two storey house


Old Brick Avenue project will contains several town houses and other properties, renovated or build from the scratch in very elegant, traditional way. 

The second is number 28 - two storey, small house excellent for wealthy couple or elders on their retirement:

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Created with The Sims 4, Go To Work, Get Together

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i love u and ur writing. i was wondering if you'd do a scenario where kageyama has an older sister (by like 2 years) and they have parents that kinda ignore them so they only have each other to lean on. so when kags gets depressed one day, his sister is the one to comfort him? idk if that makes sense, but i really need a kags and sibling cute-angsty scenario :3

I’m not sure if this is angsty enough, but it’s a strange mixture of something that I hope you’ll still enjoy anyway. Thanks for being so nice and thank you for sending in a request!

It’s just a regular two-storey house in Miyagi, no different from its neighbours with a respectable driveway for their family car to park when it’s not in use. Then again, it’s rarely not in use, even if two of the family of four don’t yet have their license, nor the desire to drive.

They have a dull, white clock that hangs right next to the dining room in the hallway downstairs. It’s infuriatingly round and the numbers are a traditional Arial font, and it has no special function other than to tell the time with its three, black ticking hands. No dates, no chimes, just a tick-tick-ticking that echoes when the house is silent. However, despite its completely common appearance and function, this is the one item that she stares at the most in her spare time. Her smartphone- it’s a Samsung, her parents never skimp on important things- lies dark and unblinking at an odd angle on the sofa, and she’s sat upright, eyes never leaving the clock for a second. It’s nine thirty in the evening on a school day, and she goes to the same school so she would know that there’s no volleyball practice that evening.

She wonders if it’s the park, or maybe the hill for a jog, because he hasn’t brought his bike with him, or maybe he’s hanging out at that convenience store again after hours. She doesn’t send a text, however, and neither does she call. It’s nine-forty now, and she waits.

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Created By smeno

Asian Bakery & Home

Created for: The Sims 4
t is an asian style bakery with a separated house for the whole family.
The little bakery contains a shop area with displays, a lovely kitchen, 2 bathroom and a terrace with a beautiful view of the asian garden.
The separated, two-storey family house is located in the rear of the lot. It contains 2 bathroom, 3 bedroom(Parents+Kids), kitchen, dining room, living room and a garden with swimming pool and terrace.

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Visited Anglesey Abbey with The Lovely Husband and my parents today- we’ve been there before but it’s different every time because the gardens are always changing through the seasons. It’s such an amazing place with gorgeous walks around the grounds, woods and lots of wildlife-oriented activities for children. There was a giant ‘tree xylophone’ which I couldn’t resist playing as well as a fabulous two-storey tree house (of course we went up to the top) and lots of gorgeous flowers. My personal favourite was the nesting swans with the mama swan on her huge nest under a tree by the river and her husband collecting sticks and leaves from all around to make her more comfortable. It was so cute! 💕

I Am A Town

((special thanks to @gulmontjonty))


I’m a town in Carolina, I’m a detour on a ride
For a phone call and a soda, I’m a blur from the driver’s side
I’m the last gas for an hour if you’re going twenty-five
I am Texaco and tobacco, I am dust you leave behind

Gulmont followed behind the three horses making sure to make himself as inconspicuous to those left in the now ruined town and fort that was Fort Salma. At the edge of the town the riders stopped, dismounted and approached a small house. While it had seen better days, it was not ruined like those closer to the destruction caused by the vines. It was a two storey house with quaint shutters on the windows, a small patch which presumably was for a garden at one time and a wide front porch. Next to the house was a wide field and a fence line that had seen more activity in the past than it was now.

Shani reached into her pocket and pulled out a key. Holding it in her hand, she looked to Sywyn and Wren before stepping toward the front door. It had been almost four years since they had left. Fortunately, when the vines struck the fort, their mother was in Claypool with Flintlock, Grifter Burnside and Mia Corpseburn. The three siblings had already settled in Dry Top. The house looked as though nothing had been disturbed since that day Unia Wennemein went shopping with her charr companions.

Gulmont watched as Shani pushed the key into the lock and opened it with some ease.  Yes, there was some rust, but it still fit. The door opened with a loud creak and the four walked in slowly.  Monty took a look around, seeing furniture left in place, shelves with books and knick knacks, pictures still hung on the wall.  Streams of sunlight came through the windows, shining through swirls of dust that began to settle. There was a musty smell, but not one of mold. That old smell of a place that had been left to it’s own devices.

“If ya clean this place up,” Shani said looking around. “Be right livable.”

“Should tell mother about this,” Sywyn said. “She’d have more room, be a place for Grifter an’ Flintlock an’ Mia ta live.”

“If the Seraph allow it,” Wren said as she opened one of the side boards. Monty watched as she took something out, her face beaming with a smile.  “Hey, look what I found.”  The four of them gathered and watched as Wren opened up a case and took out an old violin. It seemed in good condition still, even the bow was untouched. “This was daddy’s.” Wren looked to Sywyn and handed it to him. “Think it’ll still play?”

Sywyn took the violin and inspected it closely, then held it in the crook of his neck as his fingers gently plucked the strings. He drew the bow across the strings and produced a not too terrible sound. He gave a few draws and tuned it up, making adjustments where needed. Finally he held it up and looked to the others. “Give it a bit o’ work an’ be good as new.”

“We should get that ta mama,” Shani said. “I think it’d be a nice gift fer her ta hang onta.”

“For now, we should get some food together and prepare a couple of rooms for the night,” Sywyn said as he put the violin carefully on a side counter. “You’re welcome to stay, Monty. You can have one of the rooms.  I know ya prefer a tree, but it’s the least we can do while you’re with us.”

“We’ll see,” Gulmont replied in a non committal tone. For now, he helped the siblings clean up their house and prepare for supper. They were maybe half a day’s ride away from Divinity’s Reach. Gulmont wanted to suggest they could take the asuran gates, but he remembered that Shani wasn’t all too trusting of that network. Especially after the events that included the destruction of Fort Salma and the attack on Prospect Valley. The vines were using the ley line network, after all.

With the four of them working together, it didn’t take long and the house was as clean as it needed to be for their purposes.  Food cooked, a fire roaring away in the fireplace, the horses grazing in the paddock. And as the sun began to sink into the horizon, Sywyn had finished working on the violin.

At least for now, there would be music in Fort Salma once again.

I am peaches in September, and corn from a roadside stall
I’m the language of the natives, I’m a cadence and a drawl
I’m the pines behind the graveyard, and the cool beneath their shade, where the
boys have left their beer cans
I am weeds between the graves.

Freshman Surprises

Word Count: 1,920

Pairing: Bechloe

Summary: A late night causes Beca and Chloe to accidentally terrorize the freshman Bella, Emily, by forgetting a small thing such as locking the bedroom door.

Author’s Note: I’m a good person, please give me and this fic a chance :)

After yet another freezing and lonely graveyard shift at the radio station, Beca took the most brightly-lit path she knew would lead her to the Bella House. Her boots made a clacking sound on the pavement as she approached the white-and-blue two-storey house, its windows unlit, the front door locked. Figures, it was already 3AM. Everyone was asleep by then.

She had no trouble finding her spare key in her back pocket. Beca went straight to the single room at the attic only to find a redhead wearing earphones sitting up in bed with her back against the wall, eyes closed, mouth slightly open and quietly snoring. The brunette couldn’t hide her smile at the picture of Chloe Beale sleeping, snoring while still looking so pristine—and that moment, Beca fully grasped how lucky she was to have this woman.

Boots were kicked off and deposited by the door, along with her sweater and jeans, leaving her body covered in a black tank top and unflattering white underwear. Carefully she removed the earphones from Chloe’s ears. The older girl’s iPhone on the bed indicated she was playing another of Beca’s mixes, and this made Beca grin with delight.

She then crawled into bed and nudged Chloe (who was a very heavy sleeper). When that didn’t wake her up, Beca cupped Chloe’s cheeks and gently pressed her lips to the scar on her forehead. When that didn’t wake Chloe up, Beca began kissing her jawline, trailing down her neck, on her collarbones…

“Oh… Beca?” Chloe blinked a few times, eyelashes fluttering, framing her brilliant blue eyes.

Beca smiled shyly then sat beside the redhead, her back against the wall. “Why were you asleep sitting up?”

A shrug and a blushing face from the ginger was enough for her. “Nothing, I was just studying and…”

“Were you waiting up for me?” Beca then realized how this question made her sound like she is so full of herself. “I mean—dammit, I didn’t mean to say that I think you think of me every time—”

“Yeah, I was,” Chloe linked her arm around Beca’s and played with the DJ’s small, thin fingers. “I was waiting up for you, but don’t flatter yourself too much because I had an essay to finish, too.”

There wasn’t a pen or a laptop anywhere near Chloe to aid her in writing the said essay, which means that she was clearly lying about it. However, Beca was too oversexed to take note of that. She worked a six-hour shift at the radio station (from 9PM to 3AM) and she haven’t spoken properly to her girlfriend the entire day, just whiffed through intense Bellas practices and enjoyed very little breaks. She wanted connection with Chloe. She always craved connection.

“I missed you today,” Chloe breathed into her ear. These four words heightened the senses of the brunette and she couldn’t resist kissing the other girl. They held hands, they released each other’s grip, they tangled fingers in the other’s hair and felt their warm bodies through fabrics, all the while kissing softly and innocently, teasing each other through using as little tongue as possible.

“I missed you, too,” whispered Beca when she came up for air. “Do we have time or do you want to sleep?”

“After that kiss? You are underestimating your ability to turn me on, Mitchell. Lay flat on the bed.”

Her girlfriend taking charge was one of the many things that turned on Beca. Although her eyes desperately wanted to shut at that very moment, she obeyed Chloe and relaxed on her back. Tomorrow’s a Saturday anyway. No classes, just Bella practices in the afternoon. “Okay, what next, babe?”

“Shut your mouth or I’ll shut it with my own.” That made Beca wonder if being a bad girl right now would be worth the reward, but she didn’t want to break Chloe’s overriding mood, for the redhead was wearing only a bra and boxer shorts, and she was already straddling her. Chloe kissed her girlfriend deeply, creating a curtain of red hair around their faces, making Beca forget all her stress and worries.

What little clothes they had were shed, their bodies moved in synchronization. From lips emitted high-pitched moans and sighs, and Beca knew what they had was real, palpable, and she was the luckiest person in the whole damn world.


“’Morning, chumps,” Fat Amy greeted Stacie and Emily who were early risers and were already making breakfast in the kitchen at 8:30AM—which was pretty early, considering it was Saturday. When the Australian blonde noticed that there were only two people moving around, she commented, “Hey, I’m missing one hand on deck here. Where’s Chloe?”

Emily, who was making buttered toast by the stove, checked the wall clock and a concerned look appeared on her face. “She’s never slept in later than this; do you want me to check on her?”

“Oh, that’s probably not a good idea, Legacy,” Fat Amy interjected, waving her hands.

The freshman’s eyebrows knit in confusion but she shook her head. “No, I’ll go see if she’s okay. She might be sick or something.”

“Okay,” Fat Amy said as Legacy’s footsteps sounded on the staircase. Stacie paused from her coffee-making to grin at Fat Amy. “It’s cute how Legacy always looks after Chloe like she’s her secret mother. She just adores the redhead.”

In a murmured voice that only Stacie could hear, Fat Amy added, “But I’m telling you, she probably won’t like what she’ll see…”

Stacie shrugged. “Not so sure about that. I walked in on them at the bathroom once. They weren’t even doing anything, just showering and singing together—and I swear on my four boyfriends that they’re smoking hot,” she finished with a devious grin on her face.

“For Christ’s sake, you think anything with a head is hot, Stace.”

Their banter was interrupted by three people upstairs—and not just people, but singers who can belt incredulously high notes—simultaneously shrieking at the top of their lungs, followed by a frantic “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” from scared-sounding Emily, a forceful yelling of “Sorry you had to see my boobs but you fucking woke me at 6AM, you bird!” from the badass BM herself, and a reprimanding, high-pitched “Beca!” from Chloe.

Emily came down the stairs running, her brow sweaty and her eyes wide. Fat Amy waited until the freshman was again back by the stove frying bacon before saying, “I told you so.”

Stacie winked. “Even hotter without clothes, aren’t they?”


Chloe met Beca outside the Barden Library for lunch at the Bella House. The DJ spent her entire morning reviewing for a huge upcoming quiz. “Hey, babe,” the redhead greeted her girlfriend with a smile on her face, taking her hand and swinging it between them.

However, Beca was still scowling from this morning’s surprising events. She could hardly concentrate on reading her notes for Music Theory. “I feel bad for yelling at Legacy. She looked so rattled seeing me—us—naked. Even I feel rattled looking at myself in the mirror, imagine what horror she must’ve felt!”

“Why do you look at yourself—never mind,” she shook her head for she had another thought. Chloe didn’t know how to say it without hurting her girlfriend’s feelings, “I think you were kind of tough on her.”

Beca nudged the redhead. “What, you’re not furious someone else has seen my junk?” she taunts, a mischievous grin crept on her face, almost reaching her ears. That comment earned a glare of disbelief from Chloe, which immediately shut the brunette. “I can’t believe you dropped the blanket and ran stark naked just to shut the door at her face, Becs. You flashed Emily more skin than necessary.”

The brunette laughed. “Dropping the blanket was an accident, Chlo.” But as they neared the Bella House, Beca grew quiet and Chloe noticed the sudden change in her mood.

“Everything okay, babe?” Chloe asked.

“Just psyching myself up,” was Beca’s reply. “I’m not big or good on apologies.”

When Chloe opened the front door, the living room was empty, probably a good sign that no one was there to confront them as to why the three of them woke the entire Bella House that morning. “Come on, Emily’s probably in her room or something.”

They did find the freshman in the bedroom she shares with Stacie at the second floor. The door was open; Emily was sitting by her desk studying Asian Literature while eating a sandwich. Her eyes went wide and she nearly choked when she saw the two seniors standing by the door.

“Hey, Legacy,” Beca greets her with an awkward wave.

Chloe, ever the lady with no regard to personal boundaries, invited herself to sit on Emily’s bed. “Beca and I are here to apologize about our little situation earlier.”

Beca talked fast with her hands wildly flying as she speaks, a habit that she had taken to whenever she’s nervous or angry. “I’m really sorry for yelling at you, Legacy. I know you didn’t mean to see my boobs—”

“—only I need to hear about your breasts, babe,” Chloe interrupted with a playful wink that caused Emily to really choke on her sandwich this time.

“Oh my God, I’m sorry!” The apology from the redhead didn’t seem so sincere at all for she burst out laughing at Beca’s feverishly blushing face. “Here, drink some water.”

As soon as Emily recovered from the coughing fit, she turned to the two seniors sitting on her bed. “It’s not really your fault, it was mine. Amy warned me beforehand but I didn’t listen to her, I just barged into your bedroom and that was kind of rude. I apologize.”

“Yeah, well I wish I could erase what you’ve seen,” Beca said with a smirk. “Hey, I never had to ask the other Bellas before ‘cause they support Chloe and I in everything, but you’re new so I’ll ask you—you’re cool with us being together and sleeping together, right?”

At this question, Emily nodded so fast she looked like a bobblehead. “Of course I support you being in a relationship. You’re one of the best couples I’ve met actually, and you’re also very great people individually. Both really talented. I sort of look up to you guys. Although,” she laughed nervously, “I don’t prefer dating girls like what you guys do. That’s just not my thing.”

Chloe nodded understandingly. “Yeah, I get it. People are all different,” she solemnly assumed the freshman.

“Why did you barge into Chloe’s bedroom anyway?” Beca asked, getting hungrier by the moment and wanting the conversation to end already.

Chloe tried to soften the blow. “She didn’t barge in, babe. She knocked and we didn’t hear it.”

“She never sleeps in during the morning, I thought she was sick,” was all Emily could say. Beca knew this was true—Chloe was, unfortunately for her, an early riser—and thought of this gesture from Legacy as pretty sweet. It was a lame excuse, though. She tried to smile at the freshman. “That’s nice, Legacy. Thanks for caring about my girlfriend, but next time…”

“I swear this will never happen again. I’ll do extra cardio on the next practice or something…”

Beca couldn’t wipe the smirk off her face. “Not a big deal, Legacy. Just don’t start games such as ‘Guess-Beca’s-Cup-Size’.”

This time, it was Chloe’s turn to cough nonstop, for she knew exactly what her girlfriend’s measurements were.


Olivia’s piano conservatory.

I took six years of piano lessons when I was a kid, and this lovely lady taught classical piano out of her own home in the small town where I grew up. It was a two-storey house on a cul-de-sac in a suburban neighbourhood. I always loved the casual vibe of her studio, knowing that this was not only her classroom, but also where she called home. Her studio (which also doubled as extra storage for Christmas decorations and theatre props) was on the ground floor, with an upright piano and slightly disorganized shelves of music books everywhere. It was comforting to hear the sounds of her husband and son upstairs, making dinner or watching TV.

I eventually want to expand Olivia’s house to accommodate the house I have in mind, but this is a good start.

➥ 0904 - 7799 - 062

Yeeeeep. Isa lang to sa mga natapos kong rinender kahapon. Its a 3 bedroom two storey residence in a very small 180 sqm. lot. Kung mapapansin niyo masyadong malaki ang bahay sa unang tingin pero ang pinaka TFA (Total Floor Area) lang niya ay 60 sqm per floor. Malapad lang talaga ang floor plan ng bahay its only 5-6m in lengh and 12-13m wide this is due to the lot size where it is approximately 9m × 10m per lot. Oo, 9×10 siya. Dalawang lote kasi ang as in dalawang 9×10.hahaha. kaya 9×20 and pu aka total. The house features a very well ventilated spaces where we adapt to what should a bahay kubo is. Its openness will give you the sense of relaxation connecting yourself from the outside world where you can still enjoy your privacy as home owner. The design is very common to this day, its a modern minimalist zen-type house where it boasts a high corner windows at its stairwell and vertical awning windows all over the house. Modern flying buttresses are placed to support the stability of the structure as well as to give the clients desire of achieving its modern aesthetic feel. Overall im satisfied with this work. Natapos ko lang siya within two days. Minadali ko lang kasi ang render. Kung mapapansin niyo wala kasi siyang direct sunlight, unlike sa mga previous renders ko. Hdri lang ang pinagkatiwalaan ko sa illumination ng sunlight sa render na to at tamang tweaks nalang sa photoshop. This will be my first architectural post na sarili kong gawa and explained it from concept to rendered image. Parang ganito ang magiging mga post ko this coming days and sa trabaho na din. Thank you for stoping by para lang basahin ang walang kakwentakwentang post na to. God bless!

Definitely Not A Cliché High School Love Story - Chapter 4

Alright, dudes, here’s chapter 4! I cannot promise to post a new one every day but I’ll try my best to frequently update this fic. Feedback is always appreciated. Enjoy. xx

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

„What did I tell you? This shit is crayyyzy!” Jordan shouted so Connor could hear him through the loud music.

Connor nodded as he was taking it all in. The two-storey house looked heavily crowded, there were people everywhere. In the living room, in the kitchen, in the backyard. The living room was mostly filled with sophomores and a couple of freshmen. Two boys were playing beer pong while the others cheered around them. The kitchen counter was full of alchohol bottles and red plastic cups, and of course, there was a beer keg. In the backyard, some people were sitting on the grass with their beers and coolers, others were taking advantage of the pool. Connor looked up at the stairs; it seemed like everybody thought it was the best place to make out with your boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever. To Connor’s surprise, no one was dancing. He figured it was probably because they were’t drunk enough yet.
„Let’s grab a beer, shall we,” Jordan grabbed Connor’s shirt and pulled him towards the kitchen. They took a cup and poured themselves from the keg. They’d been standing by the dining table, just sipping their beers and scanning the crowd when Jordan bursted out.

„Bro, there’s Meaghan and Daria! Come, let’s say hi to them!”

Connor felt a push on his back and started making his way to the living room with Jordan closely following him.

Meaghan and Daria had been just surveying the house when the boys walked up to them.

„Hello, ladies,” Jordan greeted the girls with a wide grin. „What are you up to on this fine Friday night?” he was on his best behavior.

The girls smiled. „Not much,” Meaghan replied. „What about you two?”

„This and that, you know. I’ve heard there was this insane party going on, wanna check it out with me?” he asked innocently. This caused them to giggle.

„Sure,” Meaghan was still giggling. „Do you think this dress is suitable?” she asked in a thin voice, fluttering her eyelashes. Connor rolled his eyes at her attempt for fishing for compliments. Unfortunately, Daria noticed and raised one of her eyebrows that was plucked to perfection. Connor quickly looked away in embarrassement.

„That is a very pretty dress. That dress is perfect,” Jordan said. Meaghan was wearing a white maxi dress with red roses printed on it. She wasn’t wearing much makeup but she had deep red lipstick on. Her blonde hair was tied up in a loose ponytail.

Meaghan blushed. „Maybe you can take me to this party and show me around?” she bit her lower lip and her eyes widened.

„I’d love to!” Jordan exclaimed. Connor would’ve sworn his best friend was blushing as well. Maybe he really did like this girl.

„Cool,” Meaghan flashed a shy smile at the boy standing in front of her. „Daria, you don’t mind? Maybe you could hang with Connor? He could get you a drink.”

Connor glanced at Jordan who was furiously nodding. Connor took a deep breath. He promised Jordan after all.

„Yeah, sure,” Connor said with fake enthusiasm. „Do you want to? Have a drink with me?” he addressed the question to Daria.

„I guess,” the brunette shrugged.

„Awesome!” Jordan’s eyes were glowing.

He stood there awkwardly for half a minute with his hands in the pocket of his black ripped jeans, then gestured Meaghan to go with him. As they were walking out of the living room and up the stairs, Jordan turned his head back at his friend, winked, then mouthed a ’thanks, bro’.

Connor smiled softly. He could see that Jordan was into this girl so he was rooting for him. The only problem was that he didn’t know what to do about the Daria situation. He didn’t want to lead her on and get her hopes up then throw her aside but it was sure as shit he wasn’t going to hook up with her.

He also didn’t want to stand there like an idiot so he initiated small talk.

„So, what’s up with you? We haven’t talked in a while.”

„We can skip this,” Daria’s response surprised Connor, what did she mean by that?

„Sorry? Skip what?” he asked in confusion.

„The small talk. The drinking. It would end up the same way. So let’s just go upstairs and take off our clothes now, shall we?” she wasn’t joking.

Connor just stood, completely baffled. He had no clue what to say. He probably should’ve turned her down politely but he wasn’t that brave.

„Let’s just…not skip the drinking part, okay? I’m gonna get you a beer and refill this,” he pointed at the cup in his hand, then stormed off before Daria could’ve opened her mouth.

He wanted to run away from the girl as fast as he could, so he didn’t pay attention when he tripped on something and almost fell over. He turned around to see that it wasn’t a something but a someone. He tripped on Jude.

„Watch out, idiot,” the slender boy groaned as he started massaging one of his legs. He was sitting on the bottom of the stairs.

His night couldn’t get any better, Connor thought.

„What are you doing here?” he blurted out.

Jude raised his left eyebrow. „I’m sitting,” the sarcasm was evident in his voice. He straightened his sweater. He had his grey oxfords and grey skinny jeans on with a multi-colored striped sweater. He was also wearing a grey beanie and a long necklace with a black cross. It was quite the fashion statement, Connor suddenly felt like he was underdressed in his simple blue jeans and black and yellow flannel shirt. „But if you’re asking what I’m doing at this party, then the answer is that I’m enjoying my teenage years, living life to the fullest,” he continued.

Connor felt the anger flooding his veins. Jude annoyed him to no end.

„Next time, remind me not to ask you anything,” he scoffed, then turned around and paced to the kitchen.

He walked up to the counter and poured himself one drink after the other. He didn’t care what he was drinking as long as it was alcohol. After a while, he didn’t bother with the cups, he started chugging from the bottles.

He woke up with a pounding headache. The whole night was a blur. He was about to attempt to open his eyes when he felt something move underneath him. His eyes flew open.

With half of his body, he was lying on top of Jude.