two way pager


“Modern, sexy dancefloor album.” 9 September 2013 came another unlike previous works experiment Arctic Monkeys called «AM». Colorful all his work described by the author: According to Alex, a new sound like a “bit Dr. Dre, tonsured by Ike Turner and galloping through the desert on a Stratocaster. ” Cardinal transition from sunny guitars to glam-rock and hip-hop was due to long-standing addiction to the latter guys and, of course, the place of residence - after all, a taxi «AM» damn nice. Alex: Did you see the girls under the hip-hop dance? Excited, yes? I wanted to have something like that happen. At first. The new album is a subtle influence is felt. I tried to apply his vision of hip-hop and R & B producer to a rock band of four. We have designed a lot of the songs without constant contact with each other in the rehearsal. Rather, it was like the gradual construction. A backing vocals melodies I call two-way pager, because such backing vocals present on the kind of music used to sing on the two-way pager R & B singer in the ‘90s. Of course, not all songs were on the pager, but far from this theme would not leave. We started experimenting with similar melodies «RU Mine?», And they spread like wildfire throughout the album. I just wanted it to sound good in the car, you know? And besides, you saw how the girl at a dance? The texts Alex deeper retreated into himself, only occasionally returning to the usual style of the observer: in his words, after 10 years of writing in another may be longer. Alex: Louis Xi Kay is the number where he talks about George Carlin, American comedian known that every year appeared with completely new material. And when you do, eventually you end up topics that you can talk. So you begin to look for inspiration from deep within yourself. And eventually you get up this way. Perhaps it is a strange analogy, but for myself, I see the sense here. Talented person is talented in everything. Besides 11 great songs Turner “composed” and the cover. Well, or at least its outlines. Alex: I remember at the beginning of the recording drew attention to the equalizer - these green and red division, bouncing back and forth. Something in them was special, something sexy. I did a little sketch, which adult uncle then turned into the cover. Generally, this amplitude modulation, but people say it looks like a bra. Maybe they’re right! In fact, there is no A and M simply their form with the waves, which are the shorter, longer, shorter again. There was a picture of The Velvets sound level meter, so I thought, “Where there is AM?”. This is the opposite of PM and that a sound wave. I think, then I hit the bull’s-eye. Plus it fits into the overall sound of the album. Remembering the experience of «Suck It and See», the name of the group first addressed the guitar gadgets. Alex: I had an old «Rickenbacker», which we often used during recording. Such regulators without simply with two holes at the sides. And the little black amplifier, known as «The New Black». It was thought in the album called. But in the end the extra letters were discarded, and the plate, and later conquer America, which received an armful of awards and a nomination for the «Mercury Music Prize», which fell in all possible rankings music magazines, for the fifth time in a row to climb to the top spot of the charts and taken up a group on unprecedented peaks, named simple and clear name - «AM».