two smart people

Nate: we make a good team!
Sophie: sure do! friendship rules! let’s be awesome teammates forever!
Nate and Sophie five minutes later: *has wild drunk sex in Nate’s hotel room*

Nate: let’s have a friendly, platonic dinner!
Sophie: okay! as friends and colleagues and nothing more!
Nate and Sophie five minutes later: *has wild drunk sex on Nate’s apartment floor*

Nate: no relationship for me thnx!
Sophie: yuck me neither! supes casual sex all the way!
Nate and Sophie five minutes later: *has long-term monogamous relationship leading to marriage*


It’s Not What It Looks Like (Peter Parker x Reader)

so it’s a stereotypical day here in england where the heavens have opened and i stg it looked like i’d been swimming in my clothes

I didn’t know whether you wanted TASM Peter or the CACW Peter so it’s kind of a mash up


Prompt;  ‘Fight me! Literally fight me - Oh god, actually you’re taller than me. Never mind.’ &  ‘I know we were making out and I know I said I hate him. But this is not what it looks like.’

Request; Can you do 1 and 12 with Peter Parker please 😊


Y/N - Your name

Y/L/N - Your Last Name

Warnings; kissing 

Word count; 664

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You and Peter Parker were the babies of the Avengers, with the both of you being in high school still. You’d think that two smart, funny and gifted people would get on great, right? Wrong. So very wrong.

To you, Peter Parker was a loud-mouthed, sarcastic twat who tried too hard.
And to Peter, you were a loud-mouthed sarcastic twat who tried too hard.

You couldn’t stand the guy. You rarely saw each other in school, thankfully. If you did, you just ignored each others presence and made your way. Sadly, the Avengers weren’t blessed with such a thing around the tower. If they left you alone for more than three seconds, you would end up throttling each other.

‘What are you looking at, Parker?’ You snapped, staring at the tall, towering boy over the other side of the training room. He raised his eyebrows and shrugged.
'I was just wandering, Y/L/N, is the person who did your eyebrows been locked up yet for crimes against-’
He was shut up by a blunt, training knife being thrown his way. He moved to the side and it jabbed into the wall next to him.  

'Y/N, Peter!’ Steve marched in the room, his arms piled high with new weapons. 'Stop trying to kill each other, and warm up. We’re doing combat today.’

You groaned and stood up, lazily dragging yourself to the mat in the middle of the room. You hated combat - You always ended up either on dish-cleaning duty for injuring someone too bad, or the other way round, where you were off training for a week because you had bruises everywhere. You’d been getting better though and learnt to use your heightened senses to your advantage, and you managed to take out Steve, Natasha and Clint. 

'Ready to have your ass beaten, Parker?’ You asked, a hint of sarcasm in your voice. 

'I could ask you the same thing, but we all know you’re always ready to have your ass beaten. I assume you’re familiar with the feeling-’

'Fight me!’ You leaped forward and pushed him back onto the mat. 'Literally fight me!’

'Okay.’ Peter shrugged and stood up, and you realised how tall he actually was at well over six foot.

'Oh god, actually you’re taller than me. Never mind!’ You casually called, standing up and brushing your sweatpants off. You noticed at the same time that Steve had left. People generally did tend to leave when you two were about to fight, because it’s not something they would want to get involved with.

You shrugged and leaped on Parker again, managing to catch him by surprise. He tried to put up his hands in defense but you pinned them down. However, he flipped you over and was leaning over you, grinning triumphantly as your hands became webbed to your sides.

'Who’s the real winner here, then?’ He smirked, and you huffed, staring at him.  You noticed in that moment that he was generally, a very attractive guy - With a crooked smile, messy but cute hair and really, really nice arms. You’d never seen it before, since you did tend to look at him with a burning passion of hatred. 

Without a second though, perhaps caught up in the moment, you leaned up and pressed your lips to his. You didn’t expect him to kiss back, but he did. And you didn’t know why, but you enjoyed it. Surprisingly, it wasn’t angry, but just like any teenagers first kiss. Hints of awkward, but still pretty unforgettable. 

'Uhm, guys?’ Steve interrupted your moment, raising his eyebrows.

‘I know we were making out and I know I said I hate him. But this is not what it looks like.’ You ripped your arms from the web and moved Peter to the side. 

'Y/N was checking to see if I had busted a tooth while we were fighting.’ Peter protested.

'By kissing you?’ Natasha, who was now present, challenged you. 'That seems very likely.’

You know what would be an interesting fic to see? Bruce Banner getting kidnapped by some scientists who figure out a way to temporarily disable the Hulk. And they think they’re safe and they’ve got him contained. But the thing is even without the Hulk, Bruce Banner is a genius pretty much on par with Tony Stark and Reed Richards; a genius who survived on the run for years at a time. So no he can’t smash his way out, but he’s still a genius and w/o Hulk there are no distractions. Cue a lot of trouble for those mistaken scientists.

Palin interviewing Trump. Two not-very-smart people who still manage to be savvy enough to know that saying “A Wall!” “Illegals!” “Obama” and “Government  Tyranny!” enough times will please all the sheep.  I’m sort of shocked all the Fox News viewers don’t go “Bah! Bah” at the TV screen and wait for a border collie to round them up, tbh.

And the relationship between Scully and Mulder?

Chris Carter: It’s also like my kind of idealized romantic relationship. It’s two smart people in a room, arguing something when each one has a valid point of view. It’s like good dinner-party conversation. It’s what makes me feel alive — and good about myself. And I think there’s too little of it in most of our lives and particularly in romantic situations.

Rolling Stone, February 1997