two undercover angels


Captain Swan AU - Fallen Angels

After the great battle between the forces of good and evil, Heaven and Hell were destroyed. Surviving angels were forced to spend the rest of their lives living among humans. This has caused the rift between angels. They split into two groups, the ones who were willing to live alongside humans, lead by Emma, also known as the Savior, and the ones who wanted to eradicate humans, declaring them pest, and take the Earth for themselves, lead by Walsh.

Emma foresaw this and trained several agents who were to infiltrate the enemy lines.  Sadly, most of them were found and eliminated, all but one, Killian, who did his best to stay undetected, providing Emma with lintel. With the final battle approaching, Emma not only worried about its outcome, but also about Killian’s well-being. She couldn’t help but worry that she might lose him to the relentless darkness she sent him to. 

Although the battle left many casualties, Killian and Emma managed to survive. Together they worked hard to rebuild the land and relationship between angels and humans, so they could all live in peace.