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How’s everyone on team “Hydra’s not really Nazis” doing? Everyone good? Y’all staying hydrated?

[image description: a tweet from Anthony Oliveira (@meakoopa) saying “just noticed the neo-nazis doing security for white nationalist Christopher Cantwell are in HYDRA t-shirts,” with two screencaps from the Vice documentary on the Charlottesville neo-Nazi march showing exactly that]


└ All hands aboard for a fuller full-of-OTP-ai version of that short snippet we had from AYH’s opening video.

Bonus just cos it’s OTP:

Cr: Documentary Film ~ Are You Happy ~


This award is so much larger than me. This moment is about visibility and about representation. What and who we see in the media defines our perception of the world around us, and so to see ourselves in this picture of what is ‘normal’ and what is acceptable and what is beautiful is absolutely vital. In saying that, so much of the work that has contributed to our progress as a community is far less glamorous than the work that I’m being honored for tonight.

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└ This is the way you two have fun off on-camera?

Cr: Documentary Film ~ Are You Happy ~


Camila Cabello - Tour Documentary, Episode 2

I watched Lady Gaga’s documentary on Netflix today out of curiosity. And she was kind of just emotional thought vomiting when she said something that really resonated with me. She said, “I’m not a receptacle for your pain. I’m not just a place for you to put it.” And near the beginning she was talking about how she just doesn’t have a threshold for men and their bullshit anymore because she just doesn’t care. I’m like wow, it’s me. Relatable. Anyway. You should watch it if you haven’t already. It’s so interesting and real. Not just like, “Hey, I am a celeberity and welcome to my unrelatable, outlandish life.” Like she really is just being a person. Being someone you can relate to.