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  • me: haha babe come over to watch a movie with me ;)
  • gf/bf: ooh what movie are we going to ignore?
  • me: why the fuck would you ignore a two hour documentary about the D-Day landings are you out of your mind? We gonna fuck when people are dying on the beaches to free France from the wrath of the Nazis??? Eisenhower didn't die for this smh

On January 20th, 2017, Donald Trump was sworn in as President, making it official. On the same day, myself and two friends went into the city to protest, rally, and march against our new president. This is the footage that I was able to capture on the way to the protest, and during the protest. It goes without saying that Trump is not, and never will be, our President, for he does not represent the ideals of the people.

And so it is. I present “Two Girls Attend A Protest,” a document to not only the night of, but an indication of where we’re headed, hopefully. It’s not polished, it’s not overtly cinematic. It’s more of a documentary than anything, but documentaries have stories. And this is what I was able to capture. I’ve come to understand my part in being not only an artist, but as a human being, it’s my duty to show what is going on and hope it spreads to others. I choose to frame it around my friends, not only for artistic reasons, but because I wish not to plaster my face in front of a project meant to be for the benefit of others. I just want to do my part in the best way I know how.

Please enjoy, and stay safe.

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Hello, can you recommend some quality hbo war blogs? :) Thank you!!

I’M SORRY THIS IS LATE, this is SUCH a hard question to answer because there are so many?? and honestly this is gonna be terrible cause i’m gonna forget SO MANY people but like…basically anyone i reblog from is a good bet, i’ll try to stick to people whose blogs are solely/almost entirely hbo war for now otherwise i’d just be listing….everyone i follow hgdfgfkjhh

@baeheffron @chuckegrant @cptlewnixon @buck-compton @carwood @donsmalarkey @acanofpeachessir @davidvvebsters @david-kenyon-webster

Attention fellow comedy lovers: If you have access to a cable subscription that gets CNN I highly recommend you check out A History of Comedy on CNNgo. I just finished their second episode called The Funnier Sex about women in comedy. As someone who has written papers and done numerous presentations on the subject, I can personally vouch for the credibility of this episode. It’s broad without glossing over essential comediennes, and thorough without spending too much time on one woman, film, or tv show. It’s only 42 minutes long and yet it covered so much that it feels like a two-hour documentary without dragging. It’s a very well-balanced piece that seamlessly combines interviews and clips. I’m still not over it, I’m so glad I watched it.

Bill Nye inspired a generation to love science. Now, two filmmakers are making a documentary about the real person behind the Science Guy, and his quest to change the world.

Bill and the creators of The Bill Nye Film (now live on Kickstarter!) will be answering your questions about science, climate change, space, the film, and more on Wednesday, July 29 starting at 3pm EST/12pm PST.

Have a question for Bill or for the filmmakers? Ask it here, and follow the answers on Wednesday here!


Video from Paul Lee:

“Nearly all of a speech by Malcolm X, chairman of the Organization of Afro-American Unity (OAAU), a secular pan-Africanist group, and president of the Muslim Mosque, Inc. (MMI), a Sunni Islamic and nationalist organization, to young people at a voter-registration rally, Brown Chapel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) church, Selma, Ala., Feb. 4, 1965.

Malcolm X was introduced by Silas Norman, Selma project director of the militant Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), who could be seen clapping behind the New York-based Muslim and nationalist leader at 00:32 (light sweater).

Excerpted from the following two television documentaries:

1) “Like It Is: El Hajj Malik El Shabazz” (New York: WABC-TV, March 1, 1975), written, produced and narrated by Gil Noble. (00:00)

2) “Black Journal: Malcolm X: Nationalist or Humanist?” (New York: WNET-TV, Feb. 9, 1969), produced by William Greaves, directed by Madeline Anderson and narrated by Waldi Siddig. (04:38) “

My favourite Swedish podcasts

Podcasts are personally my absolute #1 learning resource. I do extensive listening (upper intermediate to advanced!) whenever I have to do one of my 20~30-minute walks. My main goal of doing this is to make understanding a foreign language a natural, effortless thing as well as finding holes in my vocabulary. Here is a list of my favourite podcasts in Swedish (that are still actively producing episodes)! I just turn on auto-download in my podcast app and consume them whenever I have time.

(Note: I’m linking to iTunes because it’s the most common way people get podcasts. I personally never use it, so rest assured you can get all of these elsewhere as well.)

  • P1 Dokumentär: half- to one-hour audio documentaries about social issues or personal stories / struggles in Sweden. Usually in the very standard “P1 Swedish”. Comes out irregularly but very frequently.
  • P3 Dokumentär: pretty much the same thing. I actually don’t know the difference between the nature of the two documentaries - I think this one is more current affairs-ish? Comes out weekly on Sundays.
  • Historiepodden: a long-running podcast with two dudes randomly chatting about historical and sometimes contemporary themes. Probably a good idea only if you’re interested in history - but ‘history’ here refers to a really wide range of events from ancient to recent history. One of them speaks in some sort of southern accent, which is good for training. Comes out weekly on Sundays, can be up to 1.5 hours long.
  • Allt du velat veta: as the name implies, it’s an hour-long podcast where experts in different fields teach you about really random topics from science to politics to Sherlock Holmes. As of the time of writing I’ve actually just discovered it through the latest episode about conlangs (of course), so I can’t make too much comments yet. Comes out weekly on Tuesdays.
  • Den svenska musikhistorien: my favourite, even though I just started listening! (What can I say, I’m a music student.) It’s relatively new podcast, each episode less than half an hour long, that discusses, well, Swedish music. It goes all the way from the Middle Ages to folk and pop; it’s currently still stuck in the 1800s though, having already surpassed the total planned number of episodes. Comes out mostly weekly on Wednesdays.
  • Fredagspodden: guilty pleasure?! I don’t even know why I used to listen to this myself - it’s simply girl’s chat for an hour, and I’m a dude…I was probably just looking for something that’s regularly released to listen to and couldn’t find anything better…anyway it’s released weekly on Fridays (as the name implies).

That’s it for now. I’ll update this if I find any gems, even though I think I’ve looked through many different podcasts. Or if you have a favourite, tell me as well! Happy listening and happy learning!


GazettE Gif-a-Day 2016

[103-104/?] Ruki during 13STAIRS [-] 1

  • (Them: Phil isn't that well known, but if he is, it's because of Dan!
  • Phil: That's alright.)
  • (Them: Dan is so great! He has so many subscribers- more than Phil.
  • Phil: That's alright as well, I'm proud of my friend.)
  • (Them: *doesn't give credit for anything Phil does.*
  • Phil: It's fine, I just want you guys to be happy.)
  • (Them: *ships him and his best friend together, even to the point where it has invaded both of their personal lives*
  • Phil: This has made me uncomfortable in the past, but it's still fine, cause we love you guys!)
  • (Both Dan and Phil: *consistently give us content on YouTube, and have gone above and beyond. They gave us a (basically) world tour, two books (almost), and multiple documentaries and a movie.*
  • Them: But we need more! Phan! Kiss! Give us more content!!!
  • Dan and Phil: We're probably both physically and mentally tired, but we love you guys, so we'll give you as much as we can.)
  • (Them: *needs to understand that Dan and Phil are human beings who need to just relax for a bit- they need some time off, and we shouldn't exactly be pressuring them to do even more.*
  • This isn't just a certain group of people. This is a generalization. 'Them' is for those of us who have said or done these things, even without realizing it. It's no ones fault, we just have to learn from our mistakes. Both Dan and Phil are human, just like you and I. Let's treat them as such.)

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How about something with Ethan and the reader being abducted by aliens (not being probed but just like oddly spending the night because the Alien's Amy maybe and she likes us together? Not sure if you'd write this tho lol)

Thank you so much for asking this! I’m really excited to do this and please tell me if I could’ve done a better job because I’m all about improvement

-You and Ethan drinking some juice together

-Being all cuddly on his and Tyler’s couch

-You two watching a documentary about space

-Lots of forehead kisses

-Suddenly falling asleep while cuddling him

-Waking up on a different metal couch next to Ethan with someone staring at you

-Ethan screaming as he wakes up

-The woman introduces herself as Amy and says she loves your dynamic as a couple

-You two blushing a lot after that

-Ethan is very protective after this and he wraps his arm around your waist

-Amy thinking this is the cutest thing ever and sits with you guys

-She allows you two to continue your date night and you think she’s the sweetest thing ever

-You tell Ethan to do some cute things to make her happy

-Him obliging and faking a yawn, wrapping his arm around your shoulders now

-Amy squealing making you all laugh

-Soon blocking out Amy and staring at the stars outside the ship

-Ethan thinking this is the most romantic thing ever and that no one will ever top this experience

-Waking up to find that you and Ethan are still on his couch

-”What was in those drinks?”


Two Inspiring Movies That Will Make You Want To Change Your Life
I watched these two documentaries this morning, and they’re both inspiring me to action. I thought you guys might enjoy them. They’re both on Netflix, and some of you may have heard of them already, but they’re really worth a watch. They both have to do with reevaluating traditional American values and examining happiness and satisfaction. 

Historical Documentaries of the Day

1) The Teacher Who Defied Hitler
One women does her damndest to work against the oppressive antisemitism affecting her students.

2) Hitler’s Furies: Women of the Third Reich
Contrary to popular belief, women were NOT removed from the politics of Nazi Germany; the Furies, as they were labelled, were just as caustic and dangerous as their male counterparts.


WARNING: I would like to advise that the two below, interlinked documentaries, speak to survivors of these gods-awful places, and some recount tales of severe abuse, rape and neglect. 


3a) The Magdalene Asylums (Sex In A Cold Climate)
The Magdalene Asylums were unofficial prisons for women that operated for a long period of Ireland’s history. Unmarried mothers, willful young ladies, rape victims, they were all sent to Mother & Baby homes run by vicious nuns.
After they had delivered their children, at any point between birth and 2years of age, the child could be taken, and the mother sent to the Magdalene Asylums; where they were treated as scum, beaten, forced into hard labor and never allowed to know their children.

Some were trapped there their entire lives. 
Children were targets for nun and priest alike. There was no escape.
The women were treated so badly the survivors are still permanently scarred to this day; mentally, emotionally, physically. Some never found their children. 


3b) Ireland’s Hidden Bodies, Hidden Secrets: The Missing Children
In 2014, the remains of approximately 80 children and infants were found in a septic tank/mass grave; they died in the care of the Catholic nuns and priests associate with one of the many oppressive, prison-like Mother and Baby Homes.
Children taken from these unwed mothers, who could not be adopted out, were placed in the care of the nuns in an orphanage; kept apart from their mothers and taught the women of the Magdalene Laundries (next door) were devils/fallen and should not be spoken to.

Survivors of these regimes, have been irrevocably damaged by their time there. As children or mothers. 
The Nuns, the Priests, went mad with power and treated them in the most despicable of ways.


Jut in case you ever wanted to know a few new, horrifying, things that textbooks will never tell you; as women were the main culprits/heroes/victims.

(All videos are on Youtube)

Wild Wild Lover
  • Wild Wild Lover
  • Flat Duo Jets
  • Flat Duo Jets

Artist: Flat Duo Jets
Track: Wild, Wild Lover
Album: Flat Duo Jets
Label: Dog Gone Records
Year: 1989

Some semi-obscure band documentaries you need to see… or, I guess… some documentaries about semi-obscure bands you need to see.  Either way…

  • Two-Headed Cow (Flat Duo Jets)
  • Ghost on The Highway (Gun Club)
  • The Devil and Daniel Johnston (Daniel Johnston)
  • Whateverest (Todd Terje)
  • You’re Gonna Miss Me (Roky Erickson)
  • Cure For Pain (Mark Sandman)
  • We Jam Econo (Minutemen)
  • Bound To Lose (Holy Modal Rounders)

Feel free to chime in with your favourites.

There Be Aliens

Sure the last adventure may have taken a turn for the worse, but how bad could hunting aliens be?

The idea jumped into Ryou’s mind after he watched a two hour long documentary on aliens, UFOs, and crop circles. The video was rather recent and said that crop circles were getting more and more common. Some even showing up in Japan.

And of course when he looked up the news on his computer and typed in the key words to the search bar, there came up a long list of recent activity. From strange lights to people saying they had actually been abducted. This sparked Ryou’s interest even more, especially when two or three of the news reports had been in or around Domino City.

Now if he hadn’t looked into the news reports he would have easily flipped onto the next documentary about lake monsters. Instead, he hopped from his spot on the couch and ran into the bedroom to get dressed and out together two backpacks made for UFO hunting.

“Mariku!” He called as he scrambled to get all the needed items together. “Mariku! We’re going on an adventure tonight!”