two toned ninja

Take Me Away

Fandom: WWE

Pairing(s): Seth x F!Reader x Dean

Warnings: None.

A/N: Inspired by Plain White T’s - Take Me Away


What does this guy do that I can’t do?

The two-toned ninja stalked his ex-lover from afar as she happily conversed with her new partner. He could only send telepathic vulgarities at whom he considered his replacement. If the telepathic ability even existed in the real world.

“Seth.” Hunter called from behind the man.

“Not now.”

The suited man took a peek at whatever had the half-blond distracted, grimacing at the discovery. It wasn’t necessarily directed towards the woman in itself, but more so Seth’s obsession in general. You’d think 4 years would be enough for a man to cope with a break up. Guess he didn’t take ‘em too well.

“I expect a hundred and ten percent from you in tonight’s title defense.” Hunter continued, half-expecting a reply. Not much to his surprise, receiving none. Walking away, he could only worry for the company’s future.


Standing in the middle of the ring, Seth watched in both envy and disgust at The Lunatic Fringe as he approached the middle of the arena.

God, was he ready. He was going to pummel Dean’s smug face into the fucking steel steps. Break his legs if the opportunities arose. Maybe even-

and then his eyes caught sight of (Y/N) walking down the ramp. Waving to audience, merry as can be. Though the feeling was temporary, he filled himself with false hope at the idea of obtaining her support tonight at ringside. The feeling would soon falter at the sight of cheeky smiles exchanged between her and Dean.

How could she say, she wanted more you better?


Seth marched through the hallways, fuming in absolute rage. It was bad enough stealing his woman, but his title, too? No. Absolutely fucking not. He deserved something in return. He was the self-proclaimed future, for fucks sake. Like hell he’d walk out tonight empty handed.

The ninja stopped several feet away from a small circle of people. What the hell were they excited about? Ah, that’s right. Congratulations were in order for the new champion. Seth narrowed his eyes at the couple standing in the middle of the group. More specifically, Dean.

But then, why were they congratulating (Y/N)?

And then he saw it.

Resting so beautifully on her right hand.

He saw it coming, but at the same time he didn’t.

“So when’s the wedding?”

Because he didn’t believe the world could be this cruel.

Seth the Stripper

Once upon a time, there was a two-toned ninja like stripper named Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins likes to strip in front of a lot of people, His stage name is Mister Seth.

One day, a guy named Randy Orton comes in. Randy see Mister Seth pole dancing. He likes what he sees.

Randy goes up to Seth and complements him on his dancing skills. He asks Seth to give him a private show.

Seth is dancing half naked all over Randy

And Randy seems to be enjoying it

Seth’s boss tells Seth that Randy’s time is up and that his next client is waiting. Seth is sad that he has to leave Randy so soon.

Seth walks into the private room next door to see another guy. His name is Dean. He looks so uncomfortable.

Seth tries to lighten the mood

by giving him a lap dance. 

Dean got a little bit too into Seth lap dance

Seth started shaking his ass in Dean’s face

Dean was shocked at how big it is

Seth didn’t realize how much time has passed because he has been having so much fun with Dean. Seth’s boss comes in an tells him that he has one more client for the night. Dean hugs Seth before he leaves

Seth goes into the next private room to see his next person. His name is Roman. He’s so beautiful and Seth couldn’t wait to strip for him. 

Roman saw Seth and how petite he was. He likes it.

Seth started stripping slowly for Roman

Roman wants him so bad.

Roman was eager enough to start ripping of Seth’s clothes, but realize he’s not allowed to.

So he pats his butt instead

Seth’s time with Roman is up and he is sad to leave the big man, so he hugs him goodbye.

That’s the story about Seth the stripper.

The End.

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People are talking about Seth praising Roman's looks, but i think Dean praising his athletic ability was way more appreciated by Roman himself. I think there was more depth in the way Dean and Roman described each other. And no matter what you say, those two have a lot of respect and love for each other, and for their little two toned ninja of course

I really wish people would stop saying how Seth and Roman would be better of without Dean because its not true, they all matter