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Solitary Effort (sickfic, flu)

Notes: Guys this is one of my favorites. I’m kind of wading through hundreds of pages of GingerSnap fic to see what’s worthy of posting and I’m really excited to share this one. In which Liam is miserable and basically does all the work on a “group” project.
(This one was also born of a prompt, but I have no idea where to find the list…I wrote it months ago, so…)

Liam had known from the beginning that he would be doing the group project singlehandedly. His other three groupmates had saddled him with the largest portion of the research for their Anthropology class, and at some point along the way, he’d gotten stuck with all of it when no one else showed up with their own.

Ordinarily this would have been little more than an inconvenience. After all, he wanted the project done right, and the only way to ensure that was to do it himself. What he had not counted on was coming down with flu the week before the presentation.

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Dice in Hand

Pt 1
Pairing: Ron Weasley x Tracey Davis
Setting: Modern, non-magical AU-specifically North Carolina. This is one of those hook-up stories that just spawned into fake dating bc… I’m a mess tbh.
Written for: @provocative-envy

Author’s Notes: I took this prompt: (Ron Weasley X Several Naps X Being Appreciated) and this prompt (GRINDR AU) and it became?!? this?? Idk y’all I’ve been cackling ever since this hatched in my brain it practically wrote itself #whatISsleep

Happy Birthday Andi -  I love you LOTS AND LOTS and i’m grateful beyond words for all of your stories XOXOX

The sun comes up across a watercolor skyline, and a woodpecker merrily drills away as the humidity rises. 

Ron is spread out on his back, splayed like a starfish and snoring gently when his phone goes off. He haphazardly hits snooze, turns over and bumps into her, coiled in his quilt.

Last’s night’s date. He still remembers her Tindr profile.

Tracey, 61 inches tall, but ready for the big kid rollercoaster. Animal lovers a plus, Redskin haters not welcome.  
She’s wearing his Eagles Jersey and has her tawny locks scooped haphazardly into a bun. He blinks that thought away and drifts back off to sleep.

A second alarm goes off sometime later and this time it’s Tracey who sits up and disables the phone alarm, before she scoots out of his bed. “I’m just gonna take a quick shower, 5 mins tops.” Her voice is serene and she quietly moves toward the bathroom.

“It’s fine, take your time,” Ron calls back, wondering if there are any clean towels left. That thought stirs him into action and he grabs a shirt as he heads towards the linen closet.    

A phone call interrupts his thoughts.

“Ron, I’m glad you’re finally awake,” His mother states in lieu of a greeting.

“Morning Mom it’s always a pleasure,” Ron replies impulsively.

“It’s nearly 10am, why on earth are you sleeping in on a beautiful day?”

“I was up late last night wo— never mind,” he rolls his eyes and leans against the doorjamb “what’s up?”

“I hope you remember we’re having dinner this weekend for Harry’s birthday” his mother Molly chides.

“You know, I don’t know how I could’ve forgotten” Ron gasps.

“Charlie’s in town for a few days, and I’ve talked Percy into taking a day off and coming down, so if they can be there, you can be there mister,” his mother says tartly.

“I know, ma, I already have his present, and I’m scheduled to work the late shift on Monday,” Ron says, dragging his next thought out “so my plan is to spend the night and stay over for breakfast.”

“Lovely!” Her tone immediately improves.

A scream and a thud suddenly come from the bathroom.

“Tracey!” Ron shouts and bolts towards the door.


Shit Ron thinks and mutes his phone. “Tracey?? talk to me,” he says tentatively.  

“I’m fine” Her voice is shaky, “I just slipped on some soap… I’m probably gonna have a bruise on my backside but otherwise good.”

His mother’s voice bellows on “WHAT IS GOING ON OVER THERE?!??”

The shower turns off. He barely hears the window open and what sounds like breathing exercises.

He un-mutes the phone “It’s fine, just someone joking around. How is Percy doing?” Ron responds, evading the question.

“Ronald, why did a woman’s scream—”

Ron mutes the phone, clears his throat and knocks on the bathroom door. “Uhhh…I found you a clean towel?… Not sure if there’s one already in there so…”  

The door cracks open a few inches and her hand slides out, “thanks, darlin’ I’ll just be a sec,” she drawls out.

He exhales slowly as he sits back down on his bed.

The lively sounds of home continue from his phone.

“Mom, I’m sorry, a prank between Dean and a friend spiraled outta hand” he says, desperate for a reprieve. “What are the dinner plans for Sunday?”

“Ron, that sounded like a woman screaming,” Molly tries again, calmer. “Please tell me who it is.” There’s an edge of worry in her voice. Ron hasn’t heard her like this in a while.

“Honestly, someone slipped getting out of the shower, but everyone’s OK” he says, unable to artfully dodge the Mothership. “I promise you-”

“Let me speak to her” Tracey, says still wrapped in a towel. “Please,” she adds, her hand extended.  

“Alright,” he replies, as he hands over his cell.

“Ma’am, this is the screamin’ damsel.” She says dryly, accent more noticeable than last night. Huh.

“Yes’m I promise I’m fine, nothing bruised but my pride.” She deftly assures his mother. His mind drifts as they chitchat. He returns to the conversation and hears something concerning.   

“Of course, I’d love to be there,” she replies. “I’ll bring beverages, what’s the poison of preference?” Tracey asks, nodding her head at the answer. Her soft laughter follows.

“Me too Mrs. Weasley, see you then,” she hangs up, a quiet nervousness permeates the air.

“Your mother invited me to dinner on Sunday,” she says as she hands him back his phone. His mouth goes very, very dry.


When he wakes up the next morning he sends her a text offering a last minute life raft, wondering if she’s changed her mind.

(9:43 am) You have approximately 75 hours to save yourself :O
(9:43 am) I’ve survived much scarier I promise lol.
(9:43 am) hahaha
(9:44 am) seriously, your funeral
(9:44 am) i have 6 siblings
(9:45 am) would now be a good time to mention i’m an only child?

He laughs and notices something else.
His sheets smell faintly of peaches.


Anybody else got like,, rlly random connections to famous ppl?? Like my older brothers were friends w Jennifer Lawrence when they were like 12 and I just found out I’m friends w the cousin of the girl who voiced honey lemon in big hero six like, idk what I’m supposed to do with either of these tid bits I feel like I was supposed to live my life in ignorance of them

sanvers high school au where alex has a big gay crush on maggie and starts an anonymous instagram poetry account where she writes cheesy sapphic poetry

and then it BLOWS UP and the whole school is following it and speculating who the author is because it gets really fucking romantic and all these girls are swooning and alex swears to never come clean because it’s embarrassing af 

and people start trying to compare everyone’s handwriting to this account’s but alex manages to get away with it because she’s one of those people who can write in like 7 different fonts of handwriting

but duh maggie knows it’s alex because they’ve had english together since freshman year and she always sees the little poems alex doodles in the margins but she doesn’t know it’s meant for her but she’s had a crush on alex for AGES

so she starts quoting alex to alex in all of their conversations and alex starts bugging out and realises that maggie knows but she’s still too nervous to make the first move

so she writes a poem that’s explicitly about maggie (idk dimples and short or some other shit) and maggie pulls her behind the bleachers and kisses her and alex was like ‘they were all about you, you know’ 

and then they make out a bit more

The Story of Tonight (reprise)
  • Alexander: I, will never understand you, if you love this woman go get her.
  • Aaron: *thinking* bitch what the fuck did I just tell you?? She's married, and to make it worse, she's married to a motherfuckin British officer. Give me one good reasON why you think me, taking a British officer's wife away, is a good idea you idiot, go back to your quill and paper you rat's asS-
  • Aaron: I'll see you on the other side of the war.

God there’s just so much I want to address here.

• Bones is called away, leaving Spock and Kirk finally alone. And they’re always so comfortable to be alone together…….
• “I did what was necessary” — Spock squaring up against his superiors and threatening to resign if Fleet would not allow him the resources and time to look for Kirk. Again, this is a process that took a YEAR, Jim was missing for a YEAR and Spock knows how fucking important he is to the Federation to throw that kind of weight around.
• A published instance of Spock blushing green ❤️❤️
• “It’s time you and I stopped fooling ourselves. I know you have emotions, you know I know - so why not admit it? At least in here?” – “here” being Kirk’s private quarters (the Lovenaseum)
• “I remember thinking of you, Spock.” And then Spock gently supporting Jim when he is embarrassed about attacking Spock in his delirious state.
• T A L K I N G A B O U T T H E B O N D God it gets me going every time I love it I literally can’t get enough of it I want to read Bondfic until I am dead
• Jim not being 100% forthcoming with his answer to Spock re: if the bond makes him uncomfortable. His answer seems dependent on if Spock has constant access to his thoughts, presumably because he doesn’t want Spock to find out that he falls asleep fantasizing about them snuggled up like little baby kittens every night - at least, not like this. No accidental outing. We discuss my love for Spock like men.
• “It is because we…..we need each other that our minds are drawn together.”
• D I RE C T L Y A D D RE S S I NG T HE B O ND fuck

And on the very last page, the very last line, is Spock:

“Welcome home, Jim. Welcome home!”

(The New Voyages: The Mind Sifter)

While I Was Clearing Out My Desktop, I Found This Gem

It Still Remains as One of My Life Goals: Find Someone Who Will Hug Me the Same Way Oscar Hugged Evan