutted her chin towards the center of the field they stood in. Connall swallowed and followed her, glancing once towards Fenrys.

She paused at center, and smiled as Connall cautiously approached her, his own fine sword drawn.
 “Count of three?” She asked softly, watching out of the corner of her eye as Rowan and Fenrys sidled up to watch.
 Connall nodded, a strand of his inky black hair slipping out of its tie.
“One.” she crouched lower. “Two.” Connall flipped his sword, the blade glinting in the light.
“Three!” She struck.
  Rowan watched as Aelin struck first, Goldryn whining as it struck Connall’s blade. He grinned in delight as a look of shock spread across Con’s face. Why he was surprised, Rowan didn’t know. The male had seen Aelin take on armies of demons and survive.
 But, in his defense, Aelin had seemed much… Stronger since forging the Lock. Everything about her seemed amplified, her strength, her power, her magic, and even her beauty. Rowan crossed his arms as he watched the two whirl around each other, a few strands of Aelin’s golden hair slipping from its braid. She was beautiful, a storm of fire and ash and—
Tan skin and … Blood. There was so much blood. Too much.
She was dying— his mate. Rowan screamed again as he tore through the dying Valg that swarmed around his queen.
 No no no no. She was screaming his name, and he could feel her magic pouring out into the world desperately flowing towards Erawan and the Lock, but death loomed over his shoulder. The Golden Queen, bloodied and gaunt and dying and—

Shit. He’d done it again.
Fenrys was glancing at him with a concerned look in his golden eyes.
“You look like you zoned out for a moment.”
Rowan shook his head, trying desperately to focus on the match before him and not that damned day.
“Sorry, sorry, I was thinking.” He murmured, a faint flush creeping up his neck.
 He’d faced battles so terrifying, so blood-ridden he refused to allow himself to think about them, but still that battle…The carnage that reined. And Aelin— Never in his life would the image of Aelin’s body lying at his feet leave his mind.
A loud grunt brought him back to attention as Connall advanced, swinging a leg out to trip Aelin, but she nimbly avoided it.
 “Don’t tell him, but I’m hoping Aelin beats his ass.”
Rowan let out a low laugh, shifting on his feet as Connall twirled slashing at Aelin and missing only by a few inches.
 Aelin ran her eyes up and down the male before striking again; her blade making a neat arc through the air before striking Connall’s.
 Neither of them had landed a hit yet.
“Rowan trained you, didn’t he?”
Connall paused for a moment when Aelin said that, as if remembering Rowan had trained the queen as well.
  Rowan watched in amusement as Aelin used that momentary pause to her advantage, swinging out a leg then—

 Aelin let out a groan as Connall’s blade slid through the side of her thigh, the blood already spurting from the wound.
She hadn’t even seen him move.
Connall dropped his blade, his hands sliding beneath her arms before she could collapse.
 “Your majesty— I am so— Oh, gods, I’m.”
He didn’t have a chance to finish before Rowan was there, practically shaking with rage.
  “What the hell!” He roared as ran near, almost shoving Connall away from her. She would’ve rolled her eyes, had a wave of sickening nausea not rolled over her. Blood loss.
“Lay her down!” Rowan barked, a hand going out to brush the leather of her pants.
“Ro’, I’m fine. Just a flesh wound.”
Rowan didn’t listen, he just came to her side as Connall laid her down, the faces of the three males loomed over her as Rowan crouched down. Her mate stretched out his hands over the wound, a faint tingling moving through the wound as he healed her.
 “What the hell were you thinking?” Rowan growled again, and something sifted within her at the ire in his pine eyes.
 “Rowan, he didn’t mean to—”
“No! He should have been able to stop, he struck his own queen!”
Aelin sat up, already feeling back to normal. She glanced down at her leg; the wound was barley a scar now.
  “Rowan! Calm. Down.” She gritted out through clenched teeth.
Rowan locked his eyes on hers, and she saw the panic, the sheer terror within.
Rowan glanced down at his hands, now covered with her blood, and sucked in a shallow breath.
His hands began to shake over her; those mighty, strong hands.
She threw a look to Fenrys and Connall, who were now watching them with concerned eyes.
“Go,” she said softly.
With a nod, Fenrys seized Connall’s arm and winnowed off.

 When they had gone, Rowan jerked up, fisting hands in his hair. His breathing was shallow as he paced away.
 “Too much blood. Too much.” He mumbled, his eyes squeezed shut.
She stood slowly, walking towards him with her hands outstretched.
“Rowan.” She murmured softly, the wind stirring the grasses along the edge of the field.
He shook his head again, his breathing getting quicker.
 His panic was making her heartrate pick up. In the back of her mind she registered that this was a panic attack of some sorts. She was all too used to them.
“Too much,” he groaned.
She crossed the distance between them, reaching up a trembling hand to slid it over his chest. His heart was thundering.
 “Look at me, Rowan.” She commanded.
He sucked in a deep breath and opened his eyes. She made herself calm down, willing her heart to settle.
“Give me your hand, Rowan.”
Rowan lowered his arms, hesitantly slipping a hand into hers. She made sure he saw each movement she made as she took his trembling hand and guided it to her chest; right over her heart.
“Do you feel that? I am alive. I am fine.” Her voice was soft; more reassuring than she felt.
Rowan’s fingers contracted and uncontracted over her chest, and she stepped closer.
“You’re not going to lose me again, Rowan. I’m not leaving you.”
Her mate loosed a shuddering breath, “You died, Aelin.”
 She swallowed the lump in her throat. “I did. But I’m here now, we’re together.”
Rowan began to slow his breathing, his eyes calming.
“I— I keep seeing you laying there. I keep seeing you dead, and— I keep feeling you die.”
  A single tear slipped down his face, and Aelin reached up a hand, wiping it away.
“I keep seeing the blood covering you, and I can’t breathe—I can’t focus on anything besides the blood. There was so much blood.”
A deep breath.
“And the damned cut on your leg and the blood. I’m sorry, I—”
She placed a finger on his open lips in a hushing motion. “Don’t apologize. I get them too.”
 Rowan cocked his head a bit. “Them?”
Aelin looked toward the Castle, the silver and green banners whipping in the summer wind.
 “I get the nightmares, the flashes of the War, the memories of being in the coffin.”
She didn’t like thinking about it, but those memories… they would always remain. But she’d heal, and so too would Rowan, and her people and the lands and her friends. They would heal.
Rowan very methodically wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her closer and pressing his brow to hers.
 “We’re going to get through this, Fireheart.”
She smiled up at him— a real, lovely smile, one she knew he loved.
“We always relish in beating the odds.”
A laugh warmed her mouth, and she wrapped her arms around his waist.
“I love you.”
“I love you, too. To whatever end.”

The Whistler, from Ask Reddit’s “[Serious] What is the creepiest thing that has ever ACTUALLY happened to you?”

Submitted by user bingbong1234:

I’ve been waiting a long time to tell Reddit the full story of The Whistler. This story requires many details, but it is unexplainable, creepy, and 100% true. I also have video evidence.

When I was about 8 years old I was taking my dog for a walk through the neighborhood with my mom. It was maybe 11pm. We live next to a swamp/woods area on the edge of our neighborhood in Lansing, Michigan. I remember it being very silent and slightly windy. From down in the swamp we heard somebody whistling at us. It sounded sort of like a bird, but each whistle was different enough where the lack of consistency made it human-like. The whistle sounded higher, then lower. I can’t really describe it. My mom had a concerned, slightly terrified look on her face and grabbed my hand and said that we should go inside quickly. I didn’t understand because I was too young, but seeing my mom freak out made me freak out too. After a while, though, I kind of forgot about it.

Two years later, I was taking my dog out again, late at night. There is a large bush that could easily obscure a person behind it just next to the front door. As I was finishing the walk, the whistling noise started again, same pitches, same inconsistent, human-like tones. As soon as I heard it, a chill went down my spine as I remembered exactly the feeling of seeing my mom, terrified, looking down into the swamp at something I couldn’t see (maybe she couldn’t either). I ran inside as fast as possible.

Years went by and I thought about it less and less. I told only a handful of people, and eventually it slipped from my mind.

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Lost Series - Part Three

Part One :

Part Two :

Pairing : Jerome x Fem. Reader

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Unrelated - But I really love that gif ^^ He looks so cute.

How long has it been? I honestly don’t know. I haven’t seen the sunlight in days. The last time I saw Jerome was the day that I kicked a guard in the nuts and broke the others nose. For doing that, they threw me in solitary. The room was small, with white padded walls. The doctors kept doping me up with something that made my bones feel like mush. I don’t know what it is, but they said it’s to ‘calm me down’. I couldn’t move, or even keep my eyes open.

I haven’t eaten for days because of this. Everyday at the same time they push a plate of food through a slot in the door. Sometimes, I manage to crawl over to it. Eat a few bites before it all comes back up. I feel disgusting. I just want to go home. But that’s the thing, there is no home. To be honest, anywhere would be better than here.

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Hockey Camp - Auston Matthews (Part 4)

Auston Matthews x Reader

Word Count: 1760

Warnings: Some swearing

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]

A/N: Wow! First of all, I’d like to personally thank everyone who’s liked this story, I just started writing it one day at work while I was bored and decided the other afternoon to post it, and never thought I’d get a response, let alone a positive one - so thank you!

I honestly had so much fun writing this chapter, it made me nostalgic for hockey practices with my teammates when we used to fool around and try and get each other in trouble. (I miss playing so much).

Hope you enjoy!


Practice gets off to a hectic start. Firstly, you can’t find your neck guard while getting dressed (it’s stuck to the inside of your jersey, which you didn’t notice until after you put it on and felt something weird touching your ribs). Because of this, you’re late getting on the ice, and miss your chance to warm up before the coach calls everybody over to explain the first drill. One of your favourite parts of practice is having a nice long warm up skate to stretch out and loosen your muscles from the day before.

You try not to let it frazzle you, but you can’t seem to focus properly. You keep losing the puck and making bad passes, and your entire body feels tight and uncomfortable. Steph notices, and skates over to you while you wait for your turn in a passing drill.

“Hey, everything alright?”

“Not really,” you confess. “My muscles are all super sore and I missed warm-up because I couldn’t find my neck guard in time.”

“Relax. Everyone has an off day. Plus, it’s only day two. They understand that we’re all still adjusting to how hard the camp is on our bodies.”

You nod, actually trying to take in what Steph is saying instead of denying it and having a negative attitude like you always do. “Thanks, Steph.”

The coach blows his whistle, and you grab a puck, racing around the circle. You take a wristshot, nailing the top left hand corner. It’s the first time you’ve scored all practice.

But there’s no time to celebrate - the drill isn’t over yet. You stop in front of the net, fighting for position with the defenseman and trying to block the goalie from seeing the puck. You manage to shift to just the right spot and create an effective screen, as you hear the puck fired by your defenseman hit the back of the net. Two for two.

You maintain your screen as your forward partner rounds the other circle and takes the shot. He snaps it quickly with his stick, sneaking it past the goalie’s outstretched pad and hitting the lower left corner of the net.

“Breakout, breakout!” The centre yells. He’s been waiting off to the side until the first part of the drill was over. He picks up another puck. You and the other winger switch lanes, and the centre sends the puck hurtling hard towards you.

But you’re ready.

You receive the pass with soft hands and look up to see a defender already on top of you. Normally, most people would panic, but you know you’re faster. You flick your head to the right, faking the defender out, and then chip the puck off the boards to the left, skating around her before picking up the puck.


With a quick look, you make a saucer pass over the other defender’s stick to your centre. He receives it and dekes the goalie out, neatly tucking it in the top right corner. Four for four.

“Nice one!” the centre skates over to you and gives you a high-five. You’re surprised by how youthful he looks. He must be around six feet tall, but his gangly build and pre-pubescent face make him look like an adorable oversized puppy.

“Thank-you,” you say, smiling at him. “Nice shot you’ve got there.”

“Thanks!” he replies brightly, his positive energy contagious. “You’ve got some great passing skills. I’m Mitch, by the way.”

“Y/N.” You nod your head by way of greeting.

Mitch opens his mouth to say something else, but is cut off by the coach blowing the whistle. “Two laps, then take a break for water!”

Everyone abandons the drill and begins to skate hard around the perimeter of the rink. You finish your two laps, among the leaders of the pack, and cruise over to the bench to grab some water.

You’re about to pick up your bottle when somebody nudges you.

“Hello again!”

You turn and look up to see Mitch’s smiling face.

“Oh hey! We meet once more.” You pour some water into your mouth, and Mitch does the same.

“Practice is real tough today, huh?”

“Yeah,” you agree, nodding. “And it’s only day two. Next thing you know, they’ll be making us bag skate.”

Mitch’s eyes widen, horrified. “Don’t say that too loudly, or they’ll get ideas.”

You laugh.

“I thought I was fit before I came here. My, did I have a rude awakening yesterday. The only person I know that isn’t dying right now is him.” Mitch points to a tall guy with his back turned to you. “Total hotshot,” he says sarcastically, and proceeds to poke the blade of his stick into the guy’s armpit.

“What the-!” the guy yelps, turning around. “Mitch, what the fuck, dude?”

Mitch laughs and you take a closer look at the guy. Of course.

“Oh, hey Y/N,” Auston says, his eyes lighting up. He smiles at you and your heart jumps a little.

“You two have met?”

“Yeah,” you explain quickly. “We’re acquainted.” You immediately want to slap yourself. Who even says ‘we’re acquainted’? You sound like a grandmother.

The coach blows his whistle sharply. “Auston, Mitch, and Y/N. Since you are all obviously more concerned with chatting than listening like everybody else, perhaps you three would like to demonstrate the next drill?”

“Sure coach!” Mitch says enthusiastically. You and Auston exchange a look.

The coach frowns. “Get yourselves in positions,” he barks. “I don’t care who’s normally centre or left wing or whatever. Decide fast. I want you guys to break out of the zone quick, weave at least twice before you hit the red line. Then you can worry about stickhandling around the defender. This drill is all about passing, positioning, and teamwork.” He turns back to the group of players kneeling on the ice. “If only two out of three forwards touches the puck in this drill, you can forget about shooting. There is no excuse for not being able to make at least three passes before you get to the offensive zone. Got it?”

Everyone else nods.

“I need an answer.”

“Yes!” the group responds.

“Alright.” The coach blows his whistle loudly. “Y/N, Auston, Mitch. Take it away.”

Since you and Auston both shoot left-handed and Mitch shoots right, Mitch moves over to right wing, while you take your regular left wing position, and Auston gets centre.

Without any hesitation, Auston picks up a puck, loops around the net, and fires it over to Mitch, who’s already picked up a considerable amount of speed. Shit, they’re really fast.

You hustle over towards the centre of the ice, and Mitch does the same. You get so close to each other, for a split second you think you’re going to crash, but then Mitch side-steps an inch to the left and makes a drop pass. You pick it up with ease, and in no more than a second, you’re on the right wing, ready to pass it to Auston. You fire the puck low and flat across the ice as hard as you can, but Auston receives it so softly, he makes your pass look weaker than it is.

He and Mitch weave in and out with each other, appearing completely at ease. The way they’re so aware of each other’s position on the ice without having to look makes it obvious that they have played together for a while.

You end up with the puck as you cross the blue line. You consider taking a shot, but the goalie’s far out in his crease, making for an easy save.

Then you get an idea.

You pick up speed, pretending like you’re going in to shoot. The goalie backs into his crease correspondingly, covering less of the net. You wind up but then stop halfway, quickly using your backhand to drop pass it back to Auston, who you know is directly behind you. You barely have a second to jump away before Auston wires a slapshot into the right side of the net.

“Yeah baby!” Mitch whoops, bringing you and Auston in for a celebratory group hug. His long arms wrap around both your shoulders. “Great job team.”

You smile widely and Auston rolls his eyes.

“Mitch, please stop touching me. Your gloves stink and the smell is gonna make me puke.”

Mitch feigns obliviousness. “What, my gloves?” He shoves both his hands in Auston’s face. “They smell like roses!”

Auston smacks Mitch’s hands away, but Mitch immediately tries to shove them in his face again. The two begin play-fighting, and much to your amusement, Mitch manages to get Auston in a headlock, trapping the taller and stronger boy under his birdlike arms. Eventually they end up on the ground, laughing so hard they can’t move anymore.

You stare down at them, shaking your head. “You guys are idiots.”

Mitch scrambles to his feet, pushing his helmet back down on his head. A goofy grin is plastered across his face. “Why thank-you. I take pride in being an idiot.”

As Auston stands up, he reaches over and smacks Mitch on the back of the head. 

Mitch turns around to face him. “You wanna go again bro? You wanna fight? Huh? Come at me,” Mitch taunts Auston, throwing his gloves down to the ice. When Auston doesn’t respond, he shoves his chest. “You scared? Why’re you so scared of me, huh?”

“Mitchell Marner!”

You all turn your heads to look at the coach.

“Why are your gloves off? Stop fucking around and get back in line, or you’ll be doing laps after practice!” He glares at the three of you and mutters to himself before turning around.

“Yes sir!” Mitch grabs his gloves and salutes the coach’s back.

“Ooh, someone got in trouble,” Auston teases.

“You started it.”

“Your gloves started it, actually. If you washed them for once in your life, we wouldn’t have this problem.”

“But washing your equipment is bad luck!”

“Guys, c’mon,” you beg, laughing. “I don’t really feel like doing any more laps today.”

“Yeah,” Auston agrees. He elbows Mitch in the ribs.


“Listen to the girl, she’s got a point.”

‘Listen to the girl, she’s got a point’” Mitch mocks Auston. “You’re just saying that because you li-”

Mitch is cut off as Auston clamps his glove over Mitch’s mouth, muffling his words.

“I swear to god Marner, if one more word comes out of that big mouth of yours I’ll-”

“Alright, that’s it!” the coach bellows. “You three - I want 10 laps, now! Everyone else is free to leave.”

You glare at the both of them. “Way to go guys.”

[Part 5]

Carl Grimes || My Dad

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You smiled at Carl who was playing with Judith on the porch. “What was it like?” One of the other kids asked standing on the porch and looking at Carl. They were talking about Negan. You hadn’t been there that night but you knew what happened. “It was awful,” Carl said stopping and looking at you. “We lost people we love.” You looked at him and then to the kids. “What was he like?” You looked back to Carl this time. “Awful, he was..he was awful.” You rubbed his hand and he softly smiled at you. “We should get things ready.” Carl said looking over at his dad who was running around. “For Negan?” You asked picking up Judith. “Yeah.” You nodded and took her upstairs to put her down for a nap.

“He’s here,” Rick said looking at you and Carl. “Y/N stay in the house,” Carl said kissing you softly and running out shutting the door behind him. You stood against the wall looking out of the window at the man at the top gate. There he stood tall and proud of what he had done. He was wearing a leather jacket with a red scarf and you watched his movement. He looked familiar but you couldn’t place where you had seen his face before. Negan and a bunch of other men began walking down the hill and going into different houses. “Oh no.” You said noticing them coming to this house. You grabbed the gun and aimed it at them as they walked in the door. “Negan!” They yelled. You kept your gun pointed at them. “You said half of the stuff, half is all out there.” You said looking at Negan who was now in the room. “We take the half we want.” You lowered the gun and the men took it.

Negan was watching you the whole time, you grabbed Judith from the nursery and held her while Men ran through her room grabbing whatever they felt they needed. “Please…Please don’t take that.” You said as they grabbed her cot. “She needs it.” You said looking from the men to Negan. “She needs a cot.” You said not even scared of him. “Put it down.” They nodded and left again. You put Judith back down and went to find Carl who was in the house. “Hey, I’m gonna go check on…Olivia.” You said running out of the door and away from Negan’s men. “Olivia?!” You called out walking into the food room. “Lock the guns away.” You whispered grabbing the keys and going to lock everything. You slipped a small gun into the back of your pants before locking it all.

“Well looks like you’ve been holding out on us.” Negan said grabbing your arm and taking the keys. “Take all the guns.” You looked up at him and struggled in his grip. “Let me go you creep!” You yelled snatching back your arm. You studided his face again. You could have sworn you knew him from somewhere. “D-dad?” You whispered grabbing the photo from your back pocket and walking to Olivia. “You okay?” You shook your head, you had gone a white shade and you felt light headed. “I-I think I need to lay down.” You said trying not to throw up anywhere. You handed her the photo of your dad and then she looked at Negan. “No.” She said looking from the photo to him. “What are you girls staring at?” You ran away going to throw up.

“So you’re my kid huh?” You threw up in the flower bed again while he rubbed your back, you didn’t bother to move away from him. “You grew up.” You wiped your mouth. “Yeah well no thanks to you walking out on us.” You said standing up and looking at him. “Whoa! Your mother kicked me out.” You rolled your eyes and looked over at Carl. “He’s your dad?!” You went to say something but he ran off before you could even get a word out. “Whoops trouble in paradise.” You shook your head. “What do you see in that boy? Ha get it? See?” You shook your head pushing past him but he grabbed you. “Nope, you’re coming with me.” He whistled and two men were by your side. “Take her to the van.” You struggled in their arms. “What?! No! Neagn No!” You yelled kicking at the two men. “Negan?” Rick asked watching you being pulled away. “She’s my daughter Rick.” You were thrown into the back of the van with a guy with a mustashe who was sat next to Daryl. “Daryl?!” You asked crawling to him. “He’s not supposed to talk.” The man said looking at you. “Now, now Simon be nice, it’s Negans daughter.” The man who threw you in said before slamming the doors.

“You’re nothing but a useless sack of Meat.” Sherry said looking at you. “Yeah well at least I’m not married to a serial killer.” You said sitting on the sofa and looking at her. She looked at Negan who was sat next to you. “She has a point.” He said laugh a little. “But sweet heart, your boyfriend is a serial killer and so is your daddy.” You gipped at the sound of him calling himself that. “Can you just either kill me or send me back?” You asked standing up and looking at him. “Sherry go make me a drink.” He said looking at one of his many wives. “You’re to stay here with me.” You shook your head. “No way, I have family back there and a boyfriend.” He chuckled and took his drink from Sherry. “Your family is here now.” You licked your teeth. “Oh you get that from me!” He said with a laugh and you just crossed your arms. “Now I have a little business to attend to. Sherry play nice while I’m out.” He said winking at his wife before leaving the room. “You’re nothing but a bratty child.” You rolled your eyes. “Whatever.” You said sitting down again and looking at him. “What?!” You yelled looking at her. She smashed a bottle on the counter and came towards you with the broken glass. “You’re fucking nuts!” You yelled jumping behind the sofa and looking at her. “Fuck you!” She yelled running towards you, you didn’t even think you just grabbed the closest thing and hit her with it. She fell to the floor and you hit her again in the head.

You stared at her body on the floor, her head smashed into the floor. You looked at your arm before dropping Lucille and going over to the mirror. You were covered in blood. “Oh wow.” You looked at Negan who was now stood in the doorway looking at his dead wife. “You did a banging job on her.” You looked at her and then to him. “You don’t even care do you?” You didn’t know what to do. “I want to go home.” Was all you said. “You are home sweet cheeks and with a fight like that inside you, you’re where you belong.” You looked at him before out of the window. “I need to go back. I’m not leaving Carl.” He sighed. “Young love, so gross.” You rolled your eyes. “Do I get to go back or what?” You said looking at him. “You love this boy?” You nodded. “He loves you?” You continued nodding. “Fine.” You smirked at looked at Negan. “But I don’t want any funny business and I want to come for a family meal every Friday no arguments.” You nodded and he walked you to a bathroom. “Get cleaned up.”

EXO Reacts to: You (idol) and Luhan dating

Summary: The two of you are bestfriends but he doesn’t know you’re dating Luhan.


When he walks in on the two of you making out, he’ll immediately awkwardly let himself out. Of course he’s happy for the two of you, as you’re two of his favourite people; but he won’t hesitate to tease you about it later.

‘So when were you planning to tell me about this?’

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(When he notices them)


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Will not hesitate to start yelling out of shock. Of course he’s not mad at you, but he’s so surprised and he needs to let it out. He’ll also show how protective he his over you by warning Luhan.

‘If you hurt her I swear you will regret it.’

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He’ll stand with a smug grin on his face, clearing his throat to get your attention. He would’ve guessed there was something going on between the two of you anyway so he wasn’t surprised. Junmyeon would barely say anything leaving the two of you completely dumbfounded.

‘Just here for my coat.’

He’d say as he walked out with the biggest smirk.

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At first he’ll just stare blankly at the two of you. When you finally notice him he’ll just give you a sweet but extremely awkward smile and walk out like nothing happened.

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Baek is screaming and running all over the place, he would’ve told all the members within the first 20 seconds. He won’t calm down until he is sleeping, and it will be a long time til the time for that comes.

‘OMG GUYS! Luhan and Y/N are doing things which aren’t suitable for this household!’

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Teasing the fuck out of you two. He’ll whistle when he sees what’s going on and giggle when he notices your embarrassment. He’ll be making jokes about the two of you for as long as he can.

‘Oh my! What do we have here?’

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Has no idea what to do. Should he stay and tease you? Should he have a serious talk with the two of you? Or should he just leave? Instead he just stands awkwardly in the doorway stuttering.

‘Um…I think I might just leave. But, um, I’ll talk to you later? Maybe, I don’t know. BYE!’

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Just looks at you both with the most unamused expression. He doesn’t disapprove of your relationship, he just would’ve rather not walked in on the two of you making out.

‘As ‘cute’ as the two of you are, could you keep the couple stuff somewhere else? Thanks.’

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I see him being the most annoyed to be honest. Not annoyed about your relationship, but the fact that you never told him. He starts to question whether you trust him or not; of course you reassure him that you do and you all laugh about it later.

‘I still can’t believe you never told me Y/N!’

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An ‘o’ is formed on his lips, but he leaves as quickly as he entered. He understands the importance of privacy in a relationship so he leaves the two of you alone, for now. However, the next time he sees you he is definitely gonna make jokes without the two of you knowing what he saw.

‘Did the two of you have fun together yesterday?’

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Squealing and giggling at the sight of you two. Legit fangirling. He is gonna constantly ask you questions for the rest of the day.

‘Omg when did this happen? Are the two of you official? Why didn’t you tell me? Have you had sex yet?’

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