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Archie and Jughead were supposed to go on a road trip together on the July 4th weekend but Archie bailed. So KJ and Cole decided to make up for it instead. 😆 And KJ has all the pics to proof that it happened. Now can we have the Riverdale Core Four on a road trip together too pleaseee… it ain’t a party if Betty and Veronica ain’t there. ;)

that “which teammate would make the best president?” video reminded me of this picture

let’s not forget about President Holiday, her VP Rodriguez and the rest of her cabinet. The USA goverment the world really needs and deserve

so i’ve become the girl who cries wolf and then finds a home inside of the wolf’s belly / i told everyone i hated you but every time, i was lying / i told everyone to unfriend you on all social media and deemed them bad friends if they didn’t / i told everyone at parties that you are a mean, vindictive person / the thing is, though, i really believed it at the time / i really thought when i punched you in the face and blocked your number, i could walk away from you and be alright / but in the morning, i texted you and apologized because i felt so bad / and in the end, i forgive you for the pain you’ve shed / i hate you / i love you / get away from me / come closer / i can’t stand the way you make me feel / i’ve never felt anything better / i told everyone i’d never go back to you but here i am again / it’s like every day is a screaming match with myself and i’m a sucker for dramatics / i can’t help it when you’re the only person who has ever made me feel wanted / i mean, sure, you’re doing it with three other girls but when you say you miss me, i still believe it / so yeah, people are so sick of hearing me cry about you and then hearing about me waking up in your bed / if i don’t even want the best for myself why should they want it for me instead / i don’t know, i just want to see the day where i stop screaming / i don’t know, i just want to see the day where i stop feeling
—  wolf girl

“I don’t want to imagine my life without you in it” seems even more important and meaningful now that we know about Maggie’s past. Maggie’s parents learn she’s gay cut her off, kick her out; she has had to not only imagine, but actually live her life without people who were supposed to be there for her.

And then follow up her parents with the relationships that she’s had that haven’t worked out, including one where she was called work obsessed, stubborn, and borderline sociopathic.

Imagine how much she must have been feeling for Alex at that point - to lie to Alex about her past to make Alex feel safer about coming out, to be afraid of losing Alex before their relationship even started because she has been cut out people’s lives before, and she didn’t want to go through that with Alex, who already meant so much to her.

(because “I knew we were right for each other, Danvers” has implications. Implications about the fact that maybe Maggie got to know gorgeous, badass, nerdy, secretly vulnerable Alex Danvers and thought - wow, she could be it)

Even “we should kiss the girls we want to kiss” has even more to talk about now, really. How many times has Maggie had to tell herself that she’s allowed to be who she is and kiss who she wants? And when it came to Alex, it wasn’t anything with her past or her family holding her back, it was her own voice in her head that was afraid.


Alex Danvers is exactly the kind of person Maggie Sawyer thought she would end up with even as a kid in Nebraska; she is the person who makes the work-obsessed detective take the morning off, the person who makes the stubborn woman re-evaluate her stance on hating Valentine’s Day, the person who makes a “borderline sociopath” lie about her painful past to give hope and courage in a scary situation.

Maggie doesn’t get easily attached to a lot of people, but she did to Alex because Alex is something special. The woman who can make her love Valentine’s Day.

And Alex has spent so much of her life feeling the opposite of special because of growing up with a superhero sister and she has so much love to give… these two are made for each other