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I haven’t really posted recently because this past week has been an emotional rollercoaster…
My boyfriend and I love our cats with all our hearts, but I’ve been dealing with various health issues for years and in the past few months, it came to the point where I wasn’t sure if I could handle the kitties and if I could provide them with the best possible life while struggling with my own physical health on a daily basis. After much consideration, we decided to look for a new home for Leo and Minnie. As if it was meant to be, we found them an amazing, loving, pet-centred family. They already have a dog and they just lost their cat of 20 years. Yesterday we said goodbye to our furbabies so I’m still an emotional wreck but we know it’s for the best… Leo has a new play partner in their dog, and Minnie has their two story house with a huge window that she can explore to her hearts content. And of course they have each other, because we would never separate them. They immediately bonded with the new family and even though we are sad and miss them deeply, we are so happy for our kitties and their new adventure.

A Father’s Fear

Pairings: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1.7k

Warnings: Pregnancy (no labor), some angst, some fluff, swearing

A/N: This is my entry for @girl-next-door-writes 500 Follower Challenge! The song I chose was “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers. I’ve been on a daddy!Sam streak for the past few weeks, so that’ll explain this. This was the gif I received:

Ever since you broke the news to Sam, he’d been petrified.

Sam was going to be a father.

Sam was terrified that his kid would end up just like him. His kid would be in the hunting life with no foreseeable future or way out.

Sam wanted to give his child the life that they deserved. The life that Sam never got the chance to get, but he didn’t know how to give it to them.

Sam wanted to give his kid their own room. He wanted his kid to grow up in a two story farm house with a dog, and go to school and have friends. But he just didn’t know how.

He didn’t want his kid to grow up in the hunting life. Alone. Skipping towns every three days, constantly on the road and never really having a place to call home.

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Future Dreams (Jason Bull x Reader)

Requested by anon

Request: you’re lying in bed reading a book and Jason is lying with his head on your chest listening to your heart, telling you about his day and dreaming about the future like “we could buy a house together instead of this apartment” and he’s slowly falling asleep so you take off his glasses and put them on yourself and take your hand through his hair and just fluffy and caress his ears and neck and back (hope it’s not too long)

Pairing: Jason Bull x Reader

Fandom: Bull

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There was rarely a day when Jason would come home early when TAC was working on a case. Especially their most recent one which seemed never-ending. Some nights Jason would come home late in the evening when I had already fallen asleep waiting for him. Other times he would stay at the office. Those were the times I missed him most. I would tell him he could call me whatever the hour to say ‘good night’ if he wanted to. But Jason insisted on calling at a normal time if he was stuck at the office all night.

It was nice to have a night to ourselves. We spent the last few hours cuddling as he gave me the breakdown of their case and how they won. The client lied one too many times and their main witness had tried to fake a robbery of their home and skip town. Danny was lucky to have found him at the subway station before he could get too far. I enjoyed hearing about Jason’s cases. He always lit up as he spoke enthusiastically like a child explaining their first day of school. 

Our cuddling turned into his laying his head on my chest while I leaned against the headboard, reading. Every-so-often Jason would say something, breaking my concentration on the story. Other times I had become so engrossed that I had forgotten he was there. Like now. 

“Y/n, did you hear what I said?” Jason asked. He shifted, glancing up at me.

When I didn’t budge, he reached a hand up and placed it on the page I was reading. He pressed lightly on the book until I lowered it.

I blinked in surprise as Jason’s innocent look came into view. My cheeks flushed in embarrassment. “Sorry, got a little distracted. It’s just so good!”

His smile was soft and he chuckled. “I know, darling. I wanted to know if you heard me?” With the slight shake of my head, he repeated himself. “I was thinking one day we could get a nice house together instead of staying in the apartment.”

My brows shot up. It was the first time he had spoken about making a home together. Not that we hadn’t already after he asked me to move in a year ago. But I wasn’t sure if buying a house was in his plans as of yet, so I never mentioned it before.

“I would honestly love that, Jason. A nice little house with a large porch, two-stories if we can get one. It’s always been my dream to have a two-story house. We could get a couple cats and dogs.” I was lost in my imagination as I spoke, picturing every little detail of my dream home. “You could have an office with a window bench that I could sit in and read while you work. I suppose we could stay in the city if you wanted. Or maybe on the outskirts? Yeah, I would love that. Especially with a couple of little kids running around.” I flushed, realizing I had probably gone a tad too far in my ramblings. Marriage and children were other things we hadn’t discussed yet.

Jason didn’t respond, and I thought I might have frightened him off for a minute.

“Sorry, I got a little ahead of myself.”

He was still silent.

I glanced down to see his eyes were shut and his breathing was steady. “Jason?”

He had fallen asleep.

I chuckled, moving slightly so I could remove his glasses and place them on the bedside table on top of my book. Stretching slightly, I was barely able to reach the nightlight to shut it off for the evening. I placed a kiss on his forehead and ran my hand up-and-down his back as I got comfortable.

“Goodnight, sleepy-head,” I said lightly, my fingers still sliding across his skin.

“Two children would be perfect, y/n,” I heard him mumble sleepily.

I couldn’t help the wide grin that spread across my lips.

“I couldn’t agree more.”

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just a friendly reminder that maggie sawyer is a big ol' lesbian who's in love with another big ol' lesbian they're gonna get a lesbian two story house with lesbian green grass and a lesbian picket fence and 2.5 lesbian dogs

a two story house? in this economy? they better be making buku lesbian bucks to sustain a lifestyle like that


Summary: Phil is paying the bills and discovers that after Spooky Week for the gaming channel, their electricity bill has risen quite a lot. (Super sugary tooth-rotting domestic fluff!)

Paying the bills had to be the most cumbersome thing in the world, right after doing taxes that is. As the older of the two, Phil deemed these things to mostly be his responsibility, especially when he and Dan had first moved in together. Back then Dan had practically still been a teenager, those sorts of things would have been too overwhelming for him. Since then he’d sort of adopted the role of the responsibility, even though Dan did now help occasionally.

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sometimes i hate my poc self and wish i was white but most of the time im glad my name isnt sarah and i live with my older brother named matt and my parents named jillian and jim and my dog named max in a grand two story house just one block from my high school which i have to walk to every morning after i take a shower and shave and after ive brushed my long and so thick blonde hair and put on not two but just one coat of mascara and one coat of lipgloss and a bit of blush and eyeliner to really make my blue eyes pop against my pale skin and the school is *such* a drag where theres a girl named natasha whos the lead cheerleader and everyone hates her and shes dating jason, the football quarterback and also the hottest boy on campus and i have two best friends named sally and sasha and we get a vanilla frappacino from starbucks every day before school


Type: Fluff, Angst, Hurt, Comfort

Words: 3,030

Summary: Phil has been being distant and Dan feels like their friendship is over, while Phil is trying to block out some thoughts that he doesn’t want to think about, the thoughts of Dan needing more.


Maybe it was because of the cold outside the window or maybe it was because the thought came out of the darkest corners of my mind, seemly out of nowhere, that the thought scared me to this extreme, but either way, I ended up under my covers, sheet pulled over my head, blocking the world out. The darkness surrounded me, creating a comfort of the feeling of a pause in the world around me. The only sound interrupting the dark silence was of keys clicking on a laptop, his laptop, in the lounge, with the television playing in the background. The only noise that wasn’t the ringing of the thoughts that hounded me to this state, and yet I much preferred the thoughts to the clicking of keys from someone I barely saw anymore.  Still, as inviting as it was, I laid under the dark sheets of my bed and felt my world fall around me, crumbling like ancient ruins during an earthquake, falling into broken fragments that once fit into such a beautiful piece of art.  Just like the collapse of an ancient building, the falling apart of my life was inevitable. Of course, it was, everything only lasted so long. However, the crash of my world seemed too sudden, like an unexpected snow in, something I was entirely unprepared for, because the prospect of Phil growing apart from me had never occurred to me. It might have to do with the shrinking years he has left to achieve his dreams, the pure fact of aging might be the cause, however unlikely. I had, of course, understood he was getting older I just never connected it to getting older. Just as I hadn’t connected it with distancing himself from me. The thought nagged at the back of my mind for months, the thought of him wanting to achieve those lifelong dreams of a loving partner and a few children, that when I noticed the small changes in behavior, I began to feel the dread of the end of us set in.  Phil was getting to the age of settling down, while I was still in the awkward years of adventure, but that isn’t to say I didn’t want to settle down, I was never the adventures type.  

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On getting older

It’s funny how this time of year always spurs certain emotions. I usually don’t wait until the end of the year to reflect like most people; it’s right before the holidays begin that I start filtering through thoughts in my brain about where I am in life. 

At 12, maybe you’re in middle school and your teacher has you plan out what you think your life will look like in 10, 20, 30 years. I was always going to be a doctor, married by 25, with two kids – specifically, a girl and a boy. We’d have a dog, and a big two-story house with a wrap-around porch. And that was that. I longed to be older; I wanted to be living that life.

At 18, straight out of high school, you have a fresh, malleable brain just waiting to be transformed by cultures, people, school, jobs, and other influences. This is where you set yourself up for success or failure. This is where it really begins. However, I always had something to fall back on, a big support group if you will, but rarely did I get the tough love I needed. I wish someone would have to me it’s okay to fail. I feel that in a way, I was robbed of certain experiences that could have made me a different person than I am today. I regret being a hermit all through college, and I regret being in a relationship that kept me so grounded from the outside world. I wish I had made more friends and pushed myself to be more extroverted. 

It wasn’t until I got out of that relationship and moved away from my college town that I was really engaged in the world around me. I landed a wonderful job and had great workers. I went to a ‘new-to-town’ BBQ where I met the majority of people who are my good friends to this day. I started this blog. I met incredible people through the internet, a community of amazing support. People who I can even call my best friends, despite being tethered through a machine. I traveled and learned that there is an incredible world out there, waiting to be explored. There were so many things to learn.

Everything I dreamed about happening by the time I turned 25 couldn’t be more different, but the grass is always greener, right? I distinctly remember my elders telling me when I was young not to rush my life away, and enjoy my youth – but it’s inevitable that in our heads, we always yearn for the unknown void ahead. The present gets boring, but the future surely holds something better. 

I have an entire life to create for myself. It’s easy to look ahead and forget what’s already behind you, and even easier to fail to notice what is surrounding you. Time moves faster as I get older, and throughout all those years of peering desperately into the future, there’s actually one simple thing we’ve failed to get wrong – when we get there, we will be exactly the same as we’ve always been.

Now I’m beginning to miss the past. I look backwards through rose-colored glasses at old photos, bathing in nostalgia of all kinds, even sifting through the beginning posts of this blog. 

We cling to ideas that we remember as better than they actually were. The second wave of irony of course is that we are still missing the “now.” Whether we are looking forward or looking back, we aren’t looking here. Today. This. Even me, right now, writing this, filling my mind with memories of family and travels, I’m not noticing anything. I just hope that we notice the world around us, while it’s ours.