two toned dress

Arguably the very top of the low budget food chain….a “sexy” (you KNOW that’s how it was labeled on the package at Party City) two-toned witch DRESS, rubber Goblin gloves (notice the exposed skin below the sleeve….), a plastic bear nose, THE WIG, and absolutely no sign of shoes.

Simply stated: this photo is the epitome of what this blog is all about!

I’m back again with more recolours! This dress was just crying out for some good, bright colours, so that’s what I decided to do. As a bonus, I’ve included some two-toned versions of the dress - black top/white bottom and vice versa, as well as white and black dresses with opposing belts. Enjoy!

  • Requires Romantic Garden Stuff!
  • Custom thumbnails on all 29 swatches

Download and credits below the cut:

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