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Do you have any thoughts on the succession and intra-dynastic conflicts of House Stark that would have been present in the time period of the (working title) novella The She-Wolves of Winterfell and before? Things like the marriages of Serena and Sansa Stark, whatever happened to Edric Stark and his line, and the competing claims after the deaths of Cregan Stark and Beron Stark. The family tree in the back of TWOIAF is incredibly complex and definitely full of many interesting stories.

Unfortunately, it’s a period with far more questions than answers (which is why whatever “The She-Wolves of Winterfell” ends up being will doubtless be very helpful).

There are a few things we can be certain of re: House Stark at this time. GRRM has stated that there has never been a ruling Lady of Winterfell, and specifically pointed this out in the context of talking about the “She-Wolves” story. That emphasis makes sense, after all, because knowing traditional succession rules, daughters should come before uncles (even in the North, as Jon pointedly notes to Cregan Karstark). The Stark lineage shows that Cregan’s heir, Rickon, who died in Dorne during Daeron’s Conquest, had two daughters, Serena and Sansa, so legally they should have been his heirs after he died … but the “lament[ing] in the North” over his death and the “troubles that dogged the reigns of his half-brothers” definitely suggest some struggle with the Stark succession.  

But again, the questions abound. Serena and Sansa Stark were each married to one of the sons of Cregan by his third wife, Lynara, but other than that, who can say. How far apart in age were Serena and Sansa from their uncles - were they significantly younger, or were they raised more like cousins than uncles and nieces? Why did the two sisters marry the two brothers? Was it Cregan’s attempt to promote Serena as the heiress of House Stark (hence marrying her to Lynara’s son, so that there would be no question that they were ruling as joint lord-and-lady), or on the other hand an attempt by the One-Day Hand to cut his granddaughters out of the succession (hence Jonnel marrying younger daughter Sansa, so that the power in the marriage would very clearly rest with Jonnel, as opposed to if he had wed the legal heiress Serena)? Was it even Cregan’s idea at all, and if it was, did his experiences in the Dance of the Dragons have any bearing on it (either in support of a female claimant or in recognition that a female claimant has a difficult time holding her own where no woman has ruled before her)? Was Rickon involved at all in his daughters’ betrothals or marriages - either agreeing that Stark husbands would help them assert their rights to rule Winterfell or contesting giving his daughters to their possibly ambitions uncles (if, indeed, Rickon wanted them to succeed, and did not anticipate having a son of his own)? Did Lynara Stark have any part in it - a move to cut out rival claimants from her sons’ claims to Winterfell? Or was it the ambitions of Jonnel and Edric, to marry their rivals in the hope that they could rule supreme in Winterfell?

And what of Serena's marriage to Jon Umber - did that happen before her marriage to Edric, or after, and why in either case? Was it Cregan’s hope that, married to a powerful northern nobleman (and one a good way away from Winterfell), Serena would be “only" the Lady of Last Hearth, pushing her away from the Stark succession, or was he trying to secure the support of a great northern family for Serena’s eventual succession as Lady of Winterfell, or was it simply the usual feudal politicking of highborn marriages? Alternately, was it Rickon’s decision (for a similar variety of reasons as stated above), or Lynara’s (attempting to shoo away a potential rival to her sons’ claims), or Jonnel’s (perhaps to get Serena away from Winterfell so that he and Sansa would be the obvious true rulers), or even Serena’s herself? And where are the Umber ambitions in all of this - what did they think of Serena’s claim to Winterfell, and how did they manage to snag the legal heiress above, say, the Karstarks or Manderlys?

What about Serena’s marriage to Edric? Again, it could have been Cregan’s decision, or Rickon’s, or Lynara’s, or Edric’s, or even Serena’s own (indeed, perhaps it was the case that Serena, hoping to assert herself as Lady of Winterfell, decided to marry the oldest available Stark male to show that she was truly a Stark, and that her children would be Starks). It’s presumable that her twins with Edric died young (or, at least, before Uncle Jonnel, as they certainly never succeeded to Winterfell), but whether their deaths were due to natural causes (like the “summer chill” which killed Lyanne Glover’s son Brandon) or foul play (perhaps Uncle Jonnel or Uncle Barthogan - "Barth Blacksword”, hardly a warm name - felt uneasy with such dynastically potent boys hanging around Winterfell), who can say. Edric’s fate is likewise uncertain; again, he seems to have died before brother Jonnel did, but when and how he died could have any number of explanations (maybe he died naturally, Barth Blacksword decided to off his older brother, like Black Walder Frey is looking to do, so that the way would be clear for him to become Lord of Winterfell, or maybe Jonnel did not want his little brother using his wife’s claim to unseat Jonnel himself, or maybe one of the other northern families thought that the widowed Serena would be a tempting marriage pawn for its own ambitions, or maybe Serena himself wanted to be rid of her uncle-husband). Why their daughters married as they did likewise deserves explanation, as do the fates of their own children; if those lines are still extant, they would have a very colorable claim to Winterfell.

These aren’t remotely all the questions about this period, or all the possible scenarios. Suffice it to say, the second half of the second century AC was a time of troubles for House Stark, and something I really want to see explained in the future.

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