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Is volume 1 of the mortal instruments the whole book adaptation of city of bones or half of it?

Half of it. There was too much content to squeeze into just one volume, not without majorly cutting out pieces of the story, so City of Bones will span two graphic novel volumes. - Volume 1 has a brand new scene, and Volume 2 will as well!

Silque and the FE Gaiden Novels

Because so few people in the Western fandom were interested in Gaiden before Shadows of Valentia was announced, even fewer own the two-volume novels written for Gaiden. There’s a scanlation of the Gaiden manga, but barely any information pertaining to the novels. What we knew that this author really liked Silque due to her performance in their playthrough of Gaiden, so she was fleshed out substantially compared to the main game. However, our knowledge on Silque’s involvement in the story was still largely a mystery.

…That is, until I found spoilers for the novels, courtesy of a couple Japanese sites. (Which is also how I found out about Kamui dying to a necrodragon and brainwashed!Delthea killing Luthier. Among other things.) And what I found out was a lot more amusing than I’d ever expect.

So, here’s Silque’s full story in the novels (under the cut because even a summary ended up being super long):

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Bella has only fallen in love one time, and it was a very sudden, dramatic, sweep-you-off-your-feet, change-your-world, magical, passionate, all-consuming thing (see: Twilight).

Tips for enjoying NDRV3 to the fullest.

-Play Danganronpa 1 and Danganronpa 2 by yourself! They’re officially available on Vita, PC and PS4! Silent playthroughs are also available!
-Read Danganronpa 0!
-Play Danganronpa Another Episode! It’s on Vita and coming to PC and PS4 this summer!
-Read Danganronpa Gaiden!(Optional)
-Watch Danganronpa 3!(Also Optional)

-Wait until September to properly play it in English!
-No really, wait until then, it’s best to support official localizations whenever possible!
-Play NDRV3 by yourself, don’t watch Let’s Plays(This one is especially important)
-Silent playthroughs are okay too!
-Stick through until the very end, you’ve already gone through three games, two light novel volumes, 4 spin-off light novels, a spin-off manga and 13 and a half hours of anime. You can get through this!
-Remember, your thoughts on the whole thing are your own and you should stick to your guns on however you end up feeling about it. 

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Hi. I just finished Deathless and I loved it and I want more. Do you have any book recommendations to fill the void?

  • spindle’s end by robin mckinley, if you’re in the mood for another take on a fairy tale/mythos – also because it’s been on my mind since seeing maleficent. it’s the best take on the sleeping beauty story i’ve ever read, with a lot of really powerful relationships (foster mother/daugher, female friendships) at its core. i love how mckinley tells a story.
  • sharp teeth by toby barlow. a lonely dogcatcher falls in love with a werewolf who leaves her pack on the verge of a lycan war. told through really luminous (and often dark) prose; one of the best werewolf stories out there.
  • warm bodies by isaac marion. it’s not “twilight with zombies”. it’s philosophic and moving and elegiac, a haunting story about redemption and humanity and love. this is one that’ll stick with you long after you finish it.
  • castle waiting by linda medley. a beautifully illustrated two volume graphic novel about a bunch of very interesting fairy tale figures living in an old castle. there’s a bearded nun, a plague doctor, a blacksmith with a stone heart, ghosts and demons. i waited SEVEN YEARS for the second volume to be released to find out the end of their stories, and it was totally worth the wait.
  • the stepsister scheme by jim c. hines. i fucking ADORE jim c. hines – he’s everything a male feminist should be. in his princess series he’s taken a lot of the best known damsels – cinderella, snow white, red riding hood, sleeping beauty – and given them back all of their agency. THEY’RE the ones that save the day and break the curses; and there’s no one way to be a badass lady, either – they can get married and have kids and settle down and STILL be awesome.

that’s just the tip of the iceberg – if you need more recs, sweetie, never hesitate to ask. I GOT A MILLION OF ‘EM.


Edward and Bella + post-kiss wooziness

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Hello! Can you tell us your thoughts about level 5 vision 2015?

Certainly I’ll separate my thoughts for each announcement

Yo-Kai Watch: I’m very happy that Yo-Kai Watch became successful in Japan giving Pokemon a run for its money (The film has the highest grossing Japanese film on an opening weekend) I really can’t wait for it to come to the states later this year and the show will be dub by the same company as the LBX dub (which I had mix feelings with, which is for another day)

Fantasy Life 2: I’ve been addicted to this game for a long time and I’m so excited for the what direction the second installment will take it, will be a sequel of the first game with the same characters or will it have the same mechanics but different characters and settings ala Dark Chronicle, maybe we can get the lives that are cut form the first game and added for the next installment that will be very cool

New Cross Media Project: This will be interesting, I don’t know Mr. Hino has planed for this project but if i had to guess it will be the cancelled Ushiro game which has recently been turned into two volume Light novels, and Level-5 has interest to expand it to other media but what do you guys think?

 Major Collaboration: now that’s where the real mystery lies so I have a couple of guesses for it. 1. Hino has been talking about making as Castle in the Sky game one day but only if Studio Ghibli gave him the ok to make it so hes probably collaborating with Ghibli again to make it happen (The game has to be Open World) or a Ni no Kumi 2 but due to Ghibils statues right now it seems unlikely. 2. My dream collaboration will be Disney to make a Disney game because well these two are my favorite companies and hopefully make a great Disney game (Oswald or Donald are the ones i’m hoping for the most) 3. another PLvsAA or the one I did as a joke 4. A collaboration with Nickelodeon to make a Kingdom Heartsesque game with Nicktoon characters since LBX airs in Nicktoons Network and possibly Yo-Kai Watch

Layton 7: I saved the best one for last. I was really worried about Layton 7 due to the negative reception it had and nothing was announced last year so I thought it was in development hell or canceled (I was one of the very few who didn’t mind it).  Since they showed only the phone versions last time, its possible that the 3ds game will be a completely different beast, my guess either a sequel trilogy, a single game just taking place after unwound future, or a spin off title (cross fingers for a Emmy Altava Spin Off)

I cant wait for April 7 and hope I catch on live stream on NicoNico (hopefully Twitch too)

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Do you know where to read dr zero?? I've been meaning but don't really know exactly what it is. Like is it a manga or is it only online???

QUICK notes:

  • Danganronpa/Zero is a light novel split into two volumes. Light novels are… well, light novels–so they’re usually not more than 100 pages each. So, it looks like a lot but it really isn’t, trust me.

I’ve seen people complain about the way the translator formats their translation before so I wanted to state this:

  • It’s important to remember that “non-formal” writings in Japan (novels, poetry, etc.) are typically written and read vertically (top-bottom) as opposed to horizontally (left-right) So, like this:

Because of this reason, the formatting is VERY weird and clunky.

For one (as you can see), light novels aren’t structured into paragraphs. It’s just one line, to the next, to the next.

So, on one hand it’s clunky, but on the OTHER hand, you can read it very fast.

Last note: 

  • Zero starts off slow. It’s a bit confusing to follow and a bit fast paced–but it’s a FANTASTIC read and I hope you enjoy yourself.