two weeks' worth of work

Playing in the Mud

“I’m gonna kill him I swear,” you muttered as you let yourself into Michael’s study, him letting out a not so subtle sigh.

“Woah love, what’s Teddy done now?” He asked, putting down his pen and closing the book, knowing he wasn’t going to get much work done. He watched your eyes grow wide in bewilderment as you stopped in front of his desk.

“Oh god, not Teddy, Tommy. Look at what he just sent us to get done in a week.” You informed him while slamming the huge folder full of documents onto your husbands desk. He took it in his hands flipping through quickly.

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I’m… I’m finally done with Kisumi’s bday comic… ( *´o`* )~♡


It isn’t much, but I got about 300 words written for the next prompt in my line-up tonight, putting my word count for the week at 300.


And I go back to work tonight.

dude. like,

  • i officially work a full time job from home now.
  • i wake up and start work whenever the hell i want. don’t have to drive anywhere. don’t have to shower or change my clothes.
  • someone at this same job quit so i absorbed their tasks, meaning i get a raise out of it and more job security
  • my job gave me a laptop and computer
  • i’m *hoping* i’m getting put back on a w-2 here soon. another coworker told me they were so here’s to hoping
  • working from home saves me about $100 worth of gas a week
  • i signed two freelance work-from-home contracts as well and make $20 an hour on each of those at very part time, which supplements my income and allows me to save in the background
  • i also work daytime at a gallery that pays me handsomely. i work those hours at the same time i do my regular job. this monday i basically made $50 an hour
  • that’s a fun job, i meet really interesting people and don’t have to commit to ever seeing them again
  • i assist with some painting jobs aka i just hang out and hand someone brushes and clean equipment/throw things away for $20 an hour tax free. and i wasn’t even doing anything to begin with, these jobs are late at night and i don’t do shit. then i work on my freelance jobs at the same time
  • i can work from anywhere i want. i can be at another job and work my own job. i can be at an event. i can be on a trip somewhere. doesn’t matter anymore.
  • i have an office space in my house and there’s a bed in it so now when i’m between jobs or need a break i just climb into that bed until i hear an email go off
  • working from home, i can listen to the same annoying song for 10 hours on end
  • i can also jump on the treadmill between tasks
  • i’m too busy to give a shit about anything or anybody, i’m literally just stacking bread
  • most of this money is gonna pay debt, don’t get excited. but at least i’m getting on that.

duuuuude. i’m doing it.

Irreplaceable; Jealous Jungkook

Finals bruh, they wore me out. I have been so busy this week, I was so happy when I finally got a chance to sit down and work on this. Although now I get two weeks off to relax so all the hard work was worth it. Request is for Anon, I hope you enjoy!


You stand at your locker, continuing a conversation with your new lab partner about the ethics of genetic cloning when your best friend, Jungkook, walks up. He grabs your arm, trying to pull you along to lunch like he usually does, but you wave him off. You can practically feel him pouting at your back as you continue. You hear him huff as he walks away but choose to ignore it to focus on keeping this conversation going. Although you do feel a slight pang of guilt for brushing him off so easily.


You walk to your usual lunch table, sitting next to Jungkook in your usual place. This time though, his head is down as he eats. He doesn’t even look up as you sit down. You’ve known him long enough to know this meant he’s upset. You poke his arm to get his attention but he doesn’t look up.

“Oh, so you’re finally done talking to your boyfriend.” He says bitterly.

You are taken aback for a moment at his comment.

“What are you talking about?” You ask, looking at him in confusion.

He actually looks up at you at the question, meeting your eyes.

“That guy you blew me off for.” He answers, annoyance obvious in his voice.

“My lab partner? We were just having a very important conversation.” You explain to him, trying to act like it’s a normal day as you unpack your lunch.

“Whatever.” He says, going back to his food and back to ignoring you.

“Is little Jungkookie jealous?” You ask, pushing on his shoulder.

He doesn’t answer, continuing to pick at his food. You tat in silence, just staring at him for a few moments.. It wasn’t like him to get jealous easily. He’s never like this when you hang out with Jimin or Taehyung.

“Okay, maybe I am jealous!” He yells, breaking the silence suddenly.

He grabs his tray and starts to storm off. You follow close behind, determined to find out why he’s being so sensitive about this. You almost run to catch up with him as he walks out of the building.

“Jungkook, wait!” You yell after him, grabbing his arm.

He turns to look at you, irritation in his eyes.

“What? Do you want to mock the way I feel some more?” He shouts, breathing heavily.

“I just don’t know why you’re getting so upset about this!” You retort, getting worked up with him, “I hang out with other guys all the time.”

“You’ve never blown me off for any of them though.” He answers.

“It’s not like they’re replacing you! You’re still my best friend Jungkook.” You insist.

“Well maybe I don’t want to be your best friend anymore!” He yells.

You take a step back at his comment, instantly trying to figure out what that means as your heart drops to your stomach. You didn’t want to lose him over a stupid fight like this. You watch him sigh, probably trying collect his thoughts too.

“What if I want to be more. I’m not scared he’ll replace me, I’m scared he’ll become better than me..” Jungkook confesses, staring at the ground intently.

You are shocked, unable to form the right words so you just step closer to him. You place your hand on his cheek, tilting his head up so he meets eyes with you. You slowly lean towards him, molding your lips together finally. You lean into the kiss, as does he. It’s innocent and sweet, the best first kiss you can have with someone. He leans back, breaking the kiss to look down at you. You look up at him and smirk slightly.

“I could never replace you.”

I have to get up at 8:30 in a few hours, but watching the first two sets in Haikyuu’s third season was worth it. :3

got paid today for two weeks of work and …… honestly???? working is worth it my dudes :-) here’s to my longass shift tomorrow!!!!! !!!

Brotherhood to Manga Conversion

Here it is, my little project! A full list of the chapters as they appear in each of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood’s 64 episodes! It’s a bit rough but it could be helpful for cross examination, edits, etc.

All I ask is for you to keep in mind that the anime and the manga don’t always neatly coincide, a lot of the time the events appear in slightly (or not so slightly) different orders and I didn’t/couldn’t keep track of the exact numbers. I do always list the chapters that appear in each episode however, if not the page number or scene in question. (And if I do include the page number, it’s close but not exact. I could be a little off depending) Let me know if you find any mistakes!!

But all in all FMAB is an excellent representation of its manga so please enjoy!


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admiration-determination replied to your post:

Dude when I worked at Panda, they were fucking stupid about my hours. This anon needs to fuck off.

i get 20 hours a week. that includes working at another panda for ‘extra’ hours. not only is it ridiculous, but i’ve gone to my manager and begged for more work. they reply with ‘we dont have any hours to give’ and leave me nearly crying before every shift. i get 200$ every paycheck, and that is two weeks worth of work. 


“ Maxine. “

Max only sighed for a moment and went straight upstairs to her room that was given to her. Lupin wanted her to join the group for a short time, but she had no idea how to approach the other members. She had never meat Jigen of Fujiko before and would only take her time to avoid them if she could.

She shut her door and threw herself on the bed from two weeks worth of hard work. Lupin had been pushing her to the limits by this point, but it was worth the training. 

A year ago today I would have never thought I could be this happy and this at peace. On April 21 2015, I realized I was making myself unhappy by the choices I was making and I realized I had the power to change myself for the better. This journey meant more to me than just weight loss, it was about overcoming my depression and learning to love myself for the first time. All the hard work was worth it!
In two weeks, I will be a certified personal trainer and I am so excited to see my clients surpass their goals and grow as people. Thank you to the people who have stood by me and who have picked me up when I thought about quitting. I am 5′6″ and have lost 60lbs, 7 inches around my waist, and went from a size 14 to a size 8. At my heaviest I was 215lbs (December 2014) and I am now 155lbs. 

Getting closer and closer to completion with Place 5. I have been working on lots of small things that don’t really take that much time individually but end up cropping up to quite a few hours together. It’s been fun though :) Maybe a week or two worth of work remains (ten to twenty or so hours) if nothing unexpected happens.

zankie in the final four

3:17 am

Zach is upstairs in the HOH room, lying his bed and reflecting on the entire experience up until this point. He thinks about how he managed to backdoor Devin, the devastation of losing Nicole, and how he got Caleb out of the house. A whole Summer’s worth of work behind him, leaving only two weeks left. Luckily Frankie has managed to stay right at his side all the way to the final 4, along with Jocasta Odom and funnyman Donny Thompson. A deep sigh is released, a sort of relief. Zach is just happy that Frankie conjured up the votes to stay last week. The feeling in Zach’s stomach almost having to say goodbye to Frankie was a horrendous sensation.

The house is silent, with only sounds of cameras zooming in and out of focus and of air flowing through the vents. A new sound emerges: footsteps coming up the stairs, far in between, a very faint sound. A bolt of energy strikes Zach’s slowly beating heart, the tempo of its beating quickening. He knows who it is waltzing up the stairs, headed for the HOH room. It’s Frankie, it has to be. Donny and Jocasta are sleeping downstairs, leaving only one pair of feet to do the walking.

The door creaking open, Frankie enters the dark room and lies down on the bed. He lays as close to Zach that he physically can, resting his head on Zach’s shoulder. He is greeted by Zach wrapping his arm around him.

“Hello Franklin”, Zach says affectionately. Calling Frankie by his full first name has become a sort of habit, out of endearment of course. Neither of them can see a thing, but Zach is wearing an enormous cheesy grin on his face.

“Hey boo”, Frankie responds, half jokingly. Both of them bear an obvious exhaustion in their voices. “I’m so fucking sore. Everything hurts.” This was the unfortunate aftermath from today’s endurance competition.

Using the arm he’s got wrapped around his compliment, Zach begins to rub up and down on Frankie’s hurting arms. This was a sort of sweet nurturing. Frankie lifted his head to kiss Zach on his scruffy cheek.

“I love your kisses”, Zach ensures him. Luckily the blackness of the room covered up the intense redness from Frankie’s face. Zach didn’t normally make Frankie blush, but in such a vulnerable state and being so close to each other, Frankie can’t hold back the sensation. “I’m sorry. I wish I could make it all feel better”, Zach possesses a deal of concern in his voice. “You did great, though. And you’re safe now, so you don’t have to worry. We just have to make sure they don’t win the POV.” Jocasta and Donny got the short end of the deal this week, being the defaults to go up on the block.

Frankie throws his arm over Zach and fastened himself to him. “I’m not worried”, he claims with a chuckle. “I’m just happy to get some rest.”

Zach lays his lips on the top of Frankie’s head, taking in a deep breath. He repositions himself on the bed, nudging Frankie slightly too much. “Ouch”, he cries.

“I’m sorry. Are you okay?”, Zach worries. Frankie tells him that his shoulder is sore and that he moved it the wrong way. Zach leans over and kisses Frankie’s shoulder. “I’m so sorry.”

Frankie only holds onto Zach with a firmer grip, blanketing him with their legs intertwined. Their faces are now just an inch or so apart. Frankie swallows. “Tell me. I want you to say what I’ve been waiting to hear for two months”, he demanded. Frankie had fought off heartbreak and anxieties all Summer, all stemming from his adoration for Zach. Zach wasn’t as verbal about his feelings as Frankie always was. It seems like Frankie has just reached the edge of his patience. Finally, Frankie has grown bored of the platonic cuddling and hugging, he wants to try something more genuine and heartfelt.

“What d-” Zach began before getting cut off.

“Do you like me?” Frankie has melancholy in his voice, and it clouds the room like smoke as it poured from his mouth. There’s a brief moment of silence, but given the situation, the pause seems everlasting. “Tell me.”

“I love you, Frankie.”

That was more than enough to satisfy Frankie’s longing. The two boys manage to squeeze even closer together.

“I’ve loved you since the very beginning. When I hugged you for the first, there was a warm and fuzzy feeling I haven’t felt in years.” So much time has been wasted up until this moment; their relationship being so casual when it could have been an irrevocable romance, to follow them outside of the house.

Zach continues, “I never took anything too seriously because I didn’t wanna move too fast. I didn’t want to lose you if we weren’t on the same page.” Frankie chuckles at the ridiculousness.

“Hasn’t it been obvious that I feel the same way? What do you mean we weren’t on the same page. I love you too, idiot.” They both laugh and allow a few moments of silence to clear the air. Any tension in the room is to be dismembered within seconds, because the two boys simply cannot stay upset about any particular subject. They are too good at making each other happy.

“I know, it’s very clear that we’ve been more than just friends this whole game, but I didn’t want to make you commit to anything.” Zach continues running his hand over Frankie’s sore limbs as he speaks, only hoping to soothe his companion.

“You know,” Frankie starts, sounding serious. “I came into this game with my head in the right place, steering way clear of any distractions. I had my mind set on playing the game and conducting strategies. But you have been the sweetest distraction for me. I’m glad that if anything were to snatch my attention away from the competition, it was you.”

A Summer’s worth of anticipation is completely shattered in this moment. Zach’s only desire since the very beginning is finally satisfied, as the two boys inch closer and closer until their lips lock in a warm embrace. This is a big step up for them, a step they’ve both been waiting so long to make. Frankie’s hand rests on the side of Zach’s head, holding on tightly to set their position more firmly. The kiss lasts seconds, and is ended by a laugh on both ends.

“I wish I could take all the pain away. I hate that you’re hurting and there’s nothing I can do to help it”, Zach lets out miserably. Frankie’s head is returned to Zach’s shoulder, Zach’s planted on top of Frankie’s.

“Resting is probably the only way to fix it right now, so we have an excuse to cuddle.” Frankie’s voice holds more exhaustion. The time was now 3:32 am and the two boys were completely worn out.

“Then just sleep, babe.” Zach begins twirling Frankie’s hair in this fingers, a clear sign that he too was getting tired. Many minutes pass without any words spoken, though the two have yet to fall asleep.

Just seconds before the clock hits 4, Zach decides to break the silence, unsure if Frankie is even still awake. “I love you”, he tells Frankie again, knowing that he can never say it enough times.

Frankie’s tired lips part, a tiny grin forming at the start of his words, “I love you too Zach”.

The two now sleep on and remain intertwined, like vines, and don’t awake until the next morning. Of course, by the more generous of forces in the universe, the two boys are granted with dreams of each other throughout their slumber. Dreams so sweet cause the boys to make smiles in their sleep. From time to time, the two boys move around, readjusting. This still acts as a slight discomfort for Frankie. But no matter how much the two boys toss and turn, Zach and Frankie always manage to stay wrapped around each other.

Iris Musicia's Grand Horn Tutorial

The #1 question I was asked at Katuscon was “how did you make your horns?”  Because there’s no short answer to this (and I want to be thorough) I thought I’d make a tutorial.  Here is how to make large, realistic-looking horns that would be excellent for the Grand Highblood, but I decided to use on Gamzee because why the heck not, and there’s no reason you couldn’t use these for Kurloz as well.

I made mine and Cyrus’s horns this way, so it’s able to work for a difficult set of horns like Tav’s.

This method can be adapted for Condesce or Handmaid horns as well.  Basically, any large or weirdly-shaped horns!

Also includes how to attach them because whenever I read horn tutorials that didn’t tell you how to attach them, it would piss me off.  These horns were difficult to attach and I don’t want to piss you guys off or leave you with horns and no way to wear them.

Image heavy and a long post, so it’s under a cut.


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