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Sketching non chibi Promptis~

College AU thingy…

Where Prompto never greet Noctis on High school and ended up having the Prince of Lucis as his roommate during his second year on college :D

Idk what Major will Noctis pick.. so I put it as “???” for now

Bin ich der einzige Mensch der anfängt zu heulen wenn er diese Nivea - Werbung "Danke Mama" oder "Danke Papa" sieht? Also ich finde die Ja äußerst emotional.

• ● ° Sunshine boy week: Day 3 (Polaroids | Family & Friends).

We made these memories for ourselves where our eyes are never closing, hearts are never broken and time’s forever frozen still.

Imagine Mama May and Melinda, though.

Imagine Mama May raising a firecracker of a child, all warmth and fearlessness and stubbornness. Imagine a tiny Melinda who thought of her mother as a superhero, who threw herself into her martial arts lessons and listened to stories of missions before bedtime and came running home to mommy when reenacting those stories on the playground didn’t work out too well. 

Imagine Mama May dealing with a teenaged Melinda, all sass and snark and fire; a Melinda who perhaps wanted anything but to be her mother but a Melinda so enamored with the idea of protecting the world; a Melinda who said yes as soon as SHIELD came knocking; a Melinda who nodded dutifully and said “yes mother” when Mama May lectured her about her Academy escapades and pranks and yet still stayed up all night plotting her next moves.

Imagine Mama May watching as Melinda shined and burned and shined as she rose through the ranks in SHIELD; using her security clearance to vet Melinda’s bosses and colleagues and mentees; encouraging her to find strength in her fellow women because there’s no other way to survive in this world of agents and spies. Imagine her pride when Melinda starts to become an inter-agency legend, when Melinda becomes known as Agent Melinda May and not just Agent May’s little girl.

Imagine Mama May watching Melinda burn so fiercely that there was nothing but ashes left to sift through after Bahrain; opening her door when Melinda showed up on her doorstep; filling the space and silence with enough fire and warmth for both of them. Imagine Mama May watching Melinda rebuild herself from the ashes, watch as that fire came to flicker and spark, watch as Melinda put up walls of ice to compensate, watch as Melinda distanced herself even from her.

Imagine Mama May’s worry when Melinda goes back into the field, into a world that had hurt her so terribly, and imagine her joy when she sees those embers deep within her light up again. Imagine Mama May tracking the Bus’s movements using her connections, and imagine her pride at the team her daughter’s assembled. Imagine her terror when SHIELD falls and Melinda disappears off the grid.

Imagine Mama May picking up the phone and it’s Melinda, still fiery and brave and stubborn - too stubborn for her own good even forty years later; and more than that it’s Melinda asking for help. Imagine Mama May hearing the walls come crumbling down and the fire in Melinda’s voice, and that plea for help, and she gets in the car and drives.

Imagine them picking up right where they left off, all begrudging warmth and snark and ‘manners, Melinda.’ Mama May knowing how bad things must have gotten for Melinda - Melinda, who had so yearned to stand on her own two feet, Melinda, who does not know how to ask for help for herself - to have called her. Mama May giving Melinda what she asked for explicitly - the information - and what she asked for implicitly with that call - a person she can trust, her mother.

After all, it’s been over forty years, but still, when everything else has burned, Melinda comes home to her.

Cream Pie ~大好きな彼と、素肌のままで最後まで~ (〜Daisuki na kare to, suhada no mama de saigo made〜)

Mitsubomi has announced their next CD to be released! As explicitly indicated in the title, this CD will detail the very sweet and intimate moments of a recently married couple in their attempts to start a family… ( ≖‿≖ )

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

“Can you feel it? …how mine has become inside of you.”

悠木亮平 (Yuuki Ryouhei) and you, a lovey-dovey couple, have been married for one year. Since your marriage, work and other family matters have started to stabilize gradually, finally allowing you and Ryouhei to begin thinking about plans to start your own family.

However, right as you begin doing this, your husband is arranged to embark on a business trip for three weeks…?

*Resulting in you and Ryouhei doing some serious baby-making beforehand to make up for lost time in advance?

CV: テトラポット登 (Furukawa Makoto)

Release Date: July 20th, 2016.

AU|| Melanie

I go from random strangers trying to touch my stomach, to random strangers trying to pick up  my babies without asking. Are manners not a thing anymore? [has Ophelia resting against her chest while she rubs her back trying to sooth the baby ] 

So Liz knew/learned she had cancer after the check up in [6x07] at hospital which Caroline didn’t know because she walked away from Stefan and didn’t stay at hospital to get to see the results herself: When I realized this I felt like something hit my stomach:((( And then Liz broke the mother-daughter code and wanted to help her daughter regain her most important relationship in her life so that she can be in peace knowing that there is someone looking out for her daughter that she could rely on.

Even it wasn’t enough mama Forbes went to get drinks so Stefan and Caroline could have some alone time to talk and hopefully get past their issues but yet again it didn’t go well either.

It’s so amazing when you consider their relationship at the beginning. They came such a long way! Mama Forbes lterally the mom of the year!!