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Was bored last night and decided to do a comparison of how I draw reverse!Genji now versus how he looked when I first designed him. Basically he took off half his outfit and started eating his vegetables haha

A Little Shopping Fun

Title:  A Little Shopping Fun

Character(s): Actor Tom

Chapter Number/One Shot: One Shot

Rating: M

Genre: Romance/Fluff

Summary: Gemma drags Tom out for a shopping trip.

Warnings: Mentions of sexual content.

Author Note: I was in a men’s store the other day and I couldn’t stop myself from getting this idea. 

“Is this really necessary?”

Gemma chuckled as she looked over her shoulder at Tom. “I don’t know why you’re so allergic to shopping.”

“I could be spending my time not stuck in a shop.” He shrugged.

“But you’re with your fiance, so it can’t be that terrible,” she pointed out as she shuffled through the hangers on the rack in front of her.

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Denim on Denim on Denim on Denim and more Denim. I just can’t get enough 👖👖👖

Yesterday’s look was way too easy to throw together! Just make sure your denims are very different hues. Ha! My hair I didn’t even brush out. Needed a pattern tho so my shoes are it.

May I just recommend Chanel Le volume mascara, if a redhead is obsessed with a mascara it’s because it’s the best, lol. Transparent eyelashes 😉. My only bold makeup her are my orchid color waterproof lipstick by NYX 💜

Banana Republic deep blue denim classic button up shirt.

Treasure and Bond skinny ripped knee ankle length boyfriend jeans.

Leopard print pointy toe wedge heels by Circa Joan and David.

Two tone leather bucket bag (probably my favorite handbag) by Michael Kors.

Pre-screening event of Haruchika with Saito Soma and Hanae Natsuki Report

Premium Screening Event of anime Haruchika ~Haruta to Chika wa Seishun Suru~

Date: 4th January 2016
Place: Science Museum, Science Hall
Guests: Bridcutt Sarah Emi, Saito Soma, Hanae Natsuki, Chisuga Haruka, Haruno Sei, Hashimoto Masakazu, Tsuji Mitsuhito, fhána

As I have mentioned before I was attending to this event. That’s it finished and now that I’m back at my apartment here’s my report(ish). Updated: I didn’t think I’d take THIS long to write up!

WARNING! It’s LONG! EXTREMELY! This is more personal than formal. A LOT OF FANGIRLING. Some of the order might be wrong. I won’t cover everything as I didn’t understand what they were saying about 50% of the time? And I was also too busy staring at Soma-kun to listen to others Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ sorrynotsorry totallyworthit

Soma-kun was so cute!! His laughs are so cute! He so good looking!!! GAHHHHHHHHH.
He sounds exactly as he does in CDs/animes etc. Nacchan as well

And Nacchan, what can I say? He’s just such a big dork!

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Favorite Flannels

Stand out in the season’s best flannel shirts

It’s an unspoken agreement that every guy needs at least one flannel shirt in his closet. Rid your mind of the lumberjack look associated with the warm material and stock up on some comfortable flannel button-downs, because there’s no better time than now to get in the spirit of the season. Click through our favorite flannels and see how to wear them below.

The Look

Wear your flannel shirt buttoned to the collar and pair with a leather jacket for a modern city look, or tie a plaid shirt around your waist Jared Leto-style to grunge up a casual outfit.

Ovadia & Sons Fall 2014

McQ by Alexander McQueen Fall 2014

Blogger Anthony Urbano of Closet Freaks

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Thanks for the Memories

Dylan had fully transitioned. He was wearing a long-sleeved white shirt, and jeans, stubble on his face. He had brought Lily to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza for her birthday.

Lily was a cute little girl. Her skin was a dark hazelnut, her hair black, had her father’s eyes. Crimson red, and slanted.

Lily had short hair, and wore a beanie. Her teeth were kind of irregularly sharp. Besides that, she didn’t really seem to have any distinguishing features.

She was a slim little girl. She wore a two-toned long-sleeved t-shirt, the sleeves and collar a maroon, while the torso was grey. Printed on the shirt was a round black circle with :| as the expression. She wore long, baggy blue jeans with a belt, with the knees torn - and they didn’t come that way. - and ankle-high black converse that were NEVER tied. Her jacket was black leather, and the hood was fabric, a deep forest green. She had headphones around her neck, and her hands in her pocket as she sat at the birthday table by herself, hood up, arms crossed.

Everyone else, and the restaurant was quite packed today, was there for a different reason.

Lily kinda hadn’t wanted to come today. No friends. She tried to keep her head down, and her hood covering her eyes.


anonymous asked:

speaking of the two-tone shirt. why is scully in a two-tone shirt in MASMTWM? i know that they couldn't get permission for the knicks shirt. but i've never seen mulder in a two-tone shirt and don't envision him in one. his t-shirts are solid color and mostly gray or something.

This is my guess: She’s in a two-tone shirt because they were expecting to be able to use the Knicks shirt but found out late that they couldn’t due to licensing or whatever so David came through with his own two-tone shirt because it would engulf her and look like a man’s shirt and they didn’t have anything else. Notice of all the things that were auctioned off from wardrobe, that shirt was not one of them.

Norman was located at his desk working on his math book problems assigned from Gravity Falls Middle School. He jumped a bit as his phone vibrated against his desk making a loud angry like sound, a small sigh escaped the confines of his lips as he too the phone in his hands accepting the text and reading over it nearly dropping his phone.

He set his phone down nearly running from his chair to find a shirt and pair of pants, his one and only friend really, Dipper Pines, was back in  town!

It took Norman a few minutes to change from his pajamas without ripping them with his claws… Which happened from time to time. As well as pull on a new set of blue jeans, a two toned green shirt, and his red jacket. Before leaving the house he grabbed his phone slipping it into his pocket, and telling his mom who was always up early where he was heading, then he was gone from the house.

It took the boy a good while to cross the town from his house to the mystery shack, but he got there rather fast. He was rather excited for the first time in forever, sure he knew they’d be stuck inside because Dipper had gotten himself hurt… Which was worrying him in the back of his mind. He shook it off opening the front door of the shack and then heading to the set of stairs heading up.

He knocked on Dippers closed door lightly, not wanting to intrude, “Hey Dipper, its Norman.” He called into the room.