two tone frosting

Second birthday

Author : @a-january-girl
Rating : NSFW (at all!)
Notes : Happy birthday @piecesofscully! I wrote you an “All Things” post episode smut fic! :D Hope you’ll like it! 
This is my ficlet for the @txf-fic-chicks birthday challenge, including London, red, and cake!
Thanks @alldolleduppink for your beta on this one. Eres una perla ❤️


Scully had no idea she was going to blow out birthday candles tonight with February being so far away…

She also had no idea that crossing paths with Daniel again would confuse her so much and yet settle things right at the same time. She couldn’t have perceived how it would make her life start anew this fast. Of course, the minute she laid eyes on him, she was overwhelmed with surging feelings of affection, but she also knew she wasn’t the same person she had once been, insecure and young, craving for love and safety in the shelter of his arms. She was older now and she finally understood she didn’t need reassurance, or anyone’s arms to feel safe and strong anymore. And even though the sound of Daniel’s voice had stirred long-buried emotions, she knew. She could ponder this for hours and wonder whether leaving him had been a mistake back then, but she was sure leaving him wouldn’t be a mistake today. It was the right thing to do.

Waking up on the black leather of Mulder’s sofa, tucked under his Navajo blanket, Scully surprisingly feels better than she’s felt in years. She feels warm and refreshed with the 2-hour sleep she just indulged herself in. She fell asleep in the blink of an eye earlier, exhausted by all the emotions and overpowering thoughts that had been going through her mind. She feels so good she’s determined not to let the lurking feeling of guilt for having dozed off in the middle of this meaningful conversation with Mulder poke through the midst of her tranquility.

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