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what's ur ideal voltron season 3?

keith is the new emperor of the galra empire and hes married to shiro. they have two space dogs–    ok but really: ideal s3 things that i also think are possible:

  • preKERBEROS FLASHBACKS!! the thing is, shiro going missing again basically parallels the first time keith lost him. so if there was ever a time to be reminded of that, it’s now. this goes along in the vein of something like no not again i can’t do this by myself again, but also references back to lines like “If it wasn’t for you, my life would be a lot different.” That thing he says about how shiro changed him is also important, because it means meeting shiro in itself was pivotal, so i think we’ll also get some flashbacks to that first meeting. and, like ive said in some other meta, black lion was able to project zarkon’s memories to shiro to help him understand their situation. if keith was still hesitant about the whole leading voltron thing, i see no reason why black wouldn’t share some of shiro’s memories to help encourage him.
  • I don’t want shiro to be gone forever, but i definitely want his absence to be felt. I want keith to have time to grieve and mourn again, i want the other paladins to have to try and rebuild whats left of their family. to pick themselves up and keep going. Remember when we all thought it would take like a season for the paladins to get back together and they did it in about two episodes? Yeah, i hope they don’t do that.
  • but!! i also want to see how shiro’s doing every now and again. like, if he’s in an alternate universe, maybe cut between that au and the current one every now and again. and yes, i would like to see him in an au, ideally one where he either never went to kerberos or they never formed voltron.
  • More pidge and lance interactions! They seemed closer in season 2 and i really liked that. Id like to see them go on their own mission together, something like In The Belly of the Weblum or The Depths.
  • speaking of weblums, more keith and hunk! keith is gonna be really hurting with shiro gone and he already is starting to open up and kinda let others in, which is v good for him. i think hunk kinda picking up on that and spending more time with him would be nice
  • Let hunk visit the rock he admires v much im sure they still miss each other a lot

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We are gamers not because we don’t have a life, but because we choose to have many.

Okay this took forever but I really wanted to thank you all for my 2'200 followers goal :) I really hope you like this! 


My boyfriend recently went away for two weeks (back on Sunday) and I’ve been looking after his animals while he has been away. It has definitely kept me busy the last two weeks, along with working! 

This trio are just a few of the animals that I’ve been looking after. Top left is Poppy, then Sniffs, and bottom right is Sherbet. They’re all cuties and have their own personalities. I’m still not quite used to having sheep around though. Sherbet has a mate, Sheldon. I don’t have a pic of him because he isn’t as cute as Sherbet, actually he isn’t cute at all! 

Also this is my new desk space, along with new desk and new chair. It’s pretty plain but I don’t like a lot of clutter. I took this pic today right after I vacuumed so you couldn’t see all the tumble weeds of dog hair on the floor! lol

the last lot i had left empty in newcrest just got filled. i got an apartment building that fit the area (gayborhood section) from the gallery and filled it with dudes, two of whom are me trying to use cc and the vampire mechanics to create sort-of werewolves. posting the album since i made one to show rowan anyway

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Y/N: Very mature! Stop arguing like two space dogs. I don’t like this kind of behavior.

Kylo: What are you talking about, Y/N? Poe’s my pal. Right, lil’ one?

Poe: Yeah, I guess. I mean… We’re both really cute.

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Sorry I just thought his worried smile was adorable.