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Harry Styles, who plays another young private in the film, says that he took strength from observing Nolan lead by example. 'The biggest thing I learned from making this movie is that Chris doesn’t sit down. Any time there was a break it was because he knew everyone else needed one. He would always be the first person on set and the last to leave. He’s not sat in some warm tent watching everything on a monitor, he’s really out there doing it, mucking in with everyone.‘
—  Little White Lies: The Dunkirk Issue

Tag yourself as a Super Danganronpa 2 character

Ezekiel Figuero I’m so sorry they did this to you. Shaolin Fantastic these writers never deserved you. BooBoo you were just a fetus. RaRa you had your whole life ahead of you. Mylene and Soul Madonnas you girls were going to be stars. And Finally…Dizzee Kipling my alien brother, you’ve been set free so go be one with the world.

i’ve said over and over again that i veeeeery strongly doubt that Julie would break up the girl squad in any way, which is why i very very highly doubt that she show will end with Sana and Vilde not being friends. Vilde will be redeemed someway. But i’ve been very confused as to how that will happen, since we’re basically meant to hate her right now. And then i read monstermonstre’s meta on the fake fake fake clip, and the part about how Vilde knows that Sara doesn’t like her, really got me thinking.

Like Sana said in season 2, most people underestimate Vilde. Vilde is smart and sneaky when she wants to be. Like how she basically played Noora all through season 2. I’m thinking that Vilde very well knows that Sara doesn’t like her. She knows that it’s all fake, fake, fake. And she’s soooo gonna come for her. She’s acting like she’s Sara’s biggest fan and like she loves the pepsi max girls with all her heart, but she so does not. That she’d be that naive that she truly believes that the pepsi max girls like her now, despite how they treated her in season 1, just doesn’t sit right with me. So she’s acting this way to make them believe that she is exactly this naive, so that they wont suspect whatever it is she’s planning.

This just makes sense to me. We’re supposed to hate Vilde right now, Julie is making us hate her more over and over and over again. Like, to just write that off as “Vilde has been a huge islamophobe all along and never liked Sana in the first place” seems too obvious, and doesn’t fit with her previous relationship to Sana at all, which i’ve talked about before. And this is basically the only way i can see Vilde be reedemed this season, which i am 95% sure she will be.

  • Jeremy: *crying* He thinks I'm a kid...
  • Michael: WHAT?! That's insane!
  • Jeremy: I know!
  • Michael: Saying you're a kid, it-it's like saying I'M a kid!
  • Waiter: Here's your meal, sir.
  • Michael: Yo, I'm supposed to get a toy with this!

Find the bad guy, push ‘em aside!
Then move on forward with your friend at your side
It’s a two-player game, so when they make an attack,
You know you got a brother gonna have your back!

Henlo I’m in love with these weebs and am officially in BMC hell

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