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over the midnight moon

One. Lydia Martin is an extraordinarily smart grad student who has no intention to die stupidly. 

Two. Stiles Stilinski is a Criminology major with a cute nose and a taste for one extraordinarily smart woman.

Three. Something roams the streets of Boston at night, leaving behind bloody corpses and no trails, but…

Four. But.

AO3 | Rated T | 4.9k (part I)

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Stay - Isaac Lahey Imagine

I asked what character I should write about and got requested to write a imagine with Isaac. So here it is. I hope you guys like it! Enjoy!


Pairing: Isaac x Reader
Note: Fluff, aaww, so cuteee 
Word count: 606

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You were on your way home with Scott and Isaac after the pack meeting. Scott had borrowed his moms car and offered to take you home since you didn´t have a ride home.
It was really late and you were extremely tired so you fell asleep in the cars backseat in seconds.

“Y/N we´re here.” Scott said but got no response from you.

He turned his head to look at you and saw that you were sleeping. Isaac was looking at you too but with a huge smile on his face. Scott noticed the smile and started to laugh.

“Why don´t you just ask her out?” Scott said between his laughs.

“What? I don´t know what you mean.” Isaac tried to play it cool and leaned back at his seat.

“Oh come on! It´s so obvious.” Isaac looked over at you again and then at Scott.

“Should we wake her up?” Scott added.

“No. She´s sleeping. Let her sleep.” Isaac said sweetly.

“Yeah I know but she has to go home and so do I.” Isaac nodded and got out of the car.

He opened the door to the backseat and carried you in bridal style. He told Scott to go home and that he would come after he´d tucked you in bed. Scott teased him a little more before he left.
Isaac opened the front door with the key that was hidden under the door mat. He carried you upstairs and tucked you in bed and made sure no windows were open so that you wouldn´t freeze.
He looked over at you once again. You looked so peaceful and so beautiful while sleeping that he couldn´t help but smile. He does love you, more than he could ever imagine actually but what if you didn´t feel the same way? He walked over to you and kissed your forehead and whispered good night.
He was just about to walk away when you grabbed his arm and stopped him.

“Stay.” You whispered with your eyes shut.

“What?” Isaac mumbled shocked.

“Please stay Isaac.” You said loud and clear as you opened your eyes and stared at his perfect blue eyes.

He nodded and laid down next to you and you put your head on his chest while your hands were wrapped around his waist. You took him by surprise, he froze. He didn´t know what to do. Why were you doing this?
You noticed he was acting strange and pulled away, lying down on your side of the bed.

“I´m so sorry. I shouldn´t have done that.” You said embarrassed.

“No. Uh. I liked it.” He admitted as you stared at him confused.

“I just. I didn´t know how to react. I mean I like you, I really do but you´re just doing this cause you tired and I-” You cut him off by pressing you lips onto his slightly cold but very soft lips. It took a few seconds until he responded.

“I´m doing this cause I like you too.” You whispered when you broke the kiss.

Isaac was smiling so wide. He pulled you in closer to him and you went back to the previous position as his hand was softly stroking your hair. He kissed you on your forehead once again and it hit him why you told him to stay and why you were suddenly so cuddly with him.

“You were awake when I kissed your forehead before, weren´t you?” He asked amused.

“Yeah.” You answered blushing.

A few seconds later you were both asleep. Isaac’s two strong arms never left your body and made you feel safe and warm the entire night.

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Congratulations on your goal! I love you stisaac fanfics, so stiles/isaac + accidental hand holding?

Thank you so much; I’m so happy to hear you like them! I hope you’ll like this one, too!

4 - 5 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 6

Pack night is sacred.

It starts when Stiles realizes that it isn’t just Scott that has an unacceptable gap in his education. None of the pack apart from Stiles himself and the two Hales has seen Star Wars!

Thankfully Cora is as appalled at that as Stiles and offers Derek’s brand new flat with the brand new flat screen for a movie marathon to educate the rest of the pack. They meet on a Saturday around noon and take advantage of Derek’s black out curtains to start immediately. They’ve got 13 hours of epic space battles to get through after all.

There’s a brief delay when Cora and Stiles start arguing about which order they should watch the movies in order of release or in order of episodes. They go back and forth for a bit, carefully editing their arguments for spoilers which leads to to wonderful sentences such as “But if we watch the first one first they will know the thing already and won’t be shocked by the thing!” followed by “But if we watch the old ones before the new ones Episode 3 will be the last one and then they’ll hate it all just because of Episode 3.”

Derek solves it by declaring that they’ll watch it in the only order that makes sense for a first watching: 4-5-1-2-3-6 – you get both the shock and the teddy bears at the end.

The rest of the pack just accept their fate – and decide 13 hours later that Stiles won’t be in charge of pack night anymore.

When Lydia somehow manages to force them to watch The Notebook the next three weekends in a row, she is not in charge anymore either.

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