two wheeling

So what is work like today Danae?

My coordinator is away and so is one of the LRC supes so its like trying to drive a car with two wheels missing and I only have a learners, a phone to text on and one guy sitting in the backseat yelling occasional directions while I steer like a madman while smiling at passing cars like “ITS ALL GOOD IM FINE IM A COMPETENT DRIVER”

Day Eighty-Eight

-Two men in their forties came through in complete hunting regalia save for one’s bright pink boots to purchase two Hot Wheels cars. Specifically, they bought the Roller Toaster, a toaster on wheels. I applaud their taste in toys and fashion.

-I would like to apologize for whatever I am doing to give the impression that, when I reach out to offer change, I am offering my hand to hold. Several elderly women have acted upon these unintentional signals and none of us have been happy about it. 

-Someone stamped a Decepticon logo onto a series of twenty-dollar bills. This is the beginning.

-A hanger was labeled “NB.” I am thrilled that the store had begun to carry clothes outside of the gender binary, although I wished that they would make them for adults and not just newborns. 

-I handled several articles of clothing for infants and toddlers with taglines such as. “First Crush,” and, “Cutest Bachelor.” I am grateful that we as a culture begin forcing romance on our youth at such an early stage, lest they become queer, or worse, uninterested in relationships altogether.

-Nothing makes me happier than older guests shopping with their friends and insisting upon paying for each other’s purchases. Nothing makes me more stressed out than when the bickering escalates and I am forced to choose sides and accept one’s payment at the fury of the other.

-In the middle of paying, a woman pointed at Starbucks, loudly said, “Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh,” and then returned to her business without any acknowledgement to assure me that it had actually happened and was not a heat-induced hallucination.

-A woman approached me, informing me that I looked important and therefore must be a manager. The joke is on her, as I am but a lowly cashier, but appearances are half of the battle and this proves that my master plan is on the right path.

-I asked a man how he was. He looked me in the eye and replied, “I am but a man.” That will not be changing anytime soon if he keeps up this attitude.

Jin stole TWO army bombs tonight at two separate times, I hope this means he was having a blast


Meet the Rutgers students who invented an eco-friendly transportation service for refugees

  • Trump wants to ban refugees from entering the United States. But these Rutgers University students want to help refugees live with dignity.
  • Rutgers Business School seniors Gia Farooqi, Hasan Usmani, Moneeb Mian and alumna Hana Lakhani — who are all Muslim — pitched Roshni Rides to the international social entrepreneurship competition Hult Prize for a $1 million prize.
  • The group won the regional finals of the competition in March, out of 50,000 applicants. The team beat out schools like Harvard, Yale and Purdue, and is one of five regional winners across the world, Umair Masood, Rutgers’ campus director for the Hult Prize, said in an email.
  • Roshni Rides is an eco-friendly rickshaw service, a two- or-three-wheeled man-powered passenger cart, that will allow refugees to travel with ease and without a financial burden.
  • If the team wins the $1 million prize, Roshni Rides would start its service in Orangi Town, Pakistan. Read more (3/9/17 3:14 PM)

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mood: Eliot advising Hardison to be more assertive in his relationship with Parker, realising he’s the one asserted over the whole evening, ending up secretly proud of it.

Something people need to understand about trauma based disorders that seems to get overlooked a lot is that they at least at one point served a purpose. It’s hard to let go of them because of this.

My OSDD-1 exists so I wouldn’t be forced to handle things I didn’t understand on my own.

My PTSD exists because constantly assessing a situation for danger kept me safe in the past.

My BPD exists because It’s a collection of thought processes that helped me comprehend a confusing situation.

They may not be functional now but letting go of them is hard because I never know when I may need them again. Letting go of them feels like taking the training wheels off a bike I’m not yet sure how to ride.

So if you know anyone with a trauma based disorder be patient with them, let them go at their own pace and ride on two wheels when they’re ready. Don’t rush them into taking off the training wheels when they feel they might still fall.

Adventure Time Daily #65: I’m taking a page out of the frat/sorority event advertising playbook and changing my profile pic and cover photo temporarily to help advertise for the week of new AT episodes starting Jan 23rd.

I’ll also be temporarily changing my blog title and description to help spread the word.