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This award is so much larger than me. This moment is about visibility and about representation. What and who we see in the media defines our perception of the world around us, and so to see ourselves in this picture of what is ‘normal’ and what is acceptable and what is beautiful is absolutely vital. In saying that, so much of the work that has contributed to our progress as a community is far less glamorous than the work that I’m being honored for tonight.

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when you do your makeup right, even you can’t recognise yourself…
BBC - BBC to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band by the Beatles - Media Centre
To mark the 50th anniversary of the release of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles on 1 June 1967, the BBC will celebrate with programmes across radio and TV.

BBC Radio 2 will present two documentary series - Sgt. Pepper Forever and Paul Merton On The Beatles.

Over two programmes, broadcast on 24 May and 31 May, Martin Freeman presents Sgt. Pepper Forever, which will reveal the revolutionary studio techniques used during the remarkable sessions dating from November 1966 to April 1967 and also examine the album’s huge impact on the history of music. They will feature ‘work-in-progress’ versions of Sgt. Pepper tracks - and the songs on the double A-side single Strawberry Fields Forever/Penny Lane, which were also recorded during the sessions - to illustrate the pioneering techniques used by The Beatles and George Martin.

Martin Freeman says: “Sgt. Pepper is the most celebrated album by my favourite band. These documentaries will shed light on how The Beatles, with George Martin, created a piece of work that marked a watershed for what a long playing record could be. It’s my absolute pleasure to help tell you about it.“


― E.A. Bucchianeri

Imagine going to an aquarium with Chris.

A/N: So this was an idea that came after I went to an aquarium in Japan, I’ve just been putting it off ‘cause I’m lazy and I’ve been busy with other one shots, and the mini-series. But no more, I shall get to it before I completely forget how excited the jelly fishes and penguins made me feel.

You browsed the exhibit guide while your boyfriend, Chris, paid for the tickets into The Aquarium of he Pacific. It was his idea for this week’s 'Fri-Date’ after the two of you watched a documentary about Magellanic Penguins. You didn’t stop talking about them once, from the second the documentary finished to the moment he brought you to the aquarium; you talked about how cute they were, how much you liked penguins, how you wished you could have a penguin as a pet like in the movie 'Mr. Popper’s Penguins’. You were lucky you’d been dating Chris for a while now, any other guy would’ve left you at the aquarium and drove away in fear of your incessant penguin talk. But then again, Chris wasn’t any other guy and you weren’t any other girl; you were the girl he found incredibly adorable, as well as the girl he planned to marry someday.

“Oh my God,” you practically squealed when you turned to the page about the Magellanic Penguins. Chris chuckled as he joined your side, wrapping an arm around you so he could steer you towards the entrance. “Look how cute they are,” you pointed at the page and Chris nodded, smiling at how cute you were instead. “I can’t wait to see the penguins, you just know they’re going to be awesome.”

“You know we’re not here to just see the penguins, right?”

“Well, duh,” you retorted and he chuckled because it was not a 'duh’ moment for him.

Chris took his arm off you so he could pass your tickets to the admission officer. When he turned back to you, he found himself shaking his head with a wide smile. You were seriously adorable to him with your head buried in that little booklet, reading all the facts about the creatures you were most excited to see: penguins, jelly fishes, sea horses, sea lions, seals, sea otters, and lorikeets. Funnily enough, fish weren’t your thing; you weren’t here to see the fishes at all. But Chris knew he could make a day of the aquarium anyway because you could spend an hour alone on each of the creatures that you did want to see, the penguins especially.

“Oh my God,” Chris chuckled and grabbed your elbow when he saw that you were still nose-deep in your booklet. “C'mon, nerd,” he teased and pulled you alongside him into the fairly crowded aquarium. “Ow,” he laughed as you closed your booklet, slapping his chest playfully.

“You deserve it, you jerk,” you bit back your smile and slipped your hand into his; that smile escaped when he locked his fingers with yours and gave you one of his signature, pearly white grins. “God, you just know you’ve got me wrapped around your finger, don’t you?”

“If it’s any consolation,” he began as he leaned in to whisper into your ear, “you’ve got me wrapped around yours too.” You giggled and lifted your joint hands over your shoulder, leaning into his now open arm. “Oh definitely, without a doubt,” he kissed your hair, breathing you in, “my candy scented darling.”

“Mm…” You pressed your nose into his shirt and he laughed, squeezing your hand. “You smell nice too,” he raised an eyebrow, asking for an elaboration, “like everything good in the world.” You answered and he laughed louder; you tipped your head and kissed his bearded jawline, smiling.

“Everything good in the world, huh?” He chuckled and you nodded, grinning. “That’s not a scent I thought existed,” he said, only to have you wink in response. “God, you’re such a dork sometimes.” You just giggled, which made his smile reach his eyes. “But you know what, I just love you more with each passing day.”

“Enough to buy me a penguin?”

He laughed, “I don’t think buying you a penguin is the best idea. What would you even do with a penguin?” Before you could answer, he interrupted. “How about we compromise and we get another dog to keep Dodger company, and you name the pup 'Penguin’?”

“A pup named 'Penguin’?!” You gasped; so much excitement filled your eyes, Chris felt as though he’d just told a kid she could have any candy she wanted. “Can you imagine- Oh my God! Yes yes yes, yes to that compromise and yes to a dog named 'Penguin’.” Chris honestly could not contain his laughter, he had no idea how he got so lucky with you. “We need to find like a black and white one, a husky maybe? Or- oh oh, I know-”

“Shh,” he laughed and pulled his hand out of yours to press it against your mouth. “How about you breathe before you pass out?” He chuckled into your ear and you nodded, pressing your lips together. “We’ll go check out the shelter tomorrow, see if we can find a dog that suits you and that adorably ridiculous name.”

“Do you know what I wanted to name my first self-owned dog when I was younger?”

“Yes, because we’ve been dating for four years and I know every story you can possibly tell.” He reminded you and you chuckled, challenging him with your facials though you knew what he said was true. “Okay, you wanted to name your first dog 'Monkey’ because you like Squirrel Monkeys and there was a cute little mixed pug in your neighborhood named 'Monkey’ whom you loved.”

“Well I’ll be damned, Christopher Evans,” you pretended to be shocked and he laughed, wrapping an arm around you as the two of you continued to walk through the first floor. You both gave glances to the exhibits you passed, but seeing as they were fishes- there wasn’t much interest showed. “Do you really know everything about me?”

“Yes I do,” he nodded and pulled away from you, pointing at the Pacific Seahorse exhibit that you were yet to notice. You turned and your eyes widened at the 'Pacific Seahorse’ sign. “Which means I know you’re about to run off to join the other sea nerds and admire those seahorses.”

“You’re very right,” you nodded excitedly. “Bye, baby.” You ran ahead like a little kid, squeezing yourself into a small space between other patrons so you could get closer to the glass. “Wow, you’re huge compared to other seahorses. But it’s okay, you’re still cute.”

You spoke to the seahorses under your breath as Chris watched from a distance, chuckling. He could see your lips moving and even though he couldn’t hear what you were saying, he knew you well enough to guess. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and snapped a quick photo because he wanted to remember this moment, and honestly- every moment with you. His phone was filled with a lot of candid shots of you; some you’d seen and knew about, some you didn’t. He was saving those for your birthday present which was in August, he had a pretty special gift planned; a scrapbook of all your greatest memories together. That was the kind of thoughtful gift you’d usually give him which was why he was excited; there was no way you were going to see it coming and he was sure it was going to blow your mind.

“Babe!” You called out to Chris as he put his phone back in his back pocket. He started walking over, but you reached him before he could reach you. “Jelly fishes!” You pointed to the sign behind him. “Moon Jellies! They’re the ones you can touch because their stings are too weak to hurt humans. Come on,” you grabbed his hand and dragged him with you; he chuckled, speeding up so you didn’t have to. “Are you going to touch them?”

“There are a ton of things I’d rather touch,” he whispered suggestively into your ear and you laughed, feeling your cheeks heat up. He chuckled softly at your reaction, loving how he easily he can turn you on. “But yes, I’ll touch them. I just have a feeling that if I don’t, I’ll hear you talk about how I should’ve and that’ll be insufferable,” he teased you and you playfully shoved him.

“You’re really lucky Moon Jellies can’t hurt people.”

“You going to toss me into the tank?” He nudged you, grinning.

“Don’t tempt me, Christopher,” you giggled. “'Cause I will.”

“Maybe you should,” he leaned in and whispered into your ear again, with that same suggestive tone that you never could resist. “Then you won’t be the only wet human being in the aquarium.” You scoffed and he laughed, grabbing his left pec as you shoved him.

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ID #37086

Name: Emily
Age: 22
Country: USA

Hi I’m Emily. I’m really bad at about me’s so sorry ahead of time. I’ve always been interested in having a pen pal or just someone to send cute letters too but never knew how to start… lmao. I’m from Ohio. There’s nothing really around here so it’s pretty boring. I have two jobs at the moment but plan on going back to school hopefully. I enjoy music, of course, mainly 60’s/70’s and rap, reading, Youtube, documentaries, animals, nature, crafts… just a lil of everything. One day I hope to travel in a food truck and sell awesome baked goods and crafts. Im interested in finding someone around my age who enjoys some of the things I do.

Preferences: 18+, English speaking

My favourite Swedish podcasts

Podcasts are personally my absolute #1 learning resource. I do extensive listening (upper intermediate to advanced!) whenever I have to do one of my 20~30-minute walks. My main goal of doing this is to make understanding a foreign language a natural, effortless thing as well as finding holes in my vocabulary. Here is a list of my favourite podcasts in Swedish (that are still actively producing episodes)! I just turn on auto-download in my podcast app and consume them whenever I have time.

(Note: I’m linking to iTunes because it’s the most common way people get podcasts. I personally never use it, so rest assured you can get all of these elsewhere as well.)

  • P1 Dokumentär: half- to one-hour audio documentaries about social issues or personal stories / struggles in Sweden. Usually in the very standard “P1 Swedish”. Comes out irregularly but very frequently.
  • P3 Dokumentär: pretty much the same thing. I actually don’t know the difference between the nature of the two documentaries - I think this one is more current affairs-ish? Comes out weekly on Sundays.
  • Historiepodden: a long-running podcast with two dudes randomly chatting about historical and sometimes contemporary themes. Probably a good idea only if you’re interested in history - but ‘history’ here refers to a really wide range of events from ancient to recent history. One of them speaks in some sort of southern accent, which is good for training. Comes out weekly on Sundays, can be up to 1.5 hours long.
  • Allt du velat veta: as the name implies, it’s an hour-long podcast where experts in different fields teach you about really random topics from science to politics to Sherlock Holmes. As of the time of writing I’ve actually just discovered it through the latest episode about conlangs (of course), so I can’t make too much comments yet. Comes out weekly on Tuesdays.
  • Den svenska musikhistorien: my favourite, even though I just started listening! (What can I say, I’m a music student.) It’s relatively new podcast, each episode less than half an hour long, that discusses, well, Swedish music. It goes all the way from the Middle Ages to folk and pop; it’s currently still stuck in the 1800s though, having already surpassed the total planned number of episodes. Comes out mostly weekly on Wednesdays.
  • Fredagspodden: guilty pleasure?! I don’t even know why I used to listen to this myself - it’s simply girl’s chat for an hour, and I’m a dude…I was probably just looking for something that’s regularly released to listen to and couldn’t find anything better…anyway it’s released weekly on Fridays (as the name implies).

That’s it for now. I’ll update this if I find any gems, even though I think I’ve looked through many different podcasts. Or if you have a favourite, tell me as well! Happy listening and happy learning!

The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry will pay personal tributes to Diana, Princess of Wales in two television documentaries they have commissioned to mark the 20th anniversary of their mother’s death.

William and Harry will talk in detail about their recollections of the days following Diana’s death in a car crash in Paris in 1997, and their memories of the national mood of shock and the public outpouring of grief.

They have asked the BBC and ITV to make the special programmes dedicated to Diana, who died, aged 37, when William and Harry were just 15 and 12.

—  Roya Nikkhah

“He and Spade were just induplicable as a team – wonderful together. David is very acerbic and… he’s – you know, he’s a toughie. And Chris is a softie. You’ve got the best of Belushi and Aykroyd, of Abbott and Costello, of Martin and Lewis… You had just a perfect yin-yang situation with those guys.” - Dan Aykroyd

“A fantastic combination of ultimately innocent and ultimately jaded. They are the oil and vinegar of comedy.” - Mike Myers

“They would react to stress in different ways. Chris would get bigger, and David would – there’d be less of David. And I used to say that the amount of weight in the frame kind of stayed constant, you know, in a two-shot.” - Lorne Michaels

“They were funny, they were close, you could tell they were really good friends. And only real – really, really good friends can fight the way they fought. And they’d throw something, and not speak to each other for a couple hours, and we’d all sit there and laugh and watch this thing go back and forth.” - Bo Derek

“And when I’d visit those fools during the [Tommy Boy] shoot, they’d have little fights on occasion, and Farley would [laughs] have a snap and Spade… [laughs] Spade would be scared for his life. They were in love with each other – we all were! You know. But Spade and Farley had a definite… brotherly relationship.” - Adam Sandler

Those fools. The way everyone talks about those fools, and the way everyone smiles so much while talking about those fools. 

But David Spade himself, every time he’s asked about Chris Farley, he always gives the same answers, usually “I think about him every day” or some variation thereof, and appears very stoic and tired like he’s climbed these same stairs too many times. It should be noted that this is likely because he once said “if I think about that for more than 5 seconds ill start bawling.”


The aftermath of world war II in Europe

Excellent two-part documentary of the disastrous state of Europe after the last war.

Much more than as an economic union, the EU has been created as a measure to preserve peace between the nations. The increasing tensions between one leaving member and the remaining part of the EU, particularly with respect to the Ireland / Northern Ireland and Spain / Gibraltar conflicts, with notable politicians already uttering the word “war” give rise to worries.

Do we really want to be thrown into this kind of situation again? Watch and answer for yourself.

Films: Tip 2

The second list of transgender films with trans men on them (the first one is on all films besides documentaries). If looking for more stuff to watch, check out my other film tips too.

Becoming Chaz (2011)
Documentary following Chaz (formerly Chastity) Bono’s gender transition. Includes interviews with family members and friends as the transition is followed.

Boy I Am (2006)
A feature-length documentary that begins to promote dialogue about trans issues through a look at the experiences of three young transitioning FTMs in New York City–Nicco, Norie and Keegan–as they go through major junctures in their transitions.

A Boy Named Sue (2000)
Theo is a female-to-male transsexual. This film follows his six-year process of becoming a man. Among those affected by his change is his girlfriend Lisi who has to deal with what this change means to her.

The Brandon Teena Story (1998)
Documenting the tragic tale of a transgender man from rural Nebraska who was murdered after two locals discovered his female origins.

Deep Run (2015)
Cole, a young transgender Christian man, is growing up in rural North Carolina. With his girlfriend, Ashley, he faces significant challenges, including hostile family and church members, and crippling financial burdens.

Gendernauts: A Journey Through Shifting Identities (1999)
Monika Treut explores the worlds and thoughts of several trans-gendered individuals. Gendernauts enters a minority sector of San Fransisco culture.

Just Call Me Kade (2002)
The inspiring true story of Kade Farlow Collins 14, FTM transgendered, and living with an incredibly understanding family in Tucson Arizona.

Sexing the Transman (2011)
This intriguing documentary explores the sexuality of trans men and the changes they experience as a result of their gender transitions from female to male. Trans men and their partners divulge the most personal secrets of their sex lives in revealing conversations and intimate interviews. Some erotic scenes are shown.

Southern Comfort (2001)
Documents the final year in the life of Robert Eads, a transgender man. Eads, diagnosed with ovarian cancer, was turned down for treatment by two dozen doctors out of fear that treating such a patient would hurt their reputations.

Still Black: A Portrait of Black Transmen (2008)
The stories of six thoughtful, eloquent and diverse trans men. Each man brings a colorful and complex richness as he describes his relationship to himself, as well as others in his life.

TransGeneration (2005)
A look at the lives of four college students undergoing gender transition, two of them FTM and two MTF.

Transparent (2006)
A documentary about 19 female-to-male transsexuals from 14 different states who have given birth and, in most instances, gone on to raise their biological children.

The boys and their s/o doing something on a cold day?

Aww, cute! Here you go!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • Despite how cold it is, he insists you two go out.
  • The human body is built for this climate, why not utilize it to the fullest?
  • You two bundle up and go on a nice walk around the neighbourhood, even though the snow is coming down.
  • Why did he even bother wearing gloves?
  • No seriously, why is he wearing gloves.
  • His hands are already covered.
  • He keeps his arm around your waist as you two walk, holding you close to him to keep you two cozy even in this weather.
  • It’s cold, but you enjoy the closeness, you enjoy the company, you enjoy Korekiyo.
  • And he enjoys you too!
  • You two eventually stop at a cafe to get drinks, and it’s practically magical.
  • It’s just so warm and you’re so close, it feels dream-like.
  • You love winter days like these.

Amami Rantarou

  • He actually really likes cold days like this, a good excuse to stay inside and just enjoy the day.
  • He has a ton of movies set aside for you two, he even made snacks!
  • He’s really happy to be spending a day with you!
  • It’s nice and warm inside, and you two are huddled up on the couch, covered in blankets.
  • The snacks are actually surprisingly good, you didn’t think he would be such an impressive cook!
  • But then again, it doesn’t take a chef to make pizza bites.
  • Every time a particularly pretty character appears on screen, he makes sure to point and say “That’s you.”
  • And every time a gross monster appears, you make sure to point and say “That’s you.”
  • How dare-
  • Eventually he falls asleep with you still snuggled up to him, buried in blankets.
  • A perfect way to end a perfect day.

Ouma Kokichi

  • He’s honestly SHOCKED when you say you want a quiet day inside.
  • No way! Not when there’s so much to do in the snow!
  • You get dressed for the weather, and by the time you do, he’s already out the door.
  • You honestly have no idea where he went.
  • That is, until you see that incredibly, somebody has ALREADY managed to craft a MASSIVE snow castle in your yard.
  • Now who could that be.
  • You’re about to go in and retrieve your boyfriend when suddenly, you are just being pelted with snowballs from above, just attaCKED-
  • You decide maybe it’s best to just hide inside while Ouma pelts the neighbourhood children.
  • You’ll deal with the complaints later.

Shuuichi Saihara

  • The type of guy who’d really just prefer to stay home on a cold day.
  • But he’d definitely want to spend it with you!
  • He doesn’t really have much planned, so you mostly just find little ways to spend time with each other.
  • Cooking, board games, movies, cuddling, regular normal couples stuff that you both enjoy.
  • He doesn’t care what you’re doing, as long as he’s spending time with you.
  • You two end up going to bed early that night, because you’re just so warm and contented.
  • A perfect way to spend a snowy day.

Kaito Momota

  • You are BARELY OUT THE DOOR before you are being DESTROYED with snowballs.
  • You have no idea where he’s hiding with all of these!
  • You can see the dents in the snowbanks from where he’s just completely hollowed them to make snowballs.
  • You take one step into the yard and just sink.
  • Did he hollow it out?!
  • How did he even do that?!
  • But then again, this is the smartest man to ever cheat his way into being an astronaut.
  • You hear quiet snickering, and then-
  • He’s laughing but he still feels a little bad, so he comes down and takes you inside to help you warm up.
  • Worth it.


  • He really wants to go play in the snow! It’s so interesting to him, all weather is!
  • And he doesn’t even need to dress for the weather!
  • So you take him out to play in the snow, and he loves it.
  • When you get cold, he warms himself up for you, but then the snow melts and you get wet-
  • He’ll try to find a balance!
  • It’s honestly really adorable how excited he gets about things like this.
  • You’ll let him play for as long as he wants.
  • When you show him how to make a snowball, it’s all he wants to do for the next three hours.
  • And he can make them perfectly!
  • He doesn’t want to throw them though, he just stacks them nicely.
  • He wants to know everything that can be made out of snow!
  • You’re going to be out here a while.

Gonta Gokuhara

  • He’s never been that fond of cold weather, he likes it better when it’s warm out and he can go outside all day!
  • Which means you two need to find something to do inside instead.
  • You settle on watching documentaries, which is something you both like!
  • He’s completely fascinated the whole time, which you find pretty adorable in itself.
  • Every time something interesting comes up you can see his face just light up, there’s nobody else you’d rather be snowed in with.
  • You’d be surprised by how many documentaries two people can watch in one day!
  • You eventually fall asleep together on the couch, silently hoping tomorrow will be just as cold.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • No going outside.
  • What? But the snow is so nice and deep and-
  • No going outside.
  • Then you realize.
  • He will sink right into that snow and you will never see him again.
  • …Maybe you’ll just stay in and play wii tennis.

mshandayani  asked:

Hei, I'm a new Yuzuru fan, Yuri on Ice brought me here. I've watched the last two Worlds and GPF, but I want to him as a person. Do you know where I should start it? Like, what competitions important to him and are there shows that show him off ice? Thank you beforehand

Here you have two documentaries about him: (x) (x) actually, I’d suggest starting with these maybe :)

Also, here’s a thread where you can find several videos and interviews. (x) Some of the videos might not be there anymore though. It will probably be a pain to go through the whole thread, but there’s a lot of stuff that might be interesting.

Here’s one of his recent interviews (x). Also, @yuzusorbet has translated several interviews, so you might want to check out the whole blog. For example, “serious” interviews aside, there was a series of small interviews for one of his sponsors that might give you an insight to some small details of his daily life.

When it comes to competitions…you should definitely watch his FP at worlds in 2012, his Olympic SP, all his GPF finals. There are also a lot EX that are worth watching: White legend in Sochi, Requiem at worls 2016, Notte stellata from this season, Change, Vertigo, Believe, Hana Ni Nare…honestly, if you like him I suggest watching pretty much all the major competitions he’s done xD

If you are looking for an insight to his skating (x). these are translations of some podcasts about Yuzuru, by ITA esp commentators.

anonymous asked:

What kind of movies do you like

•Awake: The Life of Yogananda
•DMT: The Spirit Molecule

(Two documentaries I have recently watched / recommend and can be found on Netflix)