two stranded twists


Happy Blackout Day everyone! My name is Sophia and I’m a writer. I’ve written a scifi mystery novel about a space detective named Cosmo! Check out the official book trailer here!  I decided to write my scifi novel because I felt so frustrated over not being able to find scifi books with characters that look like me. You can find it on amazon in print and in digital format!  I also have a store on zazzle where you can buy official merchandise for my book.   


“This is what happens when you date a Black girl! 😹”

*Natural Black girl 💁🏾👸🏿

Moisturized and twisted my friend’s hair because it is dry 100% of the time and she thought the back was shorter than the front… It was just shriveled up and neglected 😭 Oh, and featuring my thicker Bantu knots ✨

Derek and Braeden relaxing in bed and getting ready to go to sleep, and Derek wants to run his fingers through Braden’s hair all calming like but he can’t because Braeden has her silk scarf on for the night and once it’s on she takes it off for no one, not even supernatural bullshit (just ask the ogre she had to put down at 3AM that one time) and she loves Derek but not enough to spend and hour getting her sew-in back on point in the morning.

Braeden is probably natural under her weave, and she wears it as a protective style. When she wants to give her hair a break, she rocks two-strand twists. Derek sees her twisting her hair one day, and he’s fascinated. So, she shows him how to do it, and before either of them know it, he’s helping her twist her hair. It’s a grooming behavior that settles his wolf and strengthens the bond between them. His twists don’t look half bad, and Braeden teases him about it, asking where the hell was he all her life. He says he was waiting for her, and that’s enough to start some hot sexy times right there on the floor.

But not before she puts her silk scarf back on. Derek might be good at twists, but she doesn’t trust him with detangling yet.

So like before I go off to bed 😃, I want to share my fave natural hair style. I find a very simple hair style for medium-short 4c natural hair are the two strand mini twist. They are simple to do and you can keep them in your hair for a long time. they are low maintenance   and very soft on your edges. You don’t need any synthetic hair for this style—just use your own hair. You can also style the twist/pin them any way you want.

And at night just apply oil, and put on your satin cap/scarf.

in the morning, to help your twist fall down (they may be all over the place after you’ve tossed and turned), just take a hot shower and the steam should do the trick 😃.

I just had to share—I’ve been wearing two strand twists as a protective style for some time now. The most I keep them in for is two weeks. On wash day, I take them down, where them as a twist out then wash when I get home. After I wash, I retwist and keep them in for another two weeks.

They’re fun and simple to do :D