two soul

Life is like a video game

Some people go out and look for a challenge in life.

And some just like to take things easy.

Some like to think , plan ahead and create paths where none exist.

Some like to take every day as it comes.

Some like to fight.

Some seek the thrills.

And some would rather seek some company instead.

Some like to talk.

And some prefer the silence.

Some like to be in the spotlight.

While others prefer the shadows.

Some just want to party.

While for others the party has long ended.

We build.

And we destroy.

We cry.

And we laugh.

And sometimes we do both.

We get angry.

And we calm ourselves.

We make descisions we might regret.

We fight along eachothers sides.

And sometimes we take on the world all on our own.

We take care of others in good times and in bad.

Some will become parents.

And some will find a family in unexpected places

Some want to be part of a team.

And some would rather be alone.

Some like to play.

While some would rather watch.

Life is like a video game.

We all play the same game
But while some of us are just starting up their tutorials.

Others are already at the credits.


I went to look for this video after watching an episode of Dark Souls from Sw1tcher.

Lance Drawings

Langst drawing (pt 2 out of-the fuck i don’t know)

-The first person who noticed the papers was Keith

-He thought the papers were just trash so he threw them into the nearest trash can-looking thing

-No, he wasn’t being a complete asshole, he just thought that the papers were trash because he only saw the back of them and since the papers were re-used, the back just had random Lance scribbles on it

-Unfortunately, the next person who saw them was Lance

-When he came back to the kitchen later to get something to eat he saw his drawings in the trash…

-Hunk saw the drawings next

-He was rooting around the castle with Coran, looking for some random thingamabob to fix one of Pudge’s contraptions

-He was looking into the trash can just in case someone accidentally threw the part away when he saw the stack of papers

-He took them out and gasped

-Each drawing was super realistic and amazing

-It was like looking at a professional artist’s work in a museum, Hunk was almost afraid to touch the paper

-The first few drawings were from Keith and Shiro’s lives, but then Hunk got to his own intended present

-It was of him and his moms at a beach in Hawaii, all of them in bathing suits and standing in front of the water as if they were posing for a picture

-It showed of Hunks tattoos that he loved, and the wind blowing through his hair, and his favorite surfboard resting in front him, and his makuahine* had that mischievous sparkle in her eye, and everything that he missed about home was there and

-when the tears came he wasn’t surprised 

(*means mother in Hawaiian pls correct if i’m wrong tho, I used google translate )

i’m going to do each persons reactions I think

part 1  part 2  part 3