two tone trench


Okay Tumblr VM community, this is for you.  

All three teasers/trailers sliced up and reassembled into one long hopefully (but probably not even close) chronological video laced with sarcasm that you’ll probably hate if you’re not used to me.  

Most are grouped by outfit, but I think Veronica wore the two-toned gray trench on the first two consecutive days, so I tried to find a logical order.  

Not a fanvid.  Didn’t even attempt to lyric match or to match action with the beats.    

Sorry for the silence at the very beginning.  I couldn’t find a long enough span of background music without some cast member or another speaking over it.  Already thinking of audio I could have put there, but as it took over an hour to upload, I’m leaving it alone. 

Actually the audio tracks are a hot mess all around, but audio has never really been my thing.